Alright dudes… since one of my favorite players (Jared Friggin Allen, #69 on his jersey, #1 in your hearts…) is posting on my blog (although, not sure if it’s real, one can dream), I gotta send a message. This post is special message to my beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

Dear Kansas City Chiefs,

Dudes, you gotta resign Jared Allen before training camp. Seriously. He’s freakin’ awesome and you know it. If you guys are going to insist on breaking my heart every year, the least you can do is to sign the guy who makes the games fun to watch.

Need more reasons? Um, have you seen his sack celebration? Its way better than Neil Smith’s old home run swing… and for me to say that, is a lot. Serious dudes, I went to Neil’s football camp for years.

The rope tie is sweeping the nation. I saw an employee at a grocery store finishing his set up for an end cap display… he was so proud of his work… he did the rope tie.

Also one word, mullet… It’s never looked better. See video below.

That’s all I got. Thank you for the opportunity for sharing my opinion. Good luck with the draft. GO CHIEFS!

Loyally Yours,