Snowy Sunday Funday at QCI

A Sunday post at QCI? "Huh? What?" Yea... who knew right? Anyhow... QCI-ders let's get to the slushy, snowy randomnous for a Sunday Funday at the World's Crappiest Blog.

I WOKE UP EARLY TO WATCH THIS? Wow, is the bench pretty thin there John Bachman? Did you catch Inisders today on 13? Mike Morain from the DMR to discuss the future of the Arts? Listen, love myself some drawing and getting all creative... but I thought the show was called "Insiders"... you know politics... ect. What a joke. As the kids are saying these days... FAIL!
HAWKEYE FOOTBALL WITHDRAWAL - Dudes... what am I supposed to do on Saturdays now? Seriously yo. What is a fella to do? I guess get reaquainted with Iowa Basketball again. Man, how much did Steve Alford ruin the thrill of Iowa Basketball and it's enthusiasm from it's fan base. Well... Coach Lickliter gave an exciting win last night... buzzer beater against K-State. Yea... I know, it's K-State... but Alford would have gotten has ass kicked by them... so WOOO WHOO!
NOT SO BREAKING NEWS - In case you haven't heard. Renee Schulte won the recount out in Cedar Rapids. D-Chung has the deets. Nice work House peeps and Congrats Rep.-Elect Schulte.
DRESSES? UM DRESSES? "You're gonna discuss someone's dress on QCI, G$? Have you looked in a mirror in say, a year?" Word. Now I wouldn't even touch this story... but a stupid article in the DMR and an email I recieved from an activist helps put this thing together. First, I remember on Election night when Obama did his speech in Chi Town. I also remember the ladies in the room saying, "What the hell is she wearing?" ...and "Seriously? That's hideous." Listen, I usually make it a point not to comment on stuff like that. "Does this make me look fat?" Um... "How does this look?" Seriously... I can get myself in trouble in 2 million other ways... I'm not smart... but plenty smart not to get into those discussions. So... the DMR is doing another on of those, "A volcano in the South Pacific erupted and someone's brother's, cousin's, sister's, fiance's, roommate from college was killed" stories. Aw yes! The IOWA CONNECTION from the DMR!!! (seriously, there must be a special department at the DMR). Anywho... it turns out the dress that Michelle Obama wore on Election Night... was designed by an Iowan. Great... other than the snow... I know what the local affiliates will be talking about tonight at 10... (sigh...). Now here comes the rub... I wouldn't have thought twice about this story, until I remembered an email I recieved last week... with the following pictures attached:

Hmmmmm... Interesting...

"So and so... says..snow..yep..we're in Iowa."

I'll admit... looks really pretty out there.

WHAT'S NEXT - QCI-ders... it's gonna get a little heated here in the next few weeks. The upcoming Chairman's race will dominate the blogs... which I find kind of ironic that we'll all be talking about something (other than D-Chung) that no one has a vote in. Just saying... thought it's a little ironic. The State Central Committee meets over at 621 East 9th for it's December business... speculation, gossip and commentary will be everywhere. Looks like Sunshine (formerly Smoker Hating Emily) and the Gang at Battleground are in heated discussion of who it should and should not be. Again, I wonder how many of the same 9 or 10 people posting their comments can actually vote in the matter? My guess... zero. But we'll all be here to talk about it.

AND FINALLY... because a Sunday post here at QCI can be considered... special... here's a favorite from... The Specials...


QCI Random Update Friday Vacation Post

Hey QCI-ders... a little post for you today... if you are even around. I'll update it with random thoughts, answers to your hate mail and other things... so treat this like Drudge... (ok... being Drudge for a day is a stretch) but you may want to hit the refresh button a couple of times today.

Updated - 9:25pm
WE'RE GOIN' UPTOWN - So yea... a little stop at Mischelle's is in order... word is part of the Young clan are up there. Hardy Burger anyone?
BOISE - Caught the end of the Boise State game... undefeated 3 out of the 5 last seasons... bringing legend to the Statue of Liberty move. Nice work.

Updated - 5:17pm
SPEAKING OF HOLIDAY SHOPPING - A loyal QCI-der passed along a link to some hilarious shirts he sells. Check out http://www.rizzotees.com/. Thanks Rizzo. Also... as a special discount for QCI-ders... use this code: C6FC9NRD... you'll get 10% off. "You mean reading G$'s crappy blog can get you discounts?" Um, hell yes it does. I'm kind of partial to the Fair Trade shirt...
QCI FARM REPORT - Hey... they're still tilling up here. Missed a few loyal QCI-ders out and about town.... because they are still in the field. Per my cousin Kempton... they should be wrapped up with the tilling over at Young & Sons Farms tonight... just in time for a good garage session.

Updated - 4:20pm ... haha, 420
DUDES... TUNE OF THE DAY - Man I love digging through old mix tapesin the basement. Here's a great live version of Hummer... by the Smashing Pumpkins. Great band. Wonder if Ma threw that t-shirt out... and if it still fits.

Updated - 3:47pm
FOOD - Yo, QCI-ders... man oh man... I love the Thanksgiving leftovers. Whoah. To paraphrase Father Cavanaugh from Rudy, "After years of religious studies, I have come to two conclusions. There is a God and I'm not him." Let me add some more Father... I'm pretty sure when God guided all of us here on Earth to this idea of the Thanksgiving Holiday... I gotta think God was thinking, "These guys are gonna love turkey... but they're gonna love it more when they figure out how to deep fat fry it." True... I have to believe fried turkeys are the way the Lord intended us to cook them. Oh yea...
BIG 8 FOOTBALL - At the time of this random thought... we're finally getting some decent games today. The Pitt/WVU game was good and we're getting some of the old Big 8 Football excitement. This Husker/Buffs game is gonna come down to the wire.

Updated - 3:21pm
LETTERS, WE GET LETTERS, SACKS AND SACKS OF LETTERS... (Ha, sacks) Hey thought we would answer some comments here lately.
GAS TAX - From "Mark in Oskaloosa". He mentioned the rope-a-dope that comes with gax tax increases... and mentioned that QCI has no interest in the discussion on what the party should stand for. Far from the truth my friend (side note, Oskie is one of my favorite towns in the 3rd... beautiful town). Anyhow... Mark you are right that there are some as our friend Yoda may say "fall to the darkside" when it comes to this issue. I hope who we have there now, can hold tight... and keep the spending and increases to a minimum. But this issue is a central point on what our party should stand for. Lower freaking taxes. Seriously dudes. Talk about playing prevent defense in the next session (which is going to be brutal).
72 HOUR PROGRAM - There has been some talk here, elsewhere and in my inbox about the "72 Hour program." Yes... it needs to be revised and upgraded... total agreement with my Iowa Defense patriots. But my point is about never forgetting the premise of the program. This is how we can revise it. Yes... hell yes, there's need to be an early voting component added. Like yesterday it was needed. The absentee part... needs to have real resources added to it. Technology... we need impliment this into it as well. There should be no reason that anyone should be getting a call if they have already voted. Be remember the premise of the the idea... identify your voters, advocate to those who are on the fence and turn them all out. Gather 'em up and flush 'em out. Would love to hear other's suggestions on this... because I think there are regional differences that owuld need to be factored into all of the equations.
BIG IDEAS FOR IOWA - You guys kind of missed my point on that random thought. What can we do to reform Iowa Government... you know... than the obvious of throwing out taxers and spenders... what's your ideas for reform? I'm completely serious whe I say my readers are smarter than I am... Listen, I know that you all have all eyes on 621 East 9th... and for good reason. But whoever is going to lead... what's the big ideas? What can we do to make Iowa government more efficient and and actual value for the most government employees per person capita in the in United States?

Updated - 12:49pm
I SHOULD QUIT BITCHING ABOUT THE CHIEFS - I know one thing I'm thankful for... that I'm not a Detroit Lions Fan. Wow. At least the Chiefs make an attempt to win sometimes... then break your heart later. And how much did those games suck yesterday? Thank God for a Newhart marathon.
THE ECONOMY - You know what? I think some of the politicians and economists are full of shit. All we heard towards the end of the election and now is... "recession" and "worst since the depression". I say bullshit. Things aren't that bad at all. "What gives you that idea G$?" Because after I was killing my 7th turkey sandwich last night while watching the evening news... there was a line of people... not for soup... but for $100 laptops.


The Night Before Thanksgiving is a long to the top if ya wanna Rock 'n Roll

THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR – Football season is one of my favorites… Love Christmas… Actually... I really like Lent (dude, Church fish fries are off the hook). But I gotta tell ya… nothing beats the night before Thanksgiving in God’s Country, Iowa… It’s just fun. It gets better every year. So… for all of you South Hammies out there… and or God’s Country newbies… here’s your...

QCI Guide to the Night Before Thanksgiving in Jewell:

AXIS LANES and PLANET PASSENGERS (The Bowling Alley) - 712 Main Street, Jewell
Live music in the Planet Passengers Bar. Always a good hit… If you’re lucky Ray may fire up the keyboard… be prepared to sing along.
JEWELL GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB (The Golf Course) – 1225 Main Street, Jewell
Ever since they built the new clubhouse… this place has held steady as a must stop on the Pre Turkey Day Circuit. There will be Karaoke and good times had by all. And they have these ginormous beers. They are huge… even on QCI standards…
MISCHELLE’S FOOD AND SPIRITS – 621 Main Street, Jewell
Great food… perfect first stop before you roll up and down Main Street. Plus, they have cool stuff on the walls… kind a Jewell museum if you will. I recommend the Hardy Burger… with Cheese Balls.
MALIBU LOUNGE – 707 Main Street, Jewell
The ‘Bu… the Jewell main stay for years… no doubt everyone will eventually end up at the ‘Bu. It’s just the law in most cases. Although, I silently judge them for getting rid of tap beer... no worries... we still love ya.

THE BLOGOSPHERE IS DEAD – So yea… of course it is… even Hershel used a Drudge article… dudes… it’s a Holiday week. I predict some heavy comment numbers in the next few weeks. SCC Meeting at RPI and Chairman’s Race will be all the chatter. Stay tuned.
YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY Looks like QCI-ders want a mullet… will it win?
QCI PROGRAMING NOTE – While you are stuffing your faces this weekend and/or looking to avoid awkward conversations with your relatives… be sure to stay tuned here… we’ll be answering some of the fan and hate mail we’ve been getting. Good Holiday Escape Reading if you will…

“So and so... is hoping to see everyone come out to JGCC for drinks, Karaoke and good times tonight!”

The Golf Course has an online presence? Nice work man… hope to hear you belt out some ACDC tonight.

AND FINALLY… Bagpipes, rock ‘n roll and Angus… perfect combination for some driving home tunes! See you crazies in Jewell tonight!


NOT MAKING THIS UP – Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet… but it looks like 2 Iowa fans wanted to send the final Big Ten game in the Metrodome… with a bang. Check it out. Holy. Cow.
EL CAMINO REPUBLICANS HAVE MORE FUN Alright… I have privately discussed the idea of sporting a mullet… you know, ‘cause I’m El Camino like that… so a loyal reader thought I should put it up to a vote. Against my better judgement, I’ve started a poll under the QCI Public Service Announcement on the right hand side of the blog. Mullet? Or no Mullet? It’s in your hands now.
THERE’S A RACE FOR IOWA GOP CHAIRMAN? Huh? What? You you don’t say… Hmmm… A debate on the soul of the party? Get out of here… For real?
KRUSTY IS GETTING RANDOM – Our favorite Klown is serving up some good randomnous this week… almost like some really good Thanksgiving sides… Hershel is also auditioning to join Team Palin. She needs it dude… that video is some of the worst staff/communications/really bad work I’ve ever seen on an interview. Go to Krusty to check it out. Seriously…

“So and so… has all of your HOLIDAY NEEDS! We have GOGGLE HATS and OFFICIAL FOOTBALLS and of course, SEASON TICKETS!!!”

Hmmm… I wonder who’s status that is? Hmm…

AND FINALLY Dumb video… GREAT COVER of a classic. Turn it up!


Hawks Win, Chiefs Still Suck, G 'n R and 2012

HAWKS – QCI-ders… that my friends was a Hayden Fry-like beating. 55-Zip! Love it. Now we’re definitely Florida bound, in my humble opinion. The national pundits forget how much the bowl peeps love themselves 30,000 of their black and gold clad midwestern friends invading their area. I think the best headline ever… was the Miami Herald during the Orange Bowl, “THEY’RE WHITE, THEY’RE POLITE AND THEY’RE EVERYWHERE – Iowa Fans Invade Miami Beach.”
TOLD YOU SOPer the DMR… Vilsack ain’t gonna be Sec of Ag.
CHIEFS – Sigh… man they are so bad. Although, gotta tell ya… for as terrible as the Chiefs are… their Radio Broadcasts are the best in the NFL… I know I’m biased… but think about this, they have to be that good to still listen to... when the team sucks so bad. Props to Mitch Holthus in the pregame show yesterday. Chiefs quick fact… the Chiefs Fox Radio Network is the 4th largest in the NFL. Heard in 7 states on 56 different stations.
QCI-DERS MAKE HISTORY – Of course they do… QCI-ders made Rock ‘n Roll History this weekend. It was the first time in Rock ‘n Roll history that the band had to tell the audience to keep it down. Mad props to Sonny Humbucker. F’n aye John Deere right you guys Humbuckin’ rock! Loved the Bill Withers bit… excellent.
CAN G$ SURVIVE IN WEST DES MOINES? Yes… only if I’m in the buffer zone… and if I’m gonna catch a Hawkeye Victory at the Skybox Lounge. Yes… I went to Crap Des Moines this weekend… I was in the buffer zone, had sunblock on and had a rosary in my pocket. Don’t worry I made it back in DSM proper… and got to Flanagan’s before I turned back into a pumpkin… the Republic is still safe.
RECOUNT MINNESOTA – I know there are QCI-ders in the thick of the Minnesota Recount right now. Post some comments from the experience. Anyone getting to chase a Ryder Truck for 10 hours? Awe… memories…

“So and so… Forbes.com: Mitch Daniels says "Yes you can."

Yes!!! I’m an unofficial Hawkeyes for Mitch chair! Sadly... he won't run. But it would be great if he did...

G n R VS. CHINESE GOVERNMENT – Well… Chinese Democracy finally hit stores yesterday… a project from Guns n Roses that started in the studio in 1994… and the Chinese Government is pissed.
SPEAKING OF 2012 – It started this week… everyone in the LBC is talking about the return of Huckamania… but the Jindal visit is sparking some chatter. Enter Battleground and D-Chung. I was at the Skybox watching the Hawkeye thumping… so for you QCI-ders who were at the Jindal event… what did you think?
YOUR QUESTIONS, COMMENTS & INSULTS – Have Thanksgiving Dinner sized post answering your chatter out there… without the food coma... but with masshed potatos if you would like... with butter... no gravy... It's coming later this week. Thanks for all of your participation!

AND FINALLY… All the hub bub about G n R… totally gets my favorite G n R song in my head… Crank this up!


Focus on Iowa and Big Ideas

"G$ has 2 posts in one day? Your car didn't get stolen again... did you?" On last Friday's post about the Iowa Comeback... I promised to post the article about Mitch Daniels and his big win on a bad night for Republicans.

It's today's MUST READ. I hope you take a minute to do so.

Deb Thornton posted in the comments on HawkeyeGOP about Daniels as well. Although I disagree with you on the 72 Hour Operation Deb... how do you think these folks got out?

So here's "G$ Moneys Idea/Question for the Weekend"... what are some bold solutions or ideas do you have for the State of Iowa?

Here's an example... a buddy of min ehas always argued that the state of Iowa should get rid of the fleet and just have a rnetal care accounts.

What's your idea?

Crack, Smoking and Faith

A little hat tip to the radio for feeding somethings to get random with. Another big shout out to all of your Nic-Nac kids... it's been 10 years. On to the randomnous...

SENATOR JACK KIBBIE IS SMOKING CRACK – Well… if you listened to his comments on WHO, you might think he is. He said Democrats would look for an increase on gas taxes if Senate Republicans were on board. He also goes on to say that there are numerous people who are on board for a gax tax hike. Democrats (of course they are), Republicans (cough, cough… Bullshit, cough) and Independents (double bullshit). Hey Crack Smoking Kibbie… guess what? Senate Republicans aren’t gonna be on board for that... Also, I’d like to see you polling that suggests Iowans are ready for a gas tax hike. One more thing… I don’t care how bad your county roads are… an economy like this and you want to raise taxes. Keep smoking that crack…

I R L… MORE LIKE "I R SUCK" - For you race fans, farmers and Iowans… you just got a huge middle finger. The IRL (the Indy Racing League), who has a big race out in Newton (the Iowa Corn 250 errr Iowa Ethanol Fest)… made the announcement that they have secured a multimillion and multi year contract with a Brazilian Ethanol Company… I’ve haven’t heard Farm Guys on WHO this pissed off in a long time. The Newton Track is gonna be alright... but if I were the Iowa Corn Growers... I would fire up the political machine... IRL... you just messed up bigtime.

MRS. CULVER SMOKES? WHAT? HUH? Oh yea… so Big Lug’s better half got busted smoking in a state vehicle… She was busted by a DMR Reporter… which is a huge no no per her husband’s law. While it sucks to be her… this just goes to show how dumb this law is…

SPEAKING OF SMOKERS AND PEOPLE WHO HATE THEM – So… looky here… Smoker Hating Emily chimed in on the Mari Culver story. Of course Smoker Hating Emily would… But she is WAY off on one of her points…

“…there is no reason in the world for Mari Culver to still be smoking. With the money she makes as an attorney, and Chet’s state benefits package, all she has to do is go to the doctor and get some Chantix or Zyban and be on her way. While she’s at the pharmacy picking up her prescription, she can also get some nicotine gum and patches to help as well.”

This is an obvious opinion from someone who has never ever smoked. Now, I’ve never tried to quit smoking… but… I have numerous friends who have tried to quit. Some successful… some not so good. It’s not as easy as taking a perscription drug to kick the habit. Sorry… it ain’t that easy.

“So and so… The Friday Line: Ten Republicans To Watch http://twurl.nl/66ww6q.”

Interesting list… also... have you joined the QCI Fan Page on Facebook? Just do it.

FOR ALL YOU KIDS STILL PLAYING THE BLAME GAME… Here’s a great article from Michael Reagan you should read… actually… everyone should read.

AND FINALLY… Let’s liven it up a little… we ranted a little today and yesterday. But ya know… things are looking up… you know? I’m a pitcher is half full guy… I guess… you just gotta have faith… take it away boys! ..oh and GO HAWKS! BEAT MINNESOTA!!! TA TA TA TAMPA BABY!!!


Don't You Care?

Alright... QCI-ders, we're reporting from God's Country, Iowa for today's post as I am picking up the Buick. The LeSabre looks great and ready to ride... but how about a little randomnous for the road? Have small a cooler and know gravel roads like the back of your hand? Well then enjoy this roadie randomnous!

WOOT! Just checking the South Hamilton Record News and see there is going to be live music up at the bowling alley... holla! Thanksgiving Vigil tradition... nothing like bar hopping in a small town! Woot!

ARRRRRRRRRRGH! Seriously guys... I think I'm getting a little obsessed with this Pirate thing.

LET'S GO HAWKS!!! Come on Hawks! I need a Tampa vacation!!

SIGH... Is it me? Maybe it is. I could have sworn that the Caucuses were done... last January. I think most of you know how that ended up... right? Why are we still debating the ins and outs of Caucus. This isn't rocket science... is it? Krusty is rehashing that mess again. And the Krustacians are restless... sigh...

ARE YOU A FAN OF QCI ON FACEBOOK YET? QCI-ders... spread the lurve for the World's Crappiest Blog by joining the QCI Facebook Fan Page! Go to Facebook, search "QCI", then scroll down until you see the World's Crappiest Blog... then click "become a fan"... and then... you will be the coolest person on the internet... or at least on Facebook... or at least within your network.

Great segway to our favorite daily feature....


"So and so... is thinking it would be funny if she did something crazy & out of character...like get a job, move, disappear, go on a real vacation, get married, abuse drugs...;-)."

Hmmm... vacations are nice...

THE DUMB ASS BLAME GAME - Holy crap... seriously? One of the big subjects that's lighting up comment sections of the blogs lately is this really stupid dumb ass blame game. Sorry... there's no other way I can put it. It's everywhere... "It's the Social Conservatives fault!" "It's the moderates fault!" "If we only had 1,000 more McCain/Palin barn signs!" "They were too conservative!" "They were too moderate!" "It's the Pro-Lifers fault!" "It's the Pro-Choicers fault!" Blah, blah, blah, blah... f'ing blah. For crying out loud... has anyone blamed the Iowa Federation of Republican Women yet? What? Anyone? You are all blaming every other faction... why not those evil doers!!!! Well, WHY DON'T YOU!!!!

Obviously I'm joking about the GOP Women. You're getting my point, right? Now again, I am not the sharpest tool in the garage... but if everyone is blaming everyone... and everyone has some valid points... don't you think we as a whole party failed? Think about that for a while.

AND FINALLY... because... somedays I wonder... here's a little question for all of you infighting... I've asked the Smothers Brothers to introduce the song... "Don't You Care" by the Buckinghams... yes, I know you all care about the party, that's why you are in the thick of it... Let's circle the wagons and have a real discussion instead... cool? This is obviously just a stretch of a question to use as an excuse to play another Buckinghams song... I'm a big fan.


Pirates, Huey and Facebook

QCI-ders… longtime. No Randomness. Here’s a little something to get you over the humpday…

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH – Dudes, how many feakin’ pirates are there out there? Wow. The general public is gonna find out how crazy maritime law is… if they haven’t already. Unbelievable.

THE IOWA BLOGOSPHERE IS BURNING – In the words of Joey Lawrence… “Woah.” With rebuilding on the minds of the center right blogging world, you knew it would happen. Surf around… y’all are lighting up the comments. Nice work.

LET’S TALK CARS – Well in a political sense. The looming buy out for the Big 3 is dominating the news. Again… no economic wizzard or Wall Street guru here… But Mitt Romney offers up some ideas from an industry he grew up with.

CONFESSIONS OF A HAWKEYE FOOTBALL VIRGINCheck out this awesome article by an Iowa Gameday First Timer.

I’M NO TREKIE BUT… Might have to check out the new Star Trek. Per the trailer… Does Riverside, Iowa get some props in this one?

“So and so is… takin' what they're givin' 'cause I'm working for a living.”

GREAT Huey Lewis and the news reference! Also QCI-ders… is it me or are there a whole bunch of people taking the Facebook plunge? Don’t forget to friend me up, join the QCI Facebook Group and join the QCI Facebook Blog Network… what’s nect for QCI to use and abuse? Be on the look out for the QCI Fan Page. Holla!

AND FINALLY… Speaking of said awesome band… here’s one of my favorites. As always, you’re gonna want to crank it.


Love Myself Some Feedback...

Hey QCI-ders… sorry for taking the day off here for our weekly updates. A combination of technology issues and such have stood in the way of the randomnous you love. The QCI engineers have asured me that they fixed the bugs and we are ready for lift off. Tons and tons of stuff out there… let’s get to it.

THE IOWA COMEBACK – First, thanks for all of your feedback and comments. Still sifting through the emails and comments… here’s some reverb worth noting, you know why? Because as I said, 9 out of 10 readers of this blog are smarter than the writer... The discussion continues…

Eastern Iowa Conservative chewed on the ideas and posted this repsonse. Thanks for taking the time EIC. Worth checking out. You’re right on the messaging bit.
Former SCC Member and loyal QCI-der Dave Jameson chimed in here as well. Dave reminds us that we need to remember the motivation of the other side and you have to remember that in some cases, as we have talked about, we didn’t lose to the otherside as much as we lost it by ourselves.
Never forget our core beliefs. Numerous emails and comments on this idea… and I couldn’t agree with you more. Former General and one of my Favorite Presidents U.S. Grant (from a great new blog called DM Rightside) made a great point concerning this in the comment section of Friday's post. As well as fellow Metalhead Steve in the comment section. You cannot forget our core principles… a point that is very well taken…
Christopher Rants is making the rounds in the blogosphere. On Krusty, he posted this link that shows what we do need to upgrade the jigsaw in the garage... and we're probably due for some tune ups on the Buick. Nothing flashy, like rims or spinners... maybe sweet horn... nah... much bigger than that. It is a very well put together breakdown of the kind of hill we will have to climb when you're talking strategy... I don't he's saying the party is lazy, Krusty. You can work hard... but I think he is implying we need to work smarter.
And if you are surfing around… and you know this was gonna happen… the blame game. Which is easy to get into… but, that’s not the goal of this excerise here at QCI. Smoker Hating Emily and Krusty are covering the blame game well enough… no need to chime in. Let’s quit blaming and pointing fingers and lets get to work. Another thing… have the guts to say something? Own up to it. I can’t say this any better, so I’ll post a comment I read on Hershel today:

They're volunteers, activists, even "community organizers" who are truly trying to do what they think is best for their city, state and country. They're man (and woman) enough to "step into the arena". There's no need to disparage them --- we should encourage them. While I'm sure none of you want it --- my opinion is that this constant finger pointing and name calling in our party has gotten out of control and is one of the key reasons for our inability to focus on the mechanics of leadership. If we can't be leaders in our own party --- we can't be leaders of our country.

Well said.

Speaking of Hershel, looks like Krusty has spent sometime at your locally owned and managed Iowa Barnstormers website. Didn’t know your were such a fan of Arena Football, Hershel! Do you have your season tickets yet? Or am I gonna have to pull a Jerry Glanville and leave you a ticket for every game… like he used to for Elvis. I’m just sayin’ (here comes another shameless plug)… Barnstormer Season Tickets make the best Christmas present… ever.
Everyone and Everybody… this seems to have hit a cord with many of you. That’s why I am very opitmistic about our future as a party. It’s going to take EVERYONE. Huckamaniacs and Mittens. Former SCC and current SCC members. Former GOP county chairs and County Supervisors. You want me to keep going? Let me keep annoying you… big time consultants and people volunteering for the first time. Longtime GOP delegates and former candidates. Right wing thinkers and El Camino Conservatives. Former staffers and the bright new green behind the ears out of college types. Not annoyed yet? Cool… here’s a few more. The cheery happy go lucky volunteer and the dedicated volunteer who wants debate the balance of the county party checking account. The president of the county Farm Bureau and the Bull Moose member. The yard sign guru of the county and the “mailings only” volunteer. The fiscal conservative and the social conservative. The people who love discussing policy and the ones who are inspired by a candidate. All of you… Everyone.

There’s still more to digest. Lots of chatter and emails to break down. More to come tomorrow…

“So and so… noticed that you are gangsta. I'm pretty gangsta myself.”

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta…

AND FINALLY… Let’s end today with some tunes… with all of the buzz today on the blogs… I cannot help to think of this song… crank it and listen to while you read right of center blogosphere… then it will make more sense…


The Iowa Comeback

As we talked about yesterday… there’s some rebuilding going on. Not a remodel. We’re not just talking about expanding the garage for an extra keggerator or for that hotrod you restored, alright? Everyone’s talking about it… so the World’s Crappiest Blog is picking up a blow torch and some diamond plate… and offering some ideas. I only preface this entire post with… I’m not, repeat NOT the sharpest tool in the garage. This may be a complete waste of your time. But, you all have been sending emails… been making some calls… asking “What up, G$?” So here’s a little something from the peanut gallery. Some of this flows right along… some of this is kind of rambling… and of course, what would be anything from QCI without a little randomnous… right? (and for some of you first time readers here… yes, that’s how I spell it). If you are going to take the time to read this… please comment… your party need’s you.

MESSAGE AND BRANDING – You know… our brand as Republicans, has took a beating. We all know why we are Republicans in the first place right? From personal freedoms, less government, liberty… you all get it. It’s a great message. The problem is, we’ve been out messaged… what seems like a lot lately. Some of it is easy to fix… communication shops and good messengers help. But in many cases, it was bad issues and bad votes from the folks we put in office… makes it a little tough to defend bad votes. Kind of like the “prevent defense”… which we all know football fans, prevents you from winning.

BOLD MESSAGING – This will have to come from our communicators, candidates and incumbents. We are the party of big ideas. Let’s go with it. Great example… my favorite governor, Mitch Daniels of Indiana… he put together some pretty bold solutions that rocked both sides of the aisle. I think there was an article out there with the line, “For a guy that ruffled the feathers of pretty much everyone, he sure got their vote.” I’ll find it here soon and post it in the comments. And guess what happened… for a guy who was doomed at the beginning of this cycle, he won with a landslide… every single county in the state of Indiana. And he won big (traditionally tough for Rs… big gains in Central Indiana). This is a state that went for Obama for the first time since Goldwater. Let’s come up with some real bold solutions for issues of the day in our state. Spread the word, get feed back, communicate it and get it to law.

AND BEFORE YOU START FOAMING AT THE MOUTH – Stick to the principles… stick to the conservative principles that win… yet be inclusive at the same time. And I’ll admit this here first… how the hell did Tom Latham win his district??? Where the registration registration numbers are against him?

Less government, lower taxes, personal freedoms, pro life, pro family… are you working hard for your money? You should keep it. Everyone talks about riots in the streets… this Bailout stuff should scare the hell out of you. A lot of this will come from the candidates and messengers and how effective they are. This is what made Ronald Reagan great. There’s probably some who didn’t agree with everything with Reagan… but they knew what he stood for and communicated like a champion. The message, while it will come out of the offices of 621 East 9th, will have be the most effective out of our candidates… and their supporters... us... the best we can.

KILL ‘EM WITH KINDNESS – This is the best advice from my father that I will take to the bank. There’s no reason for personal attacks. What does it solve? What… you just brought down someone’s self esteem? Good for you... Have a debate on the issues. Have a debate on facts. When push comes to shove… we are right on the issues. We all know it. That doesn’t mean we have to Mickey Mouse everything… make about issues… and do it with a smile… no matter what the other side’s face looks. Kill ‘em with kindness. A healthy respectful discussion of issues will get you more votes… I’m not kidding.

TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY – This is an area were we have been way behind. Here in Iowa, we can’t assume that, out in the booneys, that they don’t have computers. They may have a crappy internet connection… but theys gots themselves a computer and the interweb. Hell, my 85 year old Grandma in God’s Country Iowa is on here (love you Grandma). Let’s utilize these tools… organize and spread our message. Don’t just create a MySpace page and a Facebook page… because the other side has one… USE IT! Got something on your mind? Start a blog. For crying out loud, I think everyone knows my car was stolen. It took 3 minutes until I got my first phone call about it from a friend… and less than a minute for someone to comment on it on Facebook. What’s the issue of the week? Get it out there. Twitter it. Put it on your Facebook status… send an email that wasn’t copy and pasted from an RNC release. Put your comments in there… personalize it. Create a tiny URL and blast it. The sooner we figure this out… the faster we’ll catch up... the echo chamber gets larger than just putting up an ad on the 50,000 blow torch of the Middle West. And for you fiscal conservatives out there… most of this stuff is the right price… it doesn’t cost anything other than the time put into it.

EVERYONE AND EVERYBODY – If we are gonna get anywhere with the GOP in Iowa, we need everybody. I mean EVERYONE. Think about how much talent we have in this state. How much experience? We have a ton! It’s gonna take the great county chairs, the activists who have taken a seat back. It’s gonna take former staffers, consultants and former legislators. It’s gonna take the newbies, the oldies and the ones we don’t know about yet. You getting the idea… but it is true.

I know… I know, there’s egos involved and factions who aren’t crazy about the other. But how’s that losing thing going for you? You’re gonna have to find things where you agree and things you are going to have to agree to disagree and move the party forward. You just are. Too much is at stake… Am I expecting everyone to sing kubaya? Hell no? We’re gonna be in a hole for a while. We will need everyone doing something. And you’re gonna have to get along with the Ford guys, when you drive a Chevy… suck it up.

I’m not saying everyone has to make an X amount of calls and door knocks (but you will sometime)… I’m saying, utilize the talent out there. Have a good network to fundraise? Host a party. Can you make a pretty cool Metallica YouTube tribute that you made? Help out a local candidate and make a web video, get it on YouTube and blast it. Are you a good writer? Start a blog! (and God forbid you might use your actual name… I know.. I know… cheap shot… you know I love you anonymous guys) Are you well connected in your local Rotary? Forward emails to them. Do you have awesome Hawkeye tailgate parties in your backyard, every weekend? Invite local candidates to be there. Just to hang out. As crazy as this all sounds… utilize these tools. Republicans come in all shapes, all sizes and all sorts of talents that can help elect good government.

BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION – This goes for everyone. Don’t get fed up and go home. There’s too much at stake. There’s been some talk about meetings going around the state. Some are put together in board rooms… some with a few friends over coffee… a roundtable of folks over pitchers of beer… and some held in church basements. This is a good thing. But… once you gather, you think and talk… reach out… and unite. Your party needs you more than ever to be a part of a solution… not a problem that will setback a lot of the hard work that’s yet to come.

HAVE FUN - For crying out loud… we need to have some fun again. We need to get creative and have a little fun. That means having social outings, networking sessions, coffee clubs… get a group together to go to a Barnstormer game (sorry shameless plug, our 2009 schedule is out by the way… in case you were wondering). I had a couple of left leaning friends who went to an Obama event… not because they were sure they were voting for him… because a buddy of theirs had a good time and invited them… and turns out they had a good time too. The Grand Ole Party… well should be a party… not like Animal House or something (although would be cool)…. You get what I’m saying. HAVE FUN.

MAKE THIS AN IOWA THING… NOT A BELTWAY THING – You know, wouldn’t it be something for once… the State Party didn’t have to do every little thing the RNC asks for. Know what I’m saying? Sure, there are things you have to do because the RNC is funding it… but let’s give this Iowa solutions. You know… other than Iowa keeping it’s first in the nation status… I could care less who is the new RNC Chair… worry about Iowa first. But come to think of it… with all of the Iowans out in DC… we could utilize their help too. Even if they are deployed to their home towns on an election year…

Side note for randomnous… aren’t Iowans… modest Texans when it comes to their state? If you get what I’m saying comment on it.

ALSO, THE ANON COMMENTER IS RIGHT – Not all the good ideas come from Des Moines… “Huh?!?!?!? WHAT!?!?!?!” Yea, I said it.

REMEMBER THAT PHONES ARE GREAT… AND DON’T HAVE TO BE FOR GOTV ONLY – Phone calls are probably one of the single most important thing in politics. You turn out the vote on them. You raise money on them. You get your message out on them. But… they are great for catching up. Keeping your ear on the ground… if we’re ever going to find out what is gonna work and what isn’t… we need to work the phones to get reads from the ground. And guess what’s going to happen, you are going to find out that certain issues are gonna work here. Some will work there. And God forbid… volunteers and activists, who give numerous hours of their free time, will feel more appreciated. And you’ll be getting more out of your Blackberry than you even imagined…

DO WHAT WE DO WELL – Hey… just because you’re rebuilding your garage… you don’t have to change the type of tools that have been reliable over the years. Sure you may need to upgrade your jig saw or get a new air compressor with more power… but you don’t need to change the methods… just tweak it a bit. This goes for the 72 Hour program, absentee ballots, going door to door, ect. We can tweak it and make it more efficient. When we get organized… it’s actually pretty cool to watch… because it goes like clock work. Not in every case… but, you know what I’m getting at. Don’t forget what we do best… maybe rotate the tires… maybe add a few fuel additives to make it perform a little better.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY – Speaking of things we’re good at… raising money. A lot of this comes with the people who raise the money (and are good at it) and the product we’re putting on the field. But this is a constant and one of the most important things… you want your 500 barnsigns to put on your properties and corners? It’s gonna take some money. That and did you know that the sun still rises in the east? Just checking…

99 COUNTY STRATEGY – Listen… I’m the last person who wants to paraphrase Howard Dean’s 50 State Strategy. But, we have to be everywhere. There cannot be “Worthless” Counties anymore. There cannot be a county where we only have a GOP County Treasurer and no other party leadership in the county. We have to be actively out there working in weak counties, good counties, marginal counties and in some cases… regionalize the larger ones. I don’t care how you do it… you just have to be everywhere… if there’s people showing up to Grassley Town Halls when he visits every county, every year… there can be an effective County Party as well. It just takes some good Iowa grown ethanol in your Buick… and you gotta “have love will travel.”

90% OF EVERYTHING IS SHOWING UP – You gotta have a presence everywhere… in a fashion that is effective and appropriate. Maybe it should be 99%... you gotta be in every corner of the state.

WHAT’S AT STAKE – Terrace Hill, Terrace Hill, Terrace Hill… Let me tell you the worst kept secret in Iowa Republican politics… we’re gonna have a primary. But kids, we’s gonna need to unite after whatever happens… I’m as serious as cancer right now… We’re gonna have to unite. And move forward. FACT: if you hold the Governor’s office… you will have an infrastructure… a well oiled machine… appointments… you get to roll the table. This is an opportunity.

LEADERSHIP, LEADERSHIP, LEADERSHIP – With everything written above… ain’t nothin’ gonna happen without a leader. We’re frustrated. We just want someone to lead. It’s gonna take a good chair… and there’s gonna be a discussion. When you are on the phone lately… or checking comments on the blogs… Republicans are yearning for leadership. This is gonna be the debate for a while… who can do it? Is it an old face? Is it a new face? All I know is… it’s going to take someone… who can get along with all of the factions… the egos… the group of ladies who meet for coffee in a church basement… the group of guys at the country club who are arguing who should start at QB for Iowa… the 2nd shifter union crew at a local tap… someone who can communicate and be comfortable talking our message no matter the situation.

This is my little prayer… I hope when the fog clears… and when all of the factions have had their say… let’s unite! Let’s rally it up! And let’s strap on the helmets, do the work and create the Iowa Comeback… we can do it. I know we can. But… it’s gonna take some work… who’s with me? Whoever is the new chair… I’m gonna help… and to all of you reading this… let’s pull a Danny Ocean. “You are either in or you’re out… RIGHT NOW.” Are you in?

IN THE IMMORTAL WORDS OF DENNIS MILLER – “But this is only my opinion, I could be wrong.” If you just read this entire diatribe… please comment on it. Seriously guys… thumbs up? Thumbs down? How about a peace sign minus one? Let’s have a discussion about this… too much is at stake. There’s a comment section below. Just like the name of this blog… I will now take your questions, comments and insults.


QCI is getting serious? Say it ain't so!

First things first… then… let’s have a talk.

“So and so… is applying for federal bailout money. you can too! http://www.ustreas.gov/press/releases/reports/applicationguidelines.pdf.”

It’s that easy?

WHO WANTS TO BE A PART OF A COMEBACK? Hello my fine feathered friends… I love sports movies. Why you ask? There’s always an underdog. There’s always adversity. And there’s always triumph… in some cases they come up a little short… and not without a lack of effort, as always. This got me thinking about our party here in Iowa. We need a comeback. We need a rally.
IT’S ON EVERYONE’S MINDS… You don’t have to look that hard to see what’s on the minds of Republicans in Iowa… just read it. Krusty is all over it. Smoker Hating Emily and crew have some stuff. Constitutional Day is chirping… Sporer does too… and, there seems to be a good discussion out there. This is healthy and good. Tomorrow, your hero of the randomnous will share some ideas. A lot of it is operational… common sense… some have been discussed… and probably will be way off. My hope is you all stop back and share your thoughts. Seriously, let’s hear it. And feel free to give it a thumbs up, thumbs down or a peace sign minus one… if we’re going to have a GOP Comeback… and a comeback for our Country in general… it’s gonna take everyone.

Do you have some ideas? Of all the comment sections on the blogs… mine has the least amont of security. Chirp away my fine feathered friends!


21,000... Really?

“For real, dogg?” For real, dogg. Seriously QCI-ders… we pass yet again another milestone here at the World’s Crappiest Blog.... over 21,000 hits! I feel like we should do something special. Hmmmm… Sing a song? Nah… that won’t work… this isn’t the Firehouse Lounge. 21 perfect stair steps finished off with a mullet? No time for that type of precision. How about doing like we always do. Keepin' it real deal Holyfield…

GOPUMAs? Krusty has and interesting read today about a meeting of the minds. Takes a shot at Doug Gross. Hershel, Scheff Scheff has them too… every other year to organize for the conventions. You’re right though, KK. We need to unite… more on that later this week.
CHILI – Dudes, it’s officially chili weather. But come to think of it… there’s always room for chili.
HAWKS AND MENTAL HEALTH – Fact: When the Hawks win, everyone is in a better mood.
OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – Anyone have a darkhorse for chair that isn’t being mentioned? Speak up.
VILSACK AS AG SEC? No way... maybe for something else... just because you're from Iowa, you too can be Secretary of Ag. But this isn't the Iowan who is going to get the big time appointment. Vilsack will not be Ag Sec. Anyone want to place bets?
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST - Iowa AG Tom Miller will be the first Iowan to get a big time appointment in the Obama Administration, not Vilsack. He was one of the first to endorse him. Look for Miller's name connected to a high ranking Justice Department appointment.
BAILOUTS – Is it me or is everyone jumping in on the money free for all. GM… AMEX… damn. Seriously… if I didn’t get the Buick back or back in real crappy shape, I was ready to write Congress for a bailout. What’s the over under chance I’d get it?
NASCAR AND THE BIG 3 – Speaking of the economy… with all the trouble with the Big 3 American automakers… there’s talk that they may not be able to compete in NASCAR… YIKES! Somewhere in the booneys, there are rednecks loading their guns.
PALINThe Battlegrounders are talking Palin this morning. And they are starting to make sense.
STEELE NOT NEWT – Well that’s the scuttle butt out of DC. Steele wants to be RNC Chair, not Newt… because Newt wants to run for POTUS... but that's just us speculating.

“So and so… thinks it's kinda creepy that Elvis is buried just a few feet away from the swimming pool at Graceland. (A good cannonball could soak him.)”

And as someone rightly pointed out, “He did die over water you know.”

AND FINALLY… We’ve been tapping into the KIOA catalogs for tunes… and I believe I may have committed a ginormous sin… playing no Elvis. We’ll solve that right now with a little ode to the bastard who stole the Buick… and all the other fellas in cellblock B…


Thanks Veterans!

QCI-ders… Winter weather, aye? Urgh. Man it’s cold. But not cold enough to gel up the randomnous... the World’s Crappiest Blog will not be denied… like trying to stop the running angry Shonn Greene The Machine... you can only hope to contain it.
ON THE 11TH DAY OF THE 11TH MONTH ON THE 11TH HOUR – To all of the QCI-ders out there who wear and wore the uniform… thanks. Think about this a bit. You know when we get to the Holidays… people are a little nicer… more generous to those in need… then you always here it somewhere, shouldn’t it be like this all year round? On the same notion, I think it should Veterans Day… every day. You know except… without banks and stuff closed everyday… that would mess some things up. But you get my point. How’s that whole freedom thing treating you today? Pretty friggin’ good, right? Then thank a Veteran… today and every day.
SPEAKING OF VETERANS – A friend of mine had an interesting thought. She wondered why she had the day off while her husband, who served in the military, had to work today… hmmm….
PAULSEN IS THE NEW GUY – Unless this is the first time you have ever used a computer… here’s a little scoop… Kraig Paulsen is the new GOP House Leader. Everyone in the LBC is on it… so I’ll let them keep with it. Krusty, Fly Boys and the CD have the deets and commentary.


“So and so is… is wondering why all those pesky tasks seem to increase the closer you get to needing to leave for the dang airport.”

QCI-der’s Facebook statuses are wise… very wise.

MCKINLEY IS UP NEXT? Well that’s what they’re saying. Senator Paul McKinley may be the next GOP Senate Leader. We’ll see.
NEWT FOR RNC CHAIR? It took the Battlegrounders to be the first ones to bring this up?
TA TA TA TAMPA! What do you think? You think the Hawks can do it? Gonna have to move the Deep Water Fishing Trip to Late December! Hopefully.

AND FINALLY… We dig back in to the KIOA catalog and loyal reader Chad Sealine’s favorite golden oldie… and very appropiate for today. Yo Sealine, how many times did you crank this on the record player back in the day? Crank it again!


WOW!!!! WHAT A WEEKEND – QCI-ders, it’s been an amazing weekend. All starting with the Return of the Buick… to Hawkeye Hooliganism at its best! HOW 'BOUT THEM HAWKEYES!!!!!!

YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT – Well, there are 3 things I know for certain… the sun willl rise in the east, the Chiefs still suck and the Pope is still Catholic. No real surprises here.


“So and so is… hoping people can gracefully admit defeat and move on.”

You know, sometimes Facebook puts things in ways that I could understand them.

THESE THINGS ARE A CHANGING – Well, at RPI and the Party in general. The rest of my peeps in the LBC are discussing the chair races and new leadership in the Golden Dome. Your ole buddy G$ and the World’s Crappiest Blog has eyes on the developments… and we’re gonna throw our ideas out there too…

Now, by all means, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed on this crap… but… if you’ve been around something… as long as I did… you’ll soak up something. That post is in the QCI Editing Room (also known as a nice heated garage in Jewell). We’ll serve it up with couple of cans of your favorite economically priced American macrobrew this week. Some will be base hit ideas and some will be complete whiffs….

CHATTER – Now I’m serious about this QCI-ders. What’s your ideas for a GOP comeback? The greatest thing about this blog is, in most cases the readers are smarter than the writer. So what do you think? You have a few prescriptions for the GOP Comeback in Iowa? Use and abuse the comment section.



BUICK-GATE IS OVER – Whew!!!!!! This is awesome!!! Glad to have the car back!!! A little damage… not as bad as I thought it would end up. But looks like insurance will help… AND you know what’s even better? They found the bastard who took it.
DETAILS – I’m not gonna get into whole bunch of details… because, this bastard is getting sent to the Polk County clink… and I’m not an attorney. So I have no idea what I could screw up putting this piece of shit in jail. Give me a call if you want the FULL deets… the DMPD was able to find my car because of an accident… because this guy, “Borrowed this car from his cousin.” And now Mr. Shithead is going to jail.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU – First, I want to thank the true professionals at the Des Moines Police Department. From start to finish… they were great! Got the car back and brought this moron to Justice. Next, my great family. For the rides and providing some much needed humor to the situation. My friends… man I have some awesome friends out there. The crew down at Flanny’s… they were handing out my license number car description this morning. You guys are freakin amazing. Obviously, we won’t be cruising around tomorrow. We can all enjoy the Iowa/Penn State game… GO HAWKS!!!!!
NOW… BACK TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM – Loyal Readers of QCI, we’s gots all sorts of stuff to talk about. Election Recap, Chairman’a race, Randomnous, how bad the Chiefs suck, and so on. Stay tuned!

Not gonna lie… giving myself this one today…


The QCI Republic is safe once again…

AND FINALLY… Let’s have a little celebration music. Man… having your car stolen sucks. It just does. So… right now… feel like I’m… well, something like this… crank it!

THE CAR HAS BEEN FOUND!!!! AND the Son of Bitch Who Stole it.







STAY TUNED TO www.questionscommentsinsults.blogspot.com for more updates!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

Alright, it’s been three day’s since my cardinal red 1993 Buick LeSabre, with Hamilton County, Iowa plates 545 TNZ has been stolen. So today, since it’s the weekend, I thought I would update on what we know and a few different ways you can help.

POLICE REPORT: Spoke with the detective who is assigned to my case yesterday. He took more notes and asked more questions. But he did give some encouraging information about stolen cars. The DMPD’s stolen car recovery is 1-2 weeks. And chances are, my car is parked somewhere right now. People who steal cars don’t usually keep them that long. He assured me they are doing everything they can.

SO WHAT NOW? Again, I can’t say it enough. Thanks for everyone with their concerns, offers to help, well wishes and everything in between. I know I have asked anyone I know or run into, spread the word and keep and eye out. Because many of you have asked… here’s somethings you can do to help over the weekend. Any help is truly appreciated.


SATURDAY SEARCH CRUISE: Since I’ve asked people to keep and eye out when they are on their way to work and on their way home… there’s a couple of problems with that. One, if you’re like me, you're half awake on your way to work and two, it’s dark on the way home. So if you have an hour or so, we are meeting at Flanagan’s at Noon on Saturday, November 8. Shoot me an email if you think you can make it. We’ll just hit the areas, per the authorities, where stolen cars usually end up. For an hour or two. Then we’ll meet up back at Flanny’s in time for the Iowa/Penn State game. First Round of pitchers will be on me as a small token of thanks for your help with the search cruise.

IF YOU'RE OUT AND ABOUT THIS WEEKEND – Heading to mall? Gotta make a grocery run? Got some honey do’s and have to hit Home Depot? If you are out shopping this weekend, please keep your eye out and consider taking an extra lap around the parking lot. This is one of the top places where stolen cars end up.

APARTMENT AND CONDO DWELLERS – Check your parking lots this weekend. This is the other place where most stolen cars end up. These bastards leave them there because it will take a week or so for someone to notice that the car doesn’t belong to anyone in the complex. If you have a quick 5 minutes, take a look around.

HELP SPREAD THE WORD – There’s a few ways to help spread the word this weekend:

EMAIL: You can email your friends this link: http://tinyurl.com/needurhelp. That will direct them to this page with all of the following information for our search efforts this weekend.

FACEBOOK: There’s a couple of ways to you Facebook users can help.
1. Copy and paste the following as your Facebook Status for just a day:
if you are in the Des Moines Area, please take a minute to read the following link: http://tinyurl.com/needurhelp. Thanks!

2. Upload the following picture as your Facebook profile picture for the weekend.
Any of these ways will help spread the word. And I’m only asking for this weekend when it comes to this Facebook efforts.

QUESTIONS, COMMENT AND INSULTS - To my loyal readers… We’ll get back to the usual blogging here on all things politics, sports and the randomnous you love… but for a while, we’ll stick to Buick-Gate until we find the car and the bastard who took it.

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! As the say in Hill Street Blues… Hey, let’s be careful out there.



Hey QCI-ders. Day 2 and no car. This stuff takes a little time, I know. Thanks for all of the emails and keeping your eye out for a 1993 Cardinal Red Buick LeSabre with Hamilton County, Iowa license plates 545 TNZ. Keep an eye out.

Some random notes, thoughts and stuff from this debacle:
- After informing someone about the situation, they didn’t miss a beat. Quote, “The sonofa bitch has been elected for less than 12 hours, and your car is already stolen.”
- Generally, cars stolen in Des Moines turn up abandon with in a week on average.
- There are much nicer cars in my neighborhood, what’s so great about mine?
- I really do have some great friends. Offering rides, asking if I need anything… you guys are awesome.
- Seriously, there’s a couple of Beamers on my block, you don’t like BMWs?
- Not so sound wussy or anything, but nothing makes you feel more violated than having your car stolen.
- I really need to keep thinking that Des Moines is NOT a lot like Jewell…
- At least I’m spared thinking about Election night… this is a much more bigger kick in the nuts than that.
- The DMPD are professionals. The showed up fast and were very thourough.
- Funny, it was supposed to be a miserable day considering the elections, then having your car stolen?
- When it’s all said and done… you really need to laugh a little about it. I had a Republican friend tell me, “Not exactly the hope and change you were thinking.” And had a Democrat friend tell me, “You see, George Bush is still in office, I blame him.”

It’s a little tough to spot my car on your way home (because it’s dark out). But again here’s the info and picture.

1993 Cardinal Red Buick LeSabre – Hamilton County, Iowa license plates – 545 TNZ

REMEMBER – If you believe you have spotted my car, call 911. DO NOT approach or confront the bastard whole stole may car. Let the cops take of that.

SATURDAY – If you’re around, I may organize a quick search cruise on Saturday. Maybe look around in areas where most stolen cars end up (per the stats) and then go watch the Iowa/Penn State game somewhere, I’ll get the first round.

Hey, we still gotta keep this going… you guys are hilarious.

“So and so said… man, some people will do anything to make the QCI FB status of the day.”

I actually laughed pretty hard when I saw that in reaction to my “Grant: on your way home, if you see a dark red 1993 Buick LeSabre with Hamilton County plate 545 TNZ, call the police, it has been stolen.”

AND FINALLY… what would we do without some tunes to inspire someone to spot my car? I know I’ll find it. I’m not gonna stop believing… crank it kids!


Need Your Help QCI-ders

What a night, huh. I'll get to all of that stuff sometime... but right now I could care less about politics. So QCI-ders, I'm asking for your help in the Des Moines Metro Area.
I really wish this was joke, but my car was stolen this morning. (I wish I could insert election joke here, but it’s true)

I have filed a stolen car report with the DMPD and they are working on it. There are certainly numerous priorities that law enforcement has on their list. And I sincerely believe that they are doing all that they can. That being said, I’m writing you to ask for a little help and to be on the lookout.

Here’s a picture of my 1993 Buick LeSabre.
Hamilton County, Iowa license plates 545 TNZ.

1. Please feel free to forward this on to your friends and anyone who may be out and about the Des Moines area.
2. AND THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT, if you believe you have spotted my car, call the police. DO NOT approach the vehicle or confront them. Simply alert the authorities.

To say this sucks is an understatement. Thanks in advance for your help. Call or email me if you have any questions.


Alright kids… here we are. The big day. QCI-ders are you ready? F’n aye John Deere right you are. We got the Gameday predictions out there… But keeping in the football broadcast theme… here’s some keys to game.

Presented by Young’s Storage Center

Is today a tough climb? YES. Is it completely impossible? NO. Let’s sort a few things out here…. In a completely random way of course.

- Democrats are again canabolizing their turn out... we saw the same thing in 2004. Don’t be shakin’ up by this Early Voting crap. They are targeting 3 of 4 and 4 of 4 Dem voters… I know a lot of hard core Dems who are voting early who would have voted today anyway.
- Team Obama’s focus is different than the GOP’s 72 Hour Program. The otherside is working the urban areas heavily… (not only here in Iowa, everywhere) while the 72 Hour focuses on everywhere.
- Upset Central – I’m not seeing very much evidence that Obama votes equal down ticket Dem votes as well. Remember, Iowans are ticket splitters. This is where the upsets can take place down ticket.
- More from Upset Central – Dems are so motivated at the Presidential level that they are going to miss the down ticket stuff. Listen, remember how fired up our side was about getting rid of Clinton/Gore in 2000? Yea… try to match that intensity and multiply that by 50.
- That’s why millions of dollars have been spent in state house races. Both parties and interest groups. And the GOP has ditched the cookie cutters… can’t wait to see the results!
- That being said, this is not 2006. The anti-Republican wave may be out there… but not as stiff of a wind as it was last cycle. This is why Latham is running strong.
- As cheesy as this sounds, never count John McCain out…

Maybe I’m way off on some of this. I guess I’m still a pitcher half full guy. You got thoughts on this? Use and abuse the comment section today.

YOU CAN STOP EMAILING ME NOW… I know how and where to vote… and who to vote for. Stop sending this crap… nah, just kidding, keep up the good work!
ELECTION DAY FREE SHIT – There’s a lot of it… hook a brother up.
NFL AND THE ELECTION – Will this be the year the Redskins win or loss predict the election?


“So and so is… channeling the spirt of the Miracle on Ice, Super Bowl III, Douglas KOs Tyson and even "Hickory High" basketball team for tomorrow.”

Maybe a little Kansas City Royals in game 6 and 7 of the 1985 World Series too? We’ll need it.

AND FINALLY… here’s a quick shout out to all of the weary warriors out there doing the hard work of freedom today…. This song is for you… crank it.



EDITORS NOTE: Are sequels always better than the first? Who knows? But after numerous requests… the QCI Team got together for another Gameday Post. Very special thanks to our writers and pundits that have chimed in. We tried to cover a lot… so it may get a little long… enjoy the ride. Let’s go to the QCI Gameday set presented by Tim Flanagan’s Restaurant and Lounge.

Crowd: (Cheering and yelling. Numerous signs…)

FOWLER: Hello QCI-ders and welcome back to QCI General Election Gameday presented by Tim Flanagan’s Restaurant and Lounge. In what is probably the longest election season we have witnessed… in less than 48 hours, the polls will open. No more attack ads, mailers, phone calls and hoodlems stealing your yard signs. To chime in on all of the action with their predictions, with us as always is Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso with their predictions and insight. Fellas, we’re finally here.

HERBSTREIT: Can I be the first to say, thank God this thing is about over. To tell the truth, this is how these elections will be like for the forseeable future. Long… very long. Not feeling great… but we have some bright spots and things to build on. What do you think coach?

CORSO: Kirk! This is THE most hard fought election at all levels. I agree, it’s not looking so good. But you know what fellas? There’s a reason why you strap on the helmet… there’s a reason why you still play your entire schedule… AND there’s a reason why you play the game. I’m fired up! Let’s get to it QCI-ders!

Crowd: HEEEEYYY!!!!!!

FOWLER: Guys, let’s dive right into it. The US Senate Race. Harkin and Reed. With a candidate you guys were high on earlier in the primary. Kirk, what do you think?

HERBSTREIT: I’m a simple man, Chris. So let’s keep it simple. Suits from JC Penny $263. Haircuts from Cost Cutters $34. Embarrassing yourself on Deace, IPTV debate, etc … priceless. Harkin 61, Reed 39.

Crowd: BOOOOO!!!! (hiss) No more Harkin. (Clap, clap. Clap, Clap, Clap)…

HERBSTREIT: Wish I was wrong guys… Coach, am I way off on this?

CORSO: Krik! I agree. Starting off with a snoozer in the U.S. Senate race. Harkin will bank most of his millions for next time around and not run up the score on our pal Chris Reed…we are looking at Tommy going back to his home-front in the Bahamas with a 57-39 victory.

FOWLER: Agreed. Had potential, very disappointing. Over in the First District. Guys… this one looks easy to call. Kirk… Kirk… Kirk! You still withus?

HERBSTREIT: (Yawning) Wake me up when you talk about a serious race Chris. 58-42 Braley.

CORSO: Hey Kirk! 90% of everything is simply showing up… and hopefully, on time. In another napper in the 1st congressional district we have trial lawyer, and unfortunately skilled liberal, Braley over the not always punctual Hartsuch by 18.

FOWLER: You guys are making me sleepy. Let’s change things up and wake up this crowd a bit. And I know the race to do it!

Crowd: 69! (clap, clap) 69! (clap, clap) 69! (clap, clap)

FOWLER: We know our crowd! House district 69 fellas.

Crowd: (building into a riot)

HERBSTREIT: Seriously, do you expect me to call this any other way than … Helland wins with 69%!!!!

Crowd: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! 69! 69! 69! 69! 69! (crowd rioting… cops are showing up)

CORSO: We have a real winner in 69! 69! 69! 69! That’s right boys and girls our main man Eric ‘I’m going to the capitol to give those damn tax and spend liberals’ Hell-and! Help take back the majority over some 11th hour loser D by about 30. ERIK HELLAND! 69!

FOWLER: QCI-ders love themselves some Erik Helland. Why fight it? 69! 69! Ha, ha... 69...

Crowd: 69! 69! 69! (the frenzy begins)

FOWLER: Let’s stay in the metro area with the 3rd district race. Guys, how’s GMLB gonna do?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, for once this election, the DMR nailed it. The Admiral Stockdale of Iowa politics… “Who am I? Why am I here…” is ready for his gold watch, a comfy chair and his “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” LifeAlert bracelet; unfortunately, the Iowa voters don’t yet know it. Boswell 59-41. What do you think coach?

CORSO: We have Leonard ‘you have got to go’ Boswell sticking around for only 2 more years in a closer than you would think win over Kim Schmett by 8.

FOWLER: Let’s get back to thinking good thoughts guys. 5th District.

HERBSTREIT: Who cares? The real question is who jumps in the pending nine-way 2010 primary when King runs for Governor after realizing life in a 170-seat GOP House minority really sucks.

CORSO: We’ve never agreed so much Kirk! In the 5th we have Steve Rock Solid need not mention my last name King of the hill in a walk over some other perpetual candidate clown by about 20 or something, does it even matter.

FOWLER: I can’t see so good… is that Chris Berman over there? Coach, you have a nickname for everyone. Speaking of state races. What is turning into a real battle that most aren’t talking about. The race for control of the Iowa House of Representatives.

HERBSTREIT: Will the last remaining business in Iowa, please turnout the lights. The labor goons will be looking for a return on their investment, and Paulie Walnuts and his satin jacket-wearing union brothers won’t be taking “no” for an answer this time. 32-18 in the Senate and 56-44 in the House.

Special mention goes to the House LMF ad team, the Jarad Klein “Bull Ad” and the Art Stead “Good for Flowers, Bad for Iowans” campaign, among others, were a refreshing break from the cookie-cutter campaigns of the past.

CORSO: The libs might be getting a little excited but… not so fast my friends! Because we are planning for a late night at upset central, where House Republicans are taken it back and restoring some fiscal discipline in this state. That’s right - the good guys are going to get to 50-51 seats in the upset of the day!

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crowd is back at it again)

HERBSTREIT: You really think so Coach?

CORSO: Yes Kirk! Cookie cutters are good for baking, not taking back the house. I love the way they are apporaching this one… this will be the rally point for Rs in the state. This is the building block for 2010. I’m feeling this one.

FOWLER: Coach you may on to something… there lots of potential from Upset Central. And you heard it here folks. Speaking of potential… another QCI favorite. 3M! Marianette Miller-Meeks.

Crowd: 3M! 3M! 3M! 3M!!!!! (crowd getting it’s mojo back)

HERBSTREIT: Unfortunately for MMM, it all comes down to one M … Money, honey. He had it. She didn’t. Decent candidate, terrible year. Huge Obama straight ticket turnout in the People’s Republic of Iowa City won’t help either. “The Sack” bumbles his way to a second term, 55-45

Crowd: Booooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3M! 3M! 3M!

CORSO: In the up and comer category we have a 2nd congressional district race with some intrigue where Mariannette Miller-Meeks takes on but just can’t quite take out David ‘PAC-man’ Loebsack. But she will make him use his heavy special interest funds and give him a scare in a squeaker… PAC-man pulls it off by 5 or less. We have a great republican in 3M and I hope she considers a career in politics… Republicans and the state will need her.

FOWLER: Guys… I’m going to chime here… I will have to respectfully disagree on this one. I think 3M gets this. We will have to see. Presidential time… something we didn’t make picks on the last show…. For obvious reasons with the primaries. Something tells me you guys aren’t as G$ likes to say, “the pitcher is half full.” Can McCain make yet another comeback?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, I know I’m the snarkiest guy on the set. But I don’t see it. It’s tough beating historical trends… so I’ll let coach take this one.

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Country First! Country First!!!!

CORSO: In the main event as you can hear the crowd behind us getting raucous we have heavy-weight contenders Senator Barack ‘Barry’ Obama and Senator John ‘Maverick’ McCain in a 18 round marathon battle… Obama in a land slide…Not So Fast My Friends! If McCain wins Iowa he will win this election and you can take that to the bank. It will be tough but we need to make it happen.

FOWLER: Wow coach! A call to action! And finally… the mascot pick…

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! (crowd going into frenzy mode)

FOWLER: Let’s end this show on a great note. The winner of the final pick of the day. The 4th congressional district. The home of G$’s beloved God’s Country Iowa. The numbers have changed in registration. The district spans 3 different area codes. Guys, this one may be a bell weather district for GOP incumbents. Tom Latham and Becky Greenwald.

Crowd: TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! (crowd is loud as hell)

HERBSTREIT: Good ol’ Tom Latham. Is he a solid conservative? YES. Does he fall on the sword and alienate independent voters by shoving social issues down their throats? NO. Does he win elections in a swing district? YES. The GOP pooh-bahs would be well-advised to keep these lessons in mind during the inevitable post-November 4 debate over why the party continually gets its ass kicked.


HERBSTREIT: The wind is at Becky’s back, but Tom has taken nothing for granted and smartly voted twice against the bailout. Somebody put the Des Moines Register newsroom on suicide watch as this one is going 54-46 Latham.

Crowd: (riot mode is back) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! TL!!!! TL!!!! TL!!!! TL!!!!

FOWLER: Our readers love themselves some TL, don’t they?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, this has been Latham’s best campaign. This will be something for others to look to and build on. Fundamentals are off the charts. Team Latham is on it.

Crowd: TL!!!!! TL!!!!!! TL!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (police and Gameday secrutiy have riot gear on now)

FOWLER: Chris, how about you and I scoot back a bit. The Ole coach has a box here with a mascot head…

HERBSTREIT: The tradition continues. Coach, let’s here it. Do we agree on this one?

CORSO: Kirk and Chris! On a better front we have the 4th congressional district! Where steady as he goes Tom ‘I don’t bail em out’ Latham will stave off ‘Bailout’ Becky Greenhorn. Now QCI, the world’s crappiest blog, has already called this race. WITH NO PRECINCTS REPORTING. The best effort in Iowa right now. Bad environment. Registration against you. And you know what guys?!?!?!! I’m going the extra mile on this one… because the 4th covers a lot of ground. Everyone is talking about the bailout in this race? But just like the OU/Nebraska game Saturday…. This thing ain’t about BAILOUT… it’s a BLOWOUT!!!

(Corso, grabs box under the desk)

CORSO: I’m GOING TOM LATHAM!!!! (slaps the desk, and puts on mascot head)

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!!

CORSO: YEAH!!!! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL!!!!!! Let’s hear it!!!!

Crowd: TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crowd has gone crazier than you believing Greenwho has a chance)

FOWLER: Love it! That’s it for us. Thanks again for catching QCI Election Gameday presented by Tim Flanagan’s Restaurant and Lounge. You know what to do QCI-ders… make sure you vote and take 10 people with you! Are we off? Chime in on the comment section.