For you some of you QCI readers from South High, I bring you some sad news via an email I received this morning…

Gary “Andy” Anderson has passed away.

From an email I recieved this morning:

ANDY served as Sports Director for KQWC radio in Webster City, Iowa from 1993 to 1997. He will be remembered for his gravely voice and the positive aspect he brought to North Central Iowa sporting events. As the unofficial "Voice of the South Hamilton Hawks and Hawkettes" Andy covered every type of Sporting Event at Ol' South Hammy. If you ran track or cross country or wrestled or played baseball, softball, volleyball or football for the Hawks/Hawkettes, odds are Andy gave you your first few minutes of fame via the KQWC Airwaves. Andy liked everybody and everybody liked Andy. He knew all the athletes and their style or lack there of.

"And now for KQWC, the Hawks win, this is Andy..............."