G$ @ 31 – Hey QCI-ders… it’s the day I complete yet another trip around the sun… you know that’s how we count years… right? Anyways… since 31 is kind of an obscure number and there’s all sorts of stuff going on… also, the fact that QCI is random as hell… we’re gonna tackle 31 things today… a sort of a wrap up, summary, fun and brain candy…

Let’s get some chatter on the comment section… comment on the randomnous!

In no particular order of importance or stature… here’s 31 things:

1. The Weather – Why not start with the one subject we Iowans know what we’re talking about… the weather… love the cooler temps… makes me want to tailgate. Fall , you’re finally here…
2. Duh – I love that now every dumb ass McCain hater in Iowa is bringing up Senator McCain’s position on ethanol subsidies. WHAT!?!?! He’s against that?!?!? Holy HELL!!! Let’s say it together QCI-ders… with a big loud collective “NO SHIT.” He’s against all subsidies… ass.
3. Cape Cod Chips – Are so good with AE PArty Dip... Fact.
4. Chili – Speaking of the weather… dudes… it’s chili weather y’all! I think I’m gonna have to make the famous $20 chili… 5 different meats! Woot!
5. Canadian TV – I know I should be heading to bed earlier… but I must watch Da Vinci’s Inquest! And ReGenesis! Holy crap… who knew Canadians had good TV… I feel so cultured…
6. Randomnous – I think I have covered this one, but hey… anytime is good time for a QCI PSA… yes it probably should be spelled, randomness… but I like the “nous” part better… you don’t like? Get your own f’ing blog.
7. Concerts – Alright so we have Metallica and Dropkick coming… the real question, when is NKOTB coming to tha DSM???
8. Chiefs/Carolina – Gonna be a tough one, but if LJ still is diaperless… we’re gonna be fine.
9. Hawks You think we got a shot Saturday? Remember Oregon State… that’s why you play the game.
10. As in Big Ten… the best conference ever… no question. You won’t win the argument from me. I will not budge. As Ms. Turner sez: “They’re simply the best.”
11. As in how many teams are in the Big Ten. Yes, they are that good… they have more than 10. The Big 12 (The Big Ten’s stepchild…) would like to add another team to their conference. Problem is… they can only count to 12… and no one would want to join anyway.
12. As in a cure for the election blues… sick of it yet? Drink 12 cans of ice cold Milwaukee’s Best Light… tastes way better while drinking in a garage in Jewell, Iowa. Scientifically proven fact.
13. We skip this one… we’re superstitious like that…
14. Debate Thursday
– Never too early to start jawing about it. “You spin me right round baby, right round….”
15. Speaking of PalinThe Fly Boys are on a roll… and they are bringing the sexy back when it comes to junior high humor and antics. Keep up the hard work of freedom gentlemen…
16. Holy Shit – Smoker Hating Emily is talking about something other than the U of I Rape Case at Battleground! For real? Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that the Cubs are in the playoffs 2 years in a row… oh wait…
17. LET’S GO ROYALS – Let’s Go Royals…. Let’s go Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra RA RA RA RA Royals! Hell yes… love the Boys in Powder Blue are screwing up everyone’s program…
18. Getting Older – Yea… it’s not so bad… only when you are trying match the same level of activity when you were 18. Then you only get sore… damn…
19. Sing To The Leader – Wow… Dear Obama Campaign, The Castro Regime called… they said nice try on the song… all you're missing is Elian Gonzalez… other than that… they want their song back… yikes. Of course… the Fly Boys are on it…
20. Old Ratty T-Shirts – Hey QCI-ders… working on a project. You got old T-Shirts you need to throw out? Email me… Sports team shirts preferred. Thank you.
21. Moleskin NotebooksAre they wave of the future… don’t leave home without them.
22. Speaking of the wave of the future – Facebook… why are you not on it yet? It’s the coolest… if you haven’t already… “Friend Me Up”…
23. 401 Keg Plan – with all the talk of Wall Street… I was forwarded on an article on investments:
If you had purchased $1000.00 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now beworth $49.00. With Enron, you would have $16.50 left of the original $1000. With WorldCom, you would have less than $5.00 left. If you had purchased $1000.00 of Delta Air Lines stock you would have $49.00 left. If you had purchased United Airlines, you would have nothing left.But, if you had purchased $1000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drunk it all, then turned in the cans for recycling, you would have $214.00. Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and save your cans. This is called the 401-Keg Plan.
24. DINOSAURS! Going to see them tomorrow night… will have full review Thursday. Who wants to tailgate it?
25. Metallica is cute? Another forward from a loyal reader… Metallica + Cats = Cute Overload
26. McCain in Iowa – He’s back again today… still need proof we’re a battleground state?
27. Another Great Blog… From the creator of the best Bush 2004 shirt… The great good looking “FRY AND I ARE VOTING FOR BUSH” t-shirts… here’s his blog. Matt! We need new ones this year!
28. Just In Time for The MLB Playoffs – Yo… check out these shirts and blog. Think of it as Busted Tees meets ESPN… and they put it on a T-Shirt. Love the Hackensack one…
29. Another articleto empower the inner sports art geek deep inside you…
30. I likes… here’s more sports logo genius from the boys at ESPN… and photoshop…

And finally….

31. Here’s today’s… tune of the day… because that’s how I roll on my B-Day….


DAMN HAWKS PART DEUX – Damn it Hawks… damn it. So the Heartbreak Hawks did it again. But look at it this way… now that I am finished with my 6 plus temper tantrums that spawned from the loss to Northwestern, I think I have a positive way to look at it. The Defense looked great. Stanzi the Manzi looked good… and he even manned up to the fumble on the post game show… saying “That was all me” about his fumble… classy Stanzi the Manzi… classy.

Dudes, if we don’t turn the ball over 5 times… we win that game. Shit, we turn over the ball 2 times and we win. I’m just saying, we play like that and not turn over the ball, the good guys may win another game.

Also, while I know I get behind these fads and hipster things of late (NKOTB just hit the Jewell air waves, humor me)… came across this hilarious and informative Hawk blog called: “Black Heart Gold Pants.” Check Ch Ch Ch Check it out…

CHIEEEEEFS!!!!! Holy shit! They won! And they looked damn good. Now, you know I’m gonna gloat about this… haven’t felt this good about a Chiefs win since… well, since October of 2007, the last time they won a game… This thing had everything that makes a jihadist Chiefs smile. First, out defense punched the Donks in the face early. Very physical. Then of course, it’s the Denver game. Nothing makes us smile than watching the shitty haircut 12 year old bitch boy Jay Cutler go down… did you see the cheap shot towards the end of the game? Is Jay gownna cwy? A little Chiefs trivia… what does Arrowhead Stadium call Mike Shanahan? The answer, “My Bitch.” Shanahan is now 3-11 at Arrowhead.

THE DEBATE – You’ve had an entire weekend for your post debate spin… I’ll keep mine simple… cause I’m minimal like that… Here is the official QCI take of the debate Friday:

Senator Obama should write a handwritten thank you note to John McCain for showing up Friday and giving him a lesson on foreign policy.

NANCY PELOSI IS A DUMB ASS – A little breaking news crap for you… Seriously? You’ve got everyone on pins and needles… and you wanna make a crack about POTUS before a serious vote? The Fly Boys are all over it. Hershel is on it. Listen, George Bush may not be your particular brand of vodka… but… are you f’ing kidding me? Have you all been watching the Dow? Holy shit… haven’t seen anything drop that fast since I witnessed the beer level in the Octobong with some fun loving coeds at an Iowa Tailgate… those girls weren’t messing around that day.

DUDE… Here’s a little song in honor Paul Newman… man that guy was good. Absolutely love Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid… so here you go… let’s have a sing-a-long!


WHY YOU PLAY THE GAME – Dudes… you check out the USC-Oregon State game? Holy crap! That was awesome. Love seeing Pete Carroll go down. Woot! Does this mean Dan Patrick will make the comparisons that Oregon State could beat the Chiefs? Sigh…

Anyways… last night’s game gives you this morning’s junior high humor headline: “TROJANS BUSTED BY BEAVERS”… ha ha…

OVER IN IOWA CITY… Alright, was asked by a loyal reader to comment on the firings over at our beloved UI. I think Sally Mason did the right thing… but hey! Yo Sally! If you are still in the mood… how about Ken O’Keefe?

Which brings us to a new t-shirt slogan soon to be popular at Iowa City Tailgating:

SPEAKING OF IOWA CITY… KIND OF – Now for some of you who already know… disregard this… but after mentioning this to fellow Hawkeyes… and judging by their answers… it should be announced. Dudes… you don’t have to go an hour and a half to score Wig and Pen. You only have to drive up to Ankeny! WOOT! Here’s the deets.

REALLY FREAKIN’ COOL POSTERS – Alright… check out these cool neighborhood maps. Stumbled upon them at Apartment Therapy. Have no fear, your favorite art nerd, G$ is on it for a DSM version. Very cool idea!

DEBATE… Is I gonna happen? Seriously? We’ll find out by 11:00am…


THIS IS SO BELTWAY… OK, so I bitched a little about the first debate for the election of the leader of the free world… is on a Friday night. You can tell the Beltway crowd is in charge of crap like this… the Commission of debates that is…

Kind of reminds me of a story I heard once about Peggy Noonan screwing up a few lines in a draft for a speech for President Reagan. Basically… she wrote about what she thought what a typical Sunday morning was in his speech. Going to brunch with her friends somewhere in Manhattan in the morning… President Reagan took a look at the draft and said (and I’m paraphrasing here)… “You think this is a typical thing to do on Sunday mornings in America? Most Americans I know go to church on Sunday mornings…”

What are most Americans… or at least Iowans doing Friday nights… they’re at a high school football game, out with friends, getting groceries… it’s the weekend. So we’ll see how this works. Look for the Dems to spin whatever out of this.

Go get ‘em. Johnny Mac!!!

HUH? WHAT? Did you know the sun also rises in the East? Every single day it does… in case you didn’t know…

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! QCI-ders… you hear about this?!?!?!?! DROPKICK MURPHYS ARE COMING TO DES MOINES!!!! WOOT! Hell yes! You concerts in the fall keep getting better!!!! They will be at the Val Air on November 19! Who wants to go? Email me… and now… have some Murphys…


CHAINS WE CAN BELIEVE IN – Here at QCI… we are all about checking out the local joints. Great news is, the DSM, has a tons of greats! From the Tavern, to Tumea’s, Manhattan Deli… and so on and so on… But there are a couple of chains that we could get 100% behind… if they were only here… 2 come to mind immediately… Dunkin Donuts and Chick-fil-a.

Now before you yuppy Crap Des Moiners (people from West Des Moines) start slobbery yelling at me at Chick-Fil-a in the Jordan Creek Mall… trust us… we know it’s there. We would just like to see it all over the metro. And with Chick-Fil-a, it’s still kind of local… their franchisees are all hands on and give it a local joint feel. As for Dunkin Donuts? We’re proud gas station coffee drinkers… it’s just that… Dunkin Donuts is so good! Once its touches your lips… you get the idea. What’s your favorite stops QCI-ders? Any joints we’re missing here in Des Moines? Or Iowa in general?

MORE GOOD NEWS FROM THE LAND OF METAL – In case you missed it… Metallica is the main story of the 1,062nd issue of Rolling Stone. Their first cover in 12 years. Check out all the deets here.

GET OUT THE TIN FOIL HATS AND BLACK HELICOPTERS – Alright, being retired from the day to day grind is fun… but, it’s good to know I’m still on a bunch of activists’ email lists… the other day I received this theory under the subject “October 5 Secret Exposed”:

On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary. This is timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2. There have been talks all weekend about how to proceed with this info.Generally, the feeling is that we should all go ahead and get it out there to as many blog sites and personal email lists as is possible. I have already seen a few short blurbs about this - the 'health problem' cited in those articles was aneurysm. Probably many of you have heard the same rumblings. However, at this point, with this inside info from the DNC, it looks like this Obama strategy will be a go. Therefore, it seems that the best strategy is to get out in front of this Obama maneuver, spell it out in detail, and thereby expose it for the grand manipulation that it is. So, let's start mixing this one up and cut the Obamites off at the pass - send this info out to as many people as you can - post about it on websites and blogs - etc.

Hmmm… not sure about all of this. But if you read Drudge today… you’ll find this and this that may want the Obama folks to rethink their pick. Thoughts?



Not so good in the QCI Football Department dudes… In case you couldn’t hear me screaming, it was a rough weekend.

GO HAWKS! …AND TAKE KEN O’KEEFE WITH YOU! - Damn Hawks… Damn it…. Oh well… but it looks like the 2nd half was Jake’s last shot to be the #1 guy. Slick Rick is getting the start per the DMR. Still how much did that suck… DAMN IT….

COULD USC BEAT THE CHIEFS? – Well, that’s the discussion on Dan Patrick today… sigh… damn it. For years my Pops affectionately called them the “Kansas City Cubs”… but since they clinched this weekend… we can just call them the Chiefs… because they are terrible… damn it… DAMN IT…

FROM THE GOOD NEWS DEPARTMENT – Zingo is in Des Moines!!! Woot! Check out Zingo! It’s the wave of the future… http://www.zingodm.com/.

!!!! In case you missed it… Metallica has been nominated as an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are one of the 9 nominees… 5 will be selected in January 2009. Of course they are gonna get in.

DEBATE… This Friday… stupid day to have it. Thoughts on this QCI-ders? Chat in the comment section.


Alright… I’ve kind of decided to boycott the news… or at least news sources that I can listen to that won’t make me break something… So here’s the Official QCI Media Safe List:

Anything with Gary Dolphin… Hawk Talk, Iowa pregames, games and post games. Anything with Mitch Holtus… Chiefs Kingdom and all Chiefs Fox Football Radio Network broadcasts. Car Talk… the only show you need to listen to on Public Radio. The Speed Channel… for the NHRA qualifying rounds. Law & Order… any of them… Mike and Mike… on 1700 the Champ. Food Network… duh. PBS late morning and early afternoon “how to” shows on Saturdays. Rush Limbaugh… so great to listen to him again. Anything on ESPN… with large emphasis on College Gameday. Sunday Night Football… even with Oberman, I can handle it…

(Disclaimer… as an alternative, you could add John Walters and the Cyclone Radio Network to the list… if you are into that…)

So basically… football, cars, food, beverage, Rush and building stuff… that’s how you can overcome the stupid media blues. But I can’t guarantee you won’t break anything during Hawkeye games… and Chiefs… wait, check that on the Chiefs, apparently they decided they want to suck really bad this year. Here’s some headlines and other subjects that will make a few pair of sneakers go airborne…

SARAH PALIN… Michelle Obama: Don't vote because 'she's cute' - Sigh… isn’t this the same reason why others are voting for your husband? Seriously, I’ve talk to these supporters… they love because he’s so dreamy.

MORE ON PALIN… Seriously… I love how the media has nothing… nothing… so all they want to do is attack. Also… guess what! BREAKING NEWS!!! Elected officials are indeed human… while the Grand Rapids bit is giving the otherside something to chuckle about… I’d take that before Joe Joe Biden’s wisdom that paying more taxes is indeed patriotic. King of Gaffes (Biden) aside… remember these people are humans… see also Dave Lamberti… sigh…

Now… let’s pause for a little inspiration from Coach Knight…

Don’t know why this fits in this post… just kind of pissed at the news and nothing sooths the soul like a Bobby Knight tirade… Plus… the Mesiah err Obama… said his supports should get in our faces… and argue… get in our faces? Expect a Bobby Knight response from QCI… just for your warning…

THE ECONOMY… You want the straight talk? Here it is. None of these dumb ass politicians know the answer. None of them. So they should have a coke and a smile and shut the f--- up. Like the first thing I wanna do is ask a politician how to solve this mess… sigh… More on their problem solving skills under DISASTERS…

POLITICS OF HOPE... Remember this horseshit we listened about during the Caucuses? Where is it? A positive campaign that will bring change. Instead, we get more of the same… constant bashing, grade school insults and rapid response nukes… so much for the “politics of hope” and “change you can believe in”… just politics as usual. Hey, we're no angels on our side... if you're going to say this crap... mean it, oh yea... keep forgetting about that thing about politicians...

DISASTERS... Fly Over has been keeping the Lug’s feet to the fire… and rightfully so. Seriously QCI-ders… while Iowans are a bit more modest and are the best at just “keep on keepin’ on”… this shit with the flood and disaster relief is going to go down as one of the biggest blunders in Iowa history. Kudos to all of the celebs and groups for raising money and awareness… a BIG middle finger to our state and federal (I’m talking to you… the morons in Congressional leadership) to your slower than slow (like my 40 yard dash) response to this disaster. Can’t wait to see how you all do with Ike… good luck Texas, you’ll need it.

Alright… while things aren’t bad as they seem… you know… the economy taking a dump… natural disasters… the NBC prime time schedule… ect… it’s not really the apocalypse… is it?
WAIT?!?!?! The Cubs are 2 wins away from the playoffs?!?!?!?! Maybe REM is right…


Meet the New 1st Round Pick....

Hey QCI-ders! Today is my nephew Harrison's QCI debut.

Check out the stats... Uncle G.
Full Name: Harrison Robert Young
Birth Date: September 15, 2008 – 5:03pm – Liberty, Missouri
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 8 pounds, 3 ounces
Shoe Size: Gonna be huge
40 Yard Sprint: 4.4 seconds
Favorite Teams: Kansas City Chiefs and Iowa Barnstormers
Source: UGNN (Uncle Grant News Network)

Harrison was born on the day that General Motors Corporation was founded in Flint, Michigan, exactly 100 years ago.
Source: National Buick Car Club Board Member and Proud Grandpa Rick

“De-troit” – From his Dad, Adam.
“The BIG Man” – By Uncle G.
“HR, Hot Rod” – From his motorhead Grandpa Rick.
Little H Man” – From his Grandma Janet.
Baby” – By Ainsley, Harrison’s Big Sister.
Source: From embedded reporters at Liberty Hospital


Alright… let’s get this crappy blog back on track with more posts.

OFFICIAL QCI REVIEW – Metallica’s Death Magnetic
Having listened to the entire album… a bunch of times… there are millions of words I would say about the 9th studio album by the Gods of rock. But I won’t, so here’s the breakdown. First, if you love the old school sound you’ll love it. It’s fast, it’s heavy… and it’s awesome. To sum up this album, let me put it to you like this… the Master of Puppets Album baby’s mama is the Justice album… Death Magnetic, be the baby. Caution, you will need a neck brace… for all of the headbanging will give you WHIPLASH!!!

RUSH LIMBAUGH – How great is it to listen to him again? Just a random thought… it’s great to be a Republican… and Rush is on his game.

THE GAME – Hell yes!!! Less than 24 hours to go! You know what QCI-ders… local sports coverage is done slobbering about Shawn Johnson… and on to better things… namely the BIG GAME, IOWA/iowa state or i-state… (seriously, you ‘Clone fans and alums are going to except this i-state branding?)

Let’s end the week with REAL smack! You got predictions? A good IOWA or i-state slam? Bring it QCI-ders!!!! There are prizes for closest score prediction. Best smack. And best comeback smack.

QCI Prediction: IOWA 42, i-state 7… but would be surprised if this game got more out of hand…

Best smack I’ve heard this week from a buddy: “I know it’s a heated rivalry with the Iowa/Iowa State game, but Senator Obama, you should apologize to the Iowa State Cheerleaders for your lipstick comment.”

Hawk fans, don’t forget to wear black! Have fun everyone! And bring the smack. Don’t bring this weak ass stuff up in this humpy bumpy!!!! GO HAWKS!!!!!!


He's at it again! Welcome back QCI Hawkeye Coorespondent Howard Jones for the IOWA-iowa state Preview. Go Howie and Go HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings QCI-ders –

This week is Iowa’s Super Bowl and no local Super Bowl is complete without a breakdown from Mr. Jones.

Nothing inspires like the Counting Crows…

First of all let’s start with some smack:

Q: How do you know the playboy on ISU’s campus?

A: He’s the one with a sheep under each arm…


Let’s get to the game:

First of all the home team has won the last 4 in a row in this annual match up of awesome versus lucky and that should give the hometown Hawks an edge heading into Saturday. Kinnick will no doubtedly look something like this (only during the daytime):

and sound like Grant’s you tube post on Monday.

I think Iowa’s biggest edge is going to be on the DL. You are all well aware of my embarrassing man-crush on Mitch King, Matt Kroul and Adrian Clayborn. ISU’s line is young and has had some varying levels of success against some soft competition. If this group plays up to par and dominates the line of scrimmage like they are capable then ISU is going to have a tough time moving the ball consistently. This will be a good test for Arnaud and Bates to see if they are up to BCS competition and one of the best 10 or 20 DL in the country.

Iowa’s defense has allowed 3 points so far this season. ISU has given up 45. I expect ISU to score more than 15 points against Iowa this year, but not many more than 15…

On offense it will truly be interesting to see how Stanzi handles success. I believed that the team couldn’t handle a Christensen meltdown but he hasn’t had a meltdown, he’s been solid, Stanzi’s just been better thus far.

Three burning questions for the Hawks on Saturday:
1. Will the QB rotation continue or has Stanzi secured the job?
2. Will the OL open up the holes that have been there through the first 2 games this year?
3. Will the receivers continue to hold onto the ball?

Three burning questions for the cyclones:
1. Can they win the turnover battle? Without it I don’t think they can pull it off
2. Can they build an advantage on Special Teams and big plays?
3. Does Seneca Wallace have any eligibility left?

I believe Iowa will win the game 24-16. I do think ISU will cover the ridiculously high spread but for the foreseeable future I’m taking the home team in this series.

Here’s to 50 degree weather, a brat and a beer! Cheers and Go Hawks!

OK… my bad on the lack of postage here. It seems everything is going 100 miles an hour with the Election coverage and commentary. Welcome to the sprint…

Seriously QCI-ders, things in G$-land are a little crazy. You got the new Metallica Album out tomorrow… (exclusive QCI review tomorrow)… It’s IOWA/iowa state week… it’s Chiefs/Raider week… and more importantly, I’m have been put on official Uncle call… (new Nephew here by Monday)… oh crap! I almost forgot!

It’s 7.2 Thursday!!!!!!

Here’s a good question for you Hawk and ‘Clone fans….

What’s your all time favorite Hawkeye and Cyclone football helmets?

Here’s some of mine…

Chirp away on the comment section… here’ the new Metallica video BTW…


IOWA-iowa state Week


There is simply nothing else to talk about the week other than the game... and Metallica's new album out this week. So let's start the smack talk.

Tons of good Iowa-iowa state stuff this week. Let's have fun. God I love College Football.

Here's a little something to fire you up. GO HAWKS!


PALIN POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright... postponing the Apollo post. Seriously yo, I tried to sit and knock out the post last night... but everything at the RNC was just too good to miss.

Yes QCI-ders... I am under the spell of PALIN POWER!!!!!!!

Who wouldn't, right? Knocked it out last night...

Republicans are feeling like Michael Jordan in game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals right now... we just can't miss...

Oh crap... I forgot...
IT'S 7.2 THURSDAY!!!!!!
Here's the question...
How good does it feel to be a Republican right now?
I'll start with the answers....


QCI-ders… sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days… moved out of the hood and trying to put the place together. Anyhow… enjoy these classics while I work on a mega post for you tomorrow… more on that after the classics…





TOMORROW’S POST – “Dude, you have nothing about the RNC, man… what up?” I’ll tell ya, everyone else has good stuff out there… I would be recycling the stories you already know. The Palin pick is awesome… but, as I said I have been moving over the weekend. And if you are G$, and you move… you have to deal with the 10+ years of campaign stuff accumulated. So I am in total sorting mode. Anyone looking for vintage bumper stickers? Yea… I’m a pack rat…

Anyways, tomorrow night John Sidney McCain will accept the Republican Nomination. So, as I have been watching the coverage… I’ve spent a lot of time (while sifting through all of the campaign crap) reflecting… thinking… remembering… Seriously… it’s been a lot of fun. So I thought, instead of doing all RNC coverage all the time… how about a telling a story. A story that has come full circle for me and my fellow McCainiacs.

You all know the ups and downs of Team Straight Talk. The Dark Summer as some of us call it. For the last 3 guys on the field team back in July of ’07… we dubbed ourselves the crew of Apollo 13 (one of my all time favorite movies). For real, at times, the comparison in our minds… was too eerie. Tomorrow… we nominate John McCain… many folks thought it would never happen… we did, the Iowa Team of Apollo 13. Stay tuned…

Oh, and here's a little video... to set the mood.