200th FREAKING POST!!!!! Woot! Rock Me Amadeus!

For the 200th post on QCI… looks like some of you are getting a little snow day. So let’s have a little fun while we all dig out. Like I said, working on some stuff. So stay tuned over the weekend and over Christmas... QCI is always the best way to take a break durning the Holidays… you know, if you are a little sick of your relatives, want to avoid awkward questions or… you really are a nerd and have nothind elst to do. Be sure to stop by for the HO HO HO Randomnous.

STATE CHAIR RACE – Per an email received this morning… Pizza is still on out at Tavern II on 50th with Matt Strawn today at 11:45 in West Des Moines. Damn… I may need some sun block if I go out to Crap Des Moines.
MULLET WATCH 2009 – So been busting out some pics from Mullet greatness for inspiration. And low and behold, I found some pics of my former Mullet glory.

I must have been a visionary… I was ahead of my time. Who knew that back then, I’d be rocking what is now known as the Best Haircut in American History. Stay tuned for more Mullet Watch 2009. Will have some announcements coming soon.
CHIEFS! Dudes… rollin’ down to KC for the final home game this weekend. Yea… I know they suck… it will be the last day of the King Carl era… so if they actually broadcast the game… look for me in the stands. May have to make a special QCI sign. Go Chiefs! Squish the Fish!

“So and so… is listening to Falco.”

ROCK ME AMADEUS!!!! Rock Me Amadeus….

AND FINALLY… Let’s just keep going with it… CRANK THIS SONOFABITCH UP!!!! Damn this is good!