HAP HAP HAPPY HALLOWEENERS QCI-ders!!! Ha ha weeners… or is it wieners. Let’s get to this scary radndomness!

LATHAM 5 FOR 5 – Our hero TL is taking Becky Not Gonna Win Greenwho to the woodshed with newspaper endorsements… as everyone in the LBC is talking about. Hell even the Screamin’ Freeman endorsed TL… so you know the DMR has gone compeltely… (the new buzz word of Iowa Blogs) Bat Shit Crazy.

The U Dubs (UAW for those of you reading in Story City) have some dumb ass ads bashing Latham and then promoting Greenwho. Hey, I’ll give those Union guys credit… at least they are doing more than one ad. Greenwho Camapaign… are you taking notes?
LOCAL AND WEAK – Scarpino has a hit ad on EJ on the 50,000 watt blow torch of the Middle West. It’s kind of weak and if you are gonna attack someone on the radio… use some creepy old dude’s voice and spooky music… other than that… that’s a WEAK effort. Is Greenwho’s campaign running 2 campaigns?

FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO… love to remind people that John McCain is against ethanol subsidies… of which by the way… he’s agianst ALL subsidies… ASS… and this is pretty well know before anyway… so this is a non issue… morons…
Anyways, check out what the chosen one said about farmers… um… basically Obama thinks farming hurts the world… Here’s the article and Smoker Hating Emily and Crew is on it.
“That’s a stretch there G$.” Not my point here… this is why no one… NO ONE is diggin up this guy’s past… because it’ll show how much of a leftist ding bat this guy really is.
A loyal reader made a great point over a few adult beverages… “Look at this guy, he’s polished, well disipline gifted speaker. Has all of the right answers. But the one time an average person… non scripted question from the now infamous Joe the Plumber… his first instincts were to answer with probably the MOST Marxist answer I’ve heard from a candidate… Spread the Wealth. That’s all he could think of when it came to taxes.” Spread the wealth? Spread this. This brotha’s point is dead on.

Enough with the ranting… let’s see who’s on Facebook…


“So and so is… going to speak tonight at IUSB Lecuture series on Crisis Management...so much irony it hurts.”

Oh irony, sweet irony.

DON'T FORGET TO KEEP VOTING... Like we talked about yesterday for the Gameday Post.... MMM, Latham, Helland and 69 all have votes.

AND FINALLY… I posted this late yesterday… but worth watching again… I think Jim Rome did his entire show about this video. You can hear the cling to this guy’s head. Worth watching wat least 20 times… it’s only 12 second long.


UPDATE... Here's the funniest 12 seconds from the 2008 World Series. Do yourself a favor, watch this. CLICK HERE.

Um… it’s Hetfield, Stryker… but it’s all good.

32 TEAM PLAYOFFS? Want some feedback from you playoff football fans. Keeler has a theory. Agree?
SHOCK AND AWE ON THE BLOGS AND RADIO OK… the interview that is putting th shock in shock jock made news around thgalaxy yesterday. Smoker Hating Emily and Fly Boys got you covered. Wow… that’s all you can say… wow… I guess Deace is playing it again today per Smoker Hating Emily.
QCI-DERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Dudes… A-P won the $25,000. Great job everyone.


“So and So… voted last night. Now I need to find some ACORN folks so I can vote again.”

It’s that easy? Must be.

We are bringing back Coach, Kirk and Chris. The folks in the QCI War Room are finalizing their picks, snarkiness and fun. So we’re opening this up for a little discussion… is there a race out there you want the trio to make their picks on… post them in the comments below. The one with the most votes or mentions will get to be the mascot head pick. Voting more than once is not only encouraged… it’s a way of life… because we’re ACORN like that…

Here’s an instant classic… let’s hear it Coach…


Updated with another in the MUST READS...

LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY! Can you believe it? Can it
end any sooner? That’s the real question. So while we are in the final week… stuff tends to be more like camping… intense. Wait a minute… oh… you got it. Let’s jump in the QCI Millenium Falcon and cruise around the blogs that have got you covered… and other stuff.
JARED ALLEN IS RIGHT – The No Fun League, NFL for you folks in Story City, is kind of getting trigger happy with the fines as Jarad Allen speaks out. I wonder when the NFL will fine the Chiefs for having such a shitty team.
MUST READS OF THE DAY – The following are QCI-der Required Reading… get a fire hose… the blogosphere is on fire.
MUST READ #1 – In case you haven’t read it yet, and judging by the comments you have, Smoker Hating Emily at Battleground has a scorcher on the National Committee Woman situation. She’s making good points with both barrells firing.
MUST READ #2 – Fly Boys are off the hook today… as they have been all year. First, if you aren’t reading the Daily Dope… you’re on crack for not reading it. Today’s is like Mr. Pibb and Red Vines… crazy delicious.
MUST READ #3 - D. Chung at HawkeyeGOP is getting some attention for his post on the same issues Smoker Hating Emily is talking about. The grassroots is chirping QCI-ders... don't believe me? Just look at the comments.
MUST READ #4 - KRUSTY V. GREENWHO – Looks like there a few frustrated campaign staffers who have been ivading Krusty lately… don’t blame them. I mean, when you’re gonna lose… as we called the race with no precinct reporting for Latham last week, I’d do something to relieve the anger.
NOT SO MUST READS - So the Des Moines Register is Bat Shit Crazy again... let's breakdown the endorsements of the last couple of days...

GREENWHO? A chance to make history? By electing a woman? What about Miller-Meeks?
GMLB - So they went with GMLB, or Gay Marriage Leonard Boswell... 'cause he loves shimself some gay marriage, but if you read it... it's more of an unendorsement.
THEN WHAT'S HIS NAME - Then they endorse who ever is running against Steve King.

So what are these good for? You can use these endorsements for the liner of your bird cage, litter box, to cover your table when painting science projects... or make a huge paper mache head for the Gameday Countdown...


“So and so is… recalibrating my level of ironic detachment.”

Long words, amazing results. Nice.

Close honorable mention:
“Someone else is… wondering how to achieve FB status of the day at QCI.”
QCI-ders are taking over Facebook and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. Strong effort. Like real deal Holyfield strong.

AND FINALLY… Jonesin’ for some good vibes? How about some Good Vibrations… check out this vintage video…


HOLY CRAP… Dudes, what a weekend. Wow. Like Rush Limbaugh, we have a huge stack of stuff for you, in the randomous tradtition that we can only hope… pleases the QCI gods (our wonderful and loyal QCI-ders). Let’s try to line by line this… minus all of the logistical stuff… because QCI roll like that. Here we go.
SATURDAY - PALIN IN DES MOINES – Huge crowd… over 7500 for sure. Saw lots of new faces at the rally. Lots of women. Very encouraging vibe with this event.
PRESS PASS? Yea, some how the World’s Crappiest Blog scored a press pass.
IOWA ISN’T CLOSE? Um, they spend that much money in Iowa for a 3 stop tour. They just don’t with this much time left on the clock. Oh don’t believe me? Obama will be here on Friday… on Halloween? Is that some kind of omen?
INPLAY – Basically became the unofficial downtown HQ for QCI this weekend… I recommend the fried pickles… and it’s a great place to catch a game. Also, they have the Deal of No Deal arcade game… which is just as addictive as watching the show… minus the whole annoying contestants.
REAGAN DINNER – Good to see many of you loyal QCI-ders out there. Thanks for the kind words… high fives and insults. Shout out to D-Chung, Yoda, Real Sporer and all of the other brothas from otha mothas in the LBC (that’s Long Beach Crew… if you don’t know).
BROWNBACK SPEECH – The good Senator from Kansas knocked one out Saturday night. He really did. Best one I’ve heard out of a candidate in a while.
STEVE ROBERTS – Great tributes… here’s to you man. Thanks for all of your service to the party.
LIGHT ‘EM UP CHUCK – Senator Grassley was on like Donkey Kong. If you weren’’t fired up from that, the pilot light is out.
LATHAM – Is gonna win. Someone tell the DMR and all the other media outlets. The real race is in the 2nd. GO 3M GO!!!
DOS RIOS – Post game show for the dinner… decent place. It’s no Flanagan’s… but honesty, is there anything really close to Flanny’s? Didn’t think so.
NEW DAILY - Before we get to the the official QCI Concert Review… how about a new daily feature. “GASP!!!!! …a DAILY FEATURE?!?!?! You think you can keep up G$?” …um yeah, I can… ASS…
FACEBOOK STATUS OF THE DAY – Thought this might make a good daily hit on QCI… we’ll keep ‘em anonymous, to protect the innocent. Here’s our first Facebook Status of the Day.
“Someone is… going to paddle Rachel Rays fat ass if she says "Yumm-O" one more time.” Well done.
METALLICA OPENING ACTS - Can you believe it has been since 1996 that Metallica has played in Des Moines? Damn… me neither. To open it up was The Sword and Down. Never heard The Sword but love myself some Down. Both didn’t disappoint.
SIDE NOTE ON THE NEW ALBUM – Are Metallica fans going soft? Well maybe… there have been numerous reports and rantings on message boards about the production mixing of Death Magnetic. Claiming that it was mixed too loud. Huh?
PEOPLE WATCHING… at the concert rivaled the State Fair. What do you think the over under on mullets was?
GREAT SHOW – It really was. Losts of new stuff played… and a great mix of the old stuff. Cool custom DSM Metallica shirts and scored the official James Hetfield wrist bands.
WORDS TO LIVE BY… WITH JAMES HETFIELD – He says this at most of the shows… a mid point of the show… during a break, he shouts, “ARE YOU ALIVE?” Crowd screams, “YES!” James asks… “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ALIVE?” To answe your question James…. Pretty freakin awesome.

AND FINALLY… Back to the KIOA catalog… from the CD I won for being the 15th caller with the correct answer on Dick Bartley… Here’s Bill Withers…


In case you were unfortunate to make it out to see the Gods of Rock last night here's a little taste... see below.

Have a ginormous stack of stuff to head you way. Be patient QCI-ders... obsorb this for a bit...


OK QCI-ders… we’re getting to what is known over here at the QCIHQ as Metalli-Weekend… the new album is out and glorious… and our heroes of metal will soon be in Des Moines. As promised, we would try to smush Metallica and all things randomnous together. We’re also going to try to get some heavy discussion… so chime in… seriously dudes… I’m the only crappy blog out there who is on the lowest of low security when it comes to cmments… so let’s get chirping.

I’ve been asked a ton of times… “G$, what’s your favorite Metallica song?” My honest answer… it depends. Depends on the mood, situation, ect. I also have a top 5 going at all times… it’s always changing. So today, I will reveal… my top 5 Metallica songs and top 5 things going on out there… let’s see how this works. …IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

With no precincts reporting, QCI is calling the race for the 4th Congressional District seat to Tom Latham. Yes… we know this a bit jumping the gun. But for real… Team TL is run the best campaign of Latham’s career… Becky Green-who is out of money… and is noga… noga… not gonna win. You heard it here first. Did we jump the gun? Use and abuise the comment section.

One of the best live version of this song… I think… just by crowd reaction.

Reed comes out swinging and Tom Harkin is pissed. Hey Tom Tom, did you realy think you were gonna get a pass on this debate? While you may think you are at Grassley status… um… you ain’t there yet. Anyone watch it? What di you think?

Just like Reed last night… no remorse, no regrets… and one of my favorites from the Kill ‘Em All album

No question about it…. The quarterback situation…. Larry Johnson… Tony Gonzalez and everything in between… good news is we can get rid of King Carl when this is over.

Yea… just like being a Chiefs fan… love this one…

So you get McCain-Palin visits and the Reagan Dinner… who’s going?

One of the greats from Death Magnetic… WOOT!

Which kind of sucks… Hawkeye Hooliganism is the wave of the Future…

Metallica, Football and Cold Beer… nothing else matters…


MASTER! MASTER! Alright… so we’re still counting down to Sunday. I really can’t wait to hear the new songs played live from the Death Magnetic album… which is slowly but surely becoming my new favorite. Could even rival the Justice album with me… “GASP!!! WHAT!?!?!?!” Yea dudes… it shreads so well. But I would have to say they are at a tie right now. Do youself a favor and crank “My Apocalypse”… Holy Hetfield that thing is awesome… but let’s get back to the scoop of the day….

Today we are going to what many call the best Metal album of all time Master of Puppets to discuss our scoop of the day. As Radio Iowa is reporting… Chris Hagenow is getting hit on federal issues in a mail piece hitting the west suburbs… courtesy of Damage, Inc. (aka the Iowa Democratic Party) um… he’s running for STATE House… but nice try.

Basically… they are citing the State Republican Platform to stretch this more than a size 7 and a half hat on my larger than large noggin. And they use the Polk County GOP Site as a source. Which… unless I’m completely slow… I’m having a hard time finding the party platform on there. They have a worse works cited than any paper I turned in at the U of I… and that’s saying something… like they don’t care about the truth… just get it out.

But the Dems should becareful what they wish for… do they really want folks to examine their platform? You wanna talk about bizarre platforms… how about riding the fence on Israel? They are the Master of Puppets…

“What do you mean Master of Puppets G$” Look at Hagenow’s opponent, mayor of Windsor Heights, Jerry Sullivan. I’ve seen some of his ads… they are running him as the middle of road, good guy thing on TV. We’ve seen this in the past 2 cycles… moderate Dems… probably would vote our way a couple of times… but the Master of Puppets in the dem State House Leadership will be, to paraphrase, “…pulling his strings, twisting his mind and smashing your dreams.” See also the smoking ban votes, right to work, ect… their candidates deep down will want to do the right thing… but then, the Masters will remind them how they got elected… and then they will “Promise only lies…” And then “laughter, laughter… all you’ll hear and see is laughter… laughing as our state budget cries….”

So there you go… the House Democrats… the REAL Master of Puppets… hit it boys…


DUDES… THE Metallica countdown continues here at QCI. But I figured you all would get sick of it… yup… you are. So in a little twist… when talking about the scoop that you are all following, I will make an attempt to use a title of a song from the glorious Metallica catalog. Let’s see how this goes…

WHERE EVER I MAY ROAM – Team Straight Talk will be making 3 stops in Iowa this weekend. Look for good sized crowds out of this. The NW Iowa should be off the hook!
HERO OF THE DAY – Looks like 3M took it to loebSACK last night. Smoker Hating Emily and Crew and Hershel give props… even using the Lloyd Benson line… nice! This is the QCI MUST SEE VIDEO… HAVE MORE COMING STAY TUNED!!!
HARVESTER OF SORROW – I talked about the stupid ass DMR ads before… instead of instilling the doom and gloom on the radio… they should stick to stretching an international story that has the weakest of the weak Iowa ties… You know, let’s say a volcano erupts on some island in the South Pacific... the DMR will dig up a story about a person who was there on vaction who’s cousin’s sister’s daughter’s college roommate’s bridesmaid’s hair dresser was from Iowa… and that is truly an Iowa connection to run above the fold on front page.
LEPER MESSIAH – Love that song from the Puppets album… say “Messiah” and thought Obama right away… “Bow to LEPER MESS- I-AHHHUH!” Love that part...
CREEPING DEATH – Now… not sure how this song ties with the Flyboys… but… these guys are rockers. I have a feeling that when they are about to take off for another flight of righteousness and sixth grade humor… they would crank that tune… so good… just like their post today.
…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL – This song, just by it’s title… is so Hawkeye GOP. D-Chung has been laying down the justice like no other… and I don’t think he’s been given enough props for it. So here’s to you D-Chung (which is your new QCI nickname BTW)…
FADE TO BLACK – This goes to Uncle Ted… Sporer… listen, I’m the last guy to bitch about no posts… but come man! I’m sure The Real Sporer is brewing up some goodness.

AND FINALLY… Your Metallica tune of the day… and in case you were wondering… yes, I have those wrist bands and will be rocking them like no other on Sunday night… crank it mofos!!!!!


ALRIGHT DUDES… There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on. There really is. So if you want to catch all of that stuff read THE Heavyweight Champion of the Blogs Krusty, The Fly Boys, Smoker Hating Emily and Crew and Contitution Daily. All are pulling enough weight that makes a DOT guy nervous as they cross a bridge on a rural gravel road.

But at the World’s Crappiest Blog, your beloved QCI… we’re going into pilgrimage mode. Why you ask?

Because the best damn band in the land is going to be in Des Moines Sunday. The Countdown starts today… complete with thoughts and all things Metallica. But not without a little QCI-der particpation… so here is your question for today… What was the first Metallica song that got you going, “Dude, these guys are damn good”? Or if Metallica isn’t your brand of economically priced macrobrewed light beer… what was the band that got you hooked on them? Chat away QCI-ders… and for your Metallica video of the day… let’s just say, crank your speakers… allow enough room for your head to bang… and thrash…

Here’s a great one to kick off Metallica week…


WE KEEP OUR REPUTATION – For some reason this week… we didn’t feel like posting much here at the World’s Crappiest Blog. So we live up to our reputation as mentioned by Krusty, who can eat me by the way. Just kiddin’ you krazy klown!
SPEAKING OF HERSHEL – One of the reasons why I don’t post much sometimes… is because everyone else is pretty much covering it… and I hate to rip off storylines. Weird excuse… but it’s the truth… anyhow, friggin’ Krusty is in Heavyweight Champion form this week. Haven’t seen this much action on a blog since every GOP Hack in the state was employed with a caucus campaign and ripping each other’s nuts off. (sorry since Jesse Jackson has made the news here and there… just wanted an excuse to use that in a sentence)… anyways… check it Krusty… the undisputed heavyweight champion of the blogs. He’s swinging.
AND SINCE WE’RE IN RECAP MODE – My new favorites of late… the FlyBoys… are on a tear. Their feature “Friday Freak Show” is the must read of the week… well, all their stuff is good. But if you only catch on thing, catch the Freak Show. You can thank me later.
BATTLEGROUND ROYALE – Smoker Hating Emily and crew are worth catching… I’m glad they changed their ways from spreading a rumor and picking scabs to a fact finding mission… love their passion, commitment and tenacity for the cause. Just doesn’t mean I always agree with them. That’s why you should keep voting for Aplington Parkerspburg here.
BAR STOOL ECONOMICS - I’ve never had the tax system explained in ways that I could understand them…. Check this out:

By David R. Kamerschen, Ph.D., Professor of Economics, University of Georgia

Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this:

The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing. The fifth would pay $1. The sixth would pay $3. The seventh would pay $7. The eighth would pay $12. The ninth would pay $18. The tenth man (the richest) would pay $59.

So, that's what they decided to do. The ten men drank in the bar every day and seemed quite happy with the arrangement, until one day, the owner threw them a curve. 'Since you are all such good customers, he said, 'I'm going to reduce the cost of your daily beer by $20. Drinks for the ten now cost just $80.

The group still wanted to pay their bill the way we pay our taxes, so the first four men were unaffected. They would still drink for free. But what about the other six men - the paying customers? How could they divide the $20 windfall so that everyone would get his 'fair share?' They realized that $20 divided by six is $3.33. But if they subtracted that from everybody's share, then the fifth man and the sixth man would each end up being paid to drink his beer. So, the bar owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man's bill by roughly the same amount, and he proceeded to work out the amounts each should pay.

And so:The fifth man, like the first four, now paid nothing (100% savings) The sixth now paid $2 instead of $3 (33%savings). The seventh now pay $5 instead of $7 (28%savings). The eighth now paid $9 instead of $12 (25% savings). The ninth now paid $14 instead of $18 (22% savings). The tenth now paid $49 instead of $59 (16% savings).

Each of the six was better off than before. And the first four continued to drink for free. But once outside the restaurant the men began to compare their savings.

'I only got a dollar out of the $20,'declared the sixth man. He pointed to the tenth man,' but he got $10!

''Yeah, that's right,' exclaimed the fifth man. 'I only saved a dollar, too. It's unfair that he got ten times more than I!

''That's true!!' shouted the seventh man. 'Why should he get $10 back when I got only two? The wealthy get all the breaks!

''Wait a minute,' yelled the first four men in unison. 'We didn't get anything at all. The system exploits the poor!'

The nine men surrounded the tenth and beat him up.

The next night the tenth man didn't show up for drinks, so the nine sat down and had beers without him. But when it came time to pay the bill, they discovered something important. They didn't have enough money between all of them for even half of the bill!

And that, boys and girls, journalists and college professors, is how our tax system works. The people who pay the highest taxes get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up anymore. In fact, they might start drinking overseas where the atmosphere is somewhat friendlier.

AND FINALLY… Hey… I’s the weekend and I’m rolling to God’s Country, IA… where the beer is always colder and taste better in the garage. Since Fall weather is here… here’s another Garage classic to jam to this weekend…


Sorry for the late start this week QCI-ders… here we go…

HAWKS WIN! Hell yes! Good win, no fumbles, solid… I know, we played Indiana… but hey… a win is a win… we’ll take it. They play like that Saturday… then I think we got a shot at Wisconsin.
CHIEFS – For one weekend, the Chiefs didn’t lose… full disclosure, they didn’t play. But again… I’ll take that too. Next Sunday they face arguably one of the tougher defenses in the NFL with the Titans… at least the game is in Arrowhead. We have a shot.
ARRRGH – Even though they didn’t play… it still doesn’t mean the Chiefs can give you heartburn. Future Hall of Fame Tight End Tony Gonzalez is on the trading block… and doesn’t want to be in Kansas City anymore. I don’t blame him. A player of that caliber deserves a chance at a title before ending his career… it’s too bad we’re in year 9 of King Carl’s 5 year plan to the Super Bowl… sigh…
PUT IT BACK IN THE DUMPSTER WHERE YOU FOUND IT – So Hershel is doing the high road post on a lot of garbage in the blogosphere as of late last week. Then low and behold… enter David Chung with his post. This was bullshit from the beginning and it looks like the real story ERR the truth is finally peeking… that’s good news. The Fly Boys are so Lion King on this one, because it’s the Circle of Life, Simba…
WHOAH – 1000 point surge in the Dow yesterday?
METALLICA COUNTDOWN – Dudes… within 2 weeks, Metallica will be in Des Moines. As my neighbors can tell by the blasting of their sweet sweet sound from my apartment. I think deep down, they enjoy it.
MANNY BEING MANNY Man Ram is having the same effect as Kirk Gibson in 1988?
FINAL DEBATE – What are your early thoughts?
FACEBOOKI’ve mentioned this to a few people… but now I’m mentioning it to you… does it seem like there are more people joining Facebook lately? Or is it that I’m uber popular? I’m gonna go with that, more people are joining. As always… if you haven’t already… friend me up.

AND FINALLY… For your tune of the day… we keep it to the oldies… I think I’m gonna just celebrate my favorite catalog of oldies you listen to while drinking beer and hanging out in a garage in Jewell, Iowa. Thus, we bring you Looking Glass with this smash hit…. Do, dah, do do doo… crank it up and pass me a beer…


POLLS – Received an email from a loyal reader yesterday. He was kind of depressed about polls and the direction of the campaign. Hershel alluded to that a couple days ago. Anyhow… you see this poll that says this, another that says that… and you get Chuck Todd announcing the election is over. The loyal reader said we should post the following video in regards to Barack Obama… and all of those polls out there... Enjoy:

While everyone else is going doom and gloom… I also want to remind you that it was a year ago that NO ONE thought McCain could become our nominee… except for some folks over on 70th and Hickman in Urbandale that is.
I THINK WE FIGURED IT OUT – We are not the smartest strategists here at QCI… we admit that. And we know how uber annoying when someone comes up to you (as a staffer) and tries to solve all of this issues you could use some work on in you respective campaign… but we have a solution with twentry some days to go… LET JOHN MCCAIN, BE JOHN MCCAIN. That’s how he won the nomination.
THE FLY BOYSOur buddies knocked one out this morning… check out the freak show. They make a few good points…
SPEAKING OF SAID POST – Yea, QCI caught a little of the Reed interview last night on Deace… Today’s post by the Fly Boys… all points are dead on… Hey, we kind of liked you Mr. Reed during the primary… you lost us with suits… you broke an unwritten code someone should have told you about… see also Alan Keyes.
HOCKEY SEASON IS HERE – Anyone catch opening night of the NHL?
SPEAKING OF HOCKEY – Here’s Hockey Blog in Canada. They get their name from the “Hockey Night in Canada” which would be our version of Monday Night Football.
FOR YOUR INNER SPORTS ART GEEK – Keeping in with the Canadian theme… here’s some stuff from designer Roger Edwards.

AND FINALLY… With all the doom and gloom out there in the media… we busted out yet another great KIOA hit from the Buckinghams… love the Buckinghams…


BLOGGERS OF THE WORLD UNITE – Sometimes, the center right blog world in Iowa is a lot like an ‘80s teeny bopper movie… the dorky kid (QCI) , his happy go lucky smart alack sidekicks (the Fly Boys) and the innocent nice girl who turns hot at the end of the movie (Smoker Hating Emily) teamed up to spread the lurve above the contest for money for A-P… they are still leading, big time. And since we like to run up the score in ways Bobby Bowden used to… KEEP VOTING. Does this mean that Krusty is the cranky old guy mentor to the dorky kid? Hmmm… “You kids go ahead to the dance… I’ll just stay home…” Hell yes! Hershel joined in on the fun too!
DMR HAS SOME FUNNY CRAP SOME TIMES – As an out of state buddy of mine told me… “Who knew they did irony in Iowa? So… this bus driver for the Metro Transit received an award for safety the other day per an article in the DMR. The dude had 8 accidents. When they say don’t ride a train in DC after a certain hour… they say look out for those f’ing buses here in DSM.
OH CRAP – We are about to lose my favorite Iowa Constitution trivia questions. No!!!!!!!
WHEN VOTER FRAUD IS KINDA FUNNYLooks like the folks at ACORN… are getting busted. Who do these guys think they are? For crying out loud, it’s like the guys I traded football cards in grade school are committing voter fraud… the Dallas Cowboys starting lineup… totally fool proof.
HEAR ME NOW AND BELIEVE ME LATER – Alright… I’m sick of this being a story… so let’s set it straight… John McCain will win Indiana, North Carolina and Virginia. He just will… don’t spin me.
SIGH… OVER IN THE HIGH SCHOOL HALLWAY – Looks like some battle wounds are hard to heal. What makes for some funny chatter sometimes… still gets a little old. Just check out the Sharks and the Jets over at Krusty… sigh… although, I have to admit… I’ll still read it.
IN CASE YOU ARE KEEPING TRACK… Today is QCI’s 150th post… does this mean I get to have a sesquicentennial parade, a beer tent and beard growing contest? Someone try to stop me!

AND FINALLY… Still going KIOA on you… here is one of my personal favorites… Jay and the Americans…


DEBATE – What’s everyone thinking? No real sparks… no harm done.
QCI-DERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Aye ohhhhhh!!! Well, let’s not all start patting our backs at once… it seems the folks down in Arkansas had a change of heart. Another day… another email to fill the slushy puppy fund over at Huckamania… from the email:
Greetings, Team—
We are one month from the elections and as of today, the poll numbers indicate we have our work cut out for us. Americans are angry. VERY ANGRY. The recent bailout controversy has only stirred the seething rage that is bubbling up among taxpayers.
“Greetings, Team-“? Much better than “Dear Huck PACkers”. Well done… and now the Republic is safe.
SPEAKING OF EMAILS – If you are an activist… you get like what… 10 to 15 a day from PACs, Funds, also rans and never will be's, right? I’m kind of fascinated with emails… at least from a campaign/hack perspective. Somedays I wonder… does anyone really read this crap? Yes. Why would they send them?
SPEAKING OF EMAILS IN MY INBOX – I’ve received a couple of emails in the ole QCI Mailbag this week about the pictures posted here lately. You can put your tin hat down slowly… there’s no hidden meanings or anything like that. Just pictures I think that are cool. From random artsy things, to logos, ect. Just little confessions from a former art geek. You don’t like ‘em? Let’s all say it together QCI-ders, “Get your own f’ing blog!” Very good kids!
ANOTHER MILESTONE – Dudes… we cleared 18,000! Woot! And double woot!
IT’S NOT THAT BAD – People really need to have a Coke and smile… seriously. Don’t let the jerks in the media tell you otherwise.
VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN – Hey QCI-ders! Help Aplington-Parkersburg win $25,000 by voting for them at this link… and be sure to vote in a very Chicago way…

AND FINALLY… Another classic… since I’m going into a KIOA mood… ladies and gentlemen… welcome Tony Orlando!


DMR DOOM AND GLOOM – Yo… has anyone heard the new Register ad on the radio? Talk about Debbie downer for crying out loud… “Words are only words, until they impact you.” It almost sounds like an attack ad… dreary music… voiceovers with questions about gas prices, housing market, ect. I thought they would totally be pitcher half full types. No wonder their subscriptions are down… oh yea… it’s known as the Des Moines Red Star… how could I forget…
HERO VS. ZERO PART DEUX – Town hall style tonight. Advantage Johnny Mac. Forget the gloves coming off… who’s gonna bring the brass knuckles?
W. THE MOVIE – Am I the only one who really wants to go out and see this thing? Here's the Variety review....
CHAMPIONSHIPS SET – NLCS and ALCS are set… and we will be without the Chicago on Chicago action.
ANNOYING – If you cruise around the galaxy of center right Iowa blogs… there’s a little habit of folks that is uber annoying sometimes… you know the ones who post entire articles in the comment sections. To those of you who do that… here’s your peace sign minus one. There is this thing on the interweb called “web links”… it’s the wave of the future. So get with the program.
IS IT REALLY THAT BAD? Alright… a little survey time for you QCI-ders out there… is the world ending here? Everyone good? I don’t know… that DMR ad this morning really got me thinking… is it really that bad? It’s not… if the Register is telling you one thing… believe the other.

AND FINALLY… For your tune of the day… in honor of the Debate tonight… here’s the Spinners…


MORE BAILOUT – Alright, the Bailout is law… POTUS signed it and let’s hope it does something. Now… over the weekend… I overheard a table of patrons at a local watering hole discussing the issues of the day. I’m not usually that nosey, but one person in the group leading (if you mean lead by yelling) the discussion… brought up a point I haven’t gotten out of my head. He was going on about gas prices and then started rant about the bailout. Then he went all black helicopter and talking about how the end of this country is near. “Where’s the outrage, huh?” He said. “$3 dollar gas? We bailed out a bunch of millionaires? Where’s the f’ing outrage?” He slammed his shot and said, “Shit, we’ve been more outraged for less… remember those guys in Boston? The King taxed tea and they went nuts… for taxing f’ing tea! Where's the outrage?” You know… this guy might be on to something…
COMING SOON TO THE ALLEGANY COUNTY COURTHOUSE – Seriously QCI-ders… If I were Ben Rothelisberger, I’d be taking the offensive line of the Pittsburgh Steelers to court for assault charges. Good Lord. Also, is it me on this? How hard were they hitting last night? Damn…
F’ING CHIEFS – Urgh… well since my favorite team is going to be hell bent on sucking this year… I’m gonna take a look from the pitcher half full crowd… at least we can get a higher draft pick to possible trade for a quarterback…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Happy Birthday to my little sister April! Hope you have an awesome one.
‘PALOOZA - Shout to all who attended the annual shin dig… holy crap… I think we had a good time. Actually, I think the whole town knew we had a good time… Still. Trying. To. Re. Cover… Is this what 31 means?
ROUND 2 – The Presidential Nashville Star? Possibly… look for fireworks tomorrow. Thoughts?
JUDGE WANTS TO DEBATE PALIN – I say bring it. Listening to her rant reminds me of my favorite Chris Farley skit… when he was Stormin’ Norman. The similarities are numerous between the two… I can hear her now… “I WANT SARAH! I WANT SARAH! YOU’VE SEEN HOW MUCH WE CAN SCREW UP FLOOD RELIEF! NOW YOU CAN SEE WHAT I CAN DO IN DEBATE! ATLANTIC CITY! JUDGE/PALIN! THE WAR ON THE SHORE!!!” Funny thing is Lt. Guv Judge… why you were cracking jokes and yuking it up at the annual JJ Dinner, there are still folks in tents in Cedar Rapids… nice work out of you.
THEY DID IT AGAIN – Well… another major news story… another way to raise money for Mike Huckabee… and they used the most ridiculous and dirty salutation again in their fundraising appeal… a sample from the email:
Dear Huck PACkers-
I wanted to write you to convey my disgust with the passing of this 451 page bailout bill. Wall Street has gone trick-or-treating in Washington a little bit early this October. Wall Street is getting the treats and America is getting tricked. The “Axis of Arrogance” has tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the Main Streeters and in doing so hid a sty full of pork in a bill whose constitutionality is questionable at best. Friends, the folks in Washington continue to treat your wallet as their tip jar and this has to stop.

If you are going to continue to spam me with fundraising emails every other day… Stop. Using. Dear. Huck. PACkers. Now. Please…

AND FINALLY… Let’s keep today’s tune of the day simple… as in Simple Minds… crank it!


LEADERSHIP PACS – Can someone tell Huckabee it’s not 2012 yet? For crying out loud... Got another one of his appeals for money while trying to somehow tie himself to the Palin-Biden debate last night via email. There are tons of other also-rans and random never will be’s that are sending the same appeals for their slushy puppy funds.... We know one thing for sure… politicians love themselves some money… Another note… never… EVER, ever… evah, evah, evah, evah, evah, evah, evah, evah, evah… EVAH! Start your fundraising appeal with “Dear Huck PACkers”… sounds kind of dirty. Now I’m creeped just by reading that…
DEBATE – What’s your spin?
OH DAMN… Man, there are going to be some grumpy folks in the DSM… particularly Cub fans… down 2? Yikes… maybe they only need some California sun to get some wins… note to DSM Metro bars… keep the sharp objects back in the kitchen…
NEW STANHOPE BAR – Per the breaking news yesterday with Drudge Siren in tow… The Capri is open again… although it got a new name… Early reports from my cousins… is that it’s still a great hangout… new owner is a good guy. Looking forward to spreading some commerce the next time I’m up in God’s Country, Iowa.
HAWKS – I’m gonna say it… we’re gonna beat Michigan State tomorrow… just have a feeling.
I HAVE A REASON TO GO TO CRAP DES MOINES NOW – Errr, I mean West Des Moines (same thing)… any how… QCI-ders are used to me getting behind something that’s been around in the DSM area for a while… but alas, I have a reason to hit Crap Des Moines… Hungry Hobo. Back in the day, during the good ol’ U of I days… I wouldn’t just “go” to the Hungry Hobo on Riverside… I’d muh fuggin’ high tail that bitch to the Hungry Hobo… Oh. So. Good. Especially after a post game nap… glorious.
BAIL OUT – So the least popular people in the United States… The U.S. House of Representaitves… passed the dumb f’ing bailout… Hershel is all over it… don’t feel good about this one QCI-ders… like the first (and last) time I tried Skoal… feel kind of queezy now…
I’M NOT F’ING JOKING – Smoker Hating Emily at Battleground puts in her 2 cents… about the debate… not the U of I Rape Case. I’m serious… she is writing about something else. Good take… though I’m calling it a draw…

“AND FINALLY… AND JUST BECAUSE” ..wouldn’t that make a great band name? Or album name? Speaking of both… enjoy The Doves… Live.


Breaking News...

The bar in Stanhope is back open again... per Billie Shelton at the Screamin' Freeman...

Under new ownership and has changed the name from Capri Lounge to Big Pappa's...

Alright… there’s only one thing going on today… Veep Debate. Let’s get some good chatter today…

OVER/UNDER – What’s the over/under on Biden gaffes tonight

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – How many times will Biden say it?
MODERATE THIS – How dumb is the Commission on Presidential Debates? First a Friday night debate… now these ass clowns have a not-so-closet Obama supporter as the moderator…
MUST READ ARTICLEDudes… great story… Courtesy of Rick Reily from ESPN the Magazine…
WHO WILL WATCH IT? Seriously… most of the Metro will be watching the Cubs… hell, even Obama said he’s going to Tivo the Debate to watch the Cubs tonight, per his interview on Dan Patrick this morning…
COOL PRINTSCheck it out… there’s a Prairie City, Iowa one…
KILL SOME GOATS – Hey, it’s only one game… Cubs fans are you nervous yet?
PALIN – What’s your straight talk on Palin tonight? Is she ready for prime time?
FUN QUESTION – What would be your pre-debate tune? What would you have in the iPod before you hit the stage? Or what would you crank in the greenroom… high school football locker room style?
I-STATE – Anyone notice the new ISU logo looks like the Oklahoma State logo? Or is it just me?
DEBATE MEAL – A little dilemma here… need your help… Burgers or Made Rites? I can’t decide… decide for me.
INNER SPORTS ART GEEKHoly crap this one is pretty cool
FLY BOYSAre on their f’ing game… dudes… that Joker clip is off the hizzy…

AND FINALLY… Since I’ve been in this hip hop mood this week… here’s the Rockafella…


Kind of enjoyed the format of yesterday… let keep at it…

RAIDERS – Lane Kiffin is out at Oakland… here’s the deal… there are 2 organizations in the world that become 500% better when their leader dies… Fidel Castro in Cuba and Al Davis with the Oakland Raiders…
BASEBALL – Alright…So we have the postseason set up ready… Anyone rooting for some Chicago on Chicago action in the World Series? I don’t know if the Windy City can handle it… but, would be an interesting showcase for their Olympic bid.
NO ZIMA IN UTAH – Not that’s the first thing you think about when rolling to Utah… but if you feel like a Zima… you’re gonna have to bring your own.
NO LINKY – So I forgot to post the link of some revamped logos… courtesy of ESPN. It’s a few weeks old… but still cool.
THE BAILOUT – A buddy of mine passed along an observation about Monday’s vote: “I wonder if some witchdoctor is opened Congress with the grunting invocation: "Smell of burning money -- pleasing to the Gods!"
DINOSAURS – Checking it out tonight… wonder how big the leashes are for those monsters… bet they’re made out of some heavy material.
DEBATENice one Presidential Commission… my cousin’s puppy can pump a pillow better than you can recover a fumble like this friggin’ mess that only can be the product of lightweight beltway hacks…
MORE ON THE BAIL OUT – Alright… I am a self admitted non-economist. But everyone is talking Frannie this and Freddie that… maybe this has been said already by some late night host somewhere… but is anyone thinking this thing is a really twisted geeky Mother Goose story? “The Story of Frannie and Freddie”… except this is one of those where all the King’s men couldn’t put them back together again?
OLD BAYLove the stuff… although, my pals out East have enjoyed it for years.
FOR THE DO IT YOURSELFER – You good with your hands? (not like that…. sickos) Nah, do you build stuff? Live in a fixer upper? If you don’t use this place already… learn it. ReStore. Cheap hardware… lumber… and everything in between. And you’ll helping a good cause and be just a little greener.
AGAIN – Just listened to the Big Show. Let me answer this for everyone. No, John McCain does not support subsidies. That included ethanol… and anything else that receives subsidies… oil, ect. He believes in renewable sources of fuel and energy… it’s a national security issue. If you have any other questions… email me.
MORE SPORTS ART BRAIN CANDY – Dudes… this goes out to you hockey fans. Check out Icethetics. You can literally get lost on this site… it’s that good.

AND FINALLY… your tune of the day…