A quick wrap here... and on to the post game show at Flanagan's...


2nd District: Miller-Meeks was up first. She was really good. Fiesty and showing why they are called the Bulldogs in Ottumwa. She's tough, had a great message. And reminded the crowd... don't underestimate here. She also had the most people stand and applause. Theahen spoke. Did very well. Good polished speaker. Used one of my favorite movie lines, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." Had a good reaction from the crowd... although for tonight I give Meeks the edge. Just from my view at table 50.

The other guys with out opponents: Hartsuch spoke... did good... but the real news is, he looks great in a tux. Nice work my man. Then Kim Schmett... best lines of the night I think go to him. 1) Keep it short 2) the first person to actually say a Lincoln quote at the Lincoln Dinner.

Speaking of things said and not said... although referenced... name never used his name... can you guess it? At a Republican Party function, not once were the words George W. Bush uttered. Referenced... but never said.

Now before you all start going Scott McClelland on me... I'm just saying. Kind of a stunner.

Will have some more recaps and thoughts tomorrow... sometime. Until then...

More on Thune...

From guy who would know, he said it... Harkin can be beat. Thoughts QCI-ders? There is a comment section. Use it and abuse it. You know in a snarky fun loving 3rd grader humor sort of way.

Shout out time, It was good to see: All the ole McCainiac... No Surrender, baby. No Surrender. And yes... so you all know, I'm retired. Don't be askin' me krazy questions, with a k.

The Yodas are in the house!

State leadership... the new SCC members... Wanda is here! the Wells'. Roger Hughes and the entire Hamilton County crew.

Miller-Meeks peeps, Teahen peeps, lobbyist peeps...

RPI crew... nice work tonight. Ray Ray Hoffman was here. Good to see you here!

The best Govs ever... Branstad and Ray.

One principle owners of the Barnstormers in the house.

Dr. G in the house. There are many more...

Stay tuned.

Alright, Thune just got done. He's a great speaker and a great advocate for John McCain. Anyone want to start the veep rumor mill? Might be a good one.
OK, there was a typo on the last post... it was chicken with CRAB stuff... not crap. It hit the spot.
More in a sec. Gonna have a quick smoke.

Live from Embassy Suites in tha DSM, it's the Lincoln Dinner y'all.

Quick notes:

3 Senate Candidates speak -

1st was Rathje... tonight we are worthy of listening to him. 2nd Eichcorn - good jokes on getting out tha Tom Tom. He stopped by table 50 to say hey. Way to work it. 3rd - Reed. Good speech... haven't met him yet... but will.

Menu - Chicken with Crap stuff. The 'Taters were really good.

Alright, I got more later... Thune's on.

Will have recaps and such tomorrow and through out the weekend.

Sidenote... the dinner seems to be running on time. Nice work DK!

So alright, here’s the infamous, fake email that must be circulating around to bloggers so that they will post it up.

Here’s how we know the following email is fake:
1. It’s not from the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)… bracketing and research releases have become an art form. The DCCC would have a special graphic, and funny headline. This one is kind of lame…
2. It’s missing proper disclaimers… which is something they wouldn’t miss…
3. If the DCCC were to send a carpet bomb email like that, it would come from a dccc.org account… not a Gmail account. I returned the email to dcccresearch@gmail.com... And shock… no reply. Hey fake DCCC Research, contact me anytime.
4. If you compare this email with what is currently on the Coralville Courier… it’s almost word for word in some cases when you compare the 2. I’m not saying that this is fact checked… everything is well sited.

Here’s the fake DCCC Release…

From: dcccresearch@gmail.com
To: dcccresearch@gmail.com
Subject: Teahen claims false M.A., misleads University of Iowa College of Education

A Republican candidate for Congress in Iowa's 2nd District has seriously exaggerated his resume to claim an advanced degree he did not earn and a title in a major U.S. disaster he did not hold.

Peter Teahen, a Cedar Rapids funeral home director, has campaigned as a disaster relief expert (http://www.teahenforcongress.com).

Teahen has weathered intense fire from a former colleague for allegedly embellishing his record in disaster management. Teahen has denied the claims, accusing his former boss, David Tredrea, an official at the London Trauma Centre, of mental problems and a long-running vendetta against him. Tredrea blasted an e-mail full of allegations against Teahen to Iowa bloggers several days ago from his personal e-mail address, davidtredrea@yahoo.com.

While some of Tredrea's claims are unverified, independent information has recently surfaced from agencies in Iowa and Oklahoma, raising questions about Teahen's integrity and truthfulness.

On his resume (attached), Teahen lists an M.A. in "Human Resources Management" from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. The program Teahen enrolled in is an online series of courses at the Baptist college founded by Jerry Falwell in 1971.

According to Teahen's LinkedIn business networking profile, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/605/aa3, his degree is not expected until 2009. He misled the University of Iowa, however, by claiming a completed M.A. He currently serves on the University's College of Education advisory board dealing with rehabilitation counseling.

A record of his term on the board in 2007-2008 can be found here: http://www.education.uiowa.edu/rehab/program/advisory_board_roster_02.htm

"Peter Teahen has not received his M.A. degree and has not met his requirements for graduation at this time," said transcript verification officer Deborah Stone of Liberty University, according to the Coralville Courier. "He is not currently enrolled."

Teahen also refers to himself as the "Deputy Medical Examiner" in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing in April 1995.

Oklahoma officials have since discredited Teahen's claim. No record of Teahen's employment by the medical examiner's office exists. Medical examiners in Oklahoma are required to be licensed to practice medicine in Oklahoma. Teahen is not a licensed physician, although he refers to himself as a "mental health professional."

Ray Blakeney, the director of operations for the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, said Teahen was in the Oklahoma City area but did not have any role with the agency as medical examiner or in any other capacity.

So yea… like I said. Most of this stuff is on the Coralville Courier right now. Most of the stuff here has it’s fact check… but that’s not the story here. It’s the fact that someone is trying to send one of these lame ass fake emails we saw during the Caucuses.

In no way in this post am I defending the DCCC. That’s not how I roll… all I know is, they didn’t send this one.

What’s your thoughts QCI-ders? See you all at the Lincoln Dinner tonight.



QCI (the world's crappiest blog), has just recieved a very interesting email from someone "claiming" to be the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Committee). It's a hard hitting attack on Teahen.

The email in question comes from a Gmail account with out any disclaimers...

At first glance, it seems like one of those hoax emails we saw during the Caucuses.

Sifting through it now. More to come, stay tuned...

Seriously QCI-ders, this is getting crazy...

BTW, this is my 69th post... ha ha... 69...


FINKLE AND EICHORN, RATHJE AND FINKLE, RATHJE TO EICHORN!Team Eichorn sent out a release today announce more endorsements. The key part of the release is the 4 former endorsements for Steve Rathje, switched to Eichorn. Nice work. Hershel has a little more thoughts in a new batch of his famous Kasserole.

What’s next in the “KNIFE FIGHT FOR THE US SENATE 2008”? Uncle Ted and the Polk GOP are hosting a debate Friday… you know, the one Rathje is too good for. Battleground has chimed in on that train wreck. BTW, Battleground is putting out some pretty good stuff lately…

Anyhow, let’s not let Rathje, Eichorn and Finkle have all of the fun. Christopher Reed has served up some good endorsements. Most recently he won the support of the Gun Owners of America.

Here’s a blurb from the letter from Tim Macy, Vice President of Gun Owners of America to Christopher Reed:

“Defenders of the Second Amendment in Iowa need a devoted and reliable voice in the U.S. Senate. The current junior Senator has an abhorrent Second Amendment record and a dangerous attitude toward the right of self-defense.

However, you are a gun owner and sportsman who fully understands the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Iowa needs a Senator who respects the Founding Fathers and their pledges of lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. You recognize what the Second Amendment means and value its importance.

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund enthusiastically support your intention to join the U.S. Senate and join the front line in defense of the Second Amendment”

So the Reed camp is bringing guns to the KNIFE FIGHT FOR THE US SENATE 2008!... I can’t get enough of it!

WATCH DOGGY DOGG – So my main man Dave Vaudt, the Taxpayer’s Watch Doggy Dogg, is bustin up some knowledge for tha Dems. Here’s tha release. You know a budget is bad when you see headers like: “Poor Financial Practices Continue,” “General Fund Budget Only Tells Half the Story,” or “Iowa’s Maxed Out ‘Charge Cards’ Create Problems for Iowans.”

Christopher Rants adds to the chorus:

"The auditor's criticisms of the Democrats’ budget echoes what House Republicans have been saying since early in 2007," said Rants. "Democrats who campaigned as conservative, pro-business candidates came to Des Moines and became big-spending liberals. The auditors' criticism is further proof that while the Democrats claim to have approved a fiscally sound budget, the truth is that they went on a spending spree and tried to hide it from the taxpayers. I commend Auditor Vaudt for being diligent in revealing the truth behinds the Democrats’ irresponsible and bloated budget."

It would be pretty cool if Watch Doggy Dogg started to bust out, “There’s some much problems wit tha budget from DHC, it so hard to be the Watch D O double G… ‘Cause I, some how, some way, keep busting up these fools bitch ass budgets, just like every single day…”

Here’ a tune in honor of Dave Vaudt, Watch DOOOOGG-Y DOOOOGG…


What the hell is going on around here? Oh, it’s primary season! Here’s a nice portion of link sausage ER linkage for you. A few stories that are heating up and my must read of the day from my ole pal Chris Faulkner.

TEAHEN IN FULL TAILSPIN - Don’t take my word for it. Just ask Battleground and Krusty. Yikes man.

DROPPIN’ BOMBS IN HOUSE DISTRICT 69… HA HA 69In Krusty’s tailspin post, he also mentions the carpet bombs that are being dropped in House District 69… ha ha 69… Not bad for a candidate who is “just finishing up school”. That was dumbest line I’ve heard in a while. Seriously, how’s Chuck Larson doing today? Wasn’t there some kid in CR running for the house who was also “finishing school”… you know what they call him now? Oh yea, Ambassador… ha ha… 69… still can’t get over that one.

SCHMETT NUMBERS ARE INJ. Norm at the DMR has all of the deets.

YARD SIGNS AND BUMPER STICKERS WIN ELECTIONS – Well… sometimes that’s all you hear when you’re a staffer from the grassroots. Chris Faulkner offers a very cool solution. It’s my MUST READ of the day.

“RECOUNT” REVIEW AND REFLECTION THIS WEEK - Alright, so I got to watch bits and pieces of the HBO movie "Recount" yesterday. It’s bringing back all sorts of memories. I taped it so when I get a chance to watch the entire thing this week, I’ll post my review and reflections of the event I participated almost 8 years ago. So don’t spoil the ending for me…

TORNADO REFIEF HELP – Again, here’s a link to the Red Cross to donate and volunteer for disaster relief being handled by the Hawkeye Chapter. Give what you can QCI-ders.


Here’s some Memorial Day stuff for you.

TORNADO REFIEF HELP Here’s a link to the Red Cross to donate and volunteer for disaster relief being handled by the Hawkeye Chapter. Give what you can QCI-ders.

TWO U.S. SENATE PRIMARY EMAILS – So running the World’s crappiest blog sure does have its perks. I get emails from campaign trying to form the message of the day. QCI Rules for Campaigns: I’m firm, I’m snarky… but I’m fair.

EMAIL 1 - Christopher Reed’s camp is doing a great job in his new media outreach as I received a special Memorial Day message from him today. Here’s one clip of note from his message:

To all our veterans we have a simple yet heartfelt message -- thank you -- all of you, for your service. We want you to know that your example serves to inspire others who follow in your footsteps. Thank you for your selfless-service in peacetime and war, here in this nation and throughout the world. For all veterans, regardless of their service and the era in which they have served, have paid a price for the freedom we enjoy.

Well put. If you see a veteran or a member of the military… thank ‘em... every day of the year, as well as today.

EMAIL 2 - Steve Rathje’s camp sent me something this weekend. But you know what? Since he is better than everyone, I’m not going to pass along his stuff. I’m probably not worthy of passing on any information from him and you are not worthy to have the informations passed on to you… he truly is better than all of us. All I will do is remind folks how better he is than everyone… that’s why he won’t debate his opponents… he’s just clearly better than you.

RECOUNT – Anyone catch the Recount movie on HBO last night? I missed it… but I know the story… have Ryder truck, will travel.

TUNE OF THE DAY - Can't get this one out of my head. Want a tune that will put you in a great mood and just get you straight strutting for the rest of the day? Crank this up and oh… you’re welcome.


A little Weekend Update for all of you BBQing and relaxing for your extended holiday weekend. Now, one of my favorite past times on Memorial Day Weekend is checking out the Indy 500. Some of you may know I spent a short stint in Indianapolis… never caught the 500, but moved in on that weekend.

At first glance when I moved, I went through Speedway, Indiana (where the track is located on the NW side of town). It seemed like there were like a million liquor stores around the track area. I’m thinking, man this must be a rough part of town. I was quickly corrected by the locals when they told me, “Dude, they make their money 4 weekends during the year. You can bring beer/drinky drinks into the Speedway with a certain size of cooler. It’s a blue collar area. It just gets a little wild during race weekends.” Word.

As you know there are some really serious racing fans out there. It’s dang near a religion. But just about 50% of anyone who goes to a race whether it be NASCAR, Knoxville, or the NHRA… they go to watch the wrecks. For some reason this weekend, there are a couple of disasters in federal election races.

CRASH IN TURN 2 – EASTERN IOWA CONGRESSIONAL SPEEDWAY – Krusty (who is in well mid season form BTW) is reporting on the wreck in the 2nd District Republican Primary. It seems as though Miller-Meeks has perfected the art of “political drafting” (a little shout out for you NASCAR crazies) while Teahan’s pit crew is having some serious issues with his tires. He’s losing some serious traction. This one looks like it could go into the final lap of the race, and if he isn’t carefull, Miller-Meeks is going to throw him in the wall and cruise to victory under a yellow caution.

LARGE CRASH – SOUTH DAKOTA INTERNATIONAL DRAG STRIP - Are you freaking kidding me? The comment (wreck) that is being heard around the world… enter driver Hillary Clinton in the 08 Ford Pinto. Busting out a RFK reference to Obama for her reason for staying in? This comment after the buzz that QCI is picking up that a Obama/Clinton ticket is already in the talks. Watch Insiders tomorrow to see what I mean. That has to have been turned into another wreck that everyone will surely be watching… Memorial Day Weekend or not.


Alright, it’s been a lot of fun reading these Chad Barth moments. Hope everyone has fun out at the Catina Marina in DC. Buy Barthy tons of shots.
HOUSE DISTRICT 69… HA HA 69… - Ole Krusty served up a good one today on what seems like a little heated primary that is brewing up in the Northwest Suburbs of Des Moines. It’s my MUST READ of the day. Ha ha… 69… it never gets old.

SPECIAL INVITATION FOR QCI-DERS – Forwarding a very special invitation to all of my loyal readers. You are cordially invited to T-Roy’s 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil. It’s Saturday, June 28th starting at 6:00pm until ???? Come enjoy fresh crawfish flown from Louisiana and chuck a few hurricanes… and all the fun in between. RSVP to Troy Bishop at troybishop28@hotmail.com. See you there. Nice invitation cover by the way T-Roy. Wonder who made it? Hmmm….

And now to close off… any interested in some modern art, ask for my boy Serge… he’ll get you a good deal. “Get the f--- out of here!” No I can not.


CHAD BARTH AT 30 – Very special birthday greetings from QCI to good ole Chad Barth. Now he’s been a stressed about turning the big 3-0. He was even asking if he can join AARP. Come on man. 30 rules. 30 is the new 20… with more back aches.

Barthy was one of the guys who got me hooked in politics. We were roommates for 3 or so years (more if you count all the time I crashed on his couch). He’s a great friend and we should all wish him (or console him) on his big day. Take a minute and send birthday greetings to cbarth@rnchq.org.

Remember Chad, “It wasn’t the cable TV that brought her back, it was your cable. Been swinging this whole time and we didn’t even know it. Just swinging.” Happy birthday pal.

RUBBER CHICKEN CIRCUIT – Alright, there are some cool events I’m thinking about live blogging. I can finally use my Frank header! Here’s some of the upcoming events you may find the world’s most crappiest blogger.

FRIDAY, MAY 30TH – LINCOLN DAY DINNER – Embassy Suites, Des Moines
- Guest speaker Senator John Thune and a chance to hear all of the candidates a few days before the Primary Election. I smell a sign war! Unless they enforce the rules I helped write. Plus the post dinner party

- Special guests Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee will be there. Plus there’s always pre and post convention events to hit.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4TH – ICA DINNER – 7 Flags Center, Clive
- Rush’s brother, David Limbaugh is the guest speaker. I got to tell ya, that’s a pretty solid speaker for once with the ICA. I might not try to cut out early. Nice work.

Have a cool event coming up you want covered in the most snarkiest and randomly way? Add me to your email blast list… you know, if I’m not already on it. Did I tell you how much I love comp tickets? I’m just saying.


AFF's WELCOME MAT FOR OBAMA - Obama is hitting the East Village tonight. Check this video out... welcome back Senator!

KNIFE FIGHT FOR THE SENATE 2008!!! - OK, I totally need to make a new graphic for that title.

You know what’s pretty cool? Local campaigns here in Iowa are starting to embrace new media (blogs, ect.). As a recently retired hack, this blog has been a fun way to still keep a finger (not the middle one) on the pulse of what’s going on out there in the trenches. I’m usually getting 2 or 3 emails a day from a campaign who is trying to shape the message, echo chatter and story of the day.

A recent email I received from a US Senate campaign in Iowa served up some good stuff that you may or may not already know. First, it’s your basic piece (although geared towards bloggers) that you see in every single Republican primary from Dog Catcher to President. I’m the REAL Republican… yadda yadda yadda (though nicely put together memo, I will add). Any who, here’s three Cliff Notes I found interesting from the email:

1. Steve Rathje is refusing to debate his 2 opponents. Huh? What’s he got to hide? This memo also noted that Rathje himself said:

“I won’t be in the same room with those ‘Johnny-come-lately’ candidates” or “those two don’t deserve to be in the same room as me” and my favorite “they (Reed/Eichhorn) don’t deserve to be in a room with me.”

Yea, the "I’m better than you" bit… that one is gonna go off well with Iowa Republican Primary voters, just like a loud fart in church is always a big hit.

2. Bill Salier endorsed Reed? Nice grab when you are trying to win the mantle of “I’m more conservative than you infinity” title. BTW, am I way off when I hear his name, I’m thinkin’… Superman?!?! Say it all at once QCI-ders, “Dude, it’s Reed not Reeve...” Oh yea…

3. A pretty good sports analogy/dig at one of the other candidates:

“This candidate believes he should be handed the Republican nomination simply because he has been in the race the longest. This is like saying that Harvard should be allowed in the BCS National Championship or NCAA Final Four every year simply because they were the first major University, not because they are the best team and earn it.”


All in all this should be a very interesting race to watch… until there is a debate (if there is one) looks like the only joint appearance showdown will be at the Lincoln Dinner on the 30th at Embassy Suites.

EDITOR’S NOTE – I will make my final predictions ala Game Day style on June 1st. So be ready for the randomness and snarkiness!


Um… it’s way too nice out to be blogging. You should be grilling. So as a very special thank you to all of my loyal readers, I’m offering up one of my specialty grilling recipes. That’s right, you now can look like the gourmet stud or studette that you are and make Grant’s Mushrooms.

Oh and… since that time of year… anyone have morels? Have skillet will travel.

Alright back to this recipe. Seriously, it’s not that much to put together, but for some reason when I make this, I get rave reviews and raise expectations… which is totally against my philosophy of keeping expectations low. So, when you head out to grill tonight or tomorrow… give this a try, then post your review here.

A variation of a Young Family Favorite. Made for numerous Jewell garage parties, tailgates and chillin on the porch type nights. Now I usually make a double order of this… you may too. Happy grilling.

- 1 stick of butter (cut it into 5-6 pieces)
- 3 teaspoons of garlic (more or less if you like)
- 1/2 of a handfull of chopped parsley (fresh is great, dried works)
- 0.5 teaspoon of black pepper (more if needed)
- 1 package of portabella mushrooms
- 1 box of aluminum foil

- Cut the mushrooms into strips
- take the aluminum foil and create a bowl for your ingredients

1. Put cut up mushrooms in the foil bowl
2. Place pieces of the stick of butter in the bowl, distributed evenly
3. Distribute garlic, parsley and pepper evenly in the foil bowl
4. Wrap foil bowl in more foil. Do a couple of layers all the way around until you have a huge aluminum burrito
5. Throw it on the grill for 15-20 minutes with the cover down
6. Open carefully (it’s hot!) and enjoy.
7. Your friends ask you what time your Food Network show starts.

I'm off to go grill myself... have some Senate race stuff for you tomorrow. Some one pass the garlic.


WANT TO BE A QCI GAME DAY CONTRIBUTOR? Hey QCI-ders. Looking for a group of readers who would like to file stories throughout the big Primary Day on June 3rd. If you would like to be a part of the QCI GAME DAY TEAM, email me at grantyoung72@hotmail.com. Maybe I’ll wear a mascot head for my predictions! There will be prizes and awards given to the most clever comments on Primary Day (just like the clever signs those crazy college kids make). Stay Tuned!

OPEN LINE FRIDAY - Nice work on the snarky yet civil smack talk QCI-ders. Rome salutes you. Now I ask my international conversation switcher, “Do you like corn on the cob?” I like mine with tons of butter and a whole lot of salt and pepper action.

Leaving the open lines to you all. What’s the issue of the day? More 2nd District Smack Talk? Do you eat your corn on the cob like typewriter? Culver’s veto, the Iowa version of shock and awe… talk amongst yourselves!


2nd DISTRICT BATTLE – I don’t know why I keep forgetting, but we gots ourselves some primaries coming up. And one of them is in the words of Flavor Flav, “is gettin’ heated heated.” The 2nd District Republican primary is starting to provide the fireworks it promised.

On one side it’s Peter Teahen and the other Marianette Miller-Meeks… oh and Lee Harder if you are paying attention. Teahen has looked like the frontrunner early on. You know, being from Linn County, a supposed power base and being one of the first one out running. BUT, according to a Lee Corso like source to QCI… “Not so fast my friend!”

Krusty is reporting on a sentiment that I’m hearing a lot out of the 2nd… Word close to QCI reports a very Fred Thompson like run. Miller-Meeks put a pretty damn good ad up… and has been running hard.

Also, if you look at the back and forth releases the other day… (not that I want to open old scabs, but) this is kind of reminding me of arguments between the Rudy and McCain camps. On one side you have Teahen who is touting his work on disasters and Miller-Meeks who has actually military experience. Just a thought… but was seeing some déjà vu.

DISLAIMERS! Alright, maybe it’s because I worked on Federal Campaigns my entire career and the inner hack… but to federal campaigns in Iowa… SOME OF YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Listen, it’s the one mistake everyone makes in proof reading a flyer, signup sheet, or door to door piece… disclaimers. You either completely forget them or do them wrong. Here’s how they are supposed to look if you are with a federal campaign.

A box around it and at least a 12 pt font. So there. Fix it and get to know your federal campaign laws. Thank you.


A little bit of a change up to today’s Countdown. Primaries and general elections are starting to heat up… your television screens across the country. Here’s a few ads that I have been sent and or stumbled upon.

AMERICAN FUTURE FUND POLITICAL ACTION – “Laugh Track” (Playing in Minnesota)

Yikes! Nice work. You know I actually still think Al Franken is hilarious. It’s too bad (although his right) that he got all lefty activist like. Great stuff AFF!

MITCH DANIELS FOR GOVERNOR – “Change That’s Working” (from Indiana)

Full disclosure here, I’m a huge fan of Mitch Daniels. I am the self proclaimed Hawkeyes for Mitch Chairman. Love this ad, not because it highlights all of the good work getting done in Indiana, but I’m a sucker for dramatic music. MY MAN MITCH ’08!!! Wow, a governor that actually gets things done… take note Big Lug.

JOHN MCCAIN 2008 – “Health Solutions” (Playing in Iowa)

Of course I think everything JSM does is great, but the interesting note is that this ad has been playing in Iowa for a couple of weeks. Who says Iowa isn’t a battleground anymore?


FINKLE AND EICHORN, HARKIN AND FINKLE, EICHORN AND HARKIN! Word up QCI-ders. So last week George Eichorn released a huge list of endorsements solidifying him as the “establishment candidate.” You don’t have to quote me on the label. Dave Price had the story Friday about a recent Harkin fundraising letter mentioning the release.

Now here’s an interesting question. Who will raise more money off of the release? Eichorn, Harkin or Finkle?


Let’s see here. There’s not much buzz going on out there… the Districts have come and gone. We have a new State Central Committee and the weather is showing some signs of summer… all is good in the Republic today. So in honor of a bunch of my old NIACC buddies I ran into at the tailgate yesterday, I busted out the old Goose. Choose NIC-NAC Thirst! Oh the old days… great to see you dudes… when the party at Pink Apartments this week?

APPROACHING 6,000 HITS – Again, thanks to all who are dropping by and hitting me upside the head when have a lack of posts. When I first started this thing, I figured… “Is anyone really gonna ready this thing.” You are and I annoy my loyalist of readers when I slack off for a few days (or a week). Got some good advice from some media types and bloggers on how to get a little better at this. If I’m not posting THE hottest scoop of the day… rest assure I will amaze you with my better than average wit, charm and some random ass movie that I know by heart. And no more Jared Allen posts, because I’m over him.

CAMPAIGN PEEPS – I’m talking to you. Many campaigns in the state are embracing “new media” and have added me to their press release lists. Keep ‘em coming. When it comes to the spin of the day, I’ll give you my guarantee that I firm but I’m fair… if I’m not posting your stuff here, there are 3 situations why: 1) someone else posted on it all ready 2) you sent me a release from Captain Obvious (ie: FLASH – The Sun Also Rises in the East) or 3) you can call it triple A grade laziness. So for you loser campaigns out there (loser meaning, you don’t want your stuff on the world’s crappiest blog?) add grantyoung72@hotmail.com to your press list.

FALLON V. BOSWELL – This is a hell of a race to watch… because it’s getting nasty and hotly competitive. I mean. Ole GMLB has his peeps out there hitting the streets. Fallon has a great hard core base from his Gov run. Oh and in case you missed it, Fallon won the entire 3rd District in that campaign. From my view in the nose bleeds, it looks like Fallon has attracted a lot of folks from the Obama organization.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but have seen some of the franked mail coming out of Boswell’s official office? Environmental pieces? For real? Must be nice to run a campaign at taxpayers’ expense. Stay tuned to this one QCI-ders.

MAC BACK IN DES MOINES – Yea, I know this is completely late to talk about, but I just wanted to give a shout out to all my peeps at Team Straight Talk. Great to see all of weary warriors and volunteers who didn’t surrender during the dark days of late summer. Your dedication and enthusiasm paid off… now, let’s put him in the White House.
WHERE THE HELL IS SKANKS? Now that Krusty is back... where is the complete set of Krustacians? Yoda is always in the house. Cedar is always bringing the east coast party, 'cause the east coast party don't stop. But, where is that hilarious poster who had the handle called "Skanks for the Memories." Damn that was some hilarious stuff. Skanks- I'm calling you out you dirty SOB. I know you're all out there... need a place to go? Stop at QCI!

ANYTHING WITH JIMMY PAGE EQUALS DAMN GOOD – Yea, even the one he did with P. Diddy. But to get you on your lazy Sunday or Monday Morning reads… here’s a great one with Page and the Black Crowes doing “Ten Years Gone.”


So as I announced here a while a go, Krusty is back. Better than ever. He is blaming the audacity of the World’s krappiest blog for pushing him over the edge in the first Haiku Friday in ages. Apparently the “Riddle Me This” post for a week paid off… not really. I’m seriously not that big of deal. If you think so, I’d like to sell you the Locust Street Bridge.

He followed up with a couple of posts and it looks like ole Hershel Krustofski is back to mid season form. His recent post on the state of the US Senate race is a great read. I’ll tell ya, I was going to be the first blog/news source/gossip rag/waste of time/crappy website to officially call the race for Harkin. Making a Drudge like breaking new story, sirens, and piss off a lot of people… It’s weird, you become a little snarky when you do a blog, it just goes with the biz I guess.

But my inner TB (true believerism) comes back and I always become a "pitcher half full" type of guy. A buddy of mine told me once, “Dude, 96% of the Republican Caucus could be busted with hookers a week out from Election Day and you would still say we have a solid shot at the majority.” That may be stretching it a bit… although if 96% of the caucus was getting busted with hookers on the same day, wouldn’t you think it was some sort of cultural trend?

Anyways, I’m just a believer of the idea of “That’s why you play the game.” You know it could be worse, you could get your nose bitten off by a Saigon whore… take it away Norm!


1.21 GIGAWATTS!!!!!!!!!

Yea, I know... just posting random pictures of Doc Brown.

Working on some stuff, please be patient. Oh, and way to man up Hershel! Glad to have you back and your stuff is great as always.

I'm off to the local drug store to purchase platonium... as it has been available there since 1985.