Have a take and don't suck - The QCI Smack Down 2008

CHIEFS WIN! And we beat Oakland in Oakland. Awesome!!!
I MISS JARED ALLEN – Oh man… he had a great game last night. And his mullet is coming in perfectly.
QCI FACEBOOK QUICK STATUS – “So and so… can’t spell and is at work.”
TO YOU MINNESOTA FANS – You’re welcome… Jared Allen is a god.

Alright… “G$, what’s with the quick takes?” Funny you should ask. Since many of the Iowa blogosphere traditions (if you can call them that) stem from the Jim Rome Show… I thought we’d have a QCI Smack Down. You know. Give your thoughts… crack your jokes… and bring you’re A game.

RULES: There are 3…
1) Have a take and don’t suck
2) Don’t have diarrhea of the blog. You know what I am talking about
3) Have fun… (junior high humor encouraged)

Extra bonus points… for having the stones to put your name with your smack. I will be keeping score. But if you can’t… I understand.


1) State Chairman’s Race
- Who do you like?
- Why?
- Don’t give me the same shit you posted on 5 other blogs… bring your A game.

2) What’s your big idea?
- Gotta a big idea for the GOP Organization?
- GOP Operations?
- Reform Iowa Government?

3) 2012 err 2010 Guv Race
My bad Anon 3:42... let's throw the presidentials in there too...
- Who do you like?
- Why?
- What can we learn from last time?

Winners will get props and prizes... more on that later... There you have it QCI-ders… WAR a good and fun discussion... and WAR some serious and good smack. I'll start...