ALL EYES ON FLORIDA – Man, those McCainiacs and Mittens are mixing it up down there. It’s been fun to watch the blow by blow press releases. It’s a tall tale sign that this thing is going to be close. It’s being reported that there are more Democrat absentees than the Rs. Billary is counting on the fact when it boils down, and if they are the nominee… the DNC isn’t going to punish these states and place all of their delegates. She’ll even be down there tonight to claim the victory. Anyhow, polls close tonight at 6:00pm Iowa time for most of Florida and 7:00pm in the panhandle. Trivia of the day, there are 2 time zones in the Sunshine State.

McCain picked up a huge endorsement Saturday night of a very popular Governor in Charlie Crist. My contacts down there are telling me it really paid off and they are seeing real results. What was really funny to watch, was the fact that the buzz of the evening was Obama taking his opponents to the woodshed in South Carolina, but when the Crist story broke, all networks zeroed in on Florida carrying the Crist endorsement live. Big score for McCain, let’s see how it goes.

Also, if what the polls are showing do become true tonight, any bets on Hizzoner’s future? There’s a comment section below dudes… let’s hear it.

PRESIDENT BUSH’S FINAL SOTU – That’s means State of the Union for you Roland Story grads reading (snicker). I’m a NBC guy as I have said… who knew that American Gladiators would be such a hit (with Hulkamania running wild)… although I judge the new Knight Rider… what’s next? Bringing back the A-Team… don’t tempt me. Anyhow, I tuned into NBC to catch the SOTU.

It’s always been sort of fun for me to watch the SOTU, ever since I was a kid. I always get a charge when the sergeant at arms says, “Mister/Madam Speaker, the President of the United States!” That’s the junkie in me I guess… no matter who’s the President at the time. For you Washington types reading, I want the dope on who are the head yell leaders during these speeches.

5 points for the first person to email me which member of the cabinet that wasn’t in the house chamber in case the most terrible of terrible happened.

As a guy who worked on both of his campaigns for President… it’s a… kind of… well, nostalgic if you’ll humor me. The Bush campaign is where, I guess, I made my cut into this stuff. From organizing precinct leaders in Northwest Iowa, to a quick stint in Indiana, to chasing a chad filled Ryder truck to Tallahassee and running a motor pool at the inaugural in 2000. From hitting the field hard and running phone banks until the phones broke, to managing large crowds at rallies and turning Iowa red for the first time since Reagan… proving every vote, does indeed count in 2004. What a thrill.

Glad to hear he talked about curbing spending and threatening a veto with it. I really do believe that, in a big picture view, you gut the spending in Washington and you’ll truly see the Fed’s problems seem a bit easier to manage. Plus, it’s our money, right? Oh, I could go on a rant…

Oh, the Kansas Gov is doing the Dem response? Weak response by the way… that’s the best the other side could do? OK, I get it… you’re reading a teleprompter, I get it. I know the Chiefs suck and the Royals well… don’t want to go there. But don’t let their fails bring you to this type of response. Show some emotion lady! This speech has been in the can for a while… right? This is the front runner for the veep on the other side? Huh? Way to ruin a moment… sigh…

And Hillary too? My Pops said it best, “How many ash trays were flying in the Clinton hotel room last Saturday night?’ My guess is… a few.