Scenes From An Irish Restaurant - My Debate Recap

“A glass of Guinness, a pitcher of Lite,
Gonna do some, live blogging tonight.
Grab a chair, get the TV straight,
Here I am, in a familiar place,
Candidates go face to face…

A bottle of Coors, maybe a Bud Light,
Will there be some sparks in this debate tonight?
They’ll let you watch anything you want,
In this Irish restaurant…”

Sorry for butchering one of THE great Billy Joel songs… but I think that’s the vibe of the night. Ready to start… away we go!

8:01 – Just getting the TV up and going, live music here tonight, not the best venue for a live blog, but hey, if you can’t practice this stuff at your favorite bar…. Where can you, right? Romney gets the first question

8:03 – No captioning on the main TV here, so I’m going to have to use the force (shout out Yoda) to figure out what they are saying. John McCain is up…

8:06 – In other news, John McCain got the endorsement of the New York Times… on to Rudy… my guess is he’s talking 9-11 right? Looks like they are talking about the economy… I don’t know, I can’t hear.

8:08 – Just caught that they are talking about the War on Terror… enter McCain

8:10 – Right on, Zach’s working tonight… Russert is trying to get Huckabee to pick a fight with Mitt

8:11 – panning off to McCain and Mitt… Huckabee is still talking… now Russert is trying to start another fight. McCain v. Romney taxes and spending

8:14 – Here comes some sparks… I think… right on Senator, it’s not just about cutting taxes, it’s the spending stupid… urgh… Ron Paul is still here…

8:16 – Ron Paul… RON PAUL! Ron Paul… RON PAUL! Not fan sometimes… but a catchy cheer.

8:19 – Rudy needs to start swinging if wants some traction.

8:21 – McCain talking spending is the real deal. He’s right. That’s why I support the guy.

8:23 – from time to time, I’ll get emails of saying what’s really going on in the debate….
- JMart at the Politico sez, Huck wants a super highway from Maine to FL, huh?
- AMPSEC has, McCain on Bush tax cuts
- ABC News Live Bloggers – say for the record Mitt took the first swing McCain tonight

8:27 – I can report the beer is cold, as always at Flanagan’s

8:29 – Question for McCain on War efforts… we’re going to lose the sound because of live music. Have bberry, will have stuff. McCain reminding everyone he was the only one who supported to outing of Rumsfeld and the new strategy…. Here comes the tunes… nice Bill is doing “Cats and the Cradle.” Hell yea!

8:34 – McCain looks relaxed and in control…

8:36 – Rudy just hit something on Ron Paul… he’ll be sure to get applause.

First Break – Looks like a pretty quiet one here in the first 3rd of this thing. Quick thoughts:
- Being a McCain guy aside here, Mr. Mayor, you are bleeding… keep this up and we will be reading your Fred story next week.
- McCain seems to be having a good night.
- Others, eh…
- Bill Matykowski is sounds good as always on Thursdays at Flanagan’s

8:45 – Can’t hear anything… but Bill is starting into the “City of New Orleans”. Looks like questions between the candidates? “Good morning America, how are ya… don’t you know me…” Ooops… need Zach’s help to charge the lap top.

8:48 – “And I’ll gone 500 miles before the day is done.” Damn I love that song. My Uncle Mark does a great version of it too. Ron Paul is talking McCain or something. Question to candidates’ time continues.

8:52 – Huck to Romney… Mitt looks mad…

8:56 – Mitt asking McCain, Bill is wrapping up… will have the sound up on the TV soon…

8:58 – Reading a good Traditional Irish Toast: “As you slide down the banisters of life may the splinters never point the wrong way.”

9:00 – Bill is done… good show my friend. Rudy looking animated. Sound up on the TV. McCain talking global warming. I subscribe to his argument on this issue… For you hockey fans, we are on to the 2nd intermission. Kind of feel like Ronald Reagan back in his WHO Radio days. Having to stall while reading the ticker covering a Chicago Cubs game. This stuff is kind of fun regardless of my poor planning and tech issues. With the sound up… let’s see how I do now…

9:05 – Williams to Rudy on his poll numbers in FL. Good question, actually. References the NY Giants… who are going to get killed Patriots by the way… but that’s for Big Peach post.

9:06 – Question for McCain about his Ma’s comments today, numbers with Rs and being a maverick… good answer… would I think any different though? Seriously, been saying this for a year.

9:09 – Mitt on the Clintons… decent answer… money question… how much has a spent? This is why I like Russert.

9:12 – Over hearing one of the townies here about Mitt Romney, “Man he’s a lot like John Kerry.” Couldn’t agree more pal. The Dems know this as well.

9:15 – Ron Paul asked about why he wants to abolish Social Security… here we go… oh hey, Phil’s here. Word up Phil… that guy is funny as hell! Visit Starbuck Drive-In in Nevada (pronounced in Iowa: Nah-vae-duh, even the President got it right on a visit to Nevada)… good food. He runs it… get the pork tenderloin… they are homemade in house.

9:17 – Huck gets questions on entitlement programs… kind of a late shot on Mitt… must of have been in the can for what…. 10 minutes? Bad timing… Fair Tax stuff…

9:19 – Mitt Romney a big fan of Reagan? Blah, blah, blah… no raising of taxes….

9:22 – Rudy on English speaking only for immigrants… why is he running ads in Spanish is the question… seriously… all of our guys are saying this, then run ads in espanol… sigh…

9:23 – follow up by Russert on Cubans… interesting… Anyone want to bet who goes first? Al Davis or Fidel Castro? Both Cuba and the Oakland Raiders will be better for it. Spoken like a true Chiefs fan, aye?

9:24 – Question to Huck on Chuck Norris’ questioning McCain’s age… good answer by Huck, endorsing McCain, again. Gov. Huckabee… respect you a lot… no seriously, we can always dust off a seat for you on the Straight Talk Express. I’m not biased by the way (snicker).

9:26 – McCain responds with his endorsement with Sly and Stormin’ Normin’… Remember the Chris Farley as Stormin’ Norman on Weekend Update? “I want Holyfield! I want Holyfield! You saw what these guns could do in the Gulf! Holyfield-Schwartzkopf! Atlantic City! The War on the Shore!” Man I love that one…

9:27 – Question goes to Rudy on the NYT endorsement of McCain and Clinton in tomorrows addition…

9:29 – Question to Mitt on the charge he changes his positions on which ever the way the wind blows. Blah, blah…

9:31 – McCain has a temper? While I outta!!! Man, I have to find the Doonesbury cartoon I kept by my desk for a while…

9:32 – Huck question about his faith in the campaign… good answer. Yea, I know my times are a bit ahead of the thing… my phone clock is just fast I guess…

9:34 – Ron Raul is… I should order some food… kitchen closes soon.

9:35 – Debate is over. This was fun. Bill sounded great tonight and is working on a few of my favorite songs for the next Thursday. Now on to the spin room and post debate stuff.

My post debate thoughts and what did I learn:
- Do better planning when you’re going to live blog… this was a practice round
- Nothing new tonight… honestly, couldn’t hear much of the debate… will have to catch the highlights again
- Rudy didn’t look like he gained much tonight. Good reference about the Giants, love me some sports references.
- I’m a big Russert fan. He should do all of the debates… he really presses the questions… love it on Sunday morning. “Go Bills beat the…”
- The Economy will be the issue this fall, duh…
- Florida Atlantic University’s Owl logo is becoming one of my new favorites… nice work.
- OK, all the spin about the MSM… but you want reliable stuff? I’m a NBC guy. Always have. You know the leanings of their guys and gals… but one of the oldest and reliable sources… blah, blah, blah…
- The staff and regulars at Flanagan’s really did humor me tonight while letting me do this little project. A very, very special thanks to all of them.
- Our party needs to couple cutting taxes with cutting spending, pronto. Our economy is looking troublesome. Giving out checks is not enough… we need the whole package.
- Looks way warmer in Boca Raton than in Des Moines (duh)… heat wave of 30s is on the way!

“Whooooah, Whoah, Whoah, Whoaaaaaaaah….

(insert piano and saxophone)

A bottle of Bud, maybe some High Life,
Lots of fun doing debate blogging tonight.
McCain did great and say want you want,
In this Irish Restaurant.”

Oh hey! My buddy Pete is here… order one more pitcher… until then “My friends” as John McCain says…