Hoops... The Twitters... And Super Liz....

What it be QCI-ders? What it is... that's what. Yeah... sorry for the lack of updates... it's that time of year for me... and I've been really pushing myself to get good chunks of the epic book done.

Seriously... I've been a busy little bear. But... just because I'm busy, that doesn't mean I should punish the 4-6 people who actually read this. Sorry I apologize... it's kind of cruel to do so.

Anyway.... here's a quick random thinger to keep your fix going...

HOOPS - March Madness has taken over the QCI HQ. Yes, the arcade hoops are going... late night upset watching... oh yeah. We're kind of obsessed.
IOWA GOTS THEM A COACH - For real... I'm digging the new hire in Iowa City. I know there are a hundred of Hawkeye Basketball hack expert wannabes out there who want to poo poo on Fran McCaffery. But I dig it. Mostly because of the style and where he last coached. Look for him to bring these big time East Coast type recruits to the Peoples Republic of Johnson County. You heard it here first.
MOANING AND GROANING - Yeah... I heard everyone was wanting BJ Armstrong. What? Child pleeze. Get over yourselves. If you're going that route... why not Acie Earl... he could win the Big Ten with just his haircut... AND the fact that he has more coaching experience than the former babyfaced Chicago Bull. Seriously he coaches the freshmen at Solon... which is more coaching than BJ has ever done.


"So and so... What is it about dentists that they think because they give you a little novacaine that gives them permission to beat the hell out of your mouth?"

Funny... that sounds like a blind date I had in college. Wait a minute... I really need to stop writing out loud... SMH...

PRIMARIES - Did I ever state for the record that I'm not endorsing anyone in the primaries? Not that my endorsement even matters... But yeah... call it my little way of keeping whatever integrity that is left on this waste of time. But I'll give you advise when wanted. Just pick up the phone... and ya call me.
TWEET TWEET - OK... QCI Tweeps are epic. They really are. Thanks for following. Seriously... I got interupted at dinner (again) by the QCI tweeters. "Are you G$? @grantyoung72?" Why yes, yes I am. Does this mean I have to carry a Sharpie with me from now on? Is it really worth ruining your favorite hat for G$ autograph? It must be. That thing will be worth at least two 1989 Topps George Brett cards and a 12er of Milwaukee's Best Light say in... 20 years from now. Thanks for all the love... and feel free to say hi... and no, you aren't bothering me.
WAY TO GO LIZ - Special QCI shout out to one of our ole U of I pals and favorite celeb stalker Super Liz Crokin. She's been in the celeb gossip racket for a while now and has landed a full time gig with Us Weekly out in LA. #goodjoboutof you Super Liz! Looking forward to reading your new articles! Also... Marisa and Liz in the same city?! At all times?!! Look out LA... I'd up that earthquake insurance... stat. Again, way to go Super Liz best of luck! (and while you're asking QCI-ders... yes conversations between me and Super Liz always end in exclamation marks!)

AND FINALLY... Feelin' a good groove today. Here's a tune that always makes me smile... and makes you tap your shoes. Crank it up and stay thirsty friends.


Epic Notebooks, Health Care, Rally It Up... with a Side of Hall & Oates

I have explained before how my brain moves to fast. You know, I'll be just chillin' at my crib... then all of a sudden... BLAM... an epic thought will come to mind. Thus sparks another epic idea... and so on and so on... this is where my brain looks like a dog chasing its tail.

It's weird... but it could be worse I guess.

That's where Moleskines save my life... something epic happens... I jot it down. For real... its pretty fun. Shouldn't everyone keep a journal of epic? Methinks so too.

Side note... Moleskine notebooks are the best ever. OK... here we go...

WHISKEY RIVER - Alright... for all you Ames/Iowa Stater peeps out there, you know about Whiskey River on Main. It's one of my cousins' hangouts and great low key joint to chill with some pals. Anyways... I was thinking about the Health Care debate yesterday... when for some reason I thought about the poster that hangs on the wall by the pool table. It's has Uncle Sam pointing... with the slogan, "WHISKEY RIVER: CHEATING THE OTHER GUY AND PASSING THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU." I don't know why... but it made me think about this debate and/or anytime something gets done in Washington.
SCHEDULES - Alright QCI-ders... just want to hear your thoughts on this... and maybe it just happens to me... But what's with weekends, plans and schedules lately? I mean, I'll have a weekend or a week night where there's much to do about nothing... then have a weekend that is completely slammed... almost to the point where I need a staffer to keep me on schedule... Anyone have that happen to them recently? Again, maybe it's just me and another day in the bizarre humorous life I lead.


"So and so... is eating fried balls of heavenly cheese. Made the day soooo much better."

FACT: Cheese balls make everyday better. Anyone who says otherwise, hates freedom.

EFFING HEALTH CARE - Yeah... so the President signed the Health Care thinger into law. But what are peeps chirping about? The Veep and an F bomb. Not sure really what I think of that... It's hilarious to me... I mean... I think Luke Russert said it best today, political types really do have the same mouths as sailors. It's the truth. While you really shouldn't use that language anywhere... you might wanna... you know... use better language on a national press conference... not so say... I've never let a few slip here and there...
RALLY IT UP IN IOWA CITY - Via the crew over at 621 East 9th... Tomorrow... Wednesday, March 24... Join RPI for the Stand Up 4 Freedom Rally. 6:00pm at the Pentacrest (for you non Iowa City/U of Iers... that would be in front of the Old Capitol downtown). For all the deets and how you can help... CLICK HERE. #goodjoboutofyou to the peeps at 621 East 9th for having the stones to roll where it isn't such a friendly territory. It'd be like the Ds holding something in Sioux County. Like that's ever gonna happen... Who's all going? Think about it... Rally it up for freedom, check. A get a chance to score wings at the Vine, epic check. It's a win win people!

AND FINALLY... Sounds like the peeps are thinking... I can't go for that... when it comes to all of this "political" stuff... Hall and Oates has always put things in ways that I can understand them.


Jamaican Me Crazy...

Today's random picture goes out to one of our very loyal readers, Suh-leeb. Hahahahaha! What a weekend QCI-ders.

Lots of weekend thingers... In the words of my niece Ainsley, "Let's do this!"
THE MADNESS - Yea man. Holy smokes. Great games... but I would be remissed if I didn't mention the UNI game. Wow. Now, I'm not bandwagon jumper... but not a UNI hater... that win was bigger to the athletic department than any of the football national title games. Yes, I just said that.
DUKE FLAVORED HATERAIDE - If you follow the tweets... you'd find out that I root for Duke in basketball... you know... when the Hawks suck. Thus... enormous amounts of Hateraide. For real ask Sealine he'll tell ya I've rooted for Duke.
HEALTH CARE PASSAGE - Yea... I could go on and on... but... I'm just gonna focus on winning in the Fall. So my advice? Instead of foaming at the mouth... yelling names or slurs... prepare yourselves. Get involved. Get organized. Be a part of repealing this law and replace these people with leaders who'll fix it. "Oh well Grant, I don't volunteer or do that kind of thing. I just listen to Rush and Glenn Beck." If that is your answer, we're done. Everyone can be a part of this... so my next challenge is... you are either in or out... right now.


"So and so... just got 'ma'am'd by a page....ouch"

Thems kids up at the Capitol... they gots some good manners I guess.

POTUS BACK IN IOWA - So the President is back on Thursday. He's going to the Fieldhouse in Iowa City. You know, it's kind of funny... that's where I would usually end up on a Thursday when I went to the U of I... Dude... I wonder if it's his birthday... or has a buddy who has a birthday... He could score 25 pitchers for $25... that would be an epic Presidential visit... Oh wait... not the same Fieldhouse.
EPIC T-SHIRTS? OK... So we've been bouncing the idea around here at QCI HQ... Who's in for Epic QCI T-shirts? You know... it's a cool way to show that you read a really crappy blog when you're out amongst the public types... how cool would that be? Email me at grantyoung72@hotmail.com if you're interested in one... will post some of the designs soon... I think they are kind of epic. Almost like the Foo Fighters' first t-shirts... but more awesome and funny in a goofy smart 4th grader type of way.

AND FINALLY... You know it's gonna be an awesome weather week here in the DeMo.... which means... probably patio time? Hmmm... not sure about that. But nice weather always and spring on the horizon always makes me think of the Gipsy Kings. Such a good groove to chill to. A special thanks to the dude who left his Gipsy Kings CD in the Yukon I had rented while at the Florida Recount... anyways... love this song... here's a bunch of dudes just chillin in the kitchen... jammin some Gipsy Kings... Stay thirsty...


What's up with the whats up?

Oh yeah... it's that time of year... Opening tip of the NCAAs... And the UNLV pic? No I am not taunting my many UNI friends... It's just anytime I think of the tournament... for some reason that 1990 team comes to mind. That and I think a UNLV shirt was standard issue for dudes at South High in the early 90s.

It's been a while... so let's get to it.

SAINT WHAT'S HIS NAME DAY - Oh yeah, it was St. Patrick's Day... or as I call it, "Tim jacks up the prices and puts up a tent Day" (just kidding Flanagan)... I think I may ask this every year... but what's with the green hair? Seriously? It just seems... not right. Now... if your team or school has green for its colors... yeah... do it up super fan. But green beards? Hair? For March 17th? It's just not right. Anyways good to see the peeps in the DeMo out and about. Awesome weather.
TWEET TWEET CONTEST - OK... so I held my first ever Twitter contest last night while celebrating the very very small ounce of Irish in my mutt heritage. Not bad. Look for more to come... you in? Then follow me on Twitter.... it's on the internets. Congrats to the winners! Props to my Tweeps livin' the Twug Life.
HEALTH CARE - Yeah... anyone sick of hearing about it yet? Sorry for being insensitive about an important issue (yes I mean this in the best way)... remember... my attention span... doesn't really exist. We all know when the government gets involved... good things happen, right? Sigh... I'm just sick of the debate... Also... knock it off with the manufactured outrage. I know I'm talking to a small percentage of you... but... Just. Stop. It's a little annoying and people will take you less seriously.


"So and so... Dear Guinness, Thanks for the great time last night, um, I think?! You know I love you, but this is exactly why we can only hang out a few times a year! Love, So and So."

Not sure which is more humorous... the status itself or the fact that this person writes love letters to their beer. Actually... what a novel idea. Dearest Milwaukee's Best Light...

LOUIE D'S - Good Lawd I can't get these sandwiches out of my head. Now, some of you with Philly street cred have been questioning me on Louie D's. "Good cheese steaks in Des Moines? Come on G$, surely you jest." I completely understand. That would be like someone in Philly telling me, "We have great sweet corn." But I'm telling you. They are freaking good.
DO I TURN OFF THE COMMENTS? Not that its getting all vintage Krusty days in the comments part of this site... but, lately I've been getting spammed... that and some really really stupid overseas college students are citing my blog in their term papers... Basically... it clogs up my inbox. It's your call QCI-ders... let me know what you think. I'll take votes from now until Saturday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA - Since she's one of the 5 people who actually read QCI... I would like to take a minute and wish my Grandma Kate Uthe a very happy 79 times around the Sun. My Grandma Uthe is probably where most of my sense of humor comes from. She is so awesome and one of the funniest ladies I know. Here's to you Grandma. I loves ya and will see you tonight at the Broiler.

AND FINALLY... In honor of my Grandma's birthday... how about a little Frank? She let me borrow her Sinatra tape when I younger... This song reminds me of our epic phone calls... Stay thirsty friends.


Dubuque Night, Epic... And Iowa Irony...

Hey there, ho there, hi there. Get this... I can see the frigging grass now. Holy smokes. Who would have ever thought we'd see it again... and I'm serious... I thought we would just have snow... all the time.

Anyways... Having a bit of an "old home" week. I'll explain here in a bit... its all a part of the bizarre humorous life I lead. Seriously... there are days I wish the hidden camera guy or Ashton Kutcher would jump out of the bushes and say... "Yeah, you've been punked."

On to the randomnous...

DUBUQUE NIGHT - How did I work in politics and never attend the famous Dubuque Night? Anyways, special thanks to a loyal reader who hooked me up. Good event and met a lot of you loyal readers out there. And #goodjoboutofyou for the fist bumps with followed up with a "G$, #goodjoboutofyou." It's kind of funny that now its going mainstream. Anyways... you get a chance to hit Dubuque Night... you should go... The freaking brats there were off the chain. And shout out to our boy Steve Lukan! Epic.
GOD'S COUNTRY NIGHT - Alright... while attending the event... I came up with an epic idea. How about a God's Country Night? Yeah... I think I'm gonna do it. I just need to find suitable garage here in the DeMo that is up to God's Country Garage standards. Then invite all the peeps... if you find a suitable garage with good tunes in the DeMo... Tex Mex the deets.
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - Just a random thought... but now I like to say my yeses with extra S's. Try it out... it's really cool... and fun. Yesssssssssss! See? Told you.


"So and so... So my wife is apparently selling foreign pharmaceuticals as a side job...Or at least that it what the person using her hotmail account wants us to think. I am hoping this situation somehow leads me to an unclaimed fortune somewhere in Nigeria."

Yeah... there's been a lot of that going around. Also... who knew there were so many millionaires?
THE ARTS - Looks like I struck a chord with some of you the other day. Thanks for all of the emails. It needs to stay in education... of course its easy to say that and not have to figure out a budget that reflects that... Come on peeps... If we can park a golf cart on Mars... we can find a way to keep this in schools. Work the problem people.
EPIC CONVERSATIONS - So I mentioned that it's been "old home" week... Meaning... that I've ran into or had epic conversations with peeps from back home. It's been so random... but awesome. Which proves my theory... the World does revolve around Southern Hamilton County... ERR God's Country, Iowa.

OUTRAGE, FOOD, HEALTHCARE AND IOWA - If you watch the news and follow watch going on up at the Capitol... You find that some things do come full circle. Take the insurance buzz lately... where companies are making hikes in their rates. When the heads were questioned in hearings... They said... "Listen, it costs more to insure Iowans... um, because... we're fat." OK, not the exact quote... but you get what I'm sayin... and it makes sense to me. I'll be the first to admit it. So this goes on... yadda yadda yadda... Some outrage... and then peeps stepped in.

And before you send your hate mail... yes I am over simplifying this...

But hear me out...

This wouldn't be something I would normally chirp about unless... there was some good ole Iowa Irony involved. So what's the next issue that got outrage from the masses? Enter Taylor's Maid Rite in Marshalltown. The State Inspectors want them to change their cooker... Taylor's says we can't... we may have to close... then more outrage... Legislature steps in... makes special laws for Taylor's... There's a rally held in Marshalltown in support of of the joint... Facebook groups created... dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria...

Moral of this little exercise... Only in Iowa would we have some buzz about healthcare rates... but completely FREAK OUT if we close a joint that sells loose meat sandwiches.

And I'm completely cool with that.

Anyways... How about some classic Pearl Jam? OK. Stay thirsty...


Conventions, God's Country and Support the Arts... No Really, Support the Arts...

Hey there QCI-ders... well, long time no talk. Lo siento... but hey... there's all sorts of things going on. So in the words of my little niece Ainsley, "Let's do this!"

COUNTY CONVENTIONS - Hit up the Polk County Convention on Saturday. Good stuff... a long day... but you'll get that in a county responsible for 10% of the vote. The vibe I got the entire day... is peeps are fired up. I mean... not like cocky... but just a good vibe. And yes... I think I stayed for an entire platform discussion. Was actually fun... I'm serious. Anyways... on to Grinnell.

GOD'S COUNTRY SHOUT OUTS - You know what I love? When peeps make a point to tell me, "G$ drove thought Jewell the other day." Or... "Dude, made a pass by Stanhope this weekend." See I told you God's Country, Iowa is epic. But next time? Stop and spend some commerce. What keeps God's Country epic? You spending money there... that's how. For real, tex Mex me up or call me if you need to know the hot spots. I'll be your God's Country Huckleberry.


"So and so... It turns out I like cheese more than the idea of being skinny...."

The great about cheese is that you can put it on anything. Epic.

THE OSCARS AND THE ARTS - Now... I tuned in late to the Oscars... luckily just in time to see the John Hughes tribute. Then... of course... just kept watching. But something kind of struck a chord with me... Can't remember who said it... but it was a line... "Being creative isn't a waste of time." It was a shout out to all of the kids at home who have similar dreams of those who recieved awards that evening. Thankfully, I was blessed with parents... and a school system who valued and encouraged kids to get involved with the arts. There would be no G$ as you know it, if it weren't for arts in education.

Now before you all start sending me hate mail... hear me out. I support the arts and I support the arts in schools. All of the local press about what's going on here in Des Moines aside... I have always thought this and I'm a product of it. It's important. This is when most of my friends start telling me... oh you're just buying into the liberal lefty Hollywood types. Nah... its important. Everyone wants to talk about our culture... culture wars... and all that stuff... but if you take the arts out... we won't have any culture. From the begining of time the arts are a sign of the times... a record of history. Now, I know budgets are tight... and everything now is an arguement to be cut or called a waste of money... And I'm not sure how you would do it... but I do know this... it's a slippery slope...

Just think about it... the next time you crank up an epic tune in your car... the next time you are moved to tears by a movie... or scored a painting that goes perfect with the furnature for the living room of your new town house... Nine times out of ten, the people who created it... were inspired and got their start by having the arts in education.

This may be a thing we all may agree to disagree on... but... the next time one of these things happen... just remember.

AND FINALLY... Now that I'm off of my little scatter brained soap box... Let's try to sell 10 copies of the Beta Band EP...


Counties, Phillys and Epic Book Update? Sure.

"So... are you all here to see... Dubya Cee Dubya?" Nooooooooooo! OK... sorry... just had to make that reference.


Anyways... let's do something we haven't done in a while. Get all random.

COUNTY CONVENTIONS - Yups... that time of year again... and the process has never been more important this year. Tons of candidates out there. Been going over some scenerios in my head about possible nomination conventions... Your thoughts?
SPEAKING OF NOMINATIONS - Peeps are wrapping up their petition drives to get on the ballot... A few have turned them in already... this weekend's conventions are another shot in the arm for people who didn't get a chance to before. Signed everyones at my caucus... so I'm good to go.
PEEPS ARE WORKING HARD - Loving all of the updates from the candidates via Twitter and Facebook. You all are killing it! (this means you doing it right in G$ speak) #goodjoboutofyou for just not being on social media... but using it correctly. I always believe that 90% of most things is just simply showing up... but when it comes to this stuff... that 10% becomes critical.
EPIC FREAKING PHILLYS -So listen up peeps... the DeMo has a GREAT Philly Steak joint now... Good as Gino's or Pat's in South Philly? For this Midwest Coaster... I say yes. On my scale of good stuff to eat... I say it gets 5 out of 5 #goodjoboutofyous. If you're in downtown for Lunch... Hit up Louie D's... but make sure you check their site... ordering a Steak... has a few rules. They are so freaking good. Off. The. Frigging. Chain.


"So and so... just watched a guy have a sneezeiure, 16 in a row. It was so loud and violent, simply awesome ! ! I shall now call him Sneezy Gonzales."

Didn't actually know sneezeiure was an actual word? Epic.

BOOK UPDATE - Whew... just broke the writers block and things are progressing well on my book entitled I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry I'm Awesome... due to be finished this year. Thanks for all of the supportive and positive feedback. And ideas! This thing is so freaking random... you will indeed freak. Now, I have a full fledged team that helps with the writing... Which is gonna make for a ginormous acknowledgement part... that good.
OH COLLEGE BASKETBALL HOW I LOVE THEE - So, since I was a kid... always loved me some March Madness... I would always "get sick" this time of year... I'm sure my Ma figured it out by 8th or 9th grade... when I had boards, preview magazines and everything else layed out... turning the living room into some March Madness War Room... "Yeah Grant... You don't look so well," she would say as she checked in on me over her lunch hour... "You might need to stay home for a few days." Then I got the smirk... then a wink. Then I would be like, "*cough* *cough*... Thanks Mom."

AND FINALLY... Not sure if I have mentioned this before... But THE most underrated Artist/Band of all time? Yeah... Phil Collins and Genesis... yeah... I freaking said it. Judge away if you will... but you know that Phil and Genesis are so OJ Simpson... guilty pleasures... crank it and stay thirsty...


Blogger Birthday Wishes...

Alright. Today's post a my little tribute to the two king pin website/blogs going on in the LBC.

A year ago this week... the Bean Walker and the Iowa Republican hit scene... it was a week that changed the Iowa Rightosphere... and the LBC for ever.

First was the B Dub whose Drudge-ish looks and style became an instant sensation. It has become the must check site in Iowa and in most political circles. Started off by Timmy Albrecht... then once he took a new gig, handed the editing to Bill Schickel to keep the integrity of the site.

Big hit then... big hit now... a must read.

Then the TIR came out. Headed up by Craig Robinson. I refer his site as the New York Yankees of the Iowa Blogs. Meaning... he has some hitters on his team. From Krusty to Battleground and many new names... It is the site that everyone "in the know" reads.

The cool thing about both of these sites... is that I've known both of these guys for a long time. Both were key whips for me back in the College Republican days... (yeah, I just made us feel really old fellas). Glad to see all of their successes.

So here's to you Bean Walker and Iowa GOPer... And you know what you get for your 1 year birthdays? The Boehner Birthday song. Cheers!


Awe... Stafffers....

Getting a little help here from the QCI Writing Team. This is dedicated to many of you loyal readers...
Can't take credit for the writing here....
Thanks for passing this along who ever you are... *smirk*
Top Ten Reasons Why Working in Politics is an Excellent First Job out of College:

1. Phone banking skills transition well into any position.
“No, boss, I don’t mind calling all 250 attendees to our event tomorrow to let them know it’s been cancelled due to the weather.”
2. Gaining a high tolerance for “working late”
Sorry, we’re going to need you to stay late…probably until about 7:00 PM…”
3. Your perception of getting tasked with horrible jobs is skewed.
“Could be worse. I could be door-knocking in Worth County in 99 degrees with 85% humidity.”
4. You will build business and personal relationships that stand the test of fire and last a lifetime.
The folks I have met in politics are still some of my best friends and best references.
5. Hey, a picture of a young, ingenuous version of you shaking the president’s hand looks good in any office.
“Oh, that? Yeah, that’s me and 43. Just hangin’.”
6. Even if all your future jobs totally suck, your parents can always say, “At least you don’t work in politics anymore!”
“You know, Jenny, I just really don’t know about that new job picking up road kill on the highway, but at least you don’t work in politics anymore!”
7. You may never again get the chance to live in Washington, DC (in a two-bedroom apartment with four other roommates).
Not as glamorous as those kids on MTV make it seem, but still pretty epic.
8. Politicos do “young, fabulous, and broke” really well.
“Next time you go to a reception with free food and booze, you GOTTA call me!”
9. Your work ethic will always be greater than your colleagues.
“Have you recruited 100 people to attend the insurance training next Saturday? No? Then why are you taking a bathroom break?”
10. Opportunity of a lifetime.
Opportunity. Of. A. Lifetime.