Chiefs Fans Can Smile a Little Brighter Today...

Busy day QCI-ders… so here’s a quick hit. Oh don’t you worry your little hearts… we gots a lot coming your way. So you’re gonna want to stay tuned.

ALL EYES ON ARROWHEAD – While Chiefs fans across the Chiefs Kingdom can smile a little brighter… now that King Carl is gone. Jason Whitlock puts things in perspective today.
THE END OF THE CARL ERA… USHERS IN THE CLARK HUNT ERA? Here’s Clark Hunt’s presser. Feeling optimistic today!
CONSERVATIVE BREAKFATS CLUB - Congrats to Darrell and crew on a great event! Met lots of loyal QCI-ders today… thanks for reading the World’s Crappiest Blog!
SINCE… EVERYONE is interested in what the Barnstormers are up to… if you are out tonight at Jordan Creek, stop by and see us at Sheels. We will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army.

AND FINALLY… let’s blow something up!