It was a beautiful service and good times at the Hoopty Wake Friday. Special thank you to everyone passing along condolences. Today on QCI is Hoopty Day of Remembrance. As you are starting to find out, I get pretty sentimental once in a while. The beloved car was a part of many special moments and sometimes found its way to make a little history here and there.

Here’s some Great Moments in Hoopty History:

- From 2003 to 2004, the Hoopty was played a great role in Re-Electing President Bush. Massive rallies, numerous county GOP funders and summer phone banks. Some serious miles were put on during the campaign that turned Iowa to a red state for the first time in 20 years.
- Not immune to trouble, the Hoopty backed into Christopher Rants’ vehicle before venturing on to a Marshall County phone bank.
- The Hoopty braved the somewhat confusing interstate system in downtown Kansas City when its owner forgot his father’s tuxedo for Adam and Sarah’s Wedding.
- One day the Hoopty had the honor of being parked in the President of the Senate’s parking space at the Capitol. A proud moment when the car was parked in such a distinguished spot.
- On a wild trip to Chicago, the Hoopty graced the streets of Wrigleyville for some good reggae and good times. Even made it for a quick stop in Dixon to see Reagan’s hometown.
- Survived the 2006 elections and made numerous trips, parades and meetings on the Lamberti campaign.
- Helped kick off the Iowa McCain campaign… stayed steady during the dark days of the summer… and finished strong in the November/December to be a part of the biggest comeback in presidential campaigns.

She didn’t make it through one the harshest Iowa winters that ultimately brought the car down, but she did go down swinging. Even as “Larry the Scrapper” came over to take her on her last trip, she ran a little better than usual… almost like she was saying, “Come on G, one more year… I know I can do it.” Maybe she could have… but I know in all heart of hearts, it was time.

The Hoopty is now in a place where the “Change Oil” light never comes on, there will always be the perfect tire pressure… and a place where its owner will never leave piles of garbage and empty bottles of diet dew. All luxuries that she used to know very well, but over time, slowly lost… Hoopty, you were a great friend and I’ll always remember the good times. So… thank you Hoopty… Thanks for the memories…