Was going to have a headline that said “Prelude to a Convention”… But I thought it would mean that I would have to sing “One Shining Moment”? Yea, I secretly dig that song. Anyway QCI-ders, boy how time flies fast… the 1 month rain delay of the State Convention is right around the corner. Politics is an interesting game… you give ‘em a month extention, and you’ll get some intensity. No need to make a run to Missouri for your case of bottle rockets… the pre 4th fireworks have begun.

THE ROAD TO THE TWIN CITIES – So you want to be a delegate to the National Convention, eh? I don’t blame you. I have attended a National Convention. It’s a hella good time. Parties, receptions, hoopla… and did I mention the parties? It’s fun and exciting. A lifetime experience for any activist or junkie.

But is it worth autodialing to be a delegate? QCI can confirm that Rep. Polly Granzow has been auto dialing delegates and alternates in the 4th Congressional District to solicit their votes at the State Convention. There’s nothing new about folks sending mailings and making calls. But I think this is the first time auto dials have been involved.

QCI CONVENTION SCORECARD – I thought it would fun to share the state of races for the upcoming convention. There’s a whole lot of inter party elections going on… thought I do a little handicapping… Do you think you can bet on this in Vegas? Anyhow, these are pretty fluid as we have less than 3 weeks to go. Which we all know is an eternity. Here’ the breakdown:

RNC Committeewoman – “Lean Greiner”
As far as I know, Sandy has been working it hard since she announced her interest. Look out for Kim Lehman, running IRTL doesn’t hurt at all when running for a GOP spot.

RNC Committeeman – “Toss up”
Roberts and Scheffler have been campaigning hard. Roberts has a solid record of being the goose that lays the golden egg to keep the Iowa Caucuses first in the nation. Sheffler has a solid organization of conservative activists who know convention strategy like I know where to find the cheapest and coldest beer in town. This will be the election that sets the tone of the convention.

Convention Delegates – “Wide Freaking Open”
I’m hearing there are a lot of great candidates out there to be national convention delegates and alternates. But numerous sources close to QCI can report some grumbling with activists out in the counties. Namely, they aren’t too happy about slates or being told who to vote for. Should make it interesting come nominating time.

What do you guys think of the current scorecard? Chime in, there is a comment section.

BILL NORTHEY’S BEAR WRESTLING TOUR – That’s right, Sec. Northey is heading to Western Iowa for 3 different wrestling matches with a live grizzly bear… ok, I may be stretching the release a bit… he’s doing some town halls on July 9th, here’s the schedule:

Wednesday, July 9th
Audubon County – 10:00 a.m., Audubon County Economic Development Corporation, 800 Market Street, Audubon
Shelby County – 12:30 p.m., Public Library, 2027 Washington, Elk Horn
Harrison County – 2:30 p.m., ISU Extension, 304 East 7th , Logan

G$, why do did you post this, man?

Here’s why. Northey is doing a great job… because he’s an elected official who gets it. Along with Snoop Dave Watch Doggy Dogg Vaudt, these guys are serving the public with distinction. QCI will now dub the 2, “Tha Dogg Pound,” ‘casue these fellas got skillz. All kidding aside though, I bet Bill could kick that bear’s ass. I’m just saying. And as a salute to Sec. Northey and his bear wrestling and knife fighting skills… here’s another master of the knife, Martin Yan from my favorite cooking show. “Remember, if Yan can cook, so can you!”