Here’s a pretty lame Weekend Update… why you ask? Because I’m gonna be moving this weekend. So, since I’m moving east of my current crib. I feel this video is appropriate. So for a few days of lack of blogging… discuss your favorite all time shows from back in the day.


BREAKING… (OK, not really… just wanted an excuse to use the Drudge Siren) Update... took off the siren, it was getting annoying.

OVER AT 621 EAST 9th:
Charlotte Eby via Cyclone Conservative, Timmy Albrecht is the new Communications/Press Guy at RPI. Congrats Timmy! Glad to have ya back in Des Moines!

For many of you longtime Iowa bloggers out there, you probably recognized a blogger called “RF”. RF is one of the lefties looking for a good civil debate in the Iowa blogosphere. And since there’s bipartisan spirit at the golden dome on property rights issues… I too decided to reach across the aisle and ask RF 7.2 Questions. While we probably do not agree on many issues, we do agree in a civil and respectful dialogue when it comes to the issues of the day.

I for one am sick and tired of the gotcha, I’m better than you, if it came from the other side it sucks, never getting anything done politics that have sadly brought the public to give politics a worse name than trial lawyers. So let’s hear it from an avid blogger and tree hugger on the other side… everyone’s favorite liberal, RF.

1. Tell us your daily routine… what’s the play by play?

Alarm goes off a little before 6. This liberal does have a job, so can’t sleep in or blog all day. Believe it or not, this liberal has a family too, so need to help everyone get ready for the day. Then on to the workplace. I’m lucky enough to be able to work on stuff I really care about. Mostly “green” stuff. I gain an equivalent of at least 100 tree hugs every day. There is no standard play by play, as my days vary a lot. Sometimes I get to go have a chat at the Governor’s office or elsewhere at the Capitol, but most days I spend in other more or less interesting meetings. Some other days I spend all day researching some pretty mundane stuff. Most days I get to go home at a reasonable hour, which is a real blessing when you have a family. We try to have a sit-down dinner every day with everyone – possibly the second to last family in the country doing that. During NHL playoffs, I may watch a good game. Otherwise try to spend some quality time with the family. After things quiet down, it’s usually time for political porn, as Mrs. RF calls my online political obsessions. Cruising through the blogs and some news sites. A run on the treadmill is the more sensible alternative to the online activities. First goal of the season is to run Dam to Dam on May 31, hopefully still in my Obama gear.

2. What’s the most rewarding part of your gig?

I have the privilege of getting paid to work on things I really care about. The idea that, for my small part, I’m helping to leave the planet in decent shape for future generations is very rewarding for me. I guess I’m your stereotypical bleeding-heart liberal.

3. Give me a big prediction – ala Chris Matthew’s “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Obama will turn out to be a great manager and a wise president. He will carry some surprising red states and Obama Republicans will outnumber Reagan Democrats.

4. What are you listing to right now? What’s in your mp3 or CD player right now?

Eagles’ new album “Long Road Out of Eden.” Always been a huge Eagles fan. Tina Turner is my all-time favorite performer. Gotta love hot mature ladies!

5. What’s your favorite hangout (bar, restaurant, etc.)? What do you recommend I get when I’m there?

Buzzard Billy’s. Love Cajun food. “Rasta Pasta” with Jamaican jerk chicken is excellent, spicy.

6. What’s the last ball game you went to?

Iowa Stars game a few weeks ago. Hockey is the only real sport!! But I do enjoy Iowa Energy basketball as well.

7. If you were not in this current gig or career, what would you be doing?

I would be renovating old houses and doing woodworking.

7.2 What’s with?

What’s with the idea that D’s and R’s can’t have real discussions? I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I seldom learn anything meaningful from a person I agree with. This applies to politics very well. For a couple of years now I have not felt the need to open any emails from MoveOn or any of the other two dozen like-minded outfits that send me stuff. By reading the subject line I know exactly what’s going to be in the email. I learn much more from reading the oft-crazy rants and commentary on The Real Sporer. Besides, my own little fantasy involves a hot mature R lady. I’m convinced Carville & Matalin are onto something. When same sex relationships are recognized in Iowa and Mrs. RF leaves me for her girlfriend (isn’t that the great threat everyone is talking about?), I’ll start cruising Republican political events for my own Mary Matalin.


Alright, enough of the sobbing over the Hoopty. The new Hoopty runs like a champ and it’s time to get back to doing what we do best here. Talk a little shop…

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – As reported just about everywhere, Caleb Hunter is the new ED at RPI. Congrats Sah-Leeb! Price and Uncle Ted have more details on that.

With county conventions coming and going… the buzz starts on the Party elections front. Steve Roberts is running for National Committeeman again. He’s a great representative for Iowa at the RNC. With Phyllis Kelly stepping down from her position as National Committeewoman, word on the street is that State Representative Sandy Greiner is running for the position. That’s awesome. Sandy rules. I think she would do a terrific job and will have big shoes to fill. Phyllis is a class act and has been a terrific National Committee Woman. No other buzz on district SCC races, yet. Will there be any drama on April 19th? Feel free to pass along any info, email is the wave of the future.

WARD vs. GREENE? (Updated) - I heard that the Dems had recruited Courtney Maxwell Greene (of WHO-TV fame) to run against Pat Ward for the western suburb State Senate seat. Are the Dems learning the Tami Wiencek effect? Not gonna lie, she would be a good candidate... if this is indeed true... it's not. Turns out she’s not gonna run. Pat Ward will cruise to another term... and the Republic is safe… Good news for the good guys. Thanks to a couple of sources who set the story straight.

I’M FLIP-FLOPPING – I have officially changed my position on cold weather. As a cold weather guy, I figured, you can always put on another jacket, right? Bring the heat back damn it!
HUCK IN RACE = GOOD – What? Yea, it is. Here’s why. Johnny Mac’s still getting his speeches in primetime on the news networks. And the race is refreshingly civil between him and Huck.

HICKORY PARK DEBATE – Forgot to post this article a while back by Jason King. Fire up your Hickory Park talking points! Great read and Jason you are right, Rachel Lea... humina, humina, humina. Also, who knew you could do a chicken wing tour in KC? Adam and Joe, get the schedule together and I’m in.

3RD DISTRICT SCOOP – Fallon v. Boswell is making this thing interesting. Call me crazy, but I think Fallon has a legit shot at knocking him off. He won the 3rd district in his run for Gov and is already making Leonard move to the left. Have you checked you mailbox lately? LB loves himself some franked mail…

Before you start speculating who’s going to run on our side… Jeff Lamberti is not interested in running. So who’s it going to be? QCI readers (we need to create a nickname for you guys ala Rome’s Clones)… what’s your thoughts?

QCI STUFF – Over 1600 hits here. Not bad for an amateur, eh? Thanks for checking this blog out. Also, you Facebookers out there, join “Questions, Comments & Insults the Facebook Group”. I send alerts and messages to my loyal readers, plus special invitations to QCI Outings. It’s not just a college kid thing anymore. Everyone is getting on Facebook… join the crowd.


It was a beautiful service and good times at the Hoopty Wake Friday. Special thank you to everyone passing along condolences. Today on QCI is Hoopty Day of Remembrance. As you are starting to find out, I get pretty sentimental once in a while. The beloved car was a part of many special moments and sometimes found its way to make a little history here and there.

Here’s some Great Moments in Hoopty History:

- From 2003 to 2004, the Hoopty was played a great role in Re-Electing President Bush. Massive rallies, numerous county GOP funders and summer phone banks. Some serious miles were put on during the campaign that turned Iowa to a red state for the first time in 20 years.
- Not immune to trouble, the Hoopty backed into Christopher Rants’ vehicle before venturing on to a Marshall County phone bank.
- The Hoopty braved the somewhat confusing interstate system in downtown Kansas City when its owner forgot his father’s tuxedo for Adam and Sarah’s Wedding.
- One day the Hoopty had the honor of being parked in the President of the Senate’s parking space at the Capitol. A proud moment when the car was parked in such a distinguished spot.
- On a wild trip to Chicago, the Hoopty graced the streets of Wrigleyville for some good reggae and good times. Even made it for a quick stop in Dixon to see Reagan’s hometown.
- Survived the 2006 elections and made numerous trips, parades and meetings on the Lamberti campaign.
- Helped kick off the Iowa McCain campaign… stayed steady during the dark days of the summer… and finished strong in the November/December to be a part of the biggest comeback in presidential campaigns.

She didn’t make it through one the harshest Iowa winters that ultimately brought the car down, but she did go down swinging. Even as “Larry the Scrapper” came over to take her on her last trip, she ran a little better than usual… almost like she was saying, “Come on G, one more year… I know I can do it.” Maybe she could have… but I know in all heart of hearts, it was time.

The Hoopty is now in a place where the “Change Oil” light never comes on, there will always be the perfect tire pressure… and a place where its owner will never leave piles of garbage and empty bottles of diet dew. All luxuries that she used to know very well, but over time, slowly lost… Hoopty, you were a great friend and I’ll always remember the good times. So… thank you Hoopty… Thanks for the memories…


She’s been a great car…

Tonight the Hoopty (my lovable car) is making her final drive to St. Peter’s Big garage in the sky. A formal wake has been organized tonight, 8pm at Wellman’s.

If you’re around, please stop by and help celebrate the life of a legendary car. An obituary will be posted here this weekend.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and memories of a great vehicle and great friend, the Hoopty.

And now a little music in honor of the heroic car:


Today’s 7.2 is my brother Adam. Hey, if you can’t ask your fam to participate, what can you do right? Well, as you have read, there’s one person in our family that gets 100% of our attention, Little Miss Ainsley (rightfully so, she’s the cutest dang thing). Per Adam and Sarah there will be a new addition to the Young clan this September. Congrats kids! Exciting news and a fun 7.2 from my (not so) little brother. Enjoy!

1. Tell us your daily routine… what’s the play by play?

6:00am wake up, get Ainsley a bottle because she is going to wake up soon. The "Young" in Ainsley wants food and wants it now! Hop in the shower, shave, dress and get on to work before 7:00. Once at work I check email, do daily paperwork, count the drawers, and start a to-do list for the staff. By noon I hope to have some of the items on the to-do list done. My afternoons are for finishing up items from the morning and making up a list for the evening crew. The "to do list" now becomes an "items to get done before you leave" list. Sometimes I get out of work at 4:00pm and I get in a little relax time (watch a little TV, do some blogging, maybe even a little nap) and then it is on to pick up Ainsley from daycare. The rest of the evening it consumed with keeping track of Ainsley, unless it is Monday(at 8:00pm we play poker with some of my neighbors). By the time 10:00pm rolls around the concentration is on: how do we get Ainsley asleep? The goal is to get her asleep before Leno. Catch the first half of Leno and it's lights out. Get 6-7 hours of sleep to get up and do it again.

2. What’s the most rewarding part of your gig?

For those who don't know I am a retail manager. And most would guess that my most rewarding part of my day would be making the big sale. It is not. Really my job is to develop people. I love to train people and watch them grow. In my 7 years of retail I have developed alot of people. Some of them have gone on to manage their own stores. Most were students and they went on to college or finished college and went on to bigger and better things. I always felt it is bad to lose a good person but it even better to see them go on to bigger and better things.

3. Give me a big prediction – ala Chris Mathew’s “Tell me something I don’t know.”

If I could find a way to help people that struggle in life and still pay my bills, I would leave the retail world. But since Capital One, Direct loan and Suntrust Mortgage don't care about my civil call to duty, Orscheln still pays the bills.

4. What are you listing to right now? What’s in your mp3 or CD player right now?

I am still hung up on Garth. Sarah and I hit one of his KC shows and he really was a forgotten favorite of mine.

5. What’s your favorite hangout (bar, restaurant, etc.)?

Honestly, my Kitchen is pretty good. For those who haven't seen me in a while, let’s put it this way, Sarah is one hell of a cook. She is not afraid to try any type of cooking and usually nails it on the first try. She makes one hell of a Meat loaf. Plus eating with Ainsley and the wife is never dull and always a good time.

6. What’s the last ball game you went to?

Not a ball game but I attended a little kids wrestling meet for one of Sarah's little cousins. I forgot how much I loved Wrestling and just about wanted to get back to the mat.

7. If you were not in this current gig or career, what would you be doing?

Like I said before I do feel a bigger calling. I don't know what that means but someday I will find out. I really like what I do now but it has its days.

7.2 What’s with? (it’s 0.2 of a question)

Dude, the .2 should be the person's 2 cents, Mine is: I was really stressed one day and a older, wiser District Manager told me once: So if you lose your job, you might lose your house you might lose your cars and money, but can they take away your family?


“I’ll take Potpourri for $300 Alex.” Here’s a hodgepodge of stuff I’ve had for a week or so. Thoughts are very random… but what did you expect? You’re reading my blog dude. So enjoy the very scattered thoughts of the Countdown.

MAC AND CHEESE – Wisconsin Primary today… and Hawaii. So pour some sugar on it. How many Favre for VP signs do you think were made at rallies this week? Dude, Favrrrrrrrre.

DOES THIS MAKE ME LOOK YUPPY? Because I post an article from the Aspen Times? Not sure. If there was a West Des Moines Times and posted one of their articles… then I’d be going yuppy. That would be like black belt yuppy. And is there a difference between Polk County WDM and Dallas County WDM? I’m talking to you kids at the G.O. Enlighten me. Anyhow, here’s a brilliant article that no doubt has been forwarded all over the country… check it out. Nice work forwarding that along Wingert.

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – Was surprised (Ok, maybe not entirely) to see that the changes over at RPI was a major news story on WHO-TV and KCCI… slow news week I guess. Maybe they were tired of talking about the weather. I would be too. Nothing worth creating a special news graphic or anything guys, this is what happens when you get a new chair. Signed, the Sun Also Rises in the East… (sigh)

MEET JACK MCCAIN – Here’s a pretty cool interview with Jack McCain. I think it was on Drudge earlier this week. Definitely worth reading.

WHAT UP WITH THE WAVELAND – Dude, have you been to the Waveland lately? The quant little dive bar near Roosevelt has completely changed. It has friggin flat screens! Can you believe it?

KRUSTY IS BACK? Huh? (rub your eyes again) No kiddin’? Well if you check out his old blog, he says, “Stay Tuned.” Plus I noticed he’s been around on Cyclone Conservative with a couple comments. Not that I am Krusty tracker or anything… Trying to krack the Krusty Kode is so 2006. I’m just saying. I’ve moved on… well kind of. Welcome back Hershel! Let the conspiracy theories begin…

HEY Y’ALL – Our Iowa McCainiac friends are in Austin for the Texas Primary in March. I told ‘em they gotta hit Salt Lick BBQ. Oh my, oh my it is so good. Alight, picture this… think about the best BBQ you’ve ever had… and serve it family style like in the Amanas. I need a review fellas. It’s been a while since I was there.


While we are all recovering from a little blizzard over the weekend, the folks up in God’s Country Iowa have something to really cheer about. Cameron Olson has given South Hamilton its First State Wrestling Champion after defeating #1 ranked Ryan Schares from the legendary wrestling school Don Bosco (Gilbertville).

The Screamin’ Freeman has a great article and tons of pics today. Check it out: http://www.webstercitynews.com/page/content.detail/id/500758.html?nav=5010

Pretty damn good story. Hawkeye fans, be on the lookout for this guy. The all-state linebacker plans to walk on with Coach Ferentz's team this fall.

Congrats Cameron and Coach Klemp on your great achievement. Now, go get ‘em in Kinnick!

In case you need the words here’s the fight song for ya. Sing it loud and proud.


OK, I'm gonna say it... because someone has to people! Much like the Ames restaurant favorite, Hickory Park, Valentines Day is so overrated.

So for all of you love birds out there, here's my Valentine to you. Grab a 12er of Milwaukee's Best Light and crank it up!

Oh and a have a good Valentines Day, I guess.

Check out my Valentine to you, click on the following link

The Legend of the Button Guys

As I have said about the Countdown, not only you hear what’s going on, but I will be sharing some good ole tales from the road. Many of you, who know me very well, know I love telling a good war story. And this one has to be one of my current favorites. In true hack fashion, grab a glass… we just ordered a few pitchers and if you’re hungry, the waitress will be back with menus. Relax and let the stories begin.

A special behind the scenes story for the “Countdown,” I want to introduce you to some of my very special correspondents in the field, The Button Guys. I think it was one of the Chicago Tribune reporters that said, “You want to know what’s going on in town, ask the cabbies. You want to know what’s going on the campaign trail, ask the button guys.” It’s a funny thing on campaigns how you develop friendships and acquaintances as you go along. This is story of how I got to know these cool insiders and gained some really great friends.

So… my buddy T-Roy Bishop (who is teaching at DMACC now BTW, way to go T-Roy!) and I are talking shop at our favorite hangout, Flanagan’s (we’re kind of the Cliff and Norm down there, but more on that later) Fred Thompson was ready to join the race and we were hashing out what the affects will be. Who was working where and so on… this is what staffers do. It’s like guys going over who your team is picking up in the next draft.

At the corner of the bar, a couple of guys are over hearing this subject matter. You knew they were involved somehow, they were following along with the campaignese that hacks speak (seriously, if you’re not in politics, hacks talking to hacks can seem like they talking in Martian). So one of the two pipes up, “You guys talking politics? Which ones do you guys work for?” T-Roy says, “Yea, he works for McCain, I used to work for Gilmore. What do you guys do?” The new guy says, “We sell buttons. We’re here to chase Fred around the state for his announcement tour.” “Oh yea?” I replied, “The button guys, huh? I used to kick you out of Bush events in ’04.”

He had the look of, “oh great, this guy is going to be a lot of help.” After trading a few jokes back and forth, we had started a good discussion of the current state of the race. These guys were hitting tons of Dem events. They knew the exact size of the crowds, the demographics, and everything. While campaign guys look at crowd sizes as votes and media hits, button guys see dollar signs. It was like reading Politico listening to these two on their takes. The insight they had on the events they covered actually meshed up with the end results with the Caucuses.

“Edwards is going to better than what you think, fellas,” Curt the lead guy of the crew said. “His people are very loyal buyers.” “Yea, and Obama is gonna dominate as well, his crowds are huge,” remarked Jeremy one of Curt’s guys.

Curt asked if we knew any schedules for upcoming Republican events, especially Fred’s, that’s why they were in town. Every campaign keeps an eye on the other guys’ scheds. It’s the modern times of Republican communication shops in the post BC ’04 era, but more on that in another post. I had Fred’s tour schedule on my Blackberry and Curt wrote down the times and addresses. Of course I cut a deal to get a few buttons here and there, I’m a collector. Love that stuff.

For the next few weeks, Curt and the Button guys made Flanagan’s their official hang out. After work, they’d be down there giving me the run down on what they’re hearing, and I’d give them the details on upcoming visits. They were getting great coverage on events and I was increasing my collection while getting great scoop from the road.

Thanksgiving was around the corner and Curt and his crew were heading back home for the holiday. I was on my way home to Jewell to take in the Thanksgiving Vigil festivities when Curt gave me a ring. After the weekend, he and his crew would be living in Iowa all the way through to the Caucuses. After quick negotiations, I decided to let his crew crash in the living room of my apartment.

I figured, I don’t really live in my place. With the crazy hours we were keeping, I simply just slept at my place. From then on, my living room was the button headquarters. Picture this… boxes of buttons and t-shirts, a couple of air mattresses and cramped quarters. But the guys always thought it was much better than a hotel room. There was a sense of home to it, they said.

They were great roomies. Coffee was always on and the first one out would start “the Hoopty” (my car’s nickname) on cold mornings. Sunday morning became quite the tradition at Button HQ. Curt would be doing his weekly accounting and inventory. The other two, Jeremy and Cameron, would be cracking jokes at me as I get pretty animated while watching Sunday talk shows. After Meet the Press and Insiders were over, they’d be off to their first event and I’d get ready to head into the office. It was a decent set up. They even came up to my parents place in Jewell for the famous Christmas Eve party along with other McCain out of state volunteers. Good times.

The rest is history as they say. We became the best of friends and contacts on the road. Curt and Jeremy both live in Sarasota, FL on the beach. Since I may actually have vacation time for the first time in my life, we’re planning a Button Guy reunion down there, once the campaign is over. I told ‘em, “Yea man, we gotta do some deep water fishing or something. Never done that before.” Quick with a joke Curt said, “Dude, its deep sea fishing. But you got it, we absolutely will at the reunion.”

They’re now all spread out across the country. I get a call from them every day. Now that they know I’m doing this blog, they all have agreed to be my official correspondents. Giving insights from events, cool places for a quick bite and everything in between. Here’s the names and characters you’ll be hearing from on the “Countdown:”

Campaign Curt - He’s the ring leader. The veteran of the crew, been at this thing since 1996 covering Clinton and Dole events and some sports ones as well.

Jersey Jeremy – JJ is a Jersey native, heating and cooling specialist by trade turned button guy. When he’s not at event, he’s usually chatting up the cute girl at the bar.

Carnie Cameron – A Midwestern native, he’s taking a year off to be on the road. He’s Carnie Cameron because he always says, “We’re just glorified carnies man, glorified carnies.”

Champaign Tommy – He was a late addition to the team, also from Florida. He looks like Joe Walsh of the Eagles, minus the drugs. CT is hilarious.

King Phil Fun – He’s a real 60’s throwback. His claims to fame is hanging out with Janis Joplin, being in Monterrey when Jimi Hendrix burned his guitar and of course, he was at Woodstock.


They whole famn damily was down in Kearney, MO a couple of weekends ago to celebrate Ainsley’s 1st Birthday. We rolled into Kearney mid afternoon, settled in and cocktail hour started. Per usual, with my family… a feeding isn’t far behind. The original plan was to hit a local Mexican joint with an audible to a GREAT local Italian joint simply called Gino’s.

THE SCENE – For you Des Moiners reading, Gino’s is basically a casual Tumea & Sons (one of my absolute favorites) but possibly a little more fun. Located in historic downtown Kearney, the birthplace of Jesse James, when you walk down the street you can’t help to wonder what kind of gun slinging was going on back in the day.

When you walking the door you immediately met with picture of Gino with his kids, cousins, and everyone in between. You’re seated and waited by members of Gino’s family. Locals were out in force and our group of 16 plus was treated and served with excellence. Which incidentally is a pretty tough gig to wait on a Young/Uthe party at any restaurant. For those of you who have had the honor, we’re a loud bunch… shocking, I know.

THE FOOD – Very good from reviews around the table. My brother announced (numerous times) that the meat balls there are awesome! As our family rolls, you could hear them saying, “Hey Adam, I hear the meat balls are good here.” Embarrasing my brother on the world wide web aside, he was right. He gets the ravioli and meat balls every time. Damn good. Per my Aunt Barb and others, the deserts were awesome. This coffee tasting dessert was getting huge reviews around the table. I had the fettuccini alfredo with chicken. Great sauce and everything… and the Coors Lights were ice cold…

WHY YOU SHOULD STOP – With good food, friends and family you can never go wrong. But at Gino’s, they treat everyone like the most important guests in the house. Gino himself makes this place a must stop. Rumor was that he’ll sing for you when asked. He stopped by and said, “I got something better! We have a professional singer on our wait staff, let me go get her.” The sound system in this joint starts playing and out comes this waitress singing “Where the Boys Are” by Connie Francis (my mom’s all time favorite song). She was great and is leaving for Branson in a couple of weeks.

Then Gino started singing a couple tunes in honor of Ainsley. She was getting a little tired, but the songs gave her a second wind. After a great rendition of “Ain’t That Kick in the Head”, he stayed to chat and get to know his new big fans from the Hawkeye State.

Anyway…. great host, great place, great food and great times… our family plans make regular stops when we come down to visit. And if you’re on your way to a Royals game, a party weekend in Westport or taking the kids to Worlds of Fun, make a pit stop in Kearney at Gino’s… your peeps will think you some sort of Food Channel stud or something. When in Rome, do what the Romans do... and don’t hassle them, they're local.


It’s time for my first 7.2 Questions! While I am compiling a bunch mega posts for your reading pleasure, enjoy the insights from today’s 7.2 Guest.

Today’s 7.2 is Chris Faulkner. He is a very accomplished operative and is part owner of Faulkner Strategies. I think we first met back in 2000 during my short stint in Indy. But got to know him real well at a RNC Field School in Omaha in ‘05 of which he runs with his wife Angela. He also has a great blog that I have added to my list on the right called GOP Grunt… worth reading.

So you know, with 7.2, they are the same questions every time. The fun part is to see what they say…

Here we go!

1. Tell us your daily routine… what’s the play by play?

Hit snooze too many times.Check the crackberry. Rush to get kids to the bus stop by 7:15 AM. Figure out a way to work Chick-fil-a into my drive to the office despite it being completely out of the way. Get to work. Sort thru email Return calls. post on my blog. Figure out where everyone in my office is getting for lunch and choose option that involves me not having to leave the office. try to keep up with my RSS feed. Facebook, Twitter, blah, blah. Go home. Beat my kids in most Wii sports games. Put kids to bed. Check the DVR and see what cool shows from History, Military and Sci Fi Channels I have recorded. Crack the laptop open. Make some kettle cornreturn more email. post on my blog.go to bed.

2. What’s the most rewarding part of your gig?

Working with people who actually deserve to be elected.

3. Give a big prediction – ala Chris Matthew’s “Tell me something I don’t know.”

The Giants will upset the Patriots. (Disclaimer: this interview was taken before the Super Bowl)

4. What are you listing to right now? What’s in your mp3 or CD player right now?

POD, System of a down, Dropkick Murphys

5. What’s your favorite hangout (bar, restaurant, etc.)? What do you recommend I get when I’m there?

Yesterdays in Granger. Buffalo chicken lips.

6. What’s the last ball game you went to?

Colts and Bears preseason. We need to either move football season or elections so I can pay attention to both.

7. If you were not in this current gig or career, what would you be doing?

Teaching HS government class.

7.2 What’s with? (it’s 0.2 of a question, kind of dumb, but its easier than asking 72 questions in honor of my football number)

Undecided voters in October of a Presidential year? I mean really are you ignorant on purpose or what? What else could you possibly need to know by October.


It’s STUPER DUPER TUESDAY! And my 10 post! …I know, I know… I gotta post more and I swear I’m on it. Anyhow, since everyone is glued to their TVs, bberrys and laptops for the latest on the nation’s largest presidential primary day ever, let’s do an open thread.

Discuss the results or share any scoop you may have. For those of you in voting states, tell us what you are seeing.