About Last Night....

RISING STARS INDEED - Whoah... what a night to be a Republican in Iowa, right? Holy smokes. Different event. New attitude... and they knocked it out of the park. Here's some quick thoughts from last night....

- Nice venue. Event flowed great. Good concept
- People are fired up. There was some electricity with that crowd.
- Production was off the hizzy. Hat's off the the party staff and my main man St Clair.
- Tailgate... good job out of you. Way to go B-Dub, C-raig and the rest of the funky bunch.
- The program was done within an hour and a half. Seriously, you don't know how muchof a difference that makes.
- Mr. Chairman... on fire. Good job out of you.
- Videos... great... can't say enough of it.
- Lots and lots of new faces in that crowd last night.
- Lots and lots of blasts from the past there too. Folks who haven't been as active... are getting fired up.

Bottom line... the GOP is back in the Hawkeye State... dirt has been clearly been dusted off. Sleeves have been rolled up... and from what activisits were telling me... they're ready.

QCI-DERS OUT AND FORCE - You guys read this... you really really read this. Big shout outs to all you QCI-ders who stopped to say hey. I can't believe you waste your time reading this "Crappy Blog"... but my checks must be clearing... so #goodjoboutfoyou. Also... thanks for all of the complements on the greatness of the mullet. We will be having a special announcement soon... we're pretty fired up about it here. Trying to lock down the details.

THE KING OF POP - Now... don't why... but this was kind of in the back of my mind when I read the first tweets about the passing of Michael Jackson. I was just like... "For real?" Then a little sad. Say what you will about the bad stuff... but the dude could perform. Plus, peeps my age were basically introduced to Pop music through this guy... and made MTV what... uh, MTV used to be. Anyhow... I know its wierd to say or even think this... no matter how crazy Jacko got... I had and still do have the Thriller Album and all the J5 stuff as an image of him. I guess I'm a pitcher half full type of a guy...

Saw a couple tweets last night asking what their favorite MJ tunes were... I thought I'd bust out a few of them here... Please note... YouTube has enabled the use of his solo stuff... So Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean... would be my go tos... but... you can't ever get over the J5 stuff... its the KIOA junkie in me... here you go...


Bat What Crazy?

So are you all catching this thing in South Carolina? If you want all of the hilarious straight dope on this... go visit our pals at http://www.fitsnews.com/.

I mean... first Governor Sanford is missing... then he was hiking in the backwoods... now, Argentina? This is just bat shit crazy. Yup, I said it.

For real? I smell yet another messed up story coming... I mean... These are lamer answers I used to give as a kid... I think this is how it would go down...

Ma: "Where in the hell were you!"
G$: "Uh... was over at Sealine's, playing ball."
Ma: "I called there and they said you weren't there."
G$: "Um... I was in Argentina."
Ma: "Yeah, you're grounded."
G$: "Damn."

Also... why would Iowa bloggers and tweeters even be chriping about his? Oh yea... because we rock out with our caucus out... yea... good luck with that 2012 thinger, Governor...

Another thing... anyone know where the term "bat shit crazy" comes from? I mean... is bat shit crazy like a more crazier form of crazy shit? Or is it that it comes from bats?



Quick Hits...

Long week here at QCI HQ... lots of stuff... but because you all are loyal... I'll throw you a few quicks.

BIG NIGHT THURSDAY - Yup, yup. All things political will be focused in my hood... tha Sherman Hill. Where on Thursday, the GOP numbers will be up like a 1,000%. Not only is this the night where they will highlight the "Rising Stars" but be sure to watch the jockeying by the 2010... and 2012 peeps.

TAILGATING THE EVENT? Awesomeness. Idea. Ever. The B-Dub, C-Raig & crew, IPP, AFF and the rest of the LBC will be tailgating the event up the street in the SH. Here's all the deets. Will we see you there? #goodjoboutofyou

KASICH IN DEAD HEAT - So yea... new numbers out in Ohio... and its making the GOP pretty excited. Kasich is in a statistical dead heat with Strickland. This is awesome. Watch this race... how Kasich runs and operates this campaign will be a playbook for winning races.


Happy Father's Day Dad....

So wrapping up some good times in God's Country this weekend and hanging with Pops. So say the least... the new addition to garage is looking bad ass. (good job out of you Dad) Of course... with the new addtion... my Pops scored some new Chiefs stuff to decorate the new addition to Edwards Street Manor. Which of course got some discussion of heading to same games down at Arrowhead.

Can't wait to make a few trips down with the whole fam damily to one of the most holiest of places... well it least in our minds...

So Happy Father's Day Dad! You the man! Here's a little somethin' somethin' to rife you up for some trips down to KC this fall. It's kind of our favorite part of the game... you know... other than the Chiefs winning...



Mullet Watch 2009

So as many of you know, the Mullet is happening. Interestingly enough though... getting emails, texts and calls about the progress of the greatness. The current movement is to perm the mullet... (holy crap, I could be the "big perm")... anyways... Many of you are telling its time to trim up the front... make it more business like... true dat. But for now... the mullet won't be revealed.

Meaning, by revealing it... the front gets shorter.

Ok... after reading what I just typed, I think this mullet thing is getting out of hand... out of hand if you mean AWESOME!!!! Mullet fever has swept onto the hearts of QCI-ders everywhere. Even the mullet haters... are beginning to accept it... and giving tips... like, what kind of conditioner works best.

We all know there are a million different mullets out there... and well, at the State Fair... but I thought I would post some pics of what mullet I'm exactly going for...

I guess right now... you could say that the mullet (although not as long in the back like this picture) is similar to this one as worn by James Hetfield.

Notice the mean ass facial hair...

I mean it kind of completes the look....

More on that in a sec... but I mean, if you're going to rock the Greatest Haircut in American History... you might as well get some ques from the greatest. Band. Ever. Just sayin'...

Next picture really is the inspiration of the whole entire thing. This whole idea wouldn't have happened... if it wasn't for one of my all time favorite players... yes Jared Allen. (Carl Peterson, may God have mercy on your soul for your horrible decision to trade him. Because I don't have any for you.) I mean look at that thing. High and tight on the sides... racing stripes... awesome... very similar to the one I rocked as a youngster. It's almost perfect in a way...

So there you have it.

While we're at it... let's go to the QCI video archives and bust out some awesomeness from Jared Allen. Pretty much if QCI made a video with Jared Allen... it would turn out exactly like this. Only exception... there would be a Metallica video referenced somewhere...

Oh and I completely agree with you with Kokomo... you know QCI would never leave out the Beach Boys...


Quick Hits!

Thinking its time for some quick hits... you know... its the younger cousin to the Countdown... a few quick thoughts of what really is on the minds over here at QCI HQ. You know... the really important random stuff.

POWDER BLUE POWER? Um... maybe!?! Well in the National League at least. But hey... not so bad now... Get STL this weekend... so we'll see where we really are. Good to see they spanked the snakes last night though. Good job out of them. Come on Royals... I know you guys aren't done yet!
KASICH AWESOMENESS - So most of you know, my first real gig was with John Kasich in '99. Was the dude who inspired me to get involved... and... I just thought it was cool he wore Chuck Taylor sneakers on the floor of the house... anyhoop 10 years later he's back! Kicking ass and taking names... and running for Governor... and he's gonna win. It makes me happy that great people like him are still willing to serve.
BACK IN GOD'S COUNTRY... So yeah... my Pops is taking Jewell Garage Awesomeness to the next level. Get this... my favorite place in the world to hang out... is getting a massive addition. Word is that construction is going awesome... way to go Dad!
SPEAKING OF GOD'S COUNTRY - So yea... you know we don't do posts here without good tunes... And this goes out to some good ole South Hammys who ready this... So a couple of buddies and I were talking about the old Jewell Pool days... you know... get done with baseball... hit the pool... scope out the babes... but the tunes man... thems lifeguards knew what they were doing when it came to tunes... here's a classic from the Jewell Pool... with bonus wierd but cool '80s video... #goodjoboutofyou


CC: What. In. The. Hell?

"Holy. Crap." I know! I busted out the Countdown. "G$, what are you up to?" Uh... no evil motives here QCI-ders... just thought it was about time to bring some badassness back. You know, since the Mullet is getting to the equivalent to "knee high by the 4th of July"... I thought I'd bring some randomnous sexy back. So let's dust off the hipster QCI graphic headers... let's grab a few cold ones... let's crank up a few Waylon records... and a... well... let's get to it.

SPEAKING OF DUSTING OFF - Gonna be a little rusty stuff here... haven't talked much shop in a while. Because... all you need to do is read the Beanwalker and the Iowa Republican to know what's going down. So... these political up dates will be far and few between. But what the hell, right? I mean... this is the World's Crappiest Blog...

RACE FOR GUV - So... its up and going... Rants (although not announced) is out and about. Hearing good things about him. Bobby V, is out there as well. Picked up the entire Team Huck endorsements... Not hearing much else yet. But this thing is cooking. I'm sure when we get past the 4th... stuff will heat up.

CAMPAIGN PRESEASON - You know... if you're and activist... or hack... or a wannabe... this is a fun time of the year. While the Guv race will headline everything... the other races will provide some scoop as well. Who's going where... who's gonna work for who... Who's the county chair for so and so... Kind of like NFL draft day or the last week before the trading deadline. Will be interesting to see.


"So and so... yeehaw! i just found a cuff link and 3 vicodin under the cushion! this is better than 'dryer money'!"

COOL EVENT ALERT - Yo... I know you've heard about it... but the Spring event for the party, "Night of the Rising Stars" is going to be off the hook. I'm serious. You gotta be there. Maybe I live tweet it? Stay tuned. Get your tickets by calling 515-282-8105 or visit http://www.iowagop.org/.

TUNE IN - If you aren't tuning in... you are missing out. The Bean Walker is LIVE! It's alive! It's ALIVE!!! Muhwahhahahahaha... Sorry. So yea, Timmy is hitting the waves via the interwebs. Ch' Ch' Check it out! Thursdays... 3pm. Be there suckas... here's the linkage.

AND FINALLY... This one has been going around lately... but since I lived a few quick stints in this area.... and have many loyal readers who live in those hard streets... thought I'd rock out to this today...


Total Geek Post

So... you all know I loves myself the Twitter. It's great for newsy stuff. And I will be the first to tell you... it will make you a better fan of what ever team you follow... whether they are on the Twitter or not. Anyhoop, I've been doing a little QCI "Pepsi Challenge" of sorts for usage of a handheld version of Twitter for Blackberry. Thus, creating a death match of Twitterberry vs. Ubertwitter on my BBerry.

Yeah, this is going to be the geekiest QCI post. Ever.

So far, I'm calling it draw. While Twitterberry seems easy to use... it locks up you phone sometimes. Plus you can't see you @replies with out checking... which isn't anything different than Ubertwitter. Ubertwitter seems to run a little better... but the GPS thinger creeps me out... you can disable it. But if you didn't know it had it... you'd be letting your superstalkers know where you are rolling iwth every tweet.

So yea... I utilize both of them. Because both have equal parts of awesomeness and suckiness.

Um... yeah, total geak post... but speaking of social media... how about one of these deals we haven't done in a while...


"So and so... can't stop thinking about that party last night. I feel terrible for making that stripper cry."


Oh... and here's a tune you can crank:

I know, kind of a crappy feed of it... just a good beat... alright.

Soon, Mullet Watch 2009 updates.... keep it real deal Holyfield everyone...


Say what?

You did a post? Yeah man. Totally did... I mean, am... (what?) Anyhoop... I know I've said it before... but I'll say it again. I finally have some coming your way (sounds way better than that sounded... what?) Anyhoop... crank this one up... special request from a loyal reader, outlaw and a friend of freedom... so crank dis.