Is it me or is this a great weekend? I know I’m having a great one. After the misery of the Allen trade… (of which I am completely over now… no seriously, I am) it’s been one hell of a weekend. Chiefs had a great draft, the Well was rockin’, and hopefully… good weather is trying to make a fighting comeback.

In other news… QCI is approaching 5000 hits… do I dare say, WOOT!

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for you to tie you over for a good lazy Sunday or an unproductive Monday morning, whichever comes first.

MAC IS BACK… IN IOWA! Presumptive Republican Nominee John McCain (ah… doesn’t it feel great to say it) is returning to the Hawkeye State this week. This visit back to Iowa may start to silence the nay sayers who say Iowa isn’t a battleground this year. Beaumont at the DMR has a brief story on the visit with some insight from McCain State Chair Dave Roederer. Of which totally rules by the way. WAR DAVE!

Also, most of the weary warriors of McCain Team Iowa are back in the state for the trip and starting to organize. Great to see the crew here in town! Missed a quick reunion at the unofficial Team McCain HQ, Victor’s Sports Club. But is it a true reunion there without Seaton munching on his usual chicken taco salad? I’ll say the jury is out on that one… BTW, you want to catch pretty much any baseball game… Vic’s is a great joint to hit. Good food and cold beverages a plenty.

SESSION IS DONE (WOOT!) - Well they finally wrapped up stuff in the golden dome Friday… ER… Saturday Morning! At 3:00 AM?!?!? Damn man. Hats off to all of the staffers, clerks and legislators for the good guys running their annual end of session marathon… Now, rest up a bit… and let’s go get that majority back!

RIDDLE ME THIS KRUSTY (? ? ? ?) – So everyone’s favorite blogging klown is sluggishly making a comeback to Iowa blogosphere. The question on some hacks minds is, will he actually write something? Sure he’s posted some great ole Reagan ads and a pretty hilarious top 10 by the Mittster… but will he jot down some thoughts? Hershel added a link to the world’s crappiest blog that is Questions, Comment and Insults as well. Thanks dogg.

So riddle me the Krusty (not so much a riddle)… I’m not interested in kracking the Krusty kode… because I’m so over that. That’s so 2002… and Nickleback has truely run its course. So when are you going to chime in? When will we be able to watch a post go over 100 comments? What do you have in the oven for your Krusty Kasserole? When will we see a Friday Haiku post? So many questions for you Krusty… but will you answer?