There was a Meeting Saturday?

I know… I know… “Where’s you damn recap G$!!!” “Damn you G$!” Let me put it to you this way… if it comes between putting out a post versus hanging out with Ainsley and Harrison… The coolest/cutest niece and nephew will win that battle… everytime. All apologies… but you should know better… this is of course the “World’s Crappiest Blog.” So you were forewarned.

CALL ME HENRY ROLLINS… ‘Cause I’m a liar. Or at least that’s what some would want you to believe via the Iowa Independent. No one rebutted anything to me, my man. And thanks for reading too. I have this sitemeter thinger… it tells me who’s been here. Keep coming back! :)
ANOTHER THING – Not here to divide the party. And I don’t think everyone else in the LBC is trying to either. They are activists. Just a little bit louder than other ones. They are looking for a new leader. They, like many of us in the party, want to get it right… we want leadership… and we want to win again. Now those anonymous commenters… there are some who get out of hand. But, you’ll always get a gurantee here… you know who writes this and I’m easy to get a hold of.
SERIOUSLY DUDES… QCI is not a big deal. But… the BlogNetNews thinks we’re influential. #6 this week… does this mean we get into the BCS?
SPEAKING OF BLOGS – There’s a new one… Paint Iowa Red. They’ve endorsed Danny Carroll and Bob VanderPlaats. Welcome to the circus friends.
THERE WAS A MEETING SATURDAY? Huh!?!?!?!?! What!?!?!?!?! Yup there was. QCI had the early skinny on Saturday… and everyone else in the LBC chirped away. Censure is the word of the weekend… because that was the only fireworks… that and Chris Reed picking a fight with the self proclaimed “baddest black man in the state of Iowa,” Leon Mosley.
THE RECAP IS AN ONLY CHILD, HE’S WAITING IN THE PARK – (Sing a long!) “So whyeyeyeyeye don’t you use it?” The blogs are still burning. Let’s walk through the LBC to see what we find. Krusty has a full breakdown. Sunshine and crew at Battleground too. Dirty Deeth Done Dirt Cheap (your new nickname Deeth) has some stuff. The FlyBoys are in the know… quickest to post. And D-Chung is letting you know what’s up… because he was there.
ENTER MATT STRAWN – Matt Strawn is running for chair. Held a reception for SCC members Friday. I'm told there was a very good turn out of SCC members... good discussion. Plus... you know he's running... why the hell would you want to waste 7-8 hours of your life at a meeting on Saturday. So that brings the race to Sporer, Gopal, Strawn, Randall, Reed, Carroll and Pate. Anyone else?
BEARCAT FOOTBALL IS THE CURE FOR THE HAWKEYE FIX – Woot! Telling ya man. Northwest is good. 4 straight apearance to the title game. Noon. Saturday. Who want’s to watch it with me? Somewhere with chicken wings prefered… GO BEAR CATS!
IT’S HARD TO BE HUMBLE WHEN YOU’RE A HAWKEYE – Yea man… so the Wrestlers take care of business and the Women Hoopsters get r done. GO HAWKS! And… Hawk fans got better news!
COCKS VS. HAWKS – Let’s the junior high humor begin… The Hawkeyes will be taking on the Gamecocks of South Carolina in the Outback Bowl. Yo, Sic Willie, you wanna make a wager? Ha ha… cocks.
MULLET WATCH 2009 – Dudes… will have some breaking mullet news soon. But to hold you over… here’s some nice photo shop work from a loyal reader. Did you know it’s pronounce “Moo-lay”… it’s French…

AND FINALLY… I mention Henry Rollins… now I have the song in my head… but I like this version with the extra bonus added commentary… YES!!!!!