CIETC TRIAL BEGINS – Check out the “that guy” photo stolen from the DMR today (above). Is this a trial or a random picture from College Humor? You decide.

MILLER-MEEKS STUFF – The Miller-Meeks campaign is hitting Loebsack upside tha head for being the “Change… not so much” candidate. Donny Boy, is always on top of it has more.

SPEAKING OF PORK – J.Norm over at the DMR has Grassley defending why the same group announced that he pulls more pork than Famous Dave’s within the Iowa Delegation.

HOLY CRAP! SAY IT AIN’T SO DONNY BOY!Don at Cyclone Conservative is ending! What!?! Damn man… don’t go. Don here’s to you and your great blog. Wish ya all the best in the future.

SWEET! NKOTB IS BACK! - Oh oh, ohhhhhh oh….. the Right Stuff… First time was a great time… Hell yea! With the New Kids back… my dance moves will give me… more game than EVER! WOOT!

You got the right stuff... baby...