Ladies and Gentlemen… please welcome back to the stage, Mr. Richard Morgan Fliehr.

Wooooo! Yea sorry, kind of on a Nature Boy kick this week. But you know what? Our party could use a little Ric Flair smack talking when we can. I mean… yesterday QCI spread some TL love around. As we should. Their running a good campaign. Good staff assembled and they are working it. And we predict a win in the 4th.

Now with a little news from the west coast. Joe Trippi has signed on to consult for the guy running against Steve King. While a significant pick up and I’m sure Joe will make some dineros of the deal… Steve King is gonna win. He’s got a good team out there. Loyal following and organization. Much like Cub fans in March… hope always springs eternal for the Dems in the 5th District. Do I need elaborate on this one? Don’t make bring Ms. Shue into this again… oh… alright, you pushed me to the edge.

I have a better chance of spending a wonderful weekend in the Hamptons with Elizabeth Shue than the Dems have a chance of taking the 5th District seat… or taking out King for that matter.

Hmmm… Elizabeth Shue… hearts! …sigh, not gonna happen either.

But, I’ll tell ya, I like Joe Trippi. And totally recommend his book, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Great read (if you can get past the Bush bashing stuff)… a keen insight from one of the pioneers of online activism.

SOME NEW STUFF – It’s gonna get hot out there this weekend. I’ve stumbled along a few new blogs for you to check out while you are keeping cool and praising the central air gods this week.

Constitution Daily – Was passed along this one. Fire up your inner winger with this one. Worth checking out. Iowa Defense Alliance – A good colaborative work of bloggers… if Constitution Day didn’t bust out your inner winger, the pilot light is out. Also, for you history buff types… as I was catching some of the earthquake coverage in LA, I stumbled upon this golden nugget by Larry Harnisch called The Daily Mirror via the Los Angeles Times. If you dig enough you’ll find a cool time line of articles leading to the Dodgers moving to LA from Brooklyn.

And by request…



And Tom Latham is the man. We’ve been big fans of TL here at QCI for a long time. And this morning, on the way to work… TL did it again. Caught the new Latham radio ad on WHO. Nice job and kudos to Team TL for breaking out of the gates as the first local campaign to be up on the air. Lathamizers get it. It’s the economy stupid. Gas prices, gas prices, gas prices.

Full disclosure, we’re knuckle dragging conservatives here at QCI… but contrary to what some feel in our party that we gotta talk abortion, gay marriage and other social issues all the time (while all important)… that’s not gonna win you the entire thing this year. If some guy has to worry about if he’s gonna have enough gas to get to work or have enough to feed his kids… I’d almost argue the same guy who voted for GWB because of social issues in ’04, would care less about which marriages should be be legal if that meant you would get gas for under $2.

Another reason why Tom Latham is the man… check out the video over at Krusty’s of TL laying the smacketh on his colleagues. Hell yea! Whatcha gonna do, when TL goes wild on you, Mean Gene!

Speaking people on gone wild… after watching the TL smackdown… I found this other video from his opponent. Becky… green… something… Naga... Naga... Not gonna beat TL Greenfield. Anyhow… here’s the video, blasting Latham for having a Karl Rove fundraiser???

Um, Becky… sweetheart… it was a fundraiser for the Republican Party of Iowa. Not Tom Latham… sorry dear. It was a nice try, though. Looks like you put some work into it. Good for you. At least you can say you got to do the whole cutesy YouTube response thingers. You got that going for you. Hopefully you raised enough to pay for all of the high tech equipment and stuff you used to make the video. I hope so. All that production must have cost a fortune.

Karl Rove raised all that money for Latham? Huh? Nice work on really trying to stretch that one. You don’t think it was a big stretch to make a Karl Rove reference for a cheap hit? Here’s a bigger stretch. Becky notgonna beat TL Greenwald has a better chance of beating Latham like I have a chance to spend an evening with Elizabeth Shue.

Elizabeth Shue... (Hearts!)

...yeah, not gonna happen either.


Hello, QCI-ders. Long time, no post. No joke here... the editors of the World's Crappiest Blog have been uber busy. But as an exclusive for our loyals readers and for the love of Metallica... we have obtained an exclusive video.


QCI, the World's Crappiest Blog, has obtained an exclusie video where the legends of rock Metallica, performed during an Iowa Hawkeye football practice... See video below.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, we are Hawkeye fans... but to be honest, it's been really hard trying to be one lately. Sigh...


WATERMELON MADNESS PICS - Starting top left to right: Stanhope State University softball tournament, 100 plus year old Young and Sons Farms, parade action, EJS Police - Southern Hamilton County's finest. garage party at Whitey’s, and my cousin Kempton goofing off after returning back from the 2nd call of the night for the Stanhope VFD.

Whew… what a great weekend for the editors of QCI. Watermelon Day weekend, hanging out with family, playing a fun softball tournament (although very sore), Lion Burgers, homemade pie, watching storms run in and run out, garage parties, Barnstormers get a clutch win on the road… just good times. To sum it up in the words of the Old Milwaukee commercials, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Here’s a piece of Stanhope Locker beef jerky’s worth of randomnous for you to chew on.

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – Well the SCC meeting has come and gone… and absolutely nothing happened. Well they did do their thing. Reports and other stuff… but alas, a dramaless meeting. No shootings, knife fights, mix martial arts… not even a little M80 war (watch your fingers). David Chung has all the deets and stuff. While bloggers and gossip hounds are feeling more let down than going to a NASCAR race where there wasn’t any crashes... thank God there wasn't any drama... for once.

SOME LAPS AROUND THE BLOGS THAT MATTERHershel knocked out some good stuff in an article in the DMR that talks about the major challenge in the party. Smoker hater Emily at Battleground has some more crap on the troubles I the Iowa Football program. Uncle Ted is talking Convention Reform. In Flyover Country has some advice for Barak Obama.

So there you go. And to start the week on the right foot… and a little ode to the commie days on this blog, here’s one of my absolute all time favorites songs performed in Moscow… circa 1991. A quick warning… I hope you are prepared for the bad ass exhibition of straight up heaviness…
Watch how the Soviet Soldiers crack down on the kids rocking out... kind of reminds me of Court Avenue on Friday and Saturday nights with the bouncers cracking down on the smokers...


Another day, more randomnous. But, gotta be a little honest, there’s not much going on… well sort of. Here’s a brief run down.

SCC MEETING THIS WEEKENDKrusty has the preview… RPI’s “As the World Turns” continues..

DARK KNIGHT – Is gonna kick ass… go see it.

RIB FEST – If you’re gonna go check it out… be sure to check out Tab Benoit on Sunday. So freaking good…

DUDE IT’S WATERMELON DAY WEEKEND – That’s all I got, I’m headed off to the Stanhope State University (home of the Watermelon Warriors) Softball Tournament presented by Young’s Storage Center. With 3 great locations in Stanhope, Dayton and Paton.

Softball, Watermelon Day, having some drinks with my cousins… is this heaven, no, it’s God’s Country Iowa. Speaking of all sorts of Summer Fun this weekend… how about the song of the summer of 2008… crank this up everyone. Have a great weekend. Will try to post some pics from the Watermelon Madness!


How’s it going QCI-ders? Great comments from Tuesday’s post! Keep ‘em coming. Here’s a few thoughts for you today. In a completely random order, importance, special lottery and drawing crap out of a hat. Oh… QCI has busted out some good tunes… check out this mix…

Seriously dudes… I know, I know… you music and rock ‘n roll purists are screaming blasphemy. That song is so OJ Simpson… a guilty pleasure that keeps on giving… plus love the Dark Knight stuff… that movie is gonna kick ass.

Why are you posting the tunes so early in a post G$? To set the mood for the next headline. You know, step up the dramatics a bit.

SCC MEETING SATURDAY – Oh yeeeeeah… here comes tha drama. FlyOver saved me the time in typing the entire story. It’s your MUST READ of the day. Thoughts QCI-ders? Great post. Everything out there that is in post. Nice work. But anything else they missed? There’s a comment section.

HUH? Was passed along this article from a loyal reader. Was this guy at the same convention we were at? Seriously? This is your 2nd MUST READ of the day… just for the laugh.

ALL STAR GAME – Freakin’ awesome. Who knew that you had to get a Royals pitcher later to pull it off. Wait a minute… if it didn’t go extra innings… he wouldn’t have pitched… oh dear.

POLK COUNTY IS KEY – Also, the sun rises in the east. Radio Iowa has some scoop from a Polk County Dem Volunteer Meeting. Former Guv Vilsack was there to rally the troops. The magic number is 10,000. They can’t under perform under that number… and we can have them get over 10,000.

SUPER SATURDAY – It’s Super Saturday y’all!!!! Call the McCain peeps at 515-270-1993 to find out how you can help this weekend.

I think that's enough randomnous...



Sup QCI-ders. How are ya? Fantastic then. Today, for my 100th post, I thought I would stir up a little discussion. I have this little comment thinger at the bottom of these posts for you to chime in. This should get fun.

There’s been a lot of chatter out there about what kind of Republican one person is and what kind of Republican someone else is. Country Club Republicans, Wacko Republicans, Right Wing Republicans, Republicans on a Stick, Reagan Republicans, Bush Republicans, Grassroots Republicans, Harry Republicans, Hairless Republicans, Good Looking Republicans, Ugly Republicans, Moderate Republicans, Republicans in Moderation, Crazy Republicans, Cool Republicans, Blueberry Flavored Republicans, Republicans who wear Crocs, Southern Republicans, Wierdo Repubicans, Freaky Deaky Republicans and so on, and so on.

But today I want to highlight a few factions of the party you may not have heard about. Why? Because we don’t bring that weak ass stuff up in this humpy bumpy at QCI, that’s why. They are never heard of or represented. Which is sad. These Rs need some lovin’ too. So here’s a huge heaping portion of love from the World’s Crappiest Blog.

BIG REPUBLICANS – These are one of my favorites. The ones who claim they are “Big Republicans.” My buddies will usually introduce me to these folks. Here’s a quick little play by play on how I meet these “Big Republicans”…

BUDDY OF MINE: G$, you’re a political guy. You gotta meet Biff, he’s a Big Republican.
G$: Oh yea? Big Republican, huh. Like a super sized Republican?
BUDDY OF MINE: Nah man, he’s huge Republican. I’m sure you know him. Biff, meet my buddy G$. He’s a big Republican too. You guys probably know each other.
G$: Hey man. Nice to meet you. So you’re a big R huh?
G$: Yea a Big Republican. What campaigns have you volunteered for? Or do you just send money?
BIFF: Uh, volunteer? Um, well, I don’t really get active. I’m conservative. Love listening to Rush Limbaugh. Were you listening today? Rush had this great point. You know where I can get a McCain yard sign?

All jokes aside, I love Big Republicans… we count on those guys for votes. I just wish I had a dollar for every time I met one.

EMO REPUBLICANS – There kind of punk rockers… dress a little funny… Tight jeans, long bangs, studded belts, and wearing something black. You look at these Rs and you think, “Skate or Die!” But always seem sad. They say things like, “Being a Republican is my only love in this cruel existence.”

ELCAMINO REPUBLICANS – The most forgotten and least cared about in our party. Why you ask? (El Camino is Spanish for… “the camino” btw) It’s because all factions of the party are jealous… jealous of their sweet hair. Business on top and party in the back! Seriously, how many elections would we win if the El Camino Republicans took over the party? Um, throw me a sleeve less Skynard shirt, a Pabst and a mullet… and I will show you landslides. Look for your favorite candidates to be sportin’s some sweet hair soon. This is the October surprise. The Mullet. Forget the issues of the day. I can hear undecided voters right now, “You know I really don’t like his stance on the War in Iraq… but man, that guy has some sweet hair. I’m gonna vote for him.”

I think I’m a cross between an El Camino and a Rock ‘n Roll Republican. You know, I heard this was a classy event, but I came to party. So what kind of Republican are you QCI-ders?



QCI IS BACK! Whew… what a week. The World’s Crappiest Blog… returns and has some stuff with a side of garlic mash potatoes. OK, how about some cottage cheese. No? OK, how about a side salad… don’t have any bacon… alright here you go.

CONVENTION RECAP – There’s tons of stuff out there with about this week all about the State Convention. Krusty had the preview, smoker hating Emily at Battleground had some crap, Uncle Ted chimed in, and John Deeth live blogged the day.

THE UGLIEST SIDE OF REPUBLICAN POLITICS IN IOWA – No matter what faction or side or movement you are for… if you don’t believe this was one of the ugliest faces our party has put on in the past few months, I want to sell you the Locust Street Bridge.

I’m all for anyone who wants to do anything. Run for this or run for that. Spend all of the energy and enthusiasm you want to get there. Have at it hoss. I know that politics is a blood sport, but for once, in an election year, how about using all of this energy towards winning elections. Think about this QCI-ders, if we were as good as we are about feuding, running convention campaigns and whatever else trips your trigger as we are in getting active in campaigns… think about how many offices we would have in power. More questions (that I know the answers to) as one delegate put it, “Why can’t we have just a choice? Why does it have to be I have to vote for someone else because the other one is bad for whatever reason? Why not vote for someone because they would be good at it?”

Now that the dust and manure have settled after this convention, my hope is that we unite to do what is really important… um winning elections. Oh yea, the whole reason for forming a party anyway. (Sigh)

CONVENTION SHOUT OUTS – While I wasn’t there for the whole thing (I was getting ready for 9,600 of my closest friends to see the ‘Stormers take Quad City to the woodshed) there were tons of good shout outs. Thanks for reading and saying hey.

QUICK NOTES – Here’s some quick notes from this last weekend… all at random. Will have some more updates and comments about the StateCon. Here’s a few to get you going for the week.

3M – good crowd, nice Ambulance… where’s the college republican kid dressed as John Edwards to chase you at parades? Nice work.

HUCKABEE – Didn’t catch a lot of the speech, but heard the nice shout out to Johnny Mac. Also, did he just endorse Bobby V during his speech? Hmmm… Looking forward to his book that comes out AFTER the November election… hmmm…

More for you soon. Chat about all of this stuff. The StateCon, the new QCI look… weirdest and coolest stuff from this weekend… the merits of the Designated Hitter… I’ve got more coming. Until then, it’s too nice out not to grill. And if you’re gonna grill… you gotta have some good tunes. Here’s some good stuff from Buckwheat Zydeco.


Alright, QCI has officially defected from the Union of Soviet Socialist Counites. We're gonna change it up QCI-ders. We have tons of crap on its way... State Convention week... more scoop and the randomnous that you, the loyal readers can count on.

We're gonna change the look a bit. Get back to our roots. And shred this sum bitch like we can. Until then, crank up a little somethin', somethin' from the Justice album.


Zdrazvootsye comrade QCI-dinskis! It is wonderful day in the People’s Republic! We should be grateful to politburo for all of their keen wisdom in running the state’s business. In this the great Union of Soviet Socialist Counties, we still have great randomness that is “G. Ruble’s Caucus Countdown.” You like the new header, da?

WHO’S CALLING POLK COUNTY? A little scoop for your in the upcoming race for Premier of Mother Iowa. Interesting phone calls are being placed in Polk County. QCI confirm calls made into Polk County last night for a tele town hall with Congressman Steve King. Last we check comrades, Polk County is in the 3rd District. All calls were made to 4/4 or hard Rs households. Holy jumping Lenins, this premier race is getting warmer than I feel than after 10 Moscow Mules.

BLOGGERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! Special thank you to
Komrade Krusty to get in the spirit by flying flag of Mother Iowa.

WEATHER UPDATES - We got an update from Minister of Agriculture Bill Northinski on the effects of the weather and rain totals. Now we don’t want QCI-dinskis to get all hot and bothered about him jumping the race. QCI just believes Northinski and his staff are doing great job in outreach to new media. To check out the memorandum,
click here.

Per Comrade Sporer and release sent yesterday, it seems some party HQs need reminder memo about the new wonderful pro business laws pro scribed by Politburo. Comrade Sporer has all the pictures. You must have government “No Smoking” sign in windows. This gives Mother Iowa strength. She shows you who’s in charge!

More to come from the redder than red QCI! Until then, enjoy great rock ‘n roll music from Paul McCartney! Live from Red Square! Take it away Sir Paul…


Hello Comrades! It's your favorite crappy blogger G. Ruble. Since Politburo tells small business owners what to do... we comply and celebrate all that is good with the Union of Soviet Socialist Counties!

Forget that Shawn Johnson, she's no competition to Ivan Drago. Because there is no need for Gods and idols when you have heroes like Comrade Drago.

Now, your friend, comrade G. Ruble loves the Iowa and Iowa State fight songs. But their music is nothing to the great sounds of Mother Iowa's Red Army Guard band that plays out a true anthem we can rally behind. Please everyone, turn up music and sing! Be loyal to Mother Iowa!