Conservative Groups, Huh? Technology In The Chair Race?

Hey QCI-ders… busy day… so that means a late post for our standards… and since we take our randomnous seriously… as do you… we try to get it right. Here’s a stack of stuff to hold you over.
WEDNESDAY MEETING – Dropped by the Wednesday Right of Center group hosted by Dr. Don Rachter. If you’ve never been you should go. It is modeled off of the ATR meeting in DC. There numerous state affiliates. Anyhoop… lots of good discussion. And QCI one of the dudes from DM Rightside. If you aren’t checking out… you should. Fellas got it going on. And tell ‘em QCI sent ya.
HERSHEL IS ON THE WAR PATH – You know what I like about Krusty… when he’s on something… he’s all in. Damn.
STRAWN IS IN WITH A SPLASH – This is probably the buzz of the day. Matt Strawn officially announced his candidacy for the Chairmen’s race… via an email and YouTube video to the State Central Committee. QCI was forwarded the email from a voting member of the SCC…

From: mstrawn@theiowabarnstormers.comDate: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 09:40:41 -0700To: Subject: Announcement Video for RPI Chairman
Dear State Central Committee members:

Good morning.

As I continue my travels across the state talking with you and your colleagues regarding my vision for the Iowa GOP, I also believe it is important to put those principles into practice. One example is utlilzing modern technologies to communicate with each other and Republicans statewide. In that spirit, today I have released an announcement video on You Tube publicly declaring my candidacy and sharing my vision for the party with all interested parties.

The Announcement Video can be viewed at:

Again, technologies such as You Tube are just one way Republicans can inexpensively communicate our message to the voters without having to rely upon an often hostile mainstream media.

Have a great day.


Matthew N. Strawn
The Iowa Barnstormers Arena Football Club

Then the ol’ email inbox started chirping at me. From a loyal reader… “The fact he used a YouTube this says something. Never thought about this guy, but now I’m going to stay tuned.” To be clear, the emails I was getting weren’t from voting members… Speaking of voting members of SCC… D-Chung has the video up and rolling as well. If you haven’t seen it… here it is.

BCS TO BE A FEDERAL CRIME? It’s about damn time. Earth to College Football pooh bahs and the NCAA… you gonna make a ton of money on this. It’s about time for a playoff system.
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS FACT OF THE DAY – So to continue the smack from the bet we made with FITSNews… here’s something you should know. Get this. We get better bowls than teams that beat us. That’s why Northwestern will be sipping margaritas on the river walk and Hawk fans will be getting a very bad farmers tan.

“So and so… says never fear 'Stormers fans. Arena football has NO impact on af2, we WILL be playing in 2009 and beyond!!!”

Here’s the deets.

YOU’RE GONNA BASH DK? So… who’s the smart guy who went after DK on yesterday’s post? Seriously? Darrell rules. And whoever it was… has no clue. Luckly, DK is his own man… and man enough to post on his real name.
CONSERVATIVE BREAKFAST CLUB – You looking for more DK awesomeness? Here’s some… he is spearheading the Conservative Breakfast Club. They packed the place last month. The next meeting is Tuesday, December 16th at RPI. Starts at 7:15, costs $8 for breakfast… to RSVP email here. Note, this is not a sanctioned RPI event…
GET OUT YOUR BULLSHIT METER – Sup with Shonn Greene not getting invited to New York? Huh?!?! What!?!?!? My hope is that Chiefs can get him… if they want to continue to suck, we may have a shot… that or Mitch King….

AND FINALLY – Because we loves ourselves some oldies here at QCI… how about some Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons? Good. Here you are.