Hey QCI-ders… let’s get back to what we do best… kicking ass, taking names and being random all year long. Hell yea… bust out the ghetto blaster, a 12er of Beast Light (watching the figure) and crank it up for a little QCI YEAR IN REVIEW… I wish I was as talented as the 5th and 6th floors of Cumumlus Broadcasting… then I could totally make this like Chiefs Wrap… some sweet dramatic music with all the highlights… but, I’m not… so you will have to deal with this very crappier version. 205 posts, close to 27,000 visits… whoah… never thought I get this far. Let’s run through month by month with some of the greatest hits of the year.

Start the first dramatic tune…

JANUARY – The World’s Crappest blog posts… and begins to waste time for millions of people everywhere. (snicker) We were just a week or so past the Caucuses… and over at 621 East 9th… we were electing a new Chair. Stew is in to replace Ray Ray. But, there wasn’t just drama in Iowa… the primary was heating up. We kinda live blogged a debate… and all eyes were on Florida. We move on to February with another ditty to set the tone
FEBRUARY – We start the shortest month with Stuper Duper Tuesday… McCain pretty much locks up the nomination. QCI-ders got to know the power of 7.2 here, here and here. South Hamilton gots itself its first wrestling state champion. Who could forget the Legend of the Button Guys. We lost the Hoopty and I moved to the Hood. March would be coming in as a fierce Lion… and the heroes of the randomnous would not disappoint….
MARCH – So Favre “retires”… McCain officially locks it up… and the Jared Allen drama begins in Kansas City. But as for the state of the blog… QCI begins to really develop as a random blog. I mean if you surf around the March archive… all you get is random stuff… along with the idea that a McCain/Allen ticket would seal the deal… plus… it was really really f’ing cold… just ask the I-Cubs. The clocks keep turning and finally begins to get warmer with some salsa as we move to April
APRIL – The month of April got crazy random… The Chiefs traded Jared Allen (moment of silence)… we elected a new State Central Committee with a lot of fresh faces… the Royals opened with a sweep! The CIETC Trial began… sadly, South Hammies lost a voice… everyone’s favorite Arena Football team welcomed back fans… and another comeback became full circle… Krusty returned… then QCI totally called him out… which appearently pisses him off. With Krusty back… and primaires acorss the state heating up… April would be a month that started sparks into May… sparks that would burn into epic battles
MAY – Finkle and Eichorn, Eichorn and Rathje, Reed and Finkel!?!? The U.S. Senate provided a little drama here and there in what was to be known as the “Knifefight for the US Senate”… but the real show was in the 2nd District. The thing to do in May? Send fake emails. Also, we had our 69th post… haha… 69. And since we are suckers for the rubber chicken circuit… QCI did it’s first attempt at live blogging the Lincoln Dinner. As the battle raged on to Primary Election day, QCI had its fingers on the pulse as we moved on into the middle of the year.
JUNE – QCI started June with a large bang… with its (now legendary) Primary Gameday Post. It was probably the most linked and clicked post of the World’s Crappiest Blog history that solidified QCI as a must read for hacks, activists… and others who enjoy junior high humor. But with the primary over… that doesn’t mean we are drama less… because it’s State Convention Week. But the hype would take a back seat to the “F’ING STORMS OF 2008”… Have no fear, Convention would be held again… this time the battle was for the 2 seats at the RNC. QCI ended the month by putting on our tinhat and trying to predict the future. After 6 months and over 10,000 hits… QCI carried the banner for smokers… a Red Banner that is… right into July…
JULY – Just like our State Government… QCI was taken over by Communists… then defected… the went dark… but, as QCI-ders know, in the absense of light, darkness prevails… it was the first time that the phrase “El Camino Republican” was coined… positioning QCI into a methodical like status. Oh, and who could forget that Becky Greenwho thought she had a chance? It was July we predicted a Latham win. Next was the most randomnous month for QCI
AUGUST – Yea… August was a random as it got at QCI. A mix tap, National Conventions, Veep Talk, gearing up for a season of Hawkeye Football… Just surf the August Archives… wow. But the REAL news in our humble opinion was the release of an upcoming album… and just when you were getting sick of Shawn Johnson… news that would rock QCI forever… METALLICA ANNOUNCED IT WILL STOP IN DES MOINES!!!! And I moved out of the Hood! Woot! The World’s Crappiest Blog would never be the same
SEPTEMBER – It was a rather slow month… due to somethings out of our control… The Hawks beat that cow school in Lames ERRR Ames, Death Magnetic was released, Palin is picked… We welcomed the H-Man into the world… the Chiefs decided that they were going to suck this year… and I turned 31… pretty poor performance randomnous-wise… but have no fear… Rocktober was on the horizon
OCTOBER – More like Roctober. It was then that QCI really locked in on its destinct style… surf it. Pretty crazy, huh? We also dipped in to the KIOA catalog. Some pretty freaking awesome tunes. But it was the month, even with a months worth of build up to a historic election… QCI had Metallica on the brain 24/7. Then the editor completely rocked his face off at an epic show at the Well. Holy shit it was good. But with an election right around the corner… QCI pushed on…
NOVEMBER – Another election… another Gameday Post… just as popular as the last one. But the drama would not end on Election Night… as QCI woke up to Change It Wasn’t Nessasary Believin’ in… Enter Buickgate… and the whole stolen car story began and finished thanks to the fine folks at the DMPD. The Facebook Status of the Day got its start… With the election done and over with… QCI chimed in on some thoughts for the future of the party. Which would bring a December that would be known as “THE MONTH THE BLOGS WERE BURNING”…
DECEMBER – If they say successful teams are the ones who punch their opponents in the face first… the December started with the first QCI Smack Down… Then QCI turned “trouble maker” with a post that rocked the Rightosphere… Mulletwatch 2009 started… but the stuff that kept the month of December burning… was all things RPI… from the Chair Race, Censure… and secret meetings… bringing venom to the comments sections… enough for Krusty to shut it down.

With that much randomnous… 2008 treated us alright… but QCI is ready for 2009… hopefully the Chiefs will get their act together, we can celebrate a GREAT Hawkeye bowl victory, RPI can make a comeback, more junior high humor… and a little optimism wouldn’t hurt either. I think were ready for some of that. So as I raise a can of Milwaukee’s Best Light… here’s to kick ass randomnous in 2009! See you next year with renovations starting tonight… and the first post of the year next Monday… crank it up.