Sup QCI-ders. How are ya? Fantastic then. Today, for my 100th post, I thought I would stir up a little discussion. I have this little comment thinger at the bottom of these posts for you to chime in. This should get fun.

There’s been a lot of chatter out there about what kind of Republican one person is and what kind of Republican someone else is. Country Club Republicans, Wacko Republicans, Right Wing Republicans, Republicans on a Stick, Reagan Republicans, Bush Republicans, Grassroots Republicans, Harry Republicans, Hairless Republicans, Good Looking Republicans, Ugly Republicans, Moderate Republicans, Republicans in Moderation, Crazy Republicans, Cool Republicans, Blueberry Flavored Republicans, Republicans who wear Crocs, Southern Republicans, Wierdo Repubicans, Freaky Deaky Republicans and so on, and so on.

But today I want to highlight a few factions of the party you may not have heard about. Why? Because we don’t bring that weak ass stuff up in this humpy bumpy at QCI, that’s why. They are never heard of or represented. Which is sad. These Rs need some lovin’ too. So here’s a huge heaping portion of love from the World’s Crappiest Blog.

BIG REPUBLICANS – These are one of my favorites. The ones who claim they are “Big Republicans.” My buddies will usually introduce me to these folks. Here’s a quick little play by play on how I meet these “Big Republicans”…

BUDDY OF MINE: G$, you’re a political guy. You gotta meet Biff, he’s a Big Republican.
G$: Oh yea? Big Republican, huh. Like a super sized Republican?
BUDDY OF MINE: Nah man, he’s huge Republican. I’m sure you know him. Biff, meet my buddy G$. He’s a big Republican too. You guys probably know each other.
G$: Hey man. Nice to meet you. So you’re a big R huh?
G$: Yea a Big Republican. What campaigns have you volunteered for? Or do you just send money?
BIFF: Uh, volunteer? Um, well, I don’t really get active. I’m conservative. Love listening to Rush Limbaugh. Were you listening today? Rush had this great point. You know where I can get a McCain yard sign?

All jokes aside, I love Big Republicans… we count on those guys for votes. I just wish I had a dollar for every time I met one.

EMO REPUBLICANS – There kind of punk rockers… dress a little funny… Tight jeans, long bangs, studded belts, and wearing something black. You look at these Rs and you think, “Skate or Die!” But always seem sad. They say things like, “Being a Republican is my only love in this cruel existence.”

ELCAMINO REPUBLICANS – The most forgotten and least cared about in our party. Why you ask? (El Camino is Spanish for… “the camino” btw) It’s because all factions of the party are jealous… jealous of their sweet hair. Business on top and party in the back! Seriously, how many elections would we win if the El Camino Republicans took over the party? Um, throw me a sleeve less Skynard shirt, a Pabst and a mullet… and I will show you landslides. Look for your favorite candidates to be sportin’s some sweet hair soon. This is the October surprise. The Mullet. Forget the issues of the day. I can hear undecided voters right now, “You know I really don’t like his stance on the War in Iraq… but man, that guy has some sweet hair. I’m gonna vote for him.”

I think I’m a cross between an El Camino and a Rock ‘n Roll Republican. You know, I heard this was a classy event, but I came to party. So what kind of Republican are you QCI-ders?