It was going to happen… all signs pointed to it. QCI is now in official mourning mode.

Per John Clayton at ESPN.com:

Late Tuesday night, the Chiefs and the Vikings reached an agreement on a trade package, and at roughly the same time, Allen reached an agreement in principle on a contract with the Vikings. Upon reaching the contract agreement, Allen headed to the airport and left for Minnesota.

I’m trying not to be Debbie Downer and be all sad. Let’s remember the good times. The famous hog tie celebrations, the break out 15.5 sack season… or when introduced on Sunday Night Football (say your name and school) Jared said, “Jared Allen, homeschooled, thanks Mom!”

Although now the Chiefs are poised to “rule the draft” this year, for some reason to me personally, it still doesn’t feel right. I know I will accept it better once we get our 14 some picks this Saturday and when Allen puts on his new jersey. Put I guess you just have to let the pain hurt for a while... sometimes, its alright to let it hurt. Guess it's time to say good bye...

You’ll be wearing purple… and wearing #69 on your jersey… but you’ll always be #1 in our hearts. Thank you for making the bad times (4-12) in the Chiefs Kingdom, great times.
When you're moving your stuff from KC to the Twin Cities and need a quick pit stop, there will always be a cold one waiting for you at Flanagan's.

Best of luck and be good to yourself.

Your Pal,

PS to QCI-ders- Yes, this means I will quit crying and posting about #69. Because I know you care.

And now… for the last time on QCI, here’s Jared Allen and the most powerful mullet in the National Football League…