Weekend Update with Grant Young

Woo whoo! Start the Music... Long time since we brought out that graphic. You know QCI-ders, we’re proud El Camino Republicans… but I think you could consider us Dennis Miller Republicans as well. We love every single one of the “Rants” books… completely awesome Christmas gifts for the QCI-der on your list. Anyhow… we’re bringing sexy back to QCI with the Weekend Update… bring on the randomnous!

KRUSTY WORKS WEEKENDS? He has a little diddy about the Harkin crew and Conoco. Seriously though… decent read, but the real buzz is that Hershel is working weekends.
GRASSLEY IN TROUBLE? Hardly… so this Research 2000 poll is out. Seriously, not gonna beat Grassley. I don’t care what you got. Only if Jarad Allen was running against Grassley… then I would be nervous. Because who could deny that awesome hair… seriously… from the ESPN SportsNation Chat the other day… here’s what Allen had to say:

Sean (Philly): Jared, what is up with the Mullet?
Jared Allen: Oh, you shouldn't even have to ask. It's probably the greatest haircut in American history, so I rocked it.

Other than Jarad Allen entering the race… QCI, with no precincts reporting, and 2 years away… has called the race… Chuck Grassley has been re-elected to the United States Senate. How’s that?
IT’S REALLY REALLY A HAWKEYE STATE – Damn y’all… who knew the Hawks were good? Great win. That pretty much gets us the HyVee CyHawk Trophy, right?
SPEAKING OF THAT SCHOOL IN LAMES er AMES – Our favorite Iowa Stater is back!!!!!! (I know a little late on this) but Cyclone Conservatives is back with a post… but word around the street is that h’s not gonna last long. So here’s the deal… QCI-ders… email Don and tell him he should stick with it. Make him cave to the pressure.
DAMN MAN… DAMN IT – So the Bearcats lost. That sucks. Oh well… great team to watch. Not bad for a senior class who has been to the National Title game all 4 years of their career. Who’s in for a Maryville road trip to check out one of their games? Seriously, never had a bad time down there.
CHIZIK TO AUBURN????Seriously… I’m even with you ‘Clone fans when we all say a huge, WTF. Seriously. Wow. Somewhere in the ISU Athletic Department HQ, things are being broken and trown against the wall.
STATE CHAIR RACE – So Hereshel had his breakdown the other day. The only buzz QCI can report, is the chatter in comment sections around the Rightosphere and one of the candidates blogs. Also, looks like Matt Strawn is taking his show on the road… per an email sent to the bloggers. Other than all that. There’s not much else out there.
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS FACT OF THE DAY – So FITSNews… what you guys play when you win a game? Don’t plan on playing it… plan on getting know this song… BTW, in heaven there is no beer, because the Hawk fans drank it here.
“So and so… is excited for Turducken tonight!”

Hell yes. Me too!

AND FINALLY… We are busting out another OJ Simpson, a guilty pleasure. Seriously dudes… CRANK. THIS. UP!!!!!!!!