Is it me or is this a great weekend? I know I’m having a great one. After the misery of the Allen trade… (of which I am completely over now… no seriously, I am) it’s been one hell of a weekend. Chiefs had a great draft, the Well was rockin’, and hopefully… good weather is trying to make a fighting comeback.

In other news… QCI is approaching 5000 hits… do I dare say, WOOT!

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for you to tie you over for a good lazy Sunday or an unproductive Monday morning, whichever comes first.

MAC IS BACK… IN IOWA! Presumptive Republican Nominee John McCain (ah… doesn’t it feel great to say it) is returning to the Hawkeye State this week. This visit back to Iowa may start to silence the nay sayers who say Iowa isn’t a battleground this year. Beaumont at the DMR has a brief story on the visit with some insight from McCain State Chair Dave Roederer. Of which totally rules by the way. WAR DAVE!

Also, most of the weary warriors of McCain Team Iowa are back in the state for the trip and starting to organize. Great to see the crew here in town! Missed a quick reunion at the unofficial Team McCain HQ, Victor’s Sports Club. But is it a true reunion there without Seaton munching on his usual chicken taco salad? I’ll say the jury is out on that one… BTW, you want to catch pretty much any baseball game… Vic’s is a great joint to hit. Good food and cold beverages a plenty.

SESSION IS DONE (WOOT!) - Well they finally wrapped up stuff in the golden dome Friday… ER… Saturday Morning! At 3:00 AM?!?!? Damn man. Hats off to all of the staffers, clerks and legislators for the good guys running their annual end of session marathon… Now, rest up a bit… and let’s go get that majority back!

RIDDLE ME THIS KRUSTY (? ? ? ?) – So everyone’s favorite blogging klown is sluggishly making a comeback to Iowa blogosphere. The question on some hacks minds is, will he actually write something? Sure he’s posted some great ole Reagan ads and a pretty hilarious top 10 by the Mittster… but will he jot down some thoughts? Hershel added a link to the world’s crappiest blog that is Questions, Comment and Insults as well. Thanks dogg.

So riddle me the Krusty (not so much a riddle)… I’m not interested in kracking the Krusty kode… because I’m so over that. That’s so 2002… and Nickleback has truely run its course. So when are you going to chime in? When will we be able to watch a post go over 100 comments? What do you have in the oven for your Krusty Kasserole? When will we see a Friday Haiku post? So many questions for you Krusty… but will you answer?


DRAFT DAY! - The Chiefs are poised to rule the draft today. Here's a guest post from my man A-Ro who writes a GREAT blog call "A-Ro's Sports Blog." Check it out! Take it away A-Ro with your Mock Draft!

1. Miami Dolphins – Jake Long OT, Michigan
Wow, tough pick here…I hear he might hold-out if he gets drafted by them…

2. St. Louis Rams – Glenn Dorsey DT, LSU
Rams need help on both sides and this is the best player in the draft, so it makes perfect sense!

3. Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan QB, Boston College
This is your chance Atlanta. Get a QB NOW! Unless you think Joey Harrington is the future…Ryan could be a franchise quarterback…and if you draft someone else, you will probably be in the same spot next year. Then you could draft…ahhh…ummm…yeah, there isn’t a highly touted QB for next year…

4. Oakland Raiders – Chris Long DE, Virginia
Al Davis will manage to screw this pick up somehow…but do you think he would really let Howie’s son play for the Chiefs? Me either!

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Vernon Gholston DE, Ohio State
Pick 1 of their 127 picks in this year’s draft. Gholston will attempt to fill the hole left by the Chiefs trading Jared Allen.

6. New York Jets – Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas
Run DMC grew up in New York. Oh, that’s right; they play in Jersey, not Queens. And this DMC plays football and doesn’t rap…that I know of…

7. New England Patriots (from San Francisco) – Keith Rivers LB, USC
Patriots’ linebackers are OLD, OLD, and OLDER. Rivers would inject some youth and maybe have energy to last a full season.

8. Baltimore Ravens – Branden Albert OL, Virginia
Sorry Ravens, Ryan is off the board. Rivers would be a good fit, but he is gone as well. If this happens, I think they will try to trade down, if not, Albert is the pick.

9. Cincinnati Bungles – Cincinnati Parole Officers/Police Department
It would be a lot easier for them just to get an office inside the stadium to hold players instead of dragging them around the city. But, if this isn’t allowed they will probably pick whoever has the chance to get in trouble with the NFL. Aqib Talib already admitted marijuana use, so he sounds like a good choice.

10. New Orleans Saints – Sedrick Ellis DT, USC
The Saints really want to move up and grab Dorsey. But Ellis would be the next best choice and he could still be around for them at number 10.

11. Buffalo Bills – Derrick Harvey DE, Florida
The Bills need a receiver more than anything, but there is not a good value pick here. Harvey is a monster coming off the edge and should be a great pick for the Bills with an average defensive line.

12. Denver Broncos – Chris Williams OT
Williams is the number one lineman on the Broncos board, more than likely will end up right here. But, you never know what the Broncos are thinking.

13. Carolina Panthers – Ryan Clady OT, Boise State
The Panthers will probably take the best lineman available here. That will be Clady or Jeff Otah depending on who is ranked higher in their room.

14. Chicago Bears – Rashard Mendenhall RB, Illinios
It makes too much sense for this to happen…which means it probably won’t. An Illinois stud running back staying within the state. Did anyone see the Bears offense last year? Yeah, it was ugly…but not much different from every other year…

15. Detroit Lions – DeSean Jackson WR, California
Another receiver? You know it…Matt Millen doesn’t know how to draft anything else…especially with Harvey and Mendenhall off of the board. Okay, seriously…probably Otah if those two are gone, otherwise they would try to trade down.

16. Arizona Cardinals – Leodis McKelvin CB, Troy
McKelvin could be the best defensive back in the draft, but with so many corners available, he might be higher or lower on the board.

17. Kansas City Chiefs (from Minnesota) – Mike Jenkins CB, South Florida
Pick 2 of now 210 picks this draft is a tough spot for the Chiefs…all of the top lineman are gone. But, assuming they took Gholston, Jenkins would be the pick here. Ty Law isn’t getting any younger and they need to continue to upgrade their defense.

18. Houston Texans – Jonathan Stewart RB, Oregon
Maybe Houston thinks they can win without taking a running back. They have passed on Reggie and AP during the previous two drafts, so who knows!

19. Philadelphia Eagles – Jerod Mayo LB, Tennessee
Mayo would be the best value pick here for the Eagles. They also could go after a cornerback here, but Mayo should be the choice.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Devin Thomas WR, Michigan State
Thomas is the highest rated wide receiver in the draft and would be a great pick if he falls to the Bucs. Galloway and Hilliard are starting to age and a young receiver they can groom would be a huge pick.

21. Washington Redskins – James Hardy WR, Indiana
Washington has been trying extremely hard to acquire a receiver in the past couple of weeks, going after Ocho Uno and Anquan Boldin. Hardy would be a big target and give them a taller receiver besides Moss and Randle El.

22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland) – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB, Tennessee State
Has anyone seen the new-age Pac-Man game? He goes around firing gun shots instead of eating the ghosts and instead of picking up pieces of fruit, it is large money bags. That being said, who knows if he will play football and Rodgers-Cromartie would be the pick here.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers – Kentwan Balmer DT, North Carolina
The other pick would be Merling from Clemson, but he is more suited for the 4-3. Balmer could provide valuable depth for the Steelers d-line and could take over for Aaron Smith in a couple of years.

24. Tennessee Titans – Limas Sweed WR, Texas
Again, another pick that makes too much sense to happen. Sweed and Vince Young re-connecting their championship glory. Sounds perfect.

25. Seattle Seahawks – Malcolm Kelly WR, Oklahoma
They could go after DeSean Jackson here, but it seems like Jackson would be like the same receivers they have. Kelly might be a little reach, but his size is what the Seahawks would get at this position.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Phillip Merling DE, Clemson
The Jags would be very happy if Merling fell this far. They need help on the d-line and he would be a perfect fit for them.

27. San Diego Chargers – Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College
Cherilus would be the best available lineman at this pick and the Chargers really don’t have any pressing needs. This would be a good value pick.

28. Dallas Cowboys – Felix Jones RB, Arkansas
Not the Arkansas running back that Jerry Jones wants, but still a very nice compliment to Marion Barber. Although, word is they are seeing what Michael Vick and Chris Henry’s availability is for this draft…

29. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis) – DeSean Jackson WR, California
This would be a good scenario for the 49ers who need explosive weapons. Jackson would make an immediate impact in the return game and he could develop into a deep threat for the receiving corps.

30. Green Bay Packers – Brandon Flowers CB, Virginia Tech
The Packers need some help in the secondary and Flowers could turn into the best corner to come from this draft class. They could also go after a tight end here, but the second round should be an easier round to grab one.

31. New England Patriots – SPYGATE Video Tapes, All over football
The Patriots should have to wait the entire ten minutes and go to their room or sit in a corner to think about what they have done to hurt everyone. But here is the prediction…just after the team is announced forfeiting the pick, everything around the US will go black…and a minute later the power comes back on as if nothing happens…a few minutes later teams are realizing that they are missing pieces of information on players. The NFL discovers the Patriots were videotaping everyone’s war room and had people on the inside to take information and run when the power goes out…Patriots are forced to forfeit every game for the upcoming year and are relocated to Los Angeles. After losing their first game at St. Louis and the next game at home against Oakland, fans riot and burn down the stadium. The Patriots as a team fold, NFL gets a new team in Vegas and Bill Belichick is never seen again…

32. New York Giants – Kenny Phillips S, The “U”
I think Phillips is the best safety available in the draft and would be a solid choice for the Giants after losing a couple players including Gabril Wilson.


NEW BLOG ALERT – Hey, I’m probably way behind on this one… but I found Ed Tibbett’s blog from the QC Times. As mom always says, “Grant, you were born on time and have been late ever since.” Check it out if you haven’t already.

DAY 103? LEAVE ALREADY! Anyone else think ending this legislative session sooner rather than later is a good idea? F’n aye John Deere right they should get done as soon as possible. The longer they are in Des Moines, the more damage is being done.

Word on the street is telling me they are doing their best to get out of that friggin’ dome… this afternoon. And might I add my formal good bye to the 2008 legislative session, in the immortal words of one of my former bosses: “Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya.”

How am I going to celebrate the end of the “worst general assembly for business since 1965”? Where else do I go? My usual… except, I hear they may be opening a casino. CASINO SMOKNG JULY 1st! Nice work Flanagan!

The mumbling and rumbling has started to begin a little bit with the general public… per the effects of the 2008 session and the Governor’s agenda… Anyone catch that Big Lug is at 49% disapproval? Click here for details.

I have run into some average Joe 12 packs out there who are starting to get a little outraged…

My hope is that after Labor Day… more and more people will feel like the guy in the video below. Need a reason to take back the majority? I didn’t give you the reason this time, they did.


From the Des Moines Register’s Iowa Ear:

Rep. Wes Whitead jumped up onto a table at the Iowa Capitol and danced for fellow Democratic lawmakers during a closed-door meeting last week.

The jig by Whitead, a 75-year-old Sioux City resident, was in celebration of a candidate Democrats think could beat House Minority Leader Christopher Rants, a Republican from Sioux City.Rants is a frequent thorn in the sides of Democratic lawmakers, and Whitead had previously told them that he would do a dance if a strong challenger surfaced for Rants' seat.

The cheers from fellow Democrats during Whitead's dance were so loud that they could be heard in Rants' private office, which was across the hallway.

QCI has gotten exclusive video inside the Democratic Caucus. Check it out:

Now I’m all for dancing. Hell, I’m a dancing fool. Get me a juke box and a good looking girl who can humor a bubba like myself, and it’s on. But let me ask you a question Rep. Whitead… you are really dancing for this guy who is up against Rants? Surely this is a joke. While I’m sure Carlos will knock on every door and attend every church pie social… dreams how they do die hard.

The sad thing is, to make this guy feel like he’s not a sacrificial lamb, they coaxed Whitead to do this hideous jig during the “show and tell” portion of the House Democratic Caucus this week.

Your government at work folks.

Speaking of dancing (and let downs)… check out the U of I Spring Game… don’t know our chances this year, but look out Emmitt Smith! (I’m sorry in advance to my fellow Hawkeyes for the sad but true joke)


It was going to happen… all signs pointed to it. QCI is now in official mourning mode.

Per John Clayton at ESPN.com:

Late Tuesday night, the Chiefs and the Vikings reached an agreement on a trade package, and at roughly the same time, Allen reached an agreement in principle on a contract with the Vikings. Upon reaching the contract agreement, Allen headed to the airport and left for Minnesota.

I’m trying not to be Debbie Downer and be all sad. Let’s remember the good times. The famous hog tie celebrations, the break out 15.5 sack season… or when introduced on Sunday Night Football (say your name and school) Jared said, “Jared Allen, homeschooled, thanks Mom!”

Although now the Chiefs are poised to “rule the draft” this year, for some reason to me personally, it still doesn’t feel right. I know I will accept it better once we get our 14 some picks this Saturday and when Allen puts on his new jersey. Put I guess you just have to let the pain hurt for a while... sometimes, its alright to let it hurt. Guess it's time to say good bye...

You’ll be wearing purple… and wearing #69 on your jersey… but you’ll always be #1 in our hearts. Thank you for making the bad times (4-12) in the Chiefs Kingdom, great times.
When you're moving your stuff from KC to the Twin Cities and need a quick pit stop, there will always be a cold one waiting for you at Flanagan's.

Best of luck and be good to yourself.

Your Pal,

PS to QCI-ders- Yes, this means I will quit crying and posting about #69. Because I know you care.

And now… for the last time on QCI, here’s Jared Allen and the most powerful mullet in the National Football League…


Here’s a little commentary from loyal reader “Ainsley’s Dad about the current situation with Jared Allen. I think he makes a little sense… but I’m still not going to be happy about it. Call me crazy, but I think Jared looks way better in red than he would in purple. Take it away Adam…


Jared Allen is my favorite Chief. I love Jared like I loved Bo Jackson in a house full of Chief fans. Not since #58 have we had a more fan appealing defensive player. I was asked to write this essay on the pros and cons of keeping Jared or trading him.

First the Pros:
1. Jared will fill the seats. No matter how bad the the o-line will hinder us, Jared will be bringing the pain.
2. No matter what happens, Jared's motor will be running. If he doesn't get traded, he will be pissed off and trying to prove himself again. Not since Vermeil told Larry to take off the diapers, have we seen the kind of anger that Jared brings.
3. Currently Jared is the leading the league in sacks with 15.5 and coming off a pro bowl season it would be nice to get another 15+
4. Jared is the one thing keeping us from calling this year a rebuilding year. With LJ on one side and Jared on the other it is hard to say we are in a rebuilding year.

Now for the cons:
Remember: although I am using some of the thoughts of King Carl, I in no way am defending that POS! It is Carl’s fault we haven’t had such a great run the last 10 years.

1. Having a player in the locker room that does not want to be there is bad for all the rookies we will be bringing in.
2. Jared is coming off of his break out year. Since he is healthy he is worth at least a round 1 and round 2 or 3 pick. Why not get a 2 for one special. If Jared is injured this year we are out a lot of money and no other players. If we trade him we have a chance at 2 players.
3. I know Jared is on one full year of staying out of trouble but the Chiefs are offering 8.8 million and a 20-30 signing bonus. That is life changing money. I don't care what the price is for a beer in Westport, I think he can cover any tab with that kind of money.
4. I can only think of a few D-ends that put in 5+ solid years and hit pro bowls for most of them. I am reminded of the Neil Smiths and the Reggie Whites of the world. Jared is not at this level yet. Today D-ends last about 5-7 years, if they get a few pro bowls great. Let’s not give big contract to a guy in his 4th season. If we sign Jared to a 5 year deal all he has to do is show up. Like LJ what is the drive to get up in the morning and play with some pain.

I think most sports fans in the KC area know how to handle rebuilding years. The Royals have been rebuilding for 20+ now and as long as they still have buck night and George Brett t-shirt night the stands will be full.

Most of us would love to say that if we keep Jared our season is going to be saved. Not true, if we keep Jared we will go 8-8 and miss a chance at a couple of good prospects. Let's drop Jared and soot for 4-12. I know I can handle 4-12 if I know it is leading to a 12-4 season in 3-4 years.


***UPDATED 3:46PM!!!!!!! WOOT!!!!

So... QCI-ders… “Hey yo.” (Don't ask questions of why I have Scott Hall here to lead off, just go with it.) I’m back after a busy week and a big W on Saturday Night. Speaking of fast action on Saturday, it was District Convention Day.

SCC GAME DAY - Although, we’ve talked and speculated on who’s running… Battleground Iowa ended up with a great preview. Now that the dust has settled, your Weekend Update brings you the abbreviated the box scores of your brand new State Central Committee (SCC). Why abbreviated? Because none of you are answering my phone calls because you are out in your backyard drinking beer and grilling. As you should… it’s pretty f’ing aye John Deere right nice outside. So I need your help in filling in the blanks!!! Help a brotha out!

1st DISTRICT: John Hulsizer (Dubuque), ????????? (????) and ???????? (????)
John came into the race late. Great activist will serve the committee well. Who were the others?

2nd DISTRICT: ??????????? (????), ????????? (????) and ??????? (????)
Have nothing… apparently, many of you tailgated too much at the Spring Game in Iowa City this weekend. (or still tailgating) After sitting through a platform discussion a time or 2, I don’t blame you. Plus, word on the street was that the 2nd was going to be a true Thrilla in Manilla.

2nd DISTRICT - UPDATE: Lisa Smith (Wapello), David Chung (Linn), and Jason Hutcheson (Louisa)


3rd DISTRICT: Steve Scheffler (Polk), Gopal Krishna (Polk) and Eldon Pals (Jasper)
Scheffy cruised to victory... also, did you know the sun rises in the east? Big changes without Uncle Ted and Loras not running. Gopal returns to the SCC for the first time since 1999 and the Jasper County GOP Chair, Pals, makes it in. Finally a completed district. What does this say about the 3rd? I report, you comment.

4TH DISTRICT: Isaiah McGee (Dallas), Matt Randall (Story) and ???????? (????)
Isaiah is in! Woot! He’ll be great. Randall returns… who’s on third? Donny Boy, answer your phone!

5TH DISTRICT: Reid Houser (Pottawattamie), Monte Shaw (Guthrie) and ????????? (????)
Houser is back to serve another… Monte is in… his experience will be key for the SCC. Who filled the last spot? I know there isn't so much heavy tailgating out west.... unless you were in Lincoln. Over 80,000 for a spring game? Holy crap!

Cool. That's call I got. You thoughts overall? Surprises? Thumbs up? Talk to me people.

Thanks in advance for your help filling in the roster. Now, since the weather is pretty friggin sweet right now… I’m gonna go find a good patio and ice cold beverages. Discuss away QCI-ders. And to put you in the mood for some good summer like temps… crank up this oldie but goodie from the Fresh Price:


Alright, I think this is one of the better touchdown celebrations in a while!

Although... I think I've seen this before. Hmmmm...

Nice work Pray and Dansby! GO "STORMERS!!!!!!




Check it out!

Welcome back Hershel!



POWDER BLUE DEBUT – The Royals bust out the powder blue tonight in the opening game of the weekend series with the Twins. KC got spanked back to reality last night by the Yanks… but I’m a glass half full type of guy… at least we’ve already bested our record against the Yankees from last year, where the good guys only beat ‘em once.

With the blues out for the first time in 17 years… maybe they can return the winning ways of 6 division titles, 2 AL pennants and a world championship… I’m sure they will have to all grow mustaches in order to pull it off. POWDER BLUE POWER, MAN! POWDER BLUE POWER!

THE POPE’S HISTORIC VISIT TO THE U.S. – Peggy Noonan knocks one out of the park with her piece today about Pope Benny the 16th. I think it’s a must read. It’s a great one.

NEW SPORTS BLOG – Stumbled along a new blog put on by KCCI Channel 8 simply called Sports Talk 8. Good stuff and I’m adding it to the blogroll.

MOST ANTI-BUSINESS GENERAL ASSEMBLY SINCE 1965 –I can’t take credit for the headline here. It came from Dr. Don Racheter’s Wednesday Group that meets once a month. It’s a great meeting to learn what’s going on locally in the movement. For more information about the group, shoot Don an email at dracheter@limitedgovernment.org.

Anyway, back to the headline… Do you disagree? Everyone is going smoke free soon. We wouldn’t want hurt the state’s cash cow in the casinos, would we now. Not to mention a little sampling of shady and anti business laws passed this year. Didn't Forbes say have a bit about the DSM being great for business? That went fast with the years session.

Need a reason to take back the majority? I just gave you one.

Since the legislature seems a little out of touch this year, I'm busting out this oldie but goodie. Have a totally 80's weekend QCI-ders


For you some of you QCI readers from South High, I bring you some sad news via an email I received this morning…

Gary “Andy” Anderson has passed away.

From an email I recieved this morning:

ANDY served as Sports Director for KQWC radio in Webster City, Iowa from 1993 to 1997. He will be remembered for his gravely voice and the positive aspect he brought to North Central Iowa sporting events. As the unofficial "Voice of the South Hamilton Hawks and Hawkettes" Andy covered every type of Sporting Event at Ol' South Hammy. If you ran track or cross country or wrestled or played baseball, softball, volleyball or football for the Hawks/Hawkettes, odds are Andy gave you your first few minutes of fame via the KQWC Airwaves. Andy liked everybody and everybody liked Andy. He knew all the athletes and their style or lack there of.

"And now for KQWC, the Hawks win, this is Andy..............."


CIETC TRIAL BEGINS – Check out the “that guy” photo stolen from the DMR today (above). Is this a trial or a random picture from College Humor? You decide.

MILLER-MEEKS STUFF – The Miller-Meeks campaign is hitting Loebsack upside tha head for being the “Change… not so much” candidate. Donny Boy, is always on top of it has more.

SPEAKING OF PORK – J.Norm over at the DMR has Grassley defending why the same group announced that he pulls more pork than Famous Dave’s within the Iowa Delegation.

HOLY CRAP! SAY IT AIN’T SO DONNY BOY!Don at Cyclone Conservative is ending! What!?! Damn man… don’t go. Don here’s to you and your great blog. Wish ya all the best in the future.

SWEET! NKOTB IS BACK! - Oh oh, ohhhhhh oh….. the Right Stuff… First time was a great time… Hell yea! With the New Kids back… my dance moves will give me… more game than EVER! WOOT!

You got the right stuff... baby...


Start the music… What a great weekend, huh? Really awesome temps and your Kansas City Royals staying a top of the AL Central after week 1 of the MLB season… WOOT! Powder Blue Power baby! So after a long weekend of being outside, maybe some grilling, a little hoops and drinking beer your garage without having to turn on the turkey heater, I give you the Weekend Update.

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH - With District Conventions coming up on April 19th and the NFL Draft the following weekend... I thought we might put together a sort of a preview of the State Central Committee (SCC) race. You know, there are tons of NFL Draft previews everywhere… but know SCC preview? While I’m no Mel Kiper, Jr. and I have no Big Board per se… here’s some stuff I have heard and confirmed along the way… so let’s call this SCC Buzz…

1st DISTRICT - Congressional Candidate, former State Chairman and political guru, Brian Kennedy is rumored to be running. He’ll be a tough hand to beat. Also, Dan Nicholson is out… not running again. And word on the street is Don Hulsizer from Dubuque is thinking about running.

3rd DISTRICT - Things are interesting. Steve Scheffler is running again. Former state co-chair Gopal Krishna is running as well as Polk County GOP Women President Mary Ann Spicer.

2nd DISTRICT - Not hearing much out of the 2nd… is the 1st stealing all the drama from eastern Iowa? Or is the hot primary action good enough for you guys?

5th DISTRICT - Donny Boy at Cyclone Conservatives has some good scoop on the upcoming State Central Committee race. Nice. Monte Shaw is a great candidate for the SCC. He was on the campaigns of Jim Ross Lightfoot, Elizabeth Dole, and Chuck Grassley. Mostly on senior levels. His experience would be a great asset to the SCC

4th DISTRICT - Someone get me a Hypercolor T-Shirt… because it looks like some blasts from the past are running. Finally, we have a new face running out in the 4th, Waukee City Councilman and great activist Isaiah McGee is running. He’d make a great member to the SCC. You want to know the kind of funny thing about this scoop? All 3 incumbent members of the 4th District (Matt Randall, Bonnie Hall and Larry Smith) all are running again… but all have endorsed Isaiah. How does that work?

NATIONAL COMMITTEE PEOPLE - And as far as we are concerned… we’ve already talked about that… no new news on that end. Sandy Greiner and Steve Roberts should cruise come state convention.

Well, that’s all we know for now. Will we see Chairman Iverson at the podium on the 19th down at 621 East 9th every 15 minutes or so to declare… “In the first round of the draft, the 4th District selects…”? Followed with the cheers and jeers of fans? No so likely. These folks are elected by delegates. So the cheers, jeers and the drama that is party politics will be in Carroll, Fort lauderDodge, Grinnell, Dubuque and Iowa City.

Although… sometimes… these conventions look and somewhat like the following video:


Back to back Caucus Countdowns? Just like back to back wins by KC! WOOT!!!! Your Kansas City Royals have been undefeated for 3 days! And could possibly sweep the team that some predict will win the AL pennant… LET’S GO ROY-ALS! DUH! DUH! DUH DUH! DUH! On to a powder (power) blue Countdown!

IS THERE SOME SORT OF TRADE DEADLINE? Seriously dudes. Starting to hear where everyone is landing these days in the post ’08 caucus world… reminds me of a trade deadline in pro sports. For those who know me best, you know I actually collect old campaign business cards, like I do baseball cards. (seriously, it’s my inner political hack/junkie/nerd coming through) Nothing is more fun than to find an old Students for Lamar Alexander rookie card (mint condition) or a hall of famer type card in a retired (or ousted) state legislator card… OK, I think I’m losing some of you… this is really taking this reference too far. BTW… anyone have one of my Kasich Campaign rookie cards? It was a part of the 1999 Topps traded set… and is worth jack squat.

Former RPI ED and Steve King insider, Chuck Laudner, is now the campaign manager for David Hartsuch. Nice grab! I’m calling Hartsuch my sleeper campaign that may surprise a few right now. GOP campaign veteran Bob Haus is consulting over at Miller-Meeks for Congress. This means Miller-Meeks will have good quality media stuff.

Former Mitt Romney Iowa guys are moving to the world of Congressional campaigns as well. Former Mitt Fielder and Brian Kennedy staffer Derek Flowers has been taped as campaign manager for Kim Schmett for Congress. Tim Moran (a western Iowa guru) has joined Steve King’s congressional campaign. All great guys and will serve their campaigns well.

GENTRY IS HEADED TO TEAM STRAIGHT TALK – Speaking of Mittens, a key Mitt advisor is going to McCain. Marc Ambinder is whispering something that has been well known within McCainland for a while. Former Iowa Campaign Director for Romney, Gentry Collins, is going to be a RPD for the McCain campaign. It’s a signal for a couple reasons. 1) The campaign is serious about staffing with heavy weights, 2) the unification of the party is going well. Congrats Gentry! Welcome aboard the Straight Talk Express!

VEEP WATCHThe AP reported that the Senator is looking at running mates. Since the Final 4 is becoming to an end. You think we ought to start a pool?

AND FINALLY – All these changes and new moves have inspired me for a fun question for you QCI-ders? Tell us some of your first campaign experiences. Your first parade… phone bank… ect. And how it kept you hooked. And in honor of your first campaign experiences… here’s a little Foreigner on VINYL!


Sup QCI-ders. Here’s the most crappyist update in politics. Because it’s Peanut Butter Caucus Countdown Time!!!! It’s peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat!

THAT’S WHAT WE ALWAYS DO THIS TIME OF YEAR – If you haven’t figured out why politicians are clogging your inbox last week with requests for money, the FEC 1st Quarter deadline was yesterday. That’s right. Politicians begging you for money so they can smack their opponents upside the head with a 2 by 4… then spend your tax dollars on important things like a Monkey Bubble by Pella or a weather station for Punxsutawney Phil.

All jokes and sarcasm a side… it’s a key point of the 2008 cycle. Why you ask? Well my fine feathered friends, we will get to see a true gage of support for these campaigns, money. Unfortunately, it takes a ton of money to not only be a viable campaign… but one that can answer attacks via mail, radio and TV. Stay tuned QCI-ders… once these reports are public, the speculation and Monday Night Quarterbacking will begin.

BOSWELL IS IN TROUBLE – Pretty bold little headline, right? The incumbent is in the knife fight of his life. Why is this article even an issue? This thing is getting fun to watch. Then again… there’s a whole lot of Democrat on Democrat action going around lately.

JARED ALLEN UPDATE – Because I know you care… Bob Gretz has some answers for the looming question, “Are we going to see Jared Allen in a Kansas City uniform this year?” Good news is… it’s looking promising. Bob has all of the answers to the real issues of the day (that truly matter) right here. Dude... looks like we may have to find a new perfect Veep choice for Johnny Mac. But it was fun while it lasted.

ROYALS UNDEFEATED – Woot! I know… it’s the first game of the season (the Royals Magic Number is 162, anyone know the formula?). Anyways… nice work by Tony Pena Jr. for his 11th inning heroics. I predict the Royals stay undefeated again today! Let’s Go Roy-als! Duh, duh, duh duh, duh!

AND FINALLY – Because I know you have an urge to rock out right now… and in honor of Senator Jeff Angelo’s cell phone ring tone… enjoy this video. Crank this one up you kids at the Capitol!