Here we go… Another Weekend Update for all of you QCI-ders on an over casted, seemingly warm afternoon. Isn’t supposed to rain today? Who knows I guess. This weekend’s version is a little less of the ebb and flow of political scoop and ranting. Even all things Jared Allen (I know, it’s a big stretch for me). Today we venture out in a few fun artsy things… and the randomness you can expect from the world’s crappyist blogger.

JOE HAS AN EYE FOR STUFF – Let me introduce you to a cool photog named Joe Crimmings. Many of you may Joe from the world of politics. He and his wife Libby were a part of the ONE campaign in Iowa. Joe has a real passion for the arts and sharing images from the lens of his camera. If you dig the artsy side of photography, you’ll absolutely dig his new photoblog. It’s pretty friggin sweet. I’m calling this “Must Read QCI Material”… it’s that good.

SPEAKING OF GOOD PICS AND POLITICS – I know I have plugged this site before. But if you want to check out what’s going on with Team Straight Talk… and some pretty good photo blogging, check out McCain Blogette. Meghan usually has a new post daily or at least every other day. Great inside view with the candidate and her friend Heather takes some pretty cool photos. A recent post has some pics with McCain and Romney on the trail.

A GOOD AND EDUCATIONAL WAY TO KILL TIME – Last weekend I spent the better half of Easter afternoon with my family roaming the halls and exhibits of the Iowa Historical Building. And it was a hella good time. Now, many of you have been to a reception or two in the State Historical Building, but have you totally check it out? Many of you Iowa natives probably got a field trip during grade school to go and explore our state’s great history. If the last time you visited was when you had to contemplate “Should I trade a Mike Greenwell rookie card for the entire Royals pitching staff (1985 world champs at the time, mind you).” Then you should hit it up soon. You history and political junkies can thank me later.

NEW QCI FEATURE COMING SOON – “Placemats and Crayons.” Many of you know I like to draw, create and build things… and in most cases… for completely no reason. Some may say I have too much time on my hands (see also Stanhope State University). I’d like to think, there needs to be more hours in the day for being creative and having fun. But what do I know…

“Placemats and Crayons” will be updates on whatever I’m working or other cool stuff I find along the way. Why “Placemats and Crayons” you ask? Ever since I can remember… my ma figured out that to keep me entertained, simply turn over the placemat and hand the kid a box of crayons. And I’ve been drawing and creating stuff ever since. Thanks Mom! Of course there will be a fancy, awesome, cool looking header as well. What would you expect? Real tomato ketchup Eddie? … nothing but the best.

SURPRISINGLY GOOD TUNES – I know, I know… I can hear at least one of my loyal readers yelling, “Dude, you are starting a new feature without even doing a Mix Tape feature yet!” Have a fun one almost done. Cool thing is, the new Hoopty’s tape player still works! WOOT!

Anyway, speaking of tunes, scoped out CD Warehouse yesterday and found 3 kick ass movie sound tracks. Love myself some movie soundtracks. Picked up Backdraft, Days of Thunder (f’n aye John Deere right I picked up Days of Thunder) and finally… The Cable Guy, for $2!!!! If you graduated from high school during the midsection of the ‘90s, you’d be down with The Cable Guy soundtrack. Anyways… here's a great clip to end this Weekend Update… That’s the news and I’m out of here….


First off, I apologize for the lack of blogging here. Kind of took a Holy holiday here. Will return to some sort of regular schedule… but is there really a regular schedule with me? Lo siento. Anyways, let’s get the party started with the randomness that is the Caucus Countdown.

McCAIN-ALLEN 2008 – You know what’s pretty freaking cool? Judging by the emails, comments and hit stats… you QCI-ders think that this is a dream ticket! Woot! Got a slogan for you, “Hog tie the terrorists! McCain-Allen ’08!” What better to reach out to the youth vote and like-minded democrats than a Vice Presidential candidate who rocks the mullet. And rocks the mullet pretty freaking good.

Can you imagine when they try to go on the attack at the Dem National Convention? Imagine, a presentation with a grainy picture of Jared Allen and gloomy music that to provide some red meat in Denver. I predict no booing at all. You will hear delegates on the floor whispering… “Man, that guy has some sweet hair.” We can’t lose people!

BIG DADDY’S @ 25 – The legendary BBQ joint, Big Daddy’s BBQ, over by East High turns 25 years old this weekend. I got the pleasure to get to know Ike (Big Daddy’s son) during my days with Jeff’s campaign. Don’t forget they’re open from 11 to 3 Fridays and Saturdays, but always ready to take your catering orders. Congrats to the Seymour family. Here’s to 25 more! The DMR had a good story yesterday about Big Daddy, the BBQ and all of the great charitable work of the late great Isaac “Big Daddy” Seymour. Check it out here.

SPEAKING OF BBQ, JUSTICE & THE AMERICAN WAY – Had the great honor of taking a late lunch yesterday up to the Capitol for the Vets for Freedom Heroes Tour event. Guests were treated to THE REAL story on the struggle with Islamic Extremists. Inspiring stories. On top of that, got a get quick munch on some great BBQ courtesy of Lee Booten and his band of BBQ merry men. Nice work Lee and crew!

NOW WAIT JUST A 2nd – A couple of new scoops for you kids out East (although, more like stale Doritos... due to my holy blog break). Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, an ophthalmologist, a retired Lt. Colonel in the Army Reserve and Past President of the Iowa Medical Society officially announced she’s running for Congress. Second, Todd Versteegh has been tapped as campaign manager. Congrats to Todd on the new gig. It’s kind of fun to watch 2 great activists like Wes (with Teahen) and Todd go at it in the 2nd. Both great guys and best of luck to you gents.

I WANT MY MTV – Got an email from a MTV Choose or Lose Blogger Nathan Stienstra. He’ll be blogging about political and social issues in Iowa. I know MTV’s stuff leans left a lot… but dude… its MTV… (Sigh…) Remember when the just played videos? Anyhow, check it out.

WHAT’S EATING GORDON FISCHER? Apparently someone is per the Iowa Ear. I tell ya what. I read that post. I actually think everything he said was dead on. I agree with Uncle Ted on the issue, he shouldn’t have to apologize. Go with yer gut Gordon! Still think your original post was dead on. Nathan over at Battleground Iowa has some thoughts on it as well. Also, just added that blog on my “Stuff I Read.” Finally, Gordon’s stuff is always good as well.

MASS HYSTERIA – There’s all sorts craziness going around here. Not only do we have some pretty, actually really shady laws that may or may not vetoed by Big Lug, but what are we greeted with this morning?

Damn it… OK, as I’m getting ready for work… I hear thunder. I’m thinking, “Sweet, Spring weather. We’re finally turning that corner warm weather they keep promising.” Then, as I step outside to roll with the Hoopty to work… I get my first glance at this “snow-slush” crap that is on the ground. Naturally I murmured to myself… “Son of a b....” Seriously dudes, someone take Mother Nature and get her arse on Dr. Phil. She’s gots some issues.

Oh, as if things in the DSM are getting more goofy… the streets are getting more dangerous. No, there aren’t any gang wars on the rise. And nah, while the pot holes do suck… you’re still safe from them (or at least minimal danger). The buses. The freaking buses. That’s what you have to look out for. 3 people hit in 9 months?

Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that dogs and cats are living together.


Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it here first. I have found the dream ticket. Just in case the Chiefs totally mess this thing up and not resign Jared Allen before training camp… I found the perfect gig for Jared Allen… Vice President. Yes, let me introduce to you the McCain-Allen ticket.

You want to pick up the southern vote? Allen’s got a mullet and bull horns on the hood of his car. John McCain will still be slinging the straight talk when it comes to Social Security. While Jared will hog tie the tax cuts to make them permanent. McCain and Allen are both very strong on defense issues. There’s no question that when it comes to foreign policy… no one can touch McCain, just like no one can stop Jared Allen on the field.

Now, you naysayers out there may say… these guys are too top heavy on defense… oh, what? Did I tell you about Jared Allen’s offensive strengths?

I rest my case. The dream ticket. McCain-Allen 2008! Do you think when they announce this team they will put bullhorns on the front of the Straight Talk Express? If so, get ready for a landslide. Or should I say, slam dunk!

Also, a quick reminder. For all you kids out in DC. Don’t forget tonight is the big night. As I posted earlier, the 2nd Annual Chad Barth Fundraiser for Epilepsy is tonight! Check out http://www.walkwithchad.com/. Get out there, give money, party it up and make it a great one!

Good luck tonight Barthy!


Alright dudes… since one of my favorite players (Jared Friggin Allen, #69 on his jersey, #1 in your hearts…) is posting on my blog (although, not sure if it’s real, one can dream), I gotta send a message. This post is special message to my beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

Dear Kansas City Chiefs,

Dudes, you gotta resign Jared Allen before training camp. Seriously. He’s freakin’ awesome and you know it. If you guys are going to insist on breaking my heart every year, the least you can do is to sign the guy who makes the games fun to watch.

Need more reasons? Um, have you seen his sack celebration? Its way better than Neil Smith’s old home run swing… and for me to say that, is a lot. Serious dudes, I went to Neil’s football camp for years.

The rope tie is sweeping the nation. I saw an employee at a grocery store finishing his set up for an end cap display… he was so proud of his work… he did the rope tie.

Also one word, mullet… It’s never looked better. See video below.

That’s all I got. Thank you for the opportunity for sharing my opinion. Good luck with the draft. GO CHIEFS!

Loyally Yours,


Top ‘o the morning to ya. Happy St. Patrick’s Day QCI-ders! Just getting back from the first of many QCI Breakfast Club meetings… although I think we may switch it to a happy hour instead (7 is early… even for today). Anyhow... thanks for all who showed up, the 2 of you… (its quality not quantity dudes). We rocked with Maxwell from KIOA and chowed on green eggs. I gotta say, props to everyone for being “masters of your domain” by restraining from the green suds. See you guys down there after work!

SHAMEFUL ROYALS FAN – I have failed you Kansas City Royals. By a watchful eye of a staffer, I was reminded that I spelled Congressional Candidate Peter Teahen’s name wrong. It’s EN not AN… I thought it was the same as right fielder Mark Teahan… except, he spells his just like Peter’s… What is more bonehead about this stupid story? I have the damn Mark Teahen jersey t-shirt… I’m just one big dumb animal folks.

MARCH MADNESS... ER UM, MANIA – Great, I’m gonna get sued now. The Madness from the bracketology of campaigns, petition filing day feeds some more scoop per Donny at Cyclone Conservative. Kim Schmett is running in the 3rd and Larry Disney is challenging McCarthy. Admittingly... both of these scoops have been well known. So it's not so much scoop... just a lesson not to skip county conventions.

GRIESE IS THA SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE – This video is way too funny not to pass along. Which brings an interesting question… Who would win in a fight between the T-Birds and Snoop’s LBC? That’s all I got… until the next episode…


OK, for this Weekend Update (start the music) live from Skankeny, we have the political version of selection Sunday… It’s petition filing day! You had to have them in 5:00pm. And like Christian Laettner to a clock with 3 seconds left, we gots ourselves some drama.

1ST DISTRICT BUZZ – Again, it’s on like Donkey Kong! Hartsutch is going after Braley. This is actually huge. First why was Braley going after Hartsutch in this article? Freshman mistake, aye? Is this when I start singing, “We were only freshman…”

BTW, he got enough signatures over the week at county convention. Which has to make those on Planet Braley… a little worried. Getting signatures really sucks. It takes forever. For Hartsutch to put this together this quick, is huge.

Again, why was Braley going after Hartsutch, when he wasn’t even announced. “We were only freshman…”

MOVIN’ ON UP – Speaking of the 2nd … Former Political Director for Mike Huckabee’s Iowa team, Wes Enos, has landed a gig in congressional politics. He is now serving as the campaign manager for Teahan. Congrats Wes! Known Wes for while, glad he landed into the jungle of Congressional campaigns. Go Wes go!

THE ROSS AND RACHEL OF STATE SENATE RACES – So get this. Per Dave Price… Courtney Greene isn’t running for State Senate against Pat Ward. She didn’t file. Oh well… the republic is safe and… again will cruise to victory and keep the momentum going for Rs in the Statehouse. Go Pat! I need you o do a 7.2!

THE QCI… BREAKFAST CLUBDu, Dah… Hey, hey, hey, HAY! …Ooooooo. Don’t you, forget about… the QCI Breakfast Club! Monday, March 17th @ 7:00am… at where everybody knows your name, Flanagan’s. Green eggs and ham for $3.17. Be there! To RSVP give me a ring or email grantyoung72@hotmail.com

A LITTLE CAR TALK – Which, BTW, Car Talk is totally my new favorite radio show… sorry Rome. Alright, the new Hoopty got a little work done… damn water pump. Oh well, it could be worse aye? One thing you will always get from me, when I like a product or a service… I will tell everyone I know… that service is Higgin’s Plaza Service on Douglas and Merle Hay. If you’re looking for small town mechanic service and truth… they will hook you up with quality service. When your Hoopty goes down or if you need an oil change, it’s solid. Ask for Nick and he’ll take care of you.

MORE SCOOP, SAME CHAMBER – Speaking of ambitious, Gronstal’s gots himself an opponent now, Mark Brandenburg. He’s an adjunct prof at Iowa Western and a Union guy. From the release: “I grew up on the west end of Council Bluffs where my parents still reside; Council Bluffs is my home, and I deeply care about what direction and path we go down as a community. I know the deep-seeded values of this community; family, hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, faith and helping your neighbor,” said Brandenburg.

Nice work. Sources close to QCI are telling me that recruiting is going very well in both chambers for Republicans. Personally, although I’m an eternal optimist, I think we Rs are gonna have good year. Want some proof? It’s the fact that guys like Mark are stepping up to face a very uphill battle over in Counciltucky. Have some stuff in the hopper from the other chamber, stay tuned.

JOIN ME FOR THE 1ST QCI BREAKFAST CLUB! Hey all you QCI-ders. Come out for green eggs and ham Monday morning at Flanagan’s, 7:00am. We’ll kick off St. Patrick’s Day on a good start (mine will be Diet Coke… um there’s that whole work thing dudes). A fun opportunity to talk a little shop and some good food. Flanny’s is located on the corner of MLK and Ingersoll. You won’t miss it, there will be a ginormous tent. See you there bright and early at 7:00am! Who knows, it may become one of those power broker Des Moines breakfast clubs you hear about… um, probably not. Hope to see you there!

EMAIL OF THE DAY – So I’m not gonna name names to protect the innocent (oh yea, just like Dragnet style)… but I got this email from a “friend” with the subject line reading “Dude, if I make it this far, this is what I want to do‏.” The body of the email only had this story.

7.2s – I’m actually getting some good reaction to the 7.2 Interviews and since I’m always up for trying something once (except for well… meth) I’m asking you guys and gals to come up with some names of folks you would like to see take the 7.2. Be creative. It can be anyone… Who would you like to see take the 7.2? And yes, if I could get George Brett, he would have already done it. Talk amongst yourselves…


Another 7.2 from a family member… my sister April. She gives you a quick inside view of some stuff at the Capitol. Now, I only have one sister… but for all I know she’s the best sister, EVER! Anytime I’m crazy busy or have a huge project going, I know she’ll always there to help. And she has this 6th sense to bring a pack of smokes to the office for me, because she figures I’m too busy to head to the store… that’s solid. So here’s a very special 7.2 from my awesome sister April! (yes, that's Ted Danson in the photo with her)

1. Tell us your daily routine… what's the play by play?
I get up around 7:00, make coffee, do hair, make-up and clothes for the day. I try to be at the Capitol by 8:00. Sometimes I'm successful.

I'm a clerk in the Senate. First thing I do is check how many emails we've gotten since the day before (it usually hovers around 100). Check the debate calendar and pull bills for debate that day.

The rest of my schedule usually hovers around the Senator's. My job is to get him what he needs and where he needs to be. Once he's there I take the time to catch up on the websites I visit daily and check my own email.

Noon rolls around and I check to see if there's a free lunch. A major perk of working at the Cap is free lunches thanks to the gift law that prohibits any one group giving more than $2.99 to any one legislator during session. It's the kindergarten rule: if you bring it for one person, you gotta bring it for everyone.

I spend the afternoon wading through emails: filtering out the spam, deciding which ones to file and which ones to point out to the Senator. I file bills from the stack we get everyday. I help the Senator put out press releases and newsletters. Then, if I get everything done and there are no major catastrophes, I try to get out by 4:00 – 4:30.

One or two nights a week, I work at Barnes and Noble as a bookseller. I help customers find books, order something if we didn't find it in-store, check customers out at the register and put books away. We close at 11:00, after which I head home and immediately crash.

If I don't work at B&N I usually go home, eat something and settle in to a rigorous schedule of TV and talking with my family on the phone. Sometimes I meet up with friends or have something going on at church but most of my evenings are uneventful and pretty lethargic. I rarely make it through the news before heading to bed.

2. What's the most rewarding part of your gig?
In all honesty, everyday I get to help "fight the good fight." The Senator I work for shares a lot of my personal opinions and values. He's also Catholic (like me) and in a way I feel like we're on the same team. Everyday I am doing what I can to make Iowa a better place than it already is. I also work right next to the Senator who represents me in the Iowa Senate so whenever an issue comes up all I have to do is lean to my right and tell him how I feel about it.

That being said, I'd take the Majority over leaving at 4:00 any day.

3. Give me a big prediction – ala Chris Mathew's "Tell me something I don't know."
My prediction: I've been saying it for about a month now: McCain/Huckabee 2008.

Something you don't know: the key to a lot of legislators' hearts is popcorn from the Capitol cafeteria.

4. What are you listening to right now? What's in your mp3 or CD player right now?
A Fine Frenzy's "One Cell in the Sea." The soundtrack from the movie Once is amazing, as is the movie – I highly recommend both. I always have Carrie Underwood and Britney Spears in my car (Brit may be crazy, but her hits are still crazy good!).

5. What's your favorite hangout (bar, restaurant, etc.)?
I actually like to hang out at B&N when I'm not working. I get the employee discount on a grande non-fat vanilla latte and I get to actually skim books for something I might like to read. I really like a lot of the folks I work with and I can chat it up without getting the evil eye from one of the managers.

I also love Jimmy's American Café. I've been a fan for years. The chicken fingers are incredible and the drinks aren't usually too expensive. The atmosphere is classic and relaxed and the patio is huge for when the weather gets warmer.

6. What's the last ball game you went to?
I went to a little league football game with my sister-in-law in Kansas City. Their little league football is FAR more organized than anything I'd ever seen. These kids were 8 and 9 and they had cheerleaders! And the cheerleaders had uniforms!! It was a fun game and pretty cute. Their helmets were all still pretty big so it looked like 22 bobble heads running up and down the field.

7. If you were not in this current gig or career, what would you be doing?
If I could quit my job now and make money at it I would be a full-time writer. I've kept a journal and a passion for the written word since I was 10. Plus, there are a lot of liberal writers out there. I would be an anomaly!

7.2 What's with?
…all the negativity? Apparently "The News" is only bad news. In case you need something to smile about in your daily journey through the world wide web, visit: http://www.cuteoverload.com/ and you can thank me later.


As I approach over 2500 hits and 3 months since the first post of this crappy little blog I thought I’d do a few house cleaning items, updates and announcements to the site.

1. Thank you very much for reading and kind words passed along about QCI. I really try to make it fun and have a goal to have one new thing a day on the site.

2. I’ve added a few new links to the “Stuff I Read.” As you can see it’s an eclectic list of stuff. New ones of note: Charlotte Eby’s Iowa Insider, Eastern Iowa Conservative and John Deeth. Ch, Ch Ch, Che Check ‘em out!

3. True or False… Linsday Lohan makes her comeback full circle this year.

4. I removed the Leader Board thinger for getting my jokes and references. Yoda was winning all the points. Congrats Yoda!

5. Anyone have a good NCAA Pool? Feeling lucky this year.

6. If you haven’t yet and you are considering it, please donate to Chad Barth’s 2nd Annual Walk for Epilepsy Fundraiser. To donate go to this site: http://www.walkwithchad.com/

7. As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

8. Lunch menu for today is BBQ Pork on a Bun, Sun Chips, Baked Beans, & Mixed Fruit. Anyone want to trade sun chips for beans? Huh?

9. As you have figured out by now, I learned how to embed YouTube videos to the site. To end this update and in honor of his return to Central Iowa tomorrow night, here’s “Liar” by Rollins Band. Isn’t this like the perfect song for a blog that talks a little politics? And how much does Henry Rollins rock? I know the anti-Bush stuff he said… blah, blah, blah… If I had to base what I listened to or watched on TV by the politics of the artists… there would probably be nothing left to rock out to…

BTW, this album is so friggin sweet…. Take it away Henry… and your “Rollins Band.”


How about few more scoops of randomness with your meatloaf. Gravy? Or would you like it QCI style… because we’re straight butter today.

WARD VS. GREENE IS ON – Why am I following this story you ask? First, it was my first real scoop posted here that got a little attention (oh yea, I read my sitemeter… lots of Google searches) Second, this thing gets interesting because I’ve been corrected on this story twice (which gets annoying, because I want to get it right the first time). But I digress. According to a reliable source with witnesses… it’s on like Donkey Kong.

A solid source tells QCI that Greene is out collecting the necessary signatures to be on the June 3rd ballot. So what does this mean? A few things… the Dems are serious and ambitious about their majority. Ambitious? Yea, because the seat is a solid R district. Until we see some fundraising numbers, I’m gonna mark this seat “Lean Ward.” On the other hand… there’s the Tami Wiencek thingy. Greene gots some name ID from her days at WHO-TV 13. It’s officially the bell weather now. This entire cycle has been up and down… what happens in this seat will determine which party's wave is big or small.

BLASPHEMY… PURE BLASPHEMY – Christian “Crunch” Caruth has this photo of merchandise gone bad. At the Ames Wal-Mart (like most Wal-Marts) they order t-shirts and sweatshirts of local high schools. As Christian said, “I went to High School, um, where, again?” I suspect a Roland-Story grad placed the order. Damn Norskies... you just can't trust 'em! Do they have a purple and gold Roland-Stoned t-shirt? Damn you Norsemen!

First, it’s SOUTH HAMILTON, not South Hampton. Second, our colors are red and white officially (the red evolved into a more cardinal or maroon because of a couple of uniform order snafus) not green and white. They got the Hawk right, Hector is struttin’ with his South High pride. Per Christian, they got it fixed, “I mentioned something to one of the associates working who gave me the stare of death. About two weeks later they had the right shirts.” Way to stand up for your school Christian! Go Hawks! Makes me want to belt out the fight song.

SPEAKIN’ OF SOUTH HIGH – …had a good “Do you remember this song from high school?” session with a couple of co-workers the other day. Which song won the “Oh now you didn’t” award? Check this video out… “Girl you know it’s true!”


Cruisin’ down Ingersoll I saw this sign that Spring is on its way (50 degree temps this week!). Most of you know I’m a Royals fan. But it’s hard not to root for the Cubs, especially when you can get a good deal on Old Style in just about any bar in Des Moines. Since hope springs eternal for you Cubs fans (and baseball fans in general) how are the Cubs going to be this year? For you others, how’s your team gonna do?


Hey QCI-ders! Reporting from downtown Jewell, Iowa for tonight's Weekend Update. I'm working on few big posts... yea, it takes me that long to jot them down. Anyways, here's a huge portion of randomness to for you to read. Que the music!

COUNTY CONVENTIONS - You know what's wierd? Today is the first time in a longtime that I didn't go to a county convention. I opted for playing with my little niece Ainsley this morning. We were coloring... Ducks, tigers, bearcats and cows... it was a blast! But I know a lot of you folks where out there today. Got calls out to my peeps out there on how it went. And now I'm asking my loyal readers. What was the buzz? What did you hear? Any Drama? As always, got scoop? Email me.

STEVE KING ANOUNCEMENT - I'm starting to think 2 things... either we have very slow news days in Des Moines or our local tv folks like to blindly hype things that aren't gonna happen. That's what happened this week in Des Moines with Steve King's announcement that he will be running for re-election. I watched, half awake, on "Today in Iowa" on 13 that was talking about Steve King's special announcement this week. And I'm like, "Dude, what's he gonna do?" (Half awake mind you) Then one of my sources shot back at me later that morning when I got to the office... "He's only making stops in Sioux City and Counciltucky." Then the hack instinct of the force ame through... running for re-election aye?

Good for him. Steve King rocks. This isn't the right time to against Harkin. But there has been some buzz off and on that he's looking at Big Lug's seat. Glad he's in the saddle for Congress. Will he go afer Big Lug

BARKIN' AT HARKIN - Steve Rathje found himself a primary opponent this week, former State Representative George Eichhorn. Alright, I'm gonna ask for it. Can we have an American Gladiator challenge between these 2 at the RPI Lincoln Dinner? DK, I'd sponsor a table if this was so... I'm just sayin'.

JEWELL FEATURED - For those of you who know me best, I'm pretty Texan when it comes to my hometown of Jewell. This month, Jewell is featured in Iowan Magazine. While you will only get a fraction of the article online... in the print version, you will get a picture of the old town entrance sign I made in college. Here's part of the story... to check the rest, buy it on newsstands.

STATE BASKETBALL COMEDY - For those of you into the high school version of March Madness, you saw the pregame ad. But my sister in law Sarah got a bigger kick out of watching the 4A Championship game when it opened up it's broadcast with, "The Championship Game brought to you by... Teen Pregnancy, It's for Real!" Still laughing now.

MORE LOCAL TV COMEDY - Here in Central Iowa, it's the Variety Club telethon weekend. You know who is one of this year's hosts? HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Seriously, this is the best telethon I've watched, ever. Whenever a new goal is reached... HOOOOOO! Friggin awesome! Seriously, listened to his interview this morning on "Takedown Wrestling" on KXNO. Great guy! Great interview! Trivia of the day, did you know Hacksaw was recruited by ISU in the 70s? And his tour guide in Ames was the legndary wrestler Chris Taylor? Again, it was a great interview and got to learn more about one of my favorite pro wrestlers... and how here you go! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Another 7.2 from a veteran Iowa Blogger for you QCI-ders (That’s what I’m gonna call you folks, ala Jim Rome’s clones). For those of you who were there at the beginning of the Krusty Kraze, you’ll know our interviewee today, the world famous Yoda.

I’ve known Mr. and Mrs. Yoda since I’ve been in the game. They’ve always been good to me. They even spent almost a full day making sure the Shark (one of the old Hoopty’s) got up and going when stranded in Cedar Rapids. Let’s welcome Yoda to the QCI stage! Here’s his 7.2:

1. Tell us your daily routine… what’s the play by play?
Fresh cup of coffee, take youngling padawons to daycare, Drudge Report, e-mail, return calls, train jedi, deal with the press, fix my son’s broken toy of the day, Repeat. I try to get as much quality time as possible with my padawon learners Aiden (3 ½) and Ainsley (6 months). The Force is strong with these two.

2. What’s the most rewarding part of your gig?
Are you kidding? If you ever had the chance to wield a green lightsaber you would never have asked that question. The Jedi mind trick thing doesn’t work nearly as well as it is believed to.

3. Give me a big prediction – ala Chris Mathew’s “Tell me something I don’t know.”
Two things: Mitt Romney will be the next Republican president of the United States and Krusty Konservative is actually the real Krusty from the Simpsons and not some Des Moines politico.

4. What are you listing to right now? What’s in your mp3 or CD player right now?
Van Halen, U2, Sonny Humbucker, Max Rebo Band

5. What’s your favorite hangout (bar, restaurant, etc.)? What do you recommend I get when I’m there?
The Mos Eisley Cantina sans the droids (trust me) where I recommend the Correlien Ale. Eventually I will make the pilgrimage to Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina and then that will be my new favorite. There I would suggest several rounds of Sammy’s very own Cabo Wabo Tequila.

6. What’s the last ball game you went to?
Cedar Rapids Roughriders vs. Ohio Junior Blue Jackets (Hockey)

7. If you were not in this current gig or career, what would you be doing?
I would be the endlessly returning champion on the World Series of Pop Trivia or maybe a movie critic. I guarantee the Oscars would be very different then. For instance, my nominees for Best Picture would be: The Bourne Supremecy, Casino Royale, Transformers, Live Free or Die Hard and Pirates of the Carribean – At Worlds End. Winner: Casino Royale

7.2 What’s with?
What’s with Hillary Clinton claiming she has extensive foreign policy experience because she traveled abroad with President Clinton on Air Force One? That is like saying Cheryl Crowe can win the Tour De France because she dated Lance Armstrong.


A very special plug for one of our great friends Chad Barth. Barthy is putting together his 2nd Annual Fundraiser for the Walk for Epilepsy. As some of you may know, this cause is very close to his heart, his sister Christina has Epilepsy as well as his cousin Ryan.

Money raised goes for awareness for the cure. So if you are in the DC area, come out and party for a good cause! If you live elsewhere and can't make it… buy a ticket or send some dineros his way. Send some QCI love...

For more information check out http://www.walkwithchad.com/. Click on the nifty poster above that’s circulating inboxes everywhere. Never heard of Crossin Dixon? Below is the video of their hit “Guitar Slinger.” Give early and often QCI readers!


You knew it… even in the dark days of the summer of 2007… you still knew it in your gut. John McCain completed the biggest comeback in modern politics last night by sealing the nomination. Which reminds me of the best advice I ever received. “Never ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER give up.”

Here’s highlights from last night’s speech:

Dust off some of them seats on that Straight Talk Bus… there’s room for everyone on board!

To keep you satisfied (while I am working on other posts)… let’s start the VEEP talk. Who is it gonna be? Who’s it gotta be? Who would you like? Who wouldn’t you like?

Talk amongst yourselves…


Holy crap dude, Favre retired. Dude, not a Packer fan (Chiefs all the way! Or sadly, as Pops calls them, the Kansas City Cubs). But for real, I don't care what you say or who you root for. Not rooting for Favre is simply Un-American! Anyway, for a quick post in the Big Peach category, here’s a quick salute to Favre by comedian Nick Mortensen. Nick proves that fan is short for fanatic… hilarious. Quick warning on the language... Probably NSFW, unless your boss is cool. If you’re a football fan in general, get ready to laugh your ass off… Dude… Favrrrrrre…

Hat Tip Green Bay, Booze & Broads for posting this back in December... Favrrre...

UPDATE: McCain on Favre... Swany, need to print the McCain/Favre t-shirts!