Alright QCI-ders… Enough with the hate emails… my bad on the lack of posts. But I gotta tell you, gearing up for back to back games is like having a primary election one week and the general the next. I don’t know how those folks in Florida do it with their primaries in September. But, have no fear my fine feathered friends, I’m back to a regularly scheduled programming.

Also, thanks everyone for the kind words on the “Gameday Post”. I’m not going to try to one up that one. I don’t think I can. It just was a fun one to write and glad you all enjoyed it. I’m going to stick to what makes this the “World’s Crappiest Blog.” That’s all I can do. Besides, it’s STATE CONVENTION WEEK! There is all sorts of events, new gossip and stuff to hit. So let’s get to a few things for you all to chew on.

STATE CONVENTION BUZZ - So Uncle Ted is stirring up the pot again. That’s how he rolls. Krusty has a bit on it today. I was asked, “Yo G$, you gonna post on that?” I’m like… nah... If I wanted to watch a high school fight, I’d rather watch Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls… what a minute… I do that anyway… I mean… and why am I blogging out loud? Oh come on, Leave Lindsay a-Lohan. Most underrated talent. Ever.

PRIMARY ELECTION – Have a full review coming… no worries. As always, Hershel did a great piece last week on the winners and losers. Will chime in with my thoughts this week… then on Saturday, everyone can unite.

GENERAL ELECTION – It’s on like Donkey Kong! Obama v. McCain. McCain CM, Rick Davis, sent out an email with a great website to show the real difference between the 2. The choice couldn’t be any clearer.

– Arrrrrrrgh! Damn rain! Damn storms! Hope everyone is being safe out there. I’ve posted the link for the Red Cross for donations for the folks in Parkersburg, but, if you are looking for a cool way to help out. The NFL is selling Aplington Parkersburg hats, with all proceeds going to help the damaged areas. As you know 4 current NFL players hail from there. Check out the link. The Chiefs did a similar one for Greensburg, KS. Actually they are still selling them.

GOP CONVENTION = EVENTS! Alright, there’s tons of things to do for you inner political junkie this weekend. I will not be there on Saturday, dude, it’s Jewell Jubilee. I’ve got street parties and garages to go drink beer in. But I have been forwarded some events and will post the as I get them. One in particular is the Steve King Pancake Breakfast. Here’s the deets:

King Pancake Breakfast
Hy Vee Hall, Hall B (middle level)
Saturday June 14th
7:30am - 9am
$5.00 to attend

Also, sources close to QCi are telling me that MoveOn.org is targeting King. Maybe I’m the last one to know this… but hey, if someone to go after you, might as well be them. Oh and MoveOn-ers… good luck with that.

NBA FINALS – Love the Lakers/Celts final. Go Celts! Come down the Flanagan’s and watch. I’ll be there… somewhere close to Flanagan’s 1 share of the Boston Celtics organization. Yea, it’s off the hook.
And since we are talking Celtics and Flanny’s in the same conversation… I know what would make it wee bit better. An order of Dropkick Murphys. You're welcome. Take it away boys!