Sunday Morning in Iowa...

Alright... I'm not much of a wear your relgion on your sleave type... I may wear my Good Shepherd Parish sweatshirt once in a while... You gotta represent, I guess. But, this morning we saw a clear sign that Culver/Judge Campaign and the Iowa Democratic Party are out of touch... Or at least their communications departments are out of touch. It's all in their tweets this morning....

Exhibit A: Retweeted by the Iowa Democratic Party

RT @soroecker: Have yet to see a single GOP office open from Ames, to Oelwein

Exhibit B: Retweeted by the Culver/Judge Account

RT @soroecker: The Mason City GOP office is closed, while over 120 Democrats are excited & ready to hear from @culverjudge & @RoxanneConlin

Cool, I get the whole "Oh lookie lookie! We're working harder than they are!!! Go us!! Wooty woot, tootie woot!" Yea... I admit it, I've called the opponents headquarters after 9pm while still stuck in the office. Then after going to voice mail and hanging up. Then proclaiming, "Yeah dude, we're still here! We are working harder than them!" Yeah... Childish? Yes. Lame? Yeah well, when you're putting in tons of hours, getting beat (badly) and need little glimpses of hope... This usually does the trick... But back to their tweets this morning...

So Team Culver/Judge and the Iowa Democratic Party were really talking smack that GOP offices were closed? *gasp* On a Sunday morning? *oh my gosh* Call me Ocho Cinco... Because I'm saying child please... And I'll say it... They have zero clue.

Your average Iowan... At 10:00am on a Sunday morning... Are probably gonna be at their place of worship... Um, its the truth... That's what most folks do.

Ask Patty Judge what most folks are doing on a Sunday morning in Monroe County? Betcha, you get the same answer. At church.

Listen, I get it Team Culver and Iowa Democrats... Even though you're, well, getting your clock cleaned... (Oh, and I've been in your shoes, not fun) You're trying to show momentum. Awesome. And I'll give it to you... You guys finally learned a bit about this Twitter thing without sounding smug and petty at the same time. Good for you...

But you proved something to everyone this morning... How out of touch you really are. When you were actually talking smack about closed County Republican Headquarters on a Sunday morning, that pretty much closed the case for anyone who had any doubt. You have zero, ziltch, nada... No clue at all.

Oh and don't worry... County Republican Headquarters will be open today... Well except in Sioux County, Pella and a few others... But you probably don't have any idea why... As you have managed to prove so this morning.


Good Morning

Good Morning QCI-der and QCI-haters. Balls to the Walls continues... A couple of early posts this AM... to get you cooking.

But a couple of reports for you from our readers... here's a good report from yesterday...

Out east, we have word there was a volunteer who made 900 calls, yeps... 900 freaking calls. #goodjoboutofyou. I'm been told the same office the hosted this volunteer is having a spooktacular phone bank tonight.

Alright... I'm off to knock on some doors for the good guys in God's Country... more to come... stay thirsty and this goes out to my peeps in the V-I-C-T-O-R-Y offices... holler... because this is all you do....

Nobama for Culver...

Earlier this week... I chirped about the POTUS... And how he's naga... Naga... Not gonna come campaign For Culver.

Today, the VPOTUS was in Catholicsville, USA (that's Dubuque for you people reading in Story City). Rallying in support of Pelosi Lieutenant Bruce Braley. Political visits out of the White House can be a funny thing to read sometimes... I've been involved in a few for candidates here in the Hawkeye State. They can mean a few things...

1) As a favor for a member in leadership to raise some funds
2) Protect turf for a future re-election campaign
3) Garner up some buzz for a challenger... Or...
4) Recovery Mission: to help save or keep someone in office

Friday's stop was most definitely a #4... Oh look, politics is like the value menu... Anyways, here's the thing about White Houses... They don't like to be embarrassed too often in elections when they don't need to. Vice President Biden's visit means, its very close there... Even, maybe salvageable.

I want to go back to President Obama's last trip here in that so very typical backyard in Des Moines not so long ago *heavy smirk*... Chet Culver promised that Obama would be back to rally for him. Well friends... The schedule has been released... Polls have been looked at... After checkin through a few channels and keeping an ear out... Guess what... No POTUS visit.

If you needed any more evidence that a one term Governor that will be Chet Culver... I didn't say so... Polls didn't say so... The White House just did.

Stay thirsty... More on its way...

Polk County...

Our balls to the walls coverage continues with a little local flavor. Polk County.

Now I've already talked about this wave thinger happening... And while there many many local yocal races happening... To me, Polk County is kind of taking a center stage. Why you ask? The Polk County Republican Party.

Now Steve Roberts may have to enlighten me... But I'm not sure I've ever seen a Polk County Party so active and on offense. They have candidates running in just about every office if I'm counting right... Now there all sorts of action happening... But where is the epicenter? Let me play this tune for you...

That's right... The Eastside. Who would have thunk it, right? Que the next tune...

Former congressional candidate Dave Funk is really becoming the leader of this charge on the East side of Polk County, and its getting noticed. I have had a few prominent Democrats who have commented to me in person on how a bit nervous... Er... Nautious they are getting about what's going on. Then you got candidates like Kim Pearson who is, from what I have been told, has been really making some noise and garnering support.

Listen, there are a whole lot of success stories going on. A lot I'll credit to the Polk County party and the candidates who stepped up willing to serve. I know for a fact that there is a massive ground game being implemented this weekend. Again, from my experience, the largest and most agressive I've ever seen.

How is this happening? Again, good leadership and candidates... But the Polk GOP has a little ace in the whole... Named Darrell Kearney. You all know DK and what he can do... Raise some cash. Leadership and great people to step up to run is one thing... Having the money to do it is another... And the Polk County Party has some money now and spending the right way.

#goodjoboutofyou to the Polk County GOP... Lots of work to do, but they are getting it done.

Stay thristy... More on its way..


The Wave...

From time to time during my coverage here, you'll hear me talking about the "wave" that is happening. Meaning the promise and vibe of a Republican sweep that soon may happen on November 2.

This is kind of the reason for the heavy coverage. I'm intrigued and cautiously excited at the same time. You see, I was involved in a campaign when we had a sort of Republican wave nationally back in 2002. We were told it was happening... It did... Just not here in Iowa.

So a lot of what you'll see from now until we have winners Tuesday is... Kind of a study of it...

Oh hey, also... I'll be tweeting this bad boy. So be sure to follow me in Twittersburgh.

More on its way... Stay thirsty.

Balls to the Wall coverage... begins now.

Alright... We are now starting our first ever real wall to wall coverage here at QCI. It's called... Balls to the Wall... because its go time suckas. Its Friday night... But this is just the beginning of a whirlwind weekend frenzy to proceeds to Tuesday night. And sure nuff, the World's crappiest blog is here... On the ground... Doing the damn thing... Telling you what I'm hearing and seeing. Will it be awesome? Eh, well this is the World's Crappiest Blog, so who knows...

I'll post as much as I can with scoop, commentary, randomness, junior high humor and of course... Awesomeness.

Here's what we have now...

ON THE AIR -- In case you missed it... And judging by the shared linkage on Facebook, you haven't... Brad Zaun has an ad up with his wife DeDe... Somewhere... Leonard is getting angry. I wonder if this is what Boswell himself calls it... Rovian, Roverian, Karl Rove tricks... Check it out...

CMON SON -- So the late breaking news this afternoon... Is Tom Miller's fundraising report. Turns out... Two of his deputies within his own office has loaned his campaign some dineros. *jaw drops*... Is this for real? I mean... Really? I get if you have big donors and such... It's a statewide race... But, within your own office from people who report to you? Cmon son. If you don't have any illusions that Tom Miller is in deep manure... This report just said so... Both politically amd ethically. Wow.

More balls to the wall coverage on the way. You hearing anything? Gots some cool pics? Rocking a phone bank somewhere like no other? Let me hear about it... Email me at grantyoung72@hotmail.com

Stay thirsty and keep checking QCI... We gots more stuff coming. But crank this little ditty dedicated to all of the field warriors out there getting it done...

TL Winnebago and the Branstache

A little QCI photo journalism? *heavy smirk* Anyways... the good Congressman made a quick stop and I got to check out the Latham RV... so I figured I pose with my Branstache... yeah I know, it's gonna look great once my voice changes and I hit puberty.
Stay thirsty...


QCI Legislative Race Forcast? Child Please...

Yeah I know... I totally have zero street cred when it comes to theses races... but as my Uncle Bruce always says... "I've learned everything I know from books and people. I don't read many books but I know a helluva lot of people." Same here. From the peeps I know, numbers and straight up witnessing it... here's my little State Legislative preview for next Tuesday... or at least what to watch for in my opinion.

WHAT IT IS - Right now the school of thought is... the House is switching and the Senate is gonna get close. Which is sure just to make "Governor Gronstal" really really pissy for a while. Anyways, the good guys are getting a little excited, yet cautiously optimistic. It's been well documented that the State House and Senate have recruited very well. I've heard peeps tell me that this is one of the finer groups of candidates we've seen in a while. So good and in a great year... it has caused Speaker Murphy to even door knock his own district. Yeah.

BELL WEATHER - If you are looking certain races or region to see how well we are doing next Tuesday night in the State House... or to see how big this so called wave is... all you need to look to is Southern Hamilton County... ERRR God's Country, Iowa... And 2 races... House District 9 McKinley Bailey (D) vs. Stew Iverson (R) and Senate District 5, Rich Olive (D) vs. Rob Bacon (R)... "G$, what about Dave Deyoe?" Dude... He's running against an uber lefty... he's fine.

THE REGION AND DISTRICTS - "Why are these your bell weathers? Because you're from there?" No... but you're right, I kind of have a habit of giving love back to the motherland... but that ain't what I'm cookin'. Look, Southern Hamilton County is a Lean Republican area. Straight up by the numbers in voter registration. These Rs are very similar to what I think of Dallas County Rs. They are your Republican type of Republicans. But here comes the rub... a very unique challenge for these two races...

THE INCUMBENTS - Rich Olive and McKinley Bailey. Both Democrats... some would say moderate Dems. How the hell are Democrats winning in an area that is and should be considered safe R? Both came into office on a D wave. Bailey bested George Say-I-Corn Eichorn and Olive barely... just barely bested Jim Kurtenbach. "So what, they came in a D wave... how did they win R precincts and districts?" Family... pretty simple. For Bailey, while he has the Southwest part of Southern Hamilton County, he's a Webster City kid. And kind of part of a legacy. His father sits on the Board of Supervisors, with my Uncle Dave. So, with a last name and a family history in local and Democrat politics... that's not gonna hurt ya when you need to run up the score where need to. Plus his military profile suits him well when runnin in with Rs.

Then you have Rich Olive. Pretty solid name ID from Story City... but how the hell is he over performing in Lyon Township (includes city of Jewell) and other parts of Southern Hamilton County? If all politics are local, then in God's Country... all politics is family. Rich's better half, Marian, belongs to a very well liked and a very well respected family back home... and like every other county in Iowa, back home in God's Country... everyone has (what seems) like a million cousins. Or cousins with other cousins... you catch my drift. "Oh G$, surely you jest this is how they win." Explain to me why in a few households in Jewell have most of the R yard signs... and an Olive one? Yeah. I know....

SO DO WE HAVE A CHANCE IN THIS BATTLEGROUND? - Awe hell yes we do. Stew is doing very well. His Wright County peeps will be there... plus he's be working hard. Also look at Bacon (epic name BTW). Working hard as well... this is where the wave helps the most. My point with this entire post... is that... if the wave is here this cycle... and it seems it is. These races will tell us. Sure, we are going to have upsets in other districts... but with the obstacles and resources that have been put into both... we're gonna see what happens. Good news is... I'm hearing some good stuff. So hold on to your hats friends... this one is gonna get wild next Tuesday... Got another area I wanna chirp about... more on that soon. Until then... Stay thirsty my friends... and here's a little something to bob yeh heads to while you get your GOTV on...


Pre Election Quick Hits...

Awe yeah doggs... We brought back one of our favorite headers... and features. I've been getting hit up with a lot of questions lately. From texts, emails... from the peeps, readers and random strange at bars. So I thought, what the hell... do some quick hits of some frequently asked questions in the form of Quick Hits.

How well are we doing? Easy enough question to start. Very good. We just need to keep pushing.

How is [insert down ticket candidate name here] doing? Are they going to win? You wanna know how good our down ticket peeps are doing? Check the latest media buys for the last 6 days. With out getting into too much detail... here's what you have to watch... Brenna Findley's and Matt Schultz's number on election night. If one of these two (or both) are winning... look the hell out.

How's the state house and senate? See previous answer. For real, you can't help to be nothing short of impressed on how the legislative teams have done this year. They've done their homework, recruited very well and are just straight up getting after it. I have a ton more on this, but here's my teaser on another post I got coming... Watch the Bailey/Iverson and Olive/Bacon races. More to come on this one.

When did the Culver Campaign (and the IDP) finally figure out how to use Twitter? Oh yeah... I know, funny right? Yeah... someone else must have taken over the Twittering duties for sure. Less smug more... actual interesting. Good for them... you know.... with less than a week to go.

What's there left to do from now until Tuesday? Plan parties? Um... Horrible question. Worst in history. Terrible. There are so many great races up and down the ticket that need you. Grab a phone and be somebody. Tell your friends.... let's BCS run up the score on these guys. Stomp on their necks... lets finish them, if you smell what I'm cookin'.

More to come... stay thirsty and get your GOTV on.

England loves Junior High Humor

More stuff to come to heal your inner politico... but a quick break with more junior high humor from Jolly Ole England. Dude, one of our loyal readers are starting to help us figure out why British comedy is so epic, yet cultured. We keep getting pictures... so we thought we'd share them...

Insert Fergie song here... these jokes write themselves. More pics and other junk.... hehe junk... up next, stay thirsty friends.


Boswell vs Zaun... Cmon son!

So yeah. Brad Zaun and Leonard Boswell debated last night on KCCI... Remember when I said that I thought Leonard was an alright guy... yeah, boy... was I way off on that one. Someone gets a little pissy when you are actually starting to beat him.

As I watched and tweeted the debate... here are a few things I noticed...

THE BOSWELL RAMBLE - Urgh... the most annoying part of any 3rd District debate. When Boswell can't actually answer a question... or doesn't want to go on record on a particiular issue... you get this answer from our very effective *smirk* Congressman:

"Well, uh, that's an important issue... we're gonna need to take a look at that... get our arms around it... then have some meetings to learn more... uh... yessir that's what I'm gonna do."

IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG, BLAME BUSH - This still works? Cool, because I had a hard time putting the lid on a fountain soda... I know, super annoying right? But then I figured it was George Bush's fault. And everything seemed to make sense. This is classic Leonard at his finest. When he can't tell you what his postition is on anything... he sure will tell you what ain't his position... then if he's in a real jam... it's George Bush's fault. Also... if you really him tongue tied... he'll say you are Karl Rove and using Rovarian Rovian er uh Karl Rove tactics.

TERM LIMITS ARE COOL, WAIT NO - Alright, now, the term limits bit. Eh... I have always believed the best term limits are elections... but that's just me. But, when you make a promise... then break it? Not a big stretch for most politicians. Then you answer with, "Well, I was for term limits, but then I got to Washington." Someone get Leonard some relish, mustard, ketchup and all the fixings for his foot.... it'll taste better when he inserts it in his mouth.

THE REAL LEONARD - Last night, for the first time... in a long time. We saw the true Leonard Boswell. Not the war hero that, from what I'm told, flew helicopters... Not the nice good ole boy from Southern Iowa... Actually, it was reversed... this was the angry and smug good ole boy. You know these types, the ones who are never wrong. If you make a legitimate arguement against a certain vote of his... he takes it like you just said something about his mother. Lenny, it's issues, bruh... chill and actually answer the question. How long have you been elected? Thin skinned much? Case in point that we saw the REAL Leonard Boswell last night... is his closing statement. Instead of saying... its an honor serving you... yeah yeah yeah... I'll fight for yas... blah blah freaking blah... I'm asking for your vote... yadda yadda yadda... he goes with:

"This is actually about choices. Not about those flaming things that Mr. Zaun talks about."

Nice. Stay classy Davis City.

You know, I've heard lots of criticisms on candidates... he said this, she did that... he looks like this, can you believe they did that... yeah, I getcha, alright? Last night, we saw a literally worn out smug rude politician who didn't want to be there and a man who went out of his way to be respectful to an opponent whose campaign isn't worthy of it.

Was there any game changers last night? Nah... but a clear contrast. Someone eager to go to work... And one who can't be bothered to be questioned. #goodjoboutofyou Brad Zaun... And a Cmon son to you soon to be former Congressman Leonard Boswell. Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya.


Where is POTUS? And big fat whats?

This is QCI's 500th post. Holy smokes. Losts of stuff to get at. 8 days to go. It might just be a week of mulitiple posts. Let's get to it.

WHAT ABOUT BARACK? Uh-member when POTUS was in town at your typical Des Moines backyard (heavy smirk)? Yeah... so Chet Culver kept telling everyone... and let me paraphrase a little bit,

"Dude, he is SO gonna come back and campaign for me. Before this is over. To seal the deal bro, know what I'm sayin'? He's my homie. For real, we be tight and shizznit. Barry will be back for me... (tearing eyes) he will be here... (sniffle) he so will... (sobs)..."

Really? You guys are tight? What, because he accepted your Facebook friend request? In case you missed it and judging by the blank look in your faces, you have... the White House released its schedule. No Iowa stop. No POTUS... I mean VPOTUS, Biden, is coming to Catholicsville USA... to help Braley (and THAT should tell you everything)... But... no Obama stop. Nopes, not at all. Ziltch. Nada. Just like Culver's chance at a second term. Which is kind of ironic in a way... I mean you know... Culver making promises he can't keep. It all makes sense now.

More to come... stay thirsty and just because we loves ourselves some junior high humor mixed in with our politics around here.... here's your video of the week that is making me and other like minded 13 year olds... giggle.


Junior High Humor from across the pond...

Lookie lookie kids... you all can file this under the Junior Humor department here at QCI.... Maybe we'll start a feature with this type of thing. Yeah yeah... I know how long features laster here.

Anyways, we just recieved a picture from a loyal reader in London! Yes, that London. With Big Ben, Parliament... I know how cool is that?!! Anyways... the following picture was sent to was with this message:

"G Money, Put this on your blog if you would like. You merry old chap!"
It sounds way cooler if you re-read with with an English accent. Enjoy.

I Want My Two Dollars!!!

When I hear about newspaper endorsements, I always think of this kid. Dudes... anytime you can make a Better Off Dead reference... it equals amazing...

Anyways... 13 days (spooky... muwahahahaha) to go and the newsies are making their picks. Newspaper endorsements can be a funny thing sometimes... Not sure how much weight they have as much as they are another way to get your name in again... no what I'm saying? I mean... On our side... its a double edged sword if the Des Moines Register endorses you... In some part... I see it as a victory... some will see it as the communist red star endorsing... "Why don't you just say Stalin endorsed ya, ya bum!" OK, maybe that's a little bit of stretch.

Anyway... to me newspaper endorsements are weird, cool, bad and all that with a side of green beans and bacon.

I'll always remember when the DMR endorsed McCain in the '08 Caucuses... did it help? Oh hell yes it did. Why? It was a free ad... But the others scoffed... but, I argue it got us from being completely dead in Iowa... to 3rd.

The other side lives for newspaper endorsements....

You wanna know how much Democrats put weight in newspaper endorsements? Dudes... if you needed anymore evidence of the media worship the left has... read this bit by Gary Barrett in the TIR... Not only did Gary jack it out further than Pedro Cerrano in the one game playoff against the Yankees... but he shows how much these guys worship the media.... hell, after that one, I'm starting to see Lefties start calling the Gazette "right leaning"... C'mon man.

Anyways.... this Sunday or Late Saturday evening should slop your inner political junkie with a little gravy and a biscuit when these endorsements come out.

What the hell is with the food things today?

Until then... stay hungry? And a... wait... get out of your chair... no, I'm telling you. Stand up. Crank this and shake it like you mean it. Stay thirsty my friends.


Losing Your Phone is Goats

Alright back in the saddle here at the QCI HQ. I know... I kinda took a brake... well, it wasn't ERR or is kinda my fault. You see... I lost my Blackberry. That

I figure if I ever find some chick dumb enough to have a kid with me... and the said child went missing... I'm pretty sure this is what its like... and I'm as serious as a dry keg 4 hours before kick off. Not good dudes, not good at all.

After a couple of very well written hate messages to me.... hate in the sense of hating that I haven't posted in what seems like ages... I figured I try to start and get back to what we do well around here. Being nice and random. So let us begin.

THE PARTY - Dudes, last time I posted I was on my way to celebrate my 33rd time around the sun. It was awesome! And we raised some dough for the peeps. #goodjoboutofyou

DEBATES FREAKING EVERYWHERE - In case you've missed it... and judging by the empty stares you have... there's been a ton of debates. One that caught my eye was (naturally) the Zaun/Boswell one... Dudes... how desperate has Boswell been in this entire campaign. All of my favorable views of him have gone in the toilet. For real... turns out he's not you're grandpa... just another politician who will do anything to keep his seat and kick ass Congressional pentions. And can be a real jerk too. Who knew? High five Lenny... nah, middle finger to you Congressman. Thanks to you, you've turned this race more ugly than licking the floor of the Iowa State Fairgrounds Grandstands after a Michael Bolton concert. Yeah that ugly and tastes just as good as an isult to the process you have produced for the pass 5 months.

CULVER HAS A CHANCE! He so does! He's at a perfect 39%!!! Dudes! Momentum! Yeah...momentum. Can't wait until we fire up the ole Ganske for Senate Re-elect next cycle! Oh wait... yea... You can crank all the Journey you want pal, it ain't gonna happen. But the "Milk Party" vs Tea Party bit is cute. Um... sorry. Not really at all. I hear, DC and working in the administration is a nice transistion.

More stuff coming... I promise.... Until then, jam out to one of my new favorites... Danielle Ate The Sandwich!!! Stay thirsty my friends.