Child please... kiss the baby.

Sup QCI-ders. We want to introduce you to a new project/movement/epic/tinger her at the QCI HQ in a post mullet world. While we draw the inner inspiration from Jared Allen... a new fella is rolling through our HQ like a twister in trailer park.

Child please... just watch this.

So... let us introduce you to Sietedos... Vladimir Sietedos.

See waht he's up to on the Twitter
--> http://twitter.com/therealsietedos

You will thank us later.

Child please.


Is QCI the mullet authority?

So... now we are getting emails... from everywhere with pictures of mullets. Which kinda makes us scratch our heads and wonder how'd this happen... Anyhoop... here's a recent email and picture we recieved yesterday...

ok, I just googled Mullet watch, and your blog came up.I don't know how best to get this pic out there, but it is the ever-elusive Mexi-mullet, on a female!so, as you must know, I cannot keep this one under my hat.Spotted early August in Cancun Mexico by yours truly:

Yikes... that's crazy... not so much that someone in Mexico is rocking the mullet... but the fact that there are peeps send me mullet pictures... I smell a new feature! Yes!... sen your mullet pics to QCI with a little bit of commentary and all the details.

Awesome... so in honor of the ?Mexi-Mullet"... how about some old school Los Fabuloso Cadililacs...


CC: Chiefs, Uncle Jesse and Awesomeness

Oh yeah... new header for a new era of the countdown. "G$, yous always be changing this thing up." I knows dogg. Haven't done a CC for a long time... so... let get to it.

THE CHIEFS - Alright, so the Vikes invited the Good Guys up to be the pinata for their big purple party with Favre. Turns out... ole Brett had the lowest completion rate to any Viking in his career... um... he throws a lot of INTs... 10 points if you get the reference. Anyways... Haley kept a lot of starters in the game.. for a long time... which is good. Feeling good about the Chiefs and the AFC West... you know... after watching Kyle Orton shit the bed... So we got that going for us.

HD 90 - So yo... hit that up last weekend... and now we are totally loving the VBC (Van Buren County). For real. I mean... it totally serves your inner El Camino well... Anyways... QCI-ders... get your asses down there. Didn't you all see this? Remember when we talking about the Iowa Comeback a while a go? This is where its starts. I'll be there this weekend, no excuses. You should be down there too. I mean, there's no fair... no football... be there. Now... or Saturday 90 for 90... go here and tell them you're gonna be there.

FLYERS? So, according to news peeps... there are some shady looking flyers that are turning up in media outlet parking lots that look like something made with Word 97... bashing Branstad. Then.... I guess there's an email from Alfred Pennyworth to follow up to these outlets... huh... So Bruce Wayne's butler is all interested in 2010... hmmm... who knew?

FACEBOOK STATUS(s) OF THE DAY - State Fair Edition

"So and so... knocked the wind out of a 12 year old on Bumper-Cars. I bet 2 corn-dogs that little cry-baby wont t-bone my daughter again! woo-hoo! I'm King of Carnie Fest! bring it you toothless f**kers!"

Nice... how about another...

"So and so... just got "corn dogged" in the pig barn by a 4H'er. Now I'm headed to the midway where i'm going to 'funnel cake' a carnie until I start to 'dippin dot'. I hate the state fair."

I wish I was making these up... Awesome.

POST MULLET ERA - So... its been a week later. And we have tried to quit talking about it... or at least leaving the mania behind. But how can you just walk away from the legacy of some sweet sweet hair? Methinks you cannot. But, it been nice running into QCI-ders... giving their best wishes... opinions on what looked better... and the numbers are a very polarizing 50/50... But... all agree on how bad ass it was...

AND FINALLY... Every single department over at QCI-HQ agrees on one thing... if you do find a bad ass cover... you must not only share it... but crank it up to share with everyone in the LBC... Remember... guilty feet have no rhythm... but guilty arms... can let you do the robot...


Wow... Is there a full moon...

Alright... quick side note here... is it me... is there a full moon? Or is it State Fair time?

For you sports nuts... this is probably the most awkward message board thread in history... and it even bring Iowa/Iowa State peeps together.

Holy. Shit. Wow. Seriously. Shut. Up. Ch Ch Ch Check it out... Click here.

Uh... yikes... is this more awkward than the Monkey Business going down in a HHH (Hump Hump Humping) Metrodome restroom last fall? Hmmm... methinks a draw.

People are going crazy...

Then... as I was scoring some food downtown... strolling down the street to get to the joint... When I hear some G n R blasting out of of City of Des Moines Public Works truck... as I walk closer... the dude sitting in the drivers seat is jamming... and repeating over and over... "You're in the Jungle baby! You're gonna die!" Just all by himself... over and over... and rather loud...

Is this the sign of the Apocalypse... or some random dude who is high on the job... or just some dude rockin' out on his lunch break?

What a wierd day... oh and thanks crazy city worker dude... got this stuck in my head now...

Oh... and now that I made a reference to Hump Hump Humping... and getting busy in a bathroom... bonus humpty for you....

Post Mullet Hodgepodge

So what up... starting to close up the books on the Mullet fever... though, by th looks of the inbox... you all are still in full swing of it... that's cool. Have some tributes left in the hopper to get your fill.

But we're getting back to our more normal randomnous way here's at QCI. With the last week of the Fair (gross), kids heading back to school and football season... well basically underway... stuff is gonna get es muy interesante around here. So we gots our ears on the ground... you know on the political stuf... but the fun don't stop there... awe hell no it doesn't.

A few loyal readers... well, could give two shits about that stuff... so we'll be bring some sexy back that is the randomnous as well.

Plus... all of us here at QCI are in full Chiefs mode... and soon... when we hear Gary Dolphin's voice on the radio... the psychotic Hawkeye weekends will be in the norm.

So... yeah lots of bad ass stuff to honor the post mullet era here at QCI... so sadness around here... no time to be down... you know why?

Because... we're dancers!!!


And the Mullet is gone...

BREAKING... Mullet is gone...

More picks and tributes to follow...

But for now... here's a musical tribute...


The Mullet is Now: First Pic...

The day is here... and we kind of threw a surprise attack! on you (hat tip Maddie Marie for the awesome term)...

I was ready for the cut... then... pow... the mullet happened... will have a full rundown on the events... Aqucik shout out to Alisa over at Ferg's for doing the honor... She even was ready to do the racing striopes on the side... we'll see how that goes... but for real... check out Alisa on the skywalk... she knows how to create the awesomeness.... good job out of you.

Here's the first real click... need some sculpting on the mean ass facial hair... more to come...

But for now... the mullet is now...

Do yourself a favor and crank up this song... the mullet is now... here's the official song for the mullet while its here... because the mullet is now... and deep down inside... even you anti-mullet peeps... you love it... you have embraced the awesome... you know its sad but true....





Mullete Watch 2009: A tribute from some blocks away on Edwards Street...

More tributes in the final hour before the official mullet cut...

This one from a long time friend who used to roll the streets with Jewell with me and other buddies... take it away Scoop...

I’ve racked my brain for what to say about a mullet, and realized that it’s not the mullet but the state of awesomeness that comes with the mullet that I want to celebrate. For Christ’s sake you grew a mullet!!!!! I think we need to spend these final days of the mullet realizing that the mullet was just a piece of the randomly awesome puzzle that is the QCI lifestyle.
Here are some more random acts of awesomeness and just plain awesome things that need to be acknowledged.
• Wife beaters or no sleaves in public. Does it get any more awesome than a “Gun show” and add an awesome point if the shirt has a ketchup stain on it. Or for the female equivalent, the Bikini top with jean shorts in line at the grocery store.
• Getting busted staring at someone’s chest, and then continuing to keep the eyes down. (Bonus awesome point if the girl doesn’t mind)
• 69 (if you’re cool you get it)
• States that still allow you to celebrate freedom by smoking in a bar.
• Cougars that have one too many mixed drinks
• Cheeseballs
• Any Garage that has a radio, friends, and beer in it.

So while it is sad to lose a mullet this week, don’t get too down in the dumps because these along with hundreds of other awesome things are still out there for all of us. Celebrate them won’t you?

Good job out of you... you get rewarded with the official song of the Mullet cut... because... while awesome... the Mullet always seems.... unforgiven...

QCI's 300th Post! On a very special day...

Huh!?!? What!?!?! 300 freaking posts? Yes. And it couldn't have come on a very special anniversary... for me it is...

Today, 10 years ago... was the day that was a colmunation that not only got me to this blog... but officially hook, lined and sinkered me into politics. Today is the 10th anniversary of the 1999 Ames Straw Poll where then Governor George W. Bush not only solidified him as the front runner... but it was the for push that would eventually win the nomination and 2 terms in the White House.
Because of this event... I have gotten to meet, know and call many who were involved that day, great friends. Wow... I can't believe it was 10 years ago. About the time of this post, I was waiting in the west parking lot of the State Capitol waiting for 500 plus Bikers for Bush... and 6 Forbes hanger-on-ers. State trooper escorts along with Senator Ben Nighthorse Cambell and the Governor Tommy Thompson.

It was a great day... a great victory... and a memory I will never forget. Nothing will ever be matched with that day... it was the last true Straw Poll. No offense to anyone, but nothing will beat that event.

Here's to all of my former Bushie staffers and volunteers... And yes... here's to all of my friends who were with our worthy opponents that day... wow... can you really believe it was 10 years ago? Here's some pics to bring you down memory lane... (oh and side note to all BFP peeps... I need a picture of the Grandmas for Bush lady....)


Mullet Watch 2009: Ode to the Storming Mullet...

More and more tributes have been sent to QCI HQ... and just recieved a special one... its ethnic...

"Ode to the Storming Mullet"
(must be sung or chanted with an Irish accent and a couple friends clapping in the background)

There was a man in thee old Midwest, who put away his scissors and put the Stormers to a test.

As the days grew cold and the nights grew dark, the shag on his head was just the start.

Spring rolled around with the trees in bloom, his ole ears were covered and hairy wings did assume.

The sun was at its peak with the windows in the Rivera cracked, business in the front and party in the back

The awesomeness of this story ends with a punch to the gut, with a Stormers loss and a big haircut.

But as we salute our pal with this song and a tear, we know we can join him at Flanny's for an ice cold beer.

Mullet Watch 2009: State Fair, the quiet injustice...

I wish I was joking if said... these texts and emails are starting to get annoying... but I guess I understand the question... because I haven't communicated it to all you QCI-ders out there.... texting, emailing and calling... "Are you going to the State Fair?" "You did this for the Fair right?" or "You gotta enter the contest at the Fair." Let me walk you through it....

First and foremost, I've said it once... I'll say it again. I do not need a contest to tell me I'm awesome. It already flows from the back of my head. Plus... and this may come from a personal bias... I'm not so into the Fair. Meaning... I'm not a fan... I think that in many ways... the State Fair give the mullet a bad name... a poor reputation. I mean... Just you rock the mullet... doesn't mean you have to be at the Fair... Mullets come from everywhere...

"So why are there so many mullets at the Fair?" Good question... its because... there are tons of people every year who say to theirselves in the winter... "You know, I'm going to be awesome this year. I'm going to grow a mullet and some mean ass facial hair and... just be awesome." Now... as you all know... mullets are greatness. To really rock it, you gotta have patience. Greatness takes time... and is well worth the awesomeness that follows. So... to really get a goof mane, you need at least 7-8 months to get there... where... not only the magic happens... but when you have reached a full mature stage. And what is in the 8th month of the year? Yeah... the f'ing Fair. So... its a popular event around here... and to its credit gets some decent acts to play at the grandstand... so it's gonna draw people.

That's where all the mullets come from... that's why there's so many out there... and when you draw over a million people... you are going to find all sorts of awesome people there. You want the chicken and the egg answer? Yea... the mullet came first... I mean, haven't seen the cavemen on those comercials? Yea... the mullet is historically awesome....

"G$... so basically you're not a fan of the Fair, but support mullet awareness? How the hell does this work?" It just does. I mean... yeah... just because... it give the haircut a bad name.

More to come...


Mullet Watch 2009: Drawing inspiration from a legend...

Hey QCI-ders... good job out of you for staying tuned to the madness taking place this week.
While reading these tributes can be very humbling... sometimes you gotta get back to the roots of the cause. Mainly... because Jared Allen... one of my favorite former Chiefs (DAMN YOU CARL PETERSON)... Wait...
Side note.... yes, King Carl did give the speech for Derrick Thomas in Canton... I am even saying it was touching... so Carl, you earned a few points back... but we will never forgive you for the Jared Allen trade... this is what Chiefs fans across the world are missing... take it away Mr. Allen.

Anyways... yea man... he is such a bad ass... I mean... many of you have asked... and some even said, "I don't get it." How can you not get it when you watch the swagger and awesomeness of Jared Allen... I mean, "Sleeves optional" For reals... that should be a sign on the doors of 801 Grand... Let's take you down memory lane here... Here he explains it all. Here's a little chat with with #69 (yes... he's so f'ing bad ass his number is 69... heheheh)

Mullet Watch 2009: A Haiku from the Left Coast...

More tributes are finding their way to QCI HQ as we say good bye this week to the Mullet...

Recieved this from a loyal reader from the West Coast who wishes to remain anonymous... penned these very thoughtful words...

tribute to awesome
mullet cannot be surpassed
why do let it go?

saddened and shocked
can it really be the end?
how will we go on?

like Samson before
the mullet style gives great strength
will you be hobbled?

my guess is you won’t
like lance after his battle
there’ll be less of you

but just like he did
you’ll be stronger and faster
mullet is credo

Good job out of you... how about some... Huey!

Mullet Watch 2009: Business on top, wisdom in the back?

Hey QCI-ders... have you had enough of the Mullet Madness... yeah... me neither...
Today, we recieved a tribute by the way of HOTlanta, Georgia (that's Atlanta for those of you reading in Story City) from a longtime friend of the editor. Basically... he wanted to share with us what he has learned from the mullet in the past 8 or so months. Here are his thoughts....

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the mullet.
Success is getting the mullet you want. Happiness is wanting the mullet you get.
Ask not what the mullet can do for you, ask what you can do for the mullet.
There’s strong, and then there’s mullet strong.
The great mass of men have haircuts of quiet desperation.
The purpose of the mullet is a mullet of purpose.
The mullet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman.
It's not enough that my mullet should succeed – others’ mullets must fail.
Behind every good man, is a good mullet.
The mullet is simple: Do what's mullet, the mullet way, at the mullet time.
Those who have succeeded at anything and don't mention the mullet are kidding themselves.
The mullet is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.
Believe that the mullet is worth growing, and your belief will help create the fact.
The mullet heals the wounds inflicted by reason.
One must arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the mullet, and a desire to enjoy the mullet.
It is not the length of the mullet, but the depth of the mullet.
The mullet is the art of uniting pleasure with truth.
The mullet is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.
The mullet is half grown before we know what it is.
Even when the mullet has a meaning, as it usually has, it may be inadvisable to draw it out.
Mullets are thoughts that breathe, words that burn.
Fear the mullet.
When you stare into the mullet, the mullet stares back.
I am become mullet, destroyer of worlds.
A mullet begins in delight and ends in wisdom.
A mullet is never finished, only abandoned…………

Wow... well put brotha... Good job out of you... you get rewarded with Metallica...


Mullet Watch 2009: Stay...

Now... all of us here at QCI HQ are prepared for this era to end... but it looks like from some emails we have recieved this afternoon... some of you are having a hard time letting go. We will soon set up a hotline for those who are having trouble with the end of the mullet... but we thought we should share some very compelling arguements concerning the cut.

From Beaverdale, IA...

Would you paint over a Rembrandt? Or smash a Tiffany lamp on the floor? Or drive a Type 35 Bugatti over a cliff?

Then why would destroy such a thing of beauty as is the Mullet?

Mullets are more than just a hair style that says, “I quit trying to be attractive to the opposite sex?” Mullets are a way of life.

Whether you are sporting the 10-90, or the Kentucky Waterfall, or the Business Upfront-Party in the Rear, or the Hockey Fan, or the Camaro Cut, or the Mississippi Mud Flap, or a Stanhope-Lazy Acres Trailer Park Special—it would be a shame to destroy such a priceless head of hair.

A letter from Loyal Reader on the Eastside...


As a mullet growth supporter from its earliest days of just butch hair follicles I come to you as one of its most ardent loyalists. However this my friend is not so much a tribute as it is an appeal. I have to express my deep and sincere advisement not to end this great journey before it reaches its pinnacle of existence here on earth in Des Moines, Iowa by way of Jewell, Iowa. That of course being the mullet paradise, a place of mullet ecstasy, the place that all good mullets make their necessary pilgrimage to. The one and only Iowa State Fair. Yes, a place where mullets can be themselves and not be admonished. Where a mullet is understood and cherished for its greatness. This is a place that all mullets dream about from their very youth, to someday make it to this mullet Mecca, the place where everybody knows their name, a place of their peers and for their peers, a place where the wind always seems to blow down mullet to confirm its glorious mane – certain to get a wink and a head nod from the mullet across the way with a greased mesh Dale Jr. hat atop. When a mullet makes it this close it is nearly criminal not to ‘Grant’ it’s one day in mullet heaven. So this to you dear G$ is more than a tribute… it is a plea for your magnificent locks and for all the mullets who couldn’t make it. Dear sir let just this mullet have its one day in the sun before it plummets that last long lonesome drop down, that last trip, down to the barbers dirty checkered tile floor and rides off on that horse hair highway to the steel dust pan railroad where it’s severed vestiges will be discarded in its final resting place. My plead to you is that it will do so with dignity and a smile knowing it once had it all, rather than with the thoughts of we had a chance and we were so close – too close but never quite made it.

Yours Faithfully

Looks like they want it to stay... I smell a good U2 song to follow...

Mullet Watch 2009: Snuffed Out Cigarette...

The tributes keep rolling in... and some of you are freaking amazing. We always knew that QCI-ders were uber creative and way better than the editor of the World's Crappiest Blog...

Looks like there are already songs be cut for the mullet. We have recieved some lyrics via the QCI Mail bag... here's one from a very loyal reader and fan up in Clear Lake, IA... I think this is a remake... but super good...

Snuffed Out Cigarette
(in the style of Candle in the Wind)

Goodbye G$’s Mullet
Though I never knew you at all
You had the balls to grow this thing
While those around you stood in awe.
They followed you on Facebook
They posted some comments
And they gave thumbs up
You brought back the vintage look.

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a snuffed out cigarette
Knowing this could be the last drag
When the playoffs end
The State Fair could have known you
But this is it
Your smokes burned out long before
Your legend never did

Awesomeness was tough
The toughest role you ever played
El Caminos created a superstar
And the barbers floor was the price you paid
Even when you were cut
Fans still how they hounded you
All the comment had to say
What’s up with you cutting it off, dude

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a snuffed out cigarette
Knowing this could be the last drag
When the playoffs end
The State Fair could have known you
But this is it
Your smokes burned out long before
Your legend never did

Goodbye G$’s Mullet
From a young lady who sits in tears
Who sees this more than awesome
More than just business in front and party in the rear

Mullet Watch 2009: The Tributes... El Camino Poetry

Not since the original "Gameday Post" has there been a true interest here at the World's Crappiest Blog. I mean... it's been very interesting to see the react of the cutting of the mullet... and what it really meant to a lot of you.
Some of you have even been moved to put your thoughts to poetry. This is just one of the many Acts of Awesomeness... that the mullet could move people to write such wonderful words.

From a loyal reader in Eastern Iowa...









From a Loyal Reader in Kansas City, Missouri...

To everything
There is a season
And a time for every purpose, under heaven
A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

This season we were apart of something phenomenal.
We witnessed greatness and a little bit of obsession.
As the playoffs came to an abrupt stop
So did the hopes and dreams of seeing the flowing goodness
And I've learned something, too. I've learned that a flawless profile,
a perfect body, the right clothes, and a great car can get you far in America
almost to the top - but it can't get you everything.

The mullet has come and will soon go.

In the words of Mick Jagger:
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes
you get what you need.

you get what you need.

Mullet Watch 2009: Teachable moments...

In no particular order… here’s somethings we have learned through the course of the mullet. As a loyal reader expressed in an email, “You know, the mullet does have some teachable moments.”

– The most rewarding part of having this sweet sweet hair have been being able to bring awesomeness where you go. I mean… friends, family and fans from all over have come up and said, “Dude this is so awesome.”

IT CHANGES HEARTS – So, all of the anti-mullet peeps… totally against it at first… but as time and awesomeness did its thing… thoughts changed. The same people who were so against it… began to embrace it… then giving tips on the up keep… certain conditioners that would make it flow better… the mullet changed hearts.

YOU DON’T MESS WITH WIN STREAKS – When it was clear that this was indeed a playoff mullet… you didn’t have to look far from the record. The mullet was undefeated on road when in attendance of 4 games. Not only a playoff mullet, but a road warrior mullet.

BELIEVERS – From time to time… I’d get peeps saying, “I can’t believe you’re doing this….” Then they would just stare at it… quietly… then just about every time they would say, “You know what? I can believe you’re really doing this. It is awesome.”

RESPECT – Throughout this process of awesome… I’ve gained a million more times of respect for people with long hair. Man… it’s a lot of work. Good job out of you.

Next up… The Tributes. The inbox at QCI HQ has been flooded with tributes from longtime fans… and some of our coolest peeps. As we get them… we’ll post them.

Cutting Schedule… some have asked… stay tuned…

Mullet Watch 2009 - State Fair questions and answers...

Hey QCI-ders… the Mullet Watch continues as we close up on an era. I guess I’m not very surprised about the mixed reactions being communicated to QCI HQ. So to start off the first part of this week’s 24 hour coverage of the last days of the mullet… We thought we'd answer a couple of questions that might ease some of the tension out there… you know… because we care.

Why not wait to cut it until after the State Fair? – This has been the brunt of the outrage… concerning the ending of the mullet. And while… common sense would… of course would make sense that if you’re going to have a mullet, the State Fair would be your Huckleberry… but then again… would common sense bring someone to grow a mullet? Chew on that for a bit… Plus… deep down… when push comes to shove? We just felt that the State Fair is… well… too overdone and way overrated (gasp!) yes… I know… I know… I said it. Seriously… its basically the same thing every year… except, they make something new out of butter. We’re not dissing it… we’re just saying….

What about the mullet contest? I have addressed this before… but, since no one is listening… I will repeat it. I don’t need a contest to tell me that the hair is awesome. For real. Being awesome is not a contest… its just a straight up lifestyle… Think about this… you walk into a meeting or a favorite eating establishment, you have everyone’s attention. All have the look in their eyes of, “Dude… this guy is serious, he means business.” Then as you suddenly are on your way to be seated and your profile is revealed with the bad ass awesomeness flowing in the back… you begin to hear whispers, “Man…. that guy has some sweet hair… wow.” No contest can top that… being awesome, just happens… its not a contest.


Mullet Watch 2009: The beginning of the end...

OK QCI-ders…. what a hell of a weekend… if you don’t know… check out Sunday’s SoundOff… and you’ll find out. Anyways… sadly… the Playoff Mullet is coming to the end of its days. So this week and the days building up to the day we put the mullet to rest… I figured I would spend some time sharing the awesomeness with you.

I mean… I’ve learned a lot during this extremely time of awesome. So for the days ahead… as we say good bye to the greatest haircut in a long time… we present to you this feature….

That’s right… Mullet Watch 2009 is in full 24 hour coverage now… In the coming days… we will bring you commentary… interviews… and much, much more… a perfect QCI tribute to a great haircut and an attitude that has brought so much hope to anyone and anywhere... the mullet. This will be a celebration of hope, peace, kicking ass and straight up being awesome. From music tributes… to very important safety tips… you get the picture… we’re gonna rock this thing so good its gonna want to make you jump in your car, find garage party in Jewell and bust out a “F’ing Aye John Deere Right!”

Stay tuned… from awesome flowing to the time it gets cut… you’ll want to be here when it happens.


Derrick's Big Day

Today is the day. #58 gets what is rightfully his. A place in Canton. Somewhere in Heaven, Lamar Hunt and other Chiefs greats are gathered with DT all giving him tons of #goodjoboutofyou's.
There was just something about him. As a Chiefs fan, you loved watching him putting just about every quarterback in league, on their asses. But he had the "watch factor." Meaning... even if you weren't a Chiefs fan... and just watching a game, you had to watch Derrick.... you couldn't turn the channel... because you might beat yourself up for missing an awesome play.
Today, he will be immortalized into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
We've always know you were the best there was, DT... Long time comming.