Told you the blogs would start burning up… there’s too much stuff going on not to. There’s a whole lot of stuff out there today and more to come with the Saturday meeting over at 621 East 9th. QCI-ders… we kind of feel like Rush Limbaugh with our radnomnous stack of stuff today… but, our stack is totally crappy… ah well… you’re here anyway, right? Let’s get to it.

QCI-DERS ARE HILARIOUS – Got an email from an avid and loyal reader... could be some truth to it... “Rock on! I will be reading QCI to see what happens Saturday. Dude, it is like high school all over. But with less attractive people.” Oh snap! Oh no you didn’t! You know what would help?
MULLET WATCH 2009 – That segway couldn’t be served up anymore better than if you added mash potatoes… huh? Will G$ grow a mullet? Vote on the right hand side. Again… if I grow one… I hope I can get to half of the coolness of Jared Allen’s sweet sweet hair. Have you voted yet?

LEHMAN AND THE SECOND – If you haven’t heard yet… the 2nd CD GOP Peeps got together to condemn Kim Lehman for the whole IRLC v. MMM thinger. Which continues the drama… you want my guess… as I agree with D-Chung, she’s probably not gonna get kicked out of the committee/and or resign. Why you ask? For one, I think the committee has moved on and secondly, as Hershel said earlier this morning… the rules for removal are at the RNC level… not the state.
D-CHUNG IS YOUR READ OF THE DAY – If you haven’t already, go read D-Chung… he has a break down on the whole Lehman Drama and Chair’s race. Plus… did you know there’s a big meeting Saturday at RPI? “WHAT!?!?!?!” “HUH!?!?!?” “There’s a meeting?” Watch it smart asses… and yes keep your eye on D-Chung’s blog for the deets from a guy who will be there.

QCI FACEBOOK STATUS OF THE DAY - Yea, we left it out yesterday...

“So and so… is scared of Chris Dodd's eyebrows. Can the committee do something about that?”

Yea man… yikes.

THE RACE FOR STATE CHAIR AT RPI – So… the World’s Crappiest Blog broke the news yesterday about what’s going down in the LBC. Which sparked some discussion out there… via those patriots over at the Iowa Defense Alliance. We were corrected by a couple of readers who said the “Run the Table” plan maybe derailed per the State Party Bilaws. But if they have the votes… I’m sure they could do what they want. But as an “unnamed insider” emailed me yesterday, “I do not believe he has the votes to pull it off. He does not have my vote. Further, I will be very angry if they try to ramrod this through on Saturday. It is NOT on the agenda.” So what’s the bottom line?

THIS THING IS NOT OVER – It’s wide freaking open… you heard it here first… there will be no votes for a new chair this weekend. My opinion (that’s worth zero), activists and SCC members want the wait. Even the ones who think we should move quickly… they are walking back from that line. You don't believe me... check out the comment sections across the Iowa rightosphere... what's your take QCI-ders?
A SHOUT OUT TO THE RASPBERRY BERRET – Dudes… QCI is getting famous! (snicker…) Our favorite lefty blog gave us a plug. Thanks dogg. Yo Deeth, what do you mean a distinctive writing style?
DEATH MATCH FOR 1ST IN THE NATION STATUS? You know that would be interesting… although reading someone’s comments that said, “In Iowa they pick corn, in New Hampshire, we pick presidents” made me want to grab a pitch fork and go to battle… how about a more calm… less death like match up? We get one… the University of Northern Iowa takes on the University of New Hampshire this weekend in the playoffs... playoffs in college football? What a novel idea.

AND FINALLY… I know this one is our repeat offender when it comes to the Tune of the Day… but with all the stuff going on… Don’t you think this song is appropiate? Do yourself a favor and crank it as you read throught the randomnous… and keep your questions, comments and insults a flowin'...