Hey QCI-ders… let’s get back to what we do best… kicking ass, taking names and being random all year long. Hell yea… bust out the ghetto blaster, a 12er of Beast Light (watching the figure) and crank it up for a little QCI YEAR IN REVIEW… I wish I was as talented as the 5th and 6th floors of Cumumlus Broadcasting… then I could totally make this like Chiefs Wrap… some sweet dramatic music with all the highlights… but, I’m not… so you will have to deal with this very crappier version. 205 posts, close to 27,000 visits… whoah… never thought I get this far. Let’s run through month by month with some of the greatest hits of the year.

Start the first dramatic tune…

JANUARY – The World’s Crappest blog posts… and begins to waste time for millions of people everywhere. (snicker) We were just a week or so past the Caucuses… and over at 621 East 9th… we were electing a new Chair. Stew is in to replace Ray Ray. But, there wasn’t just drama in Iowa… the primary was heating up. We kinda live blogged a debate… and all eyes were on Florida. We move on to February with another ditty to set the tone
FEBRUARY – We start the shortest month with Stuper Duper Tuesday… McCain pretty much locks up the nomination. QCI-ders got to know the power of 7.2 here, here and here. South Hamilton gots itself its first wrestling state champion. Who could forget the Legend of the Button Guys. We lost the Hoopty and I moved to the Hood. March would be coming in as a fierce Lion… and the heroes of the randomnous would not disappoint….
MARCH – So Favre “retires”… McCain officially locks it up… and the Jared Allen drama begins in Kansas City. But as for the state of the blog… QCI begins to really develop as a random blog. I mean if you surf around the March archive… all you get is random stuff… along with the idea that a McCain/Allen ticket would seal the deal… plus… it was really really f’ing cold… just ask the I-Cubs. The clocks keep turning and finally begins to get warmer with some salsa as we move to April
APRIL – The month of April got crazy random… The Chiefs traded Jared Allen (moment of silence)… we elected a new State Central Committee with a lot of fresh faces… the Royals opened with a sweep! The CIETC Trial began… sadly, South Hammies lost a voice… everyone’s favorite Arena Football team welcomed back fans… and another comeback became full circle… Krusty returned… then QCI totally called him out… which appearently pisses him off. With Krusty back… and primaires acorss the state heating up… April would be a month that started sparks into May… sparks that would burn into epic battles
MAY – Finkle and Eichorn, Eichorn and Rathje, Reed and Finkel!?!? The U.S. Senate provided a little drama here and there in what was to be known as the “Knifefight for the US Senate”… but the real show was in the 2nd District. The thing to do in May? Send fake emails. Also, we had our 69th post… haha… 69. And since we are suckers for the rubber chicken circuit… QCI did it’s first attempt at live blogging the Lincoln Dinner. As the battle raged on to Primary Election day, QCI had its fingers on the pulse as we moved on into the middle of the year.
JUNE – QCI started June with a large bang… with its (now legendary) Primary Gameday Post. It was probably the most linked and clicked post of the World’s Crappiest Blog history that solidified QCI as a must read for hacks, activists… and others who enjoy junior high humor. But with the primary over… that doesn’t mean we are drama less… because it’s State Convention Week. But the hype would take a back seat to the “F’ING STORMS OF 2008”… Have no fear, Convention would be held again… this time the battle was for the 2 seats at the RNC. QCI ended the month by putting on our tinhat and trying to predict the future. After 6 months and over 10,000 hits… QCI carried the banner for smokers… a Red Banner that is… right into July…
JULY – Just like our State Government… QCI was taken over by Communists… then defected… the went dark… but, as QCI-ders know, in the absense of light, darkness prevails… it was the first time that the phrase “El Camino Republican” was coined… positioning QCI into a methodical like status. Oh, and who could forget that Becky Greenwho thought she had a chance? It was July we predicted a Latham win. Next was the most randomnous month for QCI
AUGUST – Yea… August was a random as it got at QCI. A mix tap, National Conventions, Veep Talk, gearing up for a season of Hawkeye Football… Just surf the August Archives… wow. But the REAL news in our humble opinion was the release of an upcoming album… and just when you were getting sick of Shawn Johnson… news that would rock QCI forever… METALLICA ANNOUNCED IT WILL STOP IN DES MOINES!!!! And I moved out of the Hood! Woot! The World’s Crappiest Blog would never be the same
SEPTEMBER – It was a rather slow month… due to somethings out of our control… The Hawks beat that cow school in Lames ERRR Ames, Death Magnetic was released, Palin is picked… We welcomed the H-Man into the world… the Chiefs decided that they were going to suck this year… and I turned 31… pretty poor performance randomnous-wise… but have no fear… Rocktober was on the horizon
OCTOBER – More like Roctober. It was then that QCI really locked in on its destinct style… surf it. Pretty crazy, huh? We also dipped in to the KIOA catalog. Some pretty freaking awesome tunes. But it was the month, even with a months worth of build up to a historic election… QCI had Metallica on the brain 24/7. Then the editor completely rocked his face off at an epic show at the Well. Holy shit it was good. But with an election right around the corner… QCI pushed on…
NOVEMBER – Another election… another Gameday Post… just as popular as the last one. But the drama would not end on Election Night… as QCI woke up to Change It Wasn’t Nessasary Believin’ in… Enter Buickgate… and the whole stolen car story began and finished thanks to the fine folks at the DMPD. The Facebook Status of the Day got its start… With the election done and over with… QCI chimed in on some thoughts for the future of the party. Which would bring a December that would be known as “THE MONTH THE BLOGS WERE BURNING”…
DECEMBER – If they say successful teams are the ones who punch their opponents in the face first… the December started with the first QCI Smack Down… Then QCI turned “trouble maker” with a post that rocked the Rightosphere… Mulletwatch 2009 started… but the stuff that kept the month of December burning… was all things RPI… from the Chair Race, Censure… and secret meetings… bringing venom to the comments sections… enough for Krusty to shut it down.

With that much randomnous… 2008 treated us alright… but QCI is ready for 2009… hopefully the Chiefs will get their act together, we can celebrate a GREAT Hawkeye bowl victory, RPI can make a comeback, more junior high humor… and a little optimism wouldn’t hurt either. I think were ready for some of that. So as I raise a can of Milwaukee’s Best Light… here’s to kick ass randomnous in 2009! See you next year with renovations starting tonight… and the first post of the year next Monday… crank it up.


See ya later Grandpa...

The picture is of my cousins… after the visitation in Webster City… after a few beverages… obviously. EDITOR’S NOTE - We’ll be back to the craziness you count on… the Year in Review is next.

Hey, QCI-ders… what a long week. I hope you will forgive me for not blogging that much. Really haven’t felt like it. But today… after saying a final good bye to my Grandpa Robert… my brain has been working… thinking… and getting in a mindset to put some thoughts out there. So here’s a little bit that’s on my mind in the randomnous way it always works. So I hope I’m making sense. If not, get your own damn blog.

I am so grateful and blessed to have gotten to know my Grandpa. Many of my friends have never met or were to young to remember theirs. He was a very special person. For the past few days I have heard millions of stories from family, friends and acquaintances of my Grandpa. Here’s a few things I learned (some of them I’ve known for years…) over the past few days.

First, as my Dad said all week, he had 2 loves…. Farming and my Grandma Ula Mae. Other than serving on boards or volunteering with the Lions… he really had no hobbies. My grandpa absolutely loved being in the tractor or combine. Some guys have bumper stickers that say, “I’d rather be fishing.” Well, Grandpa Robert’s sticker would read, “I’d rather be in a tractor.” Then there’s my Grandma… to whom they were married for 65 years. They got married 2 weeks before he shipped off to the South Pacific in World War II. There was an article later about WWII vets from the God’s Country, Iowa… he was asked what he looked forward to the most when he got back to the States. He said simply, “To see the beautiful face of my bride.” That’s all he thought about during the time of his service in the Navy. Now, I did say he didn’t have much for hobbies… but man did my Grandparents love to dance. I think that’s where I secretly get all of my sweet dance moves. He and my Grandma could polka dance for as long as you let them. Man could he cut a rug… and a lot of the ladies (and fellas) at the church today did mention he was a hell of a dancer… but danced even better if he was with his best partner… my Grandma Ula Mae.

For you South Hammies reading… there would be no South Hamilton as we all know and love today if it wasn’t for guys like my Grandpa. He along with Richard Arends were the representatives of the Stanhope area on School Board in the early 60s. The plan was to build a brand new High School and Junior High in Jewell. Top of the line… a very progressive plan. This would consolidate Jewell, Stanhope, Ellsworth and Randall to South Hamilton in a new building. It may seem very small deal to some you who aren’t from God’s Country, Iowa… but this was one of the hottest issues of the time. Grandpa, along with many others, made the bold and brave decision to not only build the new school… but to ensure the kids from their communities would go there. This of course brought hostile feelings… telling my Grandpa, “You are taking away our school and identity.” But he like others knew that this was for the best option for future generations. I’m told, he’s still got some hell about it from time to time, even today… but he was really proud of that. He was just as proud as he greeted all of the students off of the buses the day the school opened… 40 years ago… and ironically enough, today is the 40 year anniversary of the public open house at the high school.

Alright… I really could go on forever here… I can still hear some stories being told in the other room by my family and others… so I gotta get back to that. I just want to thank many of you again, for your calls, prayers, texts and emails of warm words. That’s what’s made this whole deal be a little easier… many of you asked, let me know what I can do. As a family we’re sending memorials to the Wednesday Night in the Park for Stanhope, so if you’d like to, let me know… I can get you the info… But if you’d like to make just a little salute/tribute to my Grandpa… next time you’re out to eat… eat pork. The license plates on his pickup read, “IA PORK”. My grandpa was a proud hog farmer until the day he died… it’s been instilled in me as a kid for years… he always said, “I’ve had bad prime rib… but I’ve never had a bad pork chop.” He sure does got that right. Or hell, a ham sandwich… while you all have been eating turkeys for your family events… we eat big ass hams… a Bell’s Mill Ham of course… from over by Stratford that you can get up in Webster City…

It was a long and rough day… so I’ll end with my goodbye. I will miss you Grandpa Robert. Thank you for all of the memories… the lessons… the extra dollars for games at Watermelon Day… for fudge cicles… for being at my ballgames… for humoring me when I was on campaigns… for showing me what real hard work is… for the times you listened… and everything in between. I love you Grandpa.


Robert Young, 1924-2008

Hey everyone,

First, thank you for all of the calls, emails and texts. It's pretty special to have good friends and colleagues. Some of you wanted to know about the arrangements for my Grandpa Robert. See info below. Also please forward on to those interested as I don't have my laptop up here in Jewell with all my contacts. Thanks in advance for passing this along. I know my Grandpa would get a kick out of knowing that a bunch of "high powered politicians" and "big time sports people" were being forwarded information about him.

Sunday, December 28 - 4:00 to 6:00pm
Visitation at Foster's Funeral Home in Webster City

Monday, December 29 - 1:30pm
Funeral and burial
Stanhope Parish, Stanhope

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.




Hey QCI-ders… enoughwith the clowning around. It’s Christmas Eve! Truthfully… that doesn’t stop all the randomnous that is the World’s Crappiest Blog. Stay tuned here… there’s stuff that’s happening. But here’s a Christmas Greeting from all the fellas at QCI HQ.


Bringing the Christmas Funk to the Iowa Rightosphere! Suckas!!!

Let’s try to get into the Christmas spirit here QCI-ders! CD offered his Christmas wishes… And the anonymous commenters over at Krusty are serving their egg nog with some vile. Wow. He shut it down, for probably the first time since he came back. As always, we don’t shut it down here. I think it’s because you actually know who’s writing this and I read my sitemeter. QCI is like Santa that way, we know who’s been naughty or nice. Anyways… enough of this garbage.

Reading all of that yesterday made me think, what could get everyone back in the spirit of the season on the blogs? “How about Christmas Mullet, G$?” You might be on to something there. Business on top and Christmas Cheer in the back. Sounds like a good idea. But then it hit me… let’s bring the funk. I mean, really use the space, you know? The idea spread like wild fire…

So I was making a few copies in the office when I ran into our mascot Barnstormer Billy. He said he was down, “G$, I can bring the funk.” You sure can William, you sure can. Then out of nowhere… Jared Allen texted me, and said “Sleeves optional dude, sleeves optional.” That’s Jared Speak, meaning he’s down. I know the code. It turns out, James Hetfield heard about what I was up to… he left a voice mail saying, “OHHHH YEEEAAAHHHHH… I am there, yeeaaahhhh… Off to never neverland!!!!” So I was feeling good about my chances of bringing some Christmas funk to the Iowa Rightosphere… suddenly… my cell phone was buzzing.

It was an unknown number. I usually don’t answer unknown numbers, but I’m glad I did. “Hello?” I answered. Then… it was like I heard a voice of an angel… “Hey baby, I heard you need some help, you know I can bring the funk.” I’m thinking… is this the Christmas Angel? So I asked, “Who is dis?” Then the voice of the angel replied, “It’s me, Elizabeth Shue (Hearts!). I’ll help you bring the funk, G$.” This is the part where I faint and black out.

So after a few hours later, I come to. I’m thinking… this was all a dream… so I head to Flanagan’s. It was slow for a while… then 4 big El Camino limos show up in Flanny’s parking lot. Out of 3 of the El Camino limos walks out Jared Allen, James Hetfield and Barnstormer Billy. (Billy has a limo? Huh?) Then this light comes out of the sky and shines on the final El Camino limo… it’s red… with flames… and Yosemite Sam mud flaps… then yea… the choir of angels from heaven appear… and Elizabeth Shue (Hearts!) comes out of that El Camino limo. After I picked up my jaw from the pavement… and wondered, “is there really 4 bad ass El Camino limos in Des Moines?” Elizabeth Shue (Hearts!) told me, “G$, you gotta focus baby… let’s bring some funk to this Rightosphere!” I’m not going to argue with her. I mean, it’s Elizabeth Shue (Hearts!) people!

So we all went back into Flanny’s and brought the Christmas Funk… check out the video below.
Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Arrowhead, Hawks and Seriously? ...bust out the BIG PEACH!

Alright QCI-ders… a little sports action and other notes. Um, still on a high from being at the game. All completely random and awesome at the same time… as you expect. So let’s bust out and oldie but goodie header.

ARROWHEAD SUITES – Dudes… I was rolling with the VIPs on a friggin’ cold day at Arrowhead. All you can eat and drink? You don’t have to tell me twice. Good game to watch… but of course, we blow it in the end. But for real QCI-ders… Arrowhead is like Graceland for me. Think about all of the posts I did on Metallica and take that to the next level… yea that awesome.
SO LONG KING CARL – Alright, straight up. I have to admit. After all of the bitching I do about King Carl Peterson… I gotta thank him for the 90’s. Those were the days man. The days of my coming of age and the Chiefs kicking ass on Sundays. Good times. But it was kind of cool to be there on his final game as GM/President/CEO. I got to say thank you and give him the finger at the same time. For all of the memories of the 90’s… that shit stopped when he let Jared Allen go. I will never ever forgive him for that. Never.
UM YEA, IT WAS COLDER THAN FORT DODGE – You know it’s cold when you get your first beer at Arrowhead and after taking your first sip… the top of your beer is frozen. Good thing it was only 72 degrees in the suite. Open bar is kind of nice.

“So and so… is tired of cassaroles, onions and Old Style Genuine Draft!”

That ridiculous! How in the hell could your get tired of that? Wait a minute… there’s Old Stool GD Draft? When was I not informed?

ISU’s NEW COACH – I almost had coffee coming out of my nose Saturday morning when I heard that the folks up in Lames ERRR Ames hired the defensive coordinator from Auburn. Hawk fans… kick back, relax and be ready for another decade of dominance. Oh and Iowa Staters… don’t act like this was your favorite pick all along. Lies make Baby Jesus cry.
I AGREE WITH SOME OF THE DUDES ON SOUND OFF – Yea… um… get this. All the hub bub about Iowa State… and you have Shonn Greene. Who is probably on his way to being the 20th consensous All-Amercian in Iowa History and the first running back since Kinnick?!?!? And you are going ga ga for this coach? Seriously, WTF.
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS – Well, we figure that South Carolina folks know how to use a computer… so, today… we’re gonna layoff of them, because we will kick their asses anyway… but today, the folks back at QCI HQ are still giggling about the new Iowa State hire. But thanks to BHGP, the smacketh runs other the cup goodness. Now, I heard it since I was little, “You know, they invited the first computer at Iowa State.” Blah, blah, blah… cool, here’s your scratch and sniff sticker. Great. But you know what? When you invent a computer… learn how to use it. Thanks to BHGP for pointing out that the Athletic Department couldn’t use Photo Shop if their lives were on the line… check this garbage out… it’s times like this you should have just called the kids at Topps who do the painting on the traded sets.
SPEAKING OF BASEBALL CARDS – Fellas, I got something here that’s gonna make you feel old… Did you know it’s the 20 year anniversary of the Billy Ripken “F*ck Face” card? Billy finally breaks the silence on the story… check it out here. How bad ass was that card back in the day?
BUFFALO BILLS AWESOMENESS? Yea dudes… this goes out to a few of my good friends are diehard Buffalo Fans. The weekly Bills Rap from WGN 550 in Buffalo. Check out the Week 16 version here. “Let’s go Bills. Bababababababa Bills…” It’s hilarious.

AND FINALLY, in honor of my buddy Chris Faulkner scoring the BEST. WHITE. ELEPHANT. GIFT. EVER. Check this pic out. Let’s play the actual video! If I would have to tell you that you had to crank this tune at the loudest volume… you can just quit reading this blog all together. Seriously, just leave and never come back.


200th FREAKING POST!!!!! Woot! Rock Me Amadeus!

For the 200th post on QCI… looks like some of you are getting a little snow day. So let’s have a little fun while we all dig out. Like I said, working on some stuff. So stay tuned over the weekend and over Christmas... QCI is always the best way to take a break durning the Holidays… you know, if you are a little sick of your relatives, want to avoid awkward questions or… you really are a nerd and have nothind elst to do. Be sure to stop by for the HO HO HO Randomnous.

STATE CHAIR RACE – Per an email received this morning… Pizza is still on out at Tavern II on 50th with Matt Strawn today at 11:45 in West Des Moines. Damn… I may need some sun block if I go out to Crap Des Moines.
MULLET WATCH 2009 – So been busting out some pics from Mullet greatness for inspiration. And low and behold, I found some pics of my former Mullet glory.

I must have been a visionary… I was ahead of my time. Who knew that back then, I’d be rocking what is now known as the Best Haircut in American History. Stay tuned for more Mullet Watch 2009. Will have some announcements coming soon.
CHIEFS! Dudes… rollin’ down to KC for the final home game this weekend. Yea… I know they suck… it will be the last day of the King Carl era… so if they actually broadcast the game… look for me in the stands. May have to make a special QCI sign. Go Chiefs! Squish the Fish!

“So and so… is listening to Falco.”

ROCK ME AMADEUS!!!! Rock Me Amadeus….

AND FINALLY… Let’s just keep going with it… CRANK THIS SONOFABITCH UP!!!! Damn this is good!


Crock Pots, Hawks/Cocks and Vilsack... haha... sack...

Lots of catching up today QCI-ders… I think this whole Christmas thing is coming too soon. Damn man. It’s like need a staffer just to keep me on schedule. Dude… I should totally get QCI Interns! Hell yes! I love it when I’m blogging out loud and I start to make sense. I’m working on a few things… mega posts, blog redesign and a year in review that you won’t want to miss. Dudes, I’m way full from the Barnstormer Potluck Christmas gorgefest. We covered the 4 food groups: meat, meat, meat and dessert. Plus, I’m rockin the Christmas Party scene. Putting up a post versus spreadin Christmas cheer? I don’t think I have to tell you who wins everytime. Bring on the randomnous… suckas.

GOLD COINS! WOOT! Holy cow QCI-ders… the first I’ve ever rang the bells (seriously I can’t believe I’ve never done it before… it was a ton of fun)… anyhoop… it was pretty cool to find this out in the DMR after freezing our asses off. Thanks to all who stopped by!
WOW… I WAS WAY OFF ON THAT ONE – So Vilsack is the Ag Sec. Huh… who would of thunk it. We were way off. But then again, QCI is the World’s Crappiest Blog and not so much a place where Democrats hang out.
SOME THINGS ABOUT THE VILSACK APPOINTMENT – Number 1, it’s good for Iowa. Hell, I even got a press release from Steve King praising the pick. Second thing, let’s call this the Johanns strategy from the Democrats… it’s a longtime coming… but it’s going to happen. Thirdly, watch for a death match when it comes to ethanol, the kind you make from corn. Vilsack is gonna be the standard bearer for it (as all Iowans would, we’re modest Texans in that regard)… but the rub comes with Obama’s appointment for Energy, Steven Chu. He’s been called the scientific version of Al Gore. And drinks a lot of hateraide when it comes to ethanol… corn based ethanol that is. Look out for a good figh tin this one. I think Vilsack could pretty much beat his ass if it came down to it... and the farmers will have his back.
ONE MORE THING ABOUT VILSACK – What happens when there’s a big time story about an Iowan? Oh yea… we get it 24/7 until some other story comes up or Shawn Johnson goes to the mall. Another Iowa Connection story, right? Well, there are some outlets who are refreshing some history with Henry Wallace, appointed by FDR. Anyone else see some irony that the last time an Iowan was selected as the Ag Sec… we got ourselves a whole ton of government?
SHONN GREENE – Could he be the 20th Hawkeye to be a consensus All-American in the program’s history? Gonna have to modify the number board back at the crib. Will have to take a picture of it for you kids. It’s pretty cool and a G$ original.
DON’T YOU GUYS KNOW IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME? For crying out loud… looks like venom is the top seller for Christmas gifts on Krusty lately. Man…
STATE CHAIR RACE – Man this thing is a lot like camping, in TENTS! Get it? Bad joke. Matt Strawn has been getting his pizza on. Looks like he’s scoring some points. Pate’s gots himself a website. Gopal is meeting with ICA faithful and others across the state. Danny is making calls. And still no word from Uncle Ted. The Flyboys have their BCS Computer working on it… this thing is pretty fluid. QCI has some stuff in the crock pot for you. Stay tuned.
HE’S GOING BIG TIME – Some of you may remember my buddy A-Ro. He has an awesome sports blog and is moving it outside of the Facebook blogs. Be sure to check it out if you are a complete sports junkie. Good insight and great writing. Hit him up and tell him G$ sent you.

“So and so… is in the Minneapolis Airport looking at Senator Craigs bathroom stall. Idaho has marked their territory in Minnesota!”

Just don’t tap your feet man. Sit still.

OH WE DIDN’T EVEN SEE THIS – Yo, QCI is over 25,000 hits. Wow… you guys really have nothing else better to do. Right on, thanks for reading! You guys pretty much kick ass.
SPEAKING OF THE BCS – Dudes… we moved up on the BlogNetNews list of influence! TWO FREAKING SPOTS! Texas Tech or somebody must have gotten beat. Anyway… this is where the human error and computer error mix it up. This blog isn’t worth the pub. Pub? When are we going and which one?
HAWKEYE AWESOMNESS FACTS OF THE DAYSo get this, South Carolina’s defensive stud will not play in the Outback Bowl. Didn’t make the grades… which kind of sucks, was looking forward to Shonn Greene running over his ass. We’ll just watch his backup get destroyed. Plus, hey Sic, it’s not Greene you should have to worry about (you should, but that’s the least of your troubles)… Two words, Mitch King… oh and get this man. Our top defensive guy… he makes his grades, but then again, no one thinks of academics when it comes to the SEC, so no worries there. Just as long as there’s a team from the SEC in the BCS championship game and Dale Jr. doesn’t crash in a race, y’all are gonna yahoo louder than when Cock Fans find out that there’s new dream catchers in stock at the local truck stop.
NOT EVEN JOKING ON THIS ONEHow about the Pimpin’ Preisdents for your stocking stuffer this year? Would be more cool if the Clinton one had a button that made it talk. Something like, “Bitch better have my money” or something like that. Who comes up with this shit?
ICE STORMS SUCK – Well here it comes. I think we should all take some advice from the late great former mayor of Buffalo, Jimmy Griffin, who said this in 1977: "Go home, watch channel 7 and buy a six pack of 'Genny' (A beer brand) and stay home.”

AND FINALLY… with all of the talk about this storm. And the authorities telling you when to travela dn when not to travel… here’s a little road music from the God’s of Rock. Crank this mother when your sliding your way home.


Chiefs Fans Can Smile a Little Brighter Today...

Busy day QCI-ders… so here’s a quick hit. Oh don’t you worry your little hearts… we gots a lot coming your way. So you’re gonna want to stay tuned.

ALL EYES ON ARROWHEAD – While Chiefs fans across the Chiefs Kingdom can smile a little brighter… now that King Carl is gone. Jason Whitlock puts things in perspective today.
THE END OF THE CARL ERA… USHERS IN THE CLARK HUNT ERA? Here’s Clark Hunt’s presser. Feeling optimistic today!
CONSERVATIVE BREAKFATS CLUB - Congrats to Darrell and crew on a great event! Met lots of loyal QCI-ders today… thanks for reading the World’s Crappiest Blog!
SINCE… EVERYONE is interested in what the Barnstormers are up to… if you are out tonight at Jordan Creek, stop by and see us at Sheels. We will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army.

AND FINALLY… let’s blow something up!






Zombies? Soviets? State Chair Race? Oh My!!!

IF YOU NEED YOUR HEART RIPPED OUT – You don’t need to see the dude from Indiana Jones… you just have to be a Chiefs fan. Seriously yo… I thought being a Hawkeye fan was bad for your mental health… nope… it’s being a Chiefs fan. But now it’s kind of expected now that they will disappoint you… kind of like going to Old Country Buffet. Sounds like an awesome idea… until you get there… eat… and well, then you are disappointed.
STATE CHAIR RACE ROLLS ALONG – So, QCI-ders have been following along with this race… just like everyone else in the Rightosphere. To paraphrase Tim Russert, “Technology, technology, technology.” And it appears that Matt Strawn is dominating this aspect of the debate. Eastern Iowa Conservative was first to talk about it. Then the FlyBoys in their latest dose of the dope. D-Chung is chirping… and the patriots at Iowa Defense are following the buzz. While Krusty is impressed… he’s staying tuned. And McCroskey offers a scorecard over on the good ship FlyBoy. While it’s freaking cold out… look for this thing to get red hot…
QCI MOVIE ALERTWill we bust out the Movie Mongol? Hmmm... Anyone else out there excited to see The Wrestler? Hell yes man. We wouldn’t be all El Camino if we weren’t into a heart warming story about professional wrestling. Plus, it has Marisa Tomei in it… which could possibly be #2 on the all time “Will Never Happen G$” Crush list, behind Ms. Shue of course.

“So and so… is pumped that Bobby scored last night!”

OK… this status would be ten times more funnier if you didn’t know this person was talking about hockey. Wait… oh… now I get it now…

QUITE POSSIBLY THE COOLEST SITE EVER – So, we thinks we’ve found our favorite website of all time. You guessed it… Jared Allen’s personal website. Also, if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift for the editor of the World’s Crappiest Blog… here’s a place to start.
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS FACTS OF THE DAY – Not only is Shonn Greene the best running back in the country… but it looks like Iowa State will taking one giant leap backward in their football program. Also… look for the Ballad of Gene Chizik to be #1 on Billboard this week.

AND FINALLY… Here’s the new video from Metallica to get your inner Cold War fired up.


Weekend Update with Grant Young

Woo whoo! Start the Music... Long time since we brought out that graphic. You know QCI-ders, we’re proud El Camino Republicans… but I think you could consider us Dennis Miller Republicans as well. We love every single one of the “Rants” books… completely awesome Christmas gifts for the QCI-der on your list. Anyhow… we’re bringing sexy back to QCI with the Weekend Update… bring on the randomnous!

KRUSTY WORKS WEEKENDS? He has a little diddy about the Harkin crew and Conoco. Seriously though… decent read, but the real buzz is that Hershel is working weekends.
GRASSLEY IN TROUBLE? Hardly… so this Research 2000 poll is out. Seriously, not gonna beat Grassley. I don’t care what you got. Only if Jarad Allen was running against Grassley… then I would be nervous. Because who could deny that awesome hair… seriously… from the ESPN SportsNation Chat the other day… here’s what Allen had to say:

Sean (Philly): Jared, what is up with the Mullet?
Jared Allen: Oh, you shouldn't even have to ask. It's probably the greatest haircut in American history, so I rocked it.

Other than Jarad Allen entering the race… QCI, with no precincts reporting, and 2 years away… has called the race… Chuck Grassley has been re-elected to the United States Senate. How’s that?
IT’S REALLY REALLY A HAWKEYE STATE – Damn y’all… who knew the Hawks were good? Great win. That pretty much gets us the HyVee CyHawk Trophy, right?
SPEAKING OF THAT SCHOOL IN LAMES er AMES – Our favorite Iowa Stater is back!!!!!! (I know a little late on this) but Cyclone Conservatives is back with a post… but word around the street is that h’s not gonna last long. So here’s the deal… QCI-ders… email Don and tell him he should stick with it. Make him cave to the pressure.
DAMN MAN… DAMN IT – So the Bearcats lost. That sucks. Oh well… great team to watch. Not bad for a senior class who has been to the National Title game all 4 years of their career. Who’s in for a Maryville road trip to check out one of their games? Seriously, never had a bad time down there.
CHIZIK TO AUBURN????Seriously… I’m even with you ‘Clone fans when we all say a huge, WTF. Seriously. Wow. Somewhere in the ISU Athletic Department HQ, things are being broken and trown against the wall.
STATE CHAIR RACE – So Hereshel had his breakdown the other day. The only buzz QCI can report, is the chatter in comment sections around the Rightosphere and one of the candidates blogs. Also, looks like Matt Strawn is taking his show on the road… per an email sent to the bloggers. Other than all that. There’s not much else out there.
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS FACT OF THE DAY – So FITSNews… what you guys play when you win a game? Don’t plan on playing it… plan on getting know this song… BTW, in heaven there is no beer, because the Hawk fans drank it here.
“So and so… is excited for Turducken tonight!”

Hell yes. Me too!

AND FINALLY… We are busting out another OJ Simpson, a guilty pleasure. Seriously dudes… CRANK. THIS. UP!!!!!!!!


Link it like you mean it...

You know what I’m saying, just link it like you mean it. So here’s some links and stuff to fulfill the promise of the randomnous.

MITCH DANIELS 2012? Michael Barone seems to think so. Beings that he’s one of my favs… I’ve asked if he was interested to some of my Indiana peeps. Stay tuned.
IOWA GOP CHAIRMAN RACE ROLLS ALONG – Get this… this thing is going to dominate the bizz for while. Hershel does a break down. So of course, hearty debate begins on Krusty.
SPEAKING OF THE RACE – Here he goes again… Matt Strawn has a blog and a new video. Technically you could say he’s the only one in the race with one… because the Real Sporer has been uncharacteristically silent. Hmmm… I’d be check for updates. My quess is you be seeing some. Will there be more popping up?
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS FACTS OF THE DAYSo FITS responded with a little smack. Didn’t know that folks in South Carolina knew what hockey was. Anyhoop… but since today at QCI we’re “linkin’ it like we mean it”… I offer four words. Black Hearts Gold Pants. And the junior high humor continues…
BATTLEGROUND LINKS IT LIKE THEY MEAN ITIn their Thursday Hodgepodge. Who needs smack talk from the Shamecocks, when you can get it here at home. Jeez…

“So and so… is thinking the inception of the car czar makes every day Talk Like a Pirate Day!”


AND FINALLY… Since we’re linking it like we mean it… and the blogs are burning up… how wabout some Blue Oyster Cult?


Conservative Groups, Huh? Technology In The Chair Race?

Hey QCI-ders… busy day… so that means a late post for our standards… and since we take our randomnous seriously… as do you… we try to get it right. Here’s a stack of stuff to hold you over.
WEDNESDAY MEETING – Dropped by the Wednesday Right of Center group hosted by Dr. Don Rachter. If you’ve never been you should go. It is modeled off of the ATR meeting in DC. There numerous state affiliates. Anyhoop… lots of good discussion. And QCI one of the dudes from DM Rightside. If you aren’t checking out… you should. Fellas got it going on. And tell ‘em QCI sent ya.
HERSHEL IS ON THE WAR PATH – You know what I like about Krusty… when he’s on something… he’s all in. Damn.
STRAWN IS IN WITH A SPLASH – This is probably the buzz of the day. Matt Strawn officially announced his candidacy for the Chairmen’s race… via an email and YouTube video to the State Central Committee. QCI was forwarded the email from a voting member of the SCC…

From: mstrawn@theiowabarnstormers.comDate: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 09:40:41 -0700To: Subject: Announcement Video for RPI Chairman
Dear State Central Committee members:

Good morning.

As I continue my travels across the state talking with you and your colleagues regarding my vision for the Iowa GOP, I also believe it is important to put those principles into practice. One example is utlilzing modern technologies to communicate with each other and Republicans statewide. In that spirit, today I have released an announcement video on You Tube publicly declaring my candidacy and sharing my vision for the party with all interested parties.

The Announcement Video can be viewed at:

Again, technologies such as You Tube are just one way Republicans can inexpensively communicate our message to the voters without having to rely upon an often hostile mainstream media.

Have a great day.


Matthew N. Strawn
The Iowa Barnstormers Arena Football Club

Then the ol’ email inbox started chirping at me. From a loyal reader… “The fact he used a YouTube this says something. Never thought about this guy, but now I’m going to stay tuned.” To be clear, the emails I was getting weren’t from voting members… Speaking of voting members of SCC… D-Chung has the video up and rolling as well. If you haven’t seen it… here it is.

BCS TO BE A FEDERAL CRIME? It’s about damn time. Earth to College Football pooh bahs and the NCAA… you gonna make a ton of money on this. It’s about time for a playoff system.
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS FACT OF THE DAY – So to continue the smack from the bet we made with FITSNews… here’s something you should know. Get this. We get better bowls than teams that beat us. That’s why Northwestern will be sipping margaritas on the river walk and Hawk fans will be getting a very bad farmers tan.

“So and so… says never fear 'Stormers fans. Arena football has NO impact on af2, we WILL be playing in 2009 and beyond!!!”

Here’s the deets.

YOU’RE GONNA BASH DK? So… who’s the smart guy who went after DK on yesterday’s post? Seriously? Darrell rules. And whoever it was… has no clue. Luckly, DK is his own man… and man enough to post on his real name.
CONSERVATIVE BREAKFAST CLUB – You looking for more DK awesomeness? Here’s some… he is spearheading the Conservative Breakfast Club. They packed the place last month. The next meeting is Tuesday, December 16th at RPI. Starts at 7:15, costs $8 for breakfast… to RSVP email here. Note, this is not a sanctioned RPI event…
GET OUT YOUR BULLSHIT METER – Sup with Shonn Greene not getting invited to New York? Huh?!?! What!?!?!? My hope is that Chiefs can get him… if they want to continue to suck, we may have a shot… that or Mitch King….

AND FINALLY – Because we loves ourselves some oldies here at QCI… how about some Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons? Good. Here you are.


HAWKS/COCKS, History Lessons & Joe Jackson

IT’S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG – Alright QCI-ders… so you all know about the Hawks and their return to Tampa in the Outback Bowl… to take on the Gamecocks of South Carolina. The World’s Crappiest Blog issued a bet to FITSNews (one of the top blogs in South Carolina) on the game. If the Hawks do not beat roosters bred for fighting… QCI will send down Iowa Pork Chops on Stick. If the Hawks are victourious… we gets ourselves a bag of South Carolina Boiled Peanuts… which by the way is the State Snack? All in fun for the love of smack talk. Bring it on QCI-ders and FITSHeads!
HAWK SMACK – Now… you can make your remarks about the Big Ten… high school conference? Please. We all know the first thing a Southerner talks about… when it comes to football… they go straight to the “SEC is the best conference ever” talking points. Yea, yea, yea… but you Carolina fans are gonna have to get used to something… real fast. There’s something you should know about Hawkeye fans… for which we are sorry… so sorry… we are sorry that Hawkeye fans are so awesome. For real… we’re like DEFCON 1 level of awesomeness. Seriously… for the next 20 days or so… we will fill you Carolina dudes in on the awesomeness of the Hawkeyes and the Tall Corn State (oh, and that’s Hawkeye State to you clowns up in Lames ERRR Ames). Here’s the first one…
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS FACTS OF THE DAY – Not only do we win our rivalry games… we play for awesome trophies… see also Floyd of Rosedale. But when we are really putting a beat down on our backwords neighbors to the north… we get busy in the Metrodome bathroom.
MORE FOOTBALL… WITH HISTORY – Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ forwarded on from an angry Texas fan…

US Ranked 4th

After determining the Big-12 championship game participants the BCS computers were put to work on other major contests and today the BCS declared Germany to be the winner of World War II.

"Germany put together an incredible number of victories beginning with the annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland and continuing on into conference play with defeats of Poland, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. Their only losses came against the US and Russia; however considering their entire body of work--including an incredibly tough Strength of Schedule--our computers deemed them worthy of the #1 ranking."

Questioned about the #4 ranking of the United States the BCS commissioner stated "The US only had two major victories--Japan and Germany. The computer models, unlike humans, aren't influenced by head-to-head contests--they consider each contest to be only a single, equally-weighted event."

German Chancellor Adolph Hiter said "Yes, we lost to the US; but we defeated #2 ranked France in only 6 weeks." Herr Hitler has been criticized for seeking dramatic victories to earn 'style points' to enhance Germany's rankings. Hitler protested "Our contest with Poland was in doubt until the final day and the conditions in Norway were incredibly challenging and demanded the application of additional forces."

The French ranking has also come under scrutiny. The BCS commented " France had a single loss against Germany and following a preseason #1 ranking they only fell to #2."

Japan was ranked #3 with victories including Manchuria, Borneo and the Philippines.

This is so hilarious on all sorts of levels… anyone ready for a playoff system?

ANOTHER HISTORY LESSON – With all the hub bub about the SCC meeting Saturday… here a little nugget that’s finding its way forwarded into the inboxes of activists across the state. Pay attention kids… our main man and warrior of the conservative movement, Darrell Kearney, is about to give you a lesson…

Monte and our friends on the SCC, just a short note. At the State Central Committee Saturday, several times, some members and guests described the U.S. as “a democracy”. I just wanted to remind folks that as an old rightwing radical in my earlier Conservative days, we learned that America is a “Republic” and that according to our founding fathers, Democracy was the worse form of government. As it was used in the Greek and Athenian Cities and Rome. The Romans discovered the flaw and became a Republic until the Caesars. James Madison in the Federalist Papers said that Democracy was “ communistic” toward private property and was simple majority rule without any protection for the minority. Dr Alexander Frasier Tytler, the noted Scottish Historian in the 18th Century, said. “Democracies are the worse form of government because as soon as the masses discover, they can vote themselves funds fr om the public treasury, they will vote for the candidate who promises them the most benefits with the result, Democracies always fail from a loose fiscal policy and are always followed by anarchy and dictatorship”. This is happening before our very eyes as we speak. Leftist educators and politicians have been trying to convince Americans for years that we are a Democracy. The national media run polls daily to report on what the majority of people want. So if 51% of people want to sack the Constitution, then it must be the right thing to do. This morning, one of the commentators on Fox News made the remark that a poll should be taken to determine if the American People want to nationalize the auto makers and if so then we should. Thomas Jefferson said, Democracy is nothing more than Mob Rule. I shudder every time I hear Republicans refer to us as a Democracy. Remember, “we pledge allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands”THIS IS A REPUBLIC, NOT A DEMOCRACY, LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY. Have a great day!

Sometimes, Darrell Kearney can put things in ways that I can understand them. Nice work DK!

“So and so… wants everyone to vote for the X-Mas trees at http://desmoines.metromix.com/bars-and-clubs/photo_poll_gallery/which-santa-pub-crawl/819413/content.”

Do it.

AND FINALLY… just love this beat. This song is so OJ Simpson… because it’s a guilty pleasure.


There was a Meeting Saturday?

I know… I know… “Where’s you damn recap G$!!!” “Damn you G$!” Let me put it to you this way… if it comes between putting out a post versus hanging out with Ainsley and Harrison… The coolest/cutest niece and nephew will win that battle… everytime. All apologies… but you should know better… this is of course the “World’s Crappiest Blog.” So you were forewarned.

CALL ME HENRY ROLLINS… ‘Cause I’m a liar. Or at least that’s what some would want you to believe via the Iowa Independent. No one rebutted anything to me, my man. And thanks for reading too. I have this sitemeter thinger… it tells me who’s been here. Keep coming back! :)
ANOTHER THING – Not here to divide the party. And I don’t think everyone else in the LBC is trying to either. They are activists. Just a little bit louder than other ones. They are looking for a new leader. They, like many of us in the party, want to get it right… we want leadership… and we want to win again. Now those anonymous commenters… there are some who get out of hand. But, you’ll always get a gurantee here… you know who writes this and I’m easy to get a hold of.
SERIOUSLY DUDES… QCI is not a big deal. But… the BlogNetNews thinks we’re influential. #6 this week… does this mean we get into the BCS?
SPEAKING OF BLOGS – There’s a new one… Paint Iowa Red. They’ve endorsed Danny Carroll and Bob VanderPlaats. Welcome to the circus friends.
THERE WAS A MEETING SATURDAY? Huh!?!?!?!?! What!?!?!?!?! Yup there was. QCI had the early skinny on Saturday… and everyone else in the LBC chirped away. Censure is the word of the weekend… because that was the only fireworks… that and Chris Reed picking a fight with the self proclaimed “baddest black man in the state of Iowa,” Leon Mosley.
THE RECAP IS AN ONLY CHILD, HE’S WAITING IN THE PARK – (Sing a long!) “So whyeyeyeyeye don’t you use it?” The blogs are still burning. Let’s walk through the LBC to see what we find. Krusty has a full breakdown. Sunshine and crew at Battleground too. Dirty Deeth Done Dirt Cheap (your new nickname Deeth) has some stuff. The FlyBoys are in the know… quickest to post. And D-Chung is letting you know what’s up… because he was there.
ENTER MATT STRAWN – Matt Strawn is running for chair. Held a reception for SCC members Friday. I'm told there was a very good turn out of SCC members... good discussion. Plus... you know he's running... why the hell would you want to waste 7-8 hours of your life at a meeting on Saturday. So that brings the race to Sporer, Gopal, Strawn, Randall, Reed, Carroll and Pate. Anyone else?
BEARCAT FOOTBALL IS THE CURE FOR THE HAWKEYE FIX – Woot! Telling ya man. Northwest is good. 4 straight apearance to the title game. Noon. Saturday. Who want’s to watch it with me? Somewhere with chicken wings prefered… GO BEAR CATS!
IT’S HARD TO BE HUMBLE WHEN YOU’RE A HAWKEYE – Yea man… so the Wrestlers take care of business and the Women Hoopsters get r done. GO HAWKS! And… Hawk fans got better news!
COCKS VS. HAWKS – Let’s the junior high humor begin… The Hawkeyes will be taking on the Gamecocks of South Carolina in the Outback Bowl. Yo, Sic Willie, you wanna make a wager? Ha ha… cocks.
MULLET WATCH 2009 – Dudes… will have some breaking mullet news soon. But to hold you over… here’s some nice photo shop work from a loyal reader. Did you know it’s pronounce “Moo-lay”… it’s French…

AND FINALLY… I mention Henry Rollins… now I have the song in my head… but I like this version with the extra bonus added commentary… YES!!!!!


All Eyes On 621 East 9th...


Well QCI-ders… here we are… the big day. The most talked about story in the Iowa Rightosphere… the December Meeting of the State Central Committee. Wil there be any drama? We’ll see. We’ve talked about what really happens
at these meetings back in January… when we were electing our current chair.

So far… here’s what’s up. It’s just the general business that they usually do. But right now, the only buzz is the guests that are at RPI Headquarters. In attendance (other than the Committee, ect.) is: Todd Henderson (the blogging legend known as Yoda) along with his favorite candidate for chair, Paul Pate… a good group of Eastern iowa activists are assembled… Matt Strawn is in the house… Danny Carroll as well… former Senate candidate Chris Reed… Hardin County kingpin Andy Cable… and I’m sure more will show up.

Stay tuned here and make sure you
monitor D-Chung this weekend… I’m certain he will have a breakdown of the events.

I’ll update this post as the day goes on… so treat QCI like the crappiest Drudge you’ve ever read.



The Blogs Are Scorching Hot

If the Iowa Rightosphere (love that name Deeth!) was burning when we posted yesterday… then today, it’s scorching… like scorching hot like my girl Elizabeth Shue… (hearts!) But enough about crushes and never happens… let’s get to the scorching randomnous of the day!

BECAUSE… I’M FEELIN’ KINDA SATURDAY… (sing along) “Feelin’ like Saturday…” A little paraphrase of a Nancy and Frank classic. Well QCI-ders… All eyes on 621 East 9th this weekend. Also, did you know…

THE IOWA RIGHTOSPHERE IS CHAR BROILED – So here we are the day before the big meeting. And the blogs are chirping. The undisputed heavyweight champion of the blogs, Hershel Krustofski, has been dumping gasoline. Let’s do a rundown… First, Krusty digs into the arcives with a letter… enter Sunshine and the gang at Battleground… which spurred a call to action from the Iowa Defense Alliance… This would be enough for a good summary post… but if you dump gas on a fire… your gonna get more than a spark. Turn on the air raid horn, ‘cause here comes the FlyBoys. Speaking fires… you know the burn pile back at the farm? Well, it spread into the fields… the Al over at IDA give a quick update… so alirght… cool… get ready for the results of the meeting on Saturday, right? WRONG. Krusty starts a history lesson today. Here. Here. And here. Finally… for now at least… Battleground asks the question of the day, via information HK served up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 21ST AMENDMENT – Woo HOO!!! In case you didin’t know… today is one of my favorite Constitutional moments in history. I can see all of you rolling your eyes… and some of you being brought to tears. I think this calls for a stop at Flanny’s… see you there later.
FREEDOM MULLET – Ok… so the voting is continuing on the Mullet Watch 2009. The are cheers and there are jeers. On one side, there’s big “hells yeas!” On the other, “hells nos.” Enter the patron saint of the World’s Crappiest Blog to chime in with this quick video… it’s not that long… so it’s a must see video of the day.

“So and so… sayz G--Just grow the mullet, and perhaps throw in a pair of side chops while you're at it?"

Hmmm… Hetfield style?

SOMETHING TO SOLVE YOUR FOOTBALL FIX THIS WEEKEND – Y’all know about UNI this weekend… but if you are looking for another great game… check out the Northwest Missouri State Bearcats at 3:00pm on ESPN 2. They are playing North Alabama for the right to make it to the championship. “What’s with Northwest Missouri G$?” My bro is a former 2 time National Champion with the NWMSU Bearcat football team.
THE LITTLE H-MAN IS A FAN A little programing note for you loyal readers this weekend. As the drama builds over at 621 East 9th (although… it probably won’t)… I’ll be hitting the road for my nephew Harrison’s (the Little H-Man) baptism… and to catch the Northwest game with my favorite Bearcats… have no worries… QCI always has love and will travel… stay tuned to this weekend. Or as the Little H-Man would say, “Yo, QCI-ders… check out Uncle G$’s Crappy Blog this weekend… I do everyday!” You heard the kid. Do it!



Told you the blogs would start burning up… there’s too much stuff going on not to. There’s a whole lot of stuff out there today and more to come with the Saturday meeting over at 621 East 9th. QCI-ders… we kind of feel like Rush Limbaugh with our radnomnous stack of stuff today… but, our stack is totally crappy… ah well… you’re here anyway, right? Let’s get to it.

QCI-DERS ARE HILARIOUS – Got an email from an avid and loyal reader... could be some truth to it... “Rock on! I will be reading QCI to see what happens Saturday. Dude, it is like high school all over. But with less attractive people.” Oh snap! Oh no you didn’t! You know what would help?
MULLET WATCH 2009 – That segway couldn’t be served up anymore better than if you added mash potatoes… huh? Will G$ grow a mullet? Vote on the right hand side. Again… if I grow one… I hope I can get to half of the coolness of Jared Allen’s sweet sweet hair. Have you voted yet?

LEHMAN AND THE SECOND – If you haven’t heard yet… the 2nd CD GOP Peeps got together to condemn Kim Lehman for the whole IRLC v. MMM thinger. Which continues the drama… you want my guess… as I agree with D-Chung, she’s probably not gonna get kicked out of the committee/and or resign. Why you ask? For one, I think the committee has moved on and secondly, as Hershel said earlier this morning… the rules for removal are at the RNC level… not the state.
D-CHUNG IS YOUR READ OF THE DAY – If you haven’t already, go read D-Chung… he has a break down on the whole Lehman Drama and Chair’s race. Plus… did you know there’s a big meeting Saturday at RPI? “WHAT!?!?!?!” “HUH!?!?!?” “There’s a meeting?” Watch it smart asses… and yes keep your eye on D-Chung’s blog for the deets from a guy who will be there.

QCI FACEBOOK STATUS OF THE DAY - Yea, we left it out yesterday...

“So and so… is scared of Chris Dodd's eyebrows. Can the committee do something about that?”

Yea man… yikes.

THE RACE FOR STATE CHAIR AT RPI – So… the World’s Crappiest Blog broke the news yesterday about what’s going down in the LBC. Which sparked some discussion out there… via those patriots over at the Iowa Defense Alliance. We were corrected by a couple of readers who said the “Run the Table” plan maybe derailed per the State Party Bilaws. But if they have the votes… I’m sure they could do what they want. But as an “unnamed insider” emailed me yesterday, “I do not believe he has the votes to pull it off. He does not have my vote. Further, I will be very angry if they try to ramrod this through on Saturday. It is NOT on the agenda.” So what’s the bottom line?

THIS THING IS NOT OVER – It’s wide freaking open… you heard it here first… there will be no votes for a new chair this weekend. My opinion (that’s worth zero), activists and SCC members want the wait. Even the ones who think we should move quickly… they are walking back from that line. You don't believe me... check out the comment sections across the Iowa rightosphere... what's your take QCI-ders?
A SHOUT OUT TO THE RASPBERRY BERRET – Dudes… QCI is getting famous! (snicker…) Our favorite lefty blog gave us a plug. Thanks dogg. Yo Deeth, what do you mean a distinctive writing style?
DEATH MATCH FOR 1ST IN THE NATION STATUS? You know that would be interesting… although reading someone’s comments that said, “In Iowa they pick corn, in New Hampshire, we pick presidents” made me want to grab a pitch fork and go to battle… how about a more calm… less death like match up? We get one… the University of Northern Iowa takes on the University of New Hampshire this weekend in the playoffs... playoffs in college football? What a novel idea.

AND FINALLY… I know this one is our repeat offender when it comes to the Tune of the Day… but with all the stuff going on… Don’t you think this song is appropiate? Do yourself a favor and crank it as you read throught the randomnous… and keep your questions, comments and insults a flowin'...


RPI Chair Low Down...

QCI WORLD EXCLUSIVE STATE CHAIR RACE POST (snicker)… we’re not that important...


UPDATED: 12:02PM - Updates in Red...

Hey QCI-ders… just when we’re having fun with the Smack Down, some real scoop shows up. Thank you for all of your participation and loyal reading of this crappy blog. It’s funny… ever since I started this thing… people send me stuff…. I get calls… I get press releases… even invited to participate on conference calls. But breaking late yesterday, I got some scoop on the top story of the Right of Center blogs… the race for the new Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. Here’s what’s out there…

THE CANDIDATES – Here’s the names being talked about: Danny Carroll, Matt Strawn, Matt Randall, Paul Pate, Gopal Krishna and Ted Sporer.

ANOTHER MEETING? I hope things were more calm than some others that have been held in the past… sure enough it was. So… a meeting of State Central Committee members was assembled last week to discuss a new State Chairman. According to some people close to the situation, some SCC members were invited… and some were not. We can only speculate that the ones not invited were votes they couldn’t count on… but that’s just us thinkin’. A slate was presented to the group assembled. Gopal Krishna would be Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa and Ted Sporer would be Co-Chair of the party.

When presented… obviously they did the whole, “Who’s in?” To get a whip count. Now remember QCI-ders, it only takes 9 to win the Chair’s race. Per sources, there were some members of the assembled group that left the meeting. Stating that they could not be on board with this slate and/or are looking in a different direction. The remainders… stayed as they were getting lobbied… or “armtwisted” as someone close to the situation told me. These folks who are under pressure, are either uncomfortable about the slate or are still undecided.

*SATURDAY’S MEETING – Now… here’s where it gets interesting… I’ve been told that the slate presented is confident enough of their whip count (which means number of votes they have in the can for the uninitiated)… that they may force a vote at this Saturday’s State Central Committee Meeting. As I was told, “I think they have the votes to run the table.”

*Scratch that thought on the "run the table" plan... maybe. I have been told you must give a 10 day notice for a chair election. Has a notice been given?

HIGH RANKING OFFICIALS ARE MONITORING THE DEVELOPMENTS – From a reliable source, there are two “high ranking” Republican officials who are concerned and monitoring the State Chair situation… both have said they have no horse in the race… but are very concerned about the state of the party and its rebuilding process. Per another source… it’s a couple of Republicans “who’s opinion would be respected with all factions.” There are other party leaders (who haven’t been vocal) that are contemplating chiming in… keep your ears open on this one.

DARK HORSE? While this race is heating up… there’s a dark horse rising… it’s Paul Pate. He has sent some information out to County Chairs (as you have probably read in comment sections across the LBC)… and they Counties are chirping. But are the votes there?

WHERE’S DANNY? Sunshine and friends at Battleground talked about this a while ago… (and they are still talking per the comment section) where’s the talk now? I found it interesting as I sifted through emails and listened on the phone… his name wasn’t even brought up. Does this mean he’s out? No… not at all. Keep an eye on it.

A REASON FOR HOPE - Of all the chatter being tossed. I find a reason for optimism. The chatter in this race has been thoughtful and positive behind the scenes... from accounts I have gathered... there's some statemenship in the discussions. Activists and ringleaders are serious about a true rebuild of the party. They want to get it right. So whatever happens... it looks like we could have a smooth transition... and real unity... which usually hasn't happened in the past when we circle the wagons. So here's a little cheers to those in the discussions... Let's hope all involved keep it that way.

NOW WHAT? That’s a good question. Does the Krishna/Sporer slate have the votes to “run the table” Saturday? What about the other candidates? Is this all a bunch of Barbara Streistand being fed to the World’s Crappiest Blog? Could be… there may be a few details missed or exagerated… but from the stuff I’m hearing… it’s been decently consistent. Thoughts?