As a special thank you to my readers on the day QCI reached its 10,000 hit. I thought I would reward you QCI-ders out there with a break through post.

(barf, I’m becoming one of those bloggers)

The World’s Crappiest Blog brings you some predictions for the next cycle. No, we’re not looking past the current cycle, we have some opportunities to make a lot gains. But since there’s some scuttle butt out there, time for QCI to give you its take.

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST – When it comes to the race for the State’s top spot, there’s numerous names bounced around. There are major names… and then there are new faces. As wisely scooped by one of our loyal readers, a name you are going to get to know for the gubernatorial race, Mark Pearson.

MARK PEARSON - G$, Mark Pearson… the Ag radio guy? Yea, that guy. Mark Pearson of 1040 WHO’s Big Show and IPTV’s Market to Market. Let’s go over a few notes:
- He’s going to be retiring from being a radio personality from a popular statewide radio show.
- Has huge name ID. Although this primary will be more heated than the 2008 US Senate Primary, but that race also proved the name ID factor.
- Highly connected with the Ag community… whether or not he gets the endorsements of the commodity groups or Farm Bureau (you can bet he will)… he’ll get the rank and file support… and their money.
- Do not underestimate Farm Bureau member endorsements. I always argue that FB members are the most politically savvy activists in the state. Their policy process is a true grassroots process.
- He will be a good speaker… he does this for a living.
- The Iowa guy factor, Pearson is about as Iowan as you get… and he’s probably been just about everywhere in Iowa.

Any other good notes I’m missing?

MARK PEARSON, FOR REAL G$? I have unconfirmed sources that aren’t too solid to say officially. But I will tell you this. When a local celebrity shows up at the Lincoln Dinner, it’s not because they had a certain urge to go. It’s a place to be seen by activists, donors and kingpins. Who was at this year’s Lincoln Dinner? Oh yea, Mark Pearson was. Sure he’s probably donated in the past, voted straight R… but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen him at the dinners. I’m just saying you just don’t spontaneously show up.

WHAT’S NEXT – The indicators… all of the signs of a serious run. Who he hires for the different stuff you need to run. I assume once his WHO Radio duties are over. Appearances, where will he show up next, who’s going to raise his money, grassroots organizing and everything in between. You’ll start to hear chatter with the grassroots. Then it will be candidate training time. Will he succumb to a Dan Gable gaffe like back in the 2002 cycle? I’m not bashing the legendary god of wrestling… I’m just saying he wasn’t prepped well enough.

Also, he’s going to have to introduce not only himself to the GOP, but his politics. How pro life is he? Where is he on taxes, spending and now a new issue for 2010, infrastructure. GOP activists will be ready to kick the tires… but will they buy the truck?

THE REST OF THE FIELD – Well we know that Ambassador Chuck Larson has been hit up for it. Vander Plaats is in again. Rants’ name has been thrown around. Of course, you have the 800 pound conservative gorilla in Congressman Steve King. I’ll do a bigger break down as we get to a situation that has gelled. Hershel had a 12 pack a while back. While there were some good mentions in that post… I’m guessing the real field is somewhere less than a 6 pack of tall boys.

BIG LUG – We have a lot of time from now until the 2010 elections… but as of right now, Big Lug is going to be tough to beat. Whoever our nominee is then will need to mount a campaign this state has not seen in a while.

Well, there you have it. Remember, you heard it here first. And now in honor of our 10,000 hits, here’s 10,000 Maniacs.


Looks like we’re getting some chatter about yesterday's scorecard. As always, you can count on the World’s crappiest blog to find out scoop and make you a better insider. Have any more thoughts on this? Central Committee meetings, BBQ, hear something at a parade. Use and abuse Al Gore’s invention by emailing me the dish at grantyoung72@hotmail.com. You never know what you may get this blog... you may even get... A SWEATER!!!! On to the Countdown....

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST – Since QCI was the first one to break the news that Steve Scheffler is indeed running for National Committeeman… we thought we would dust off the QCI crystal ball and make a prediction or speculation.

Fly Over has a sneaking suspicious that our favorite bear wrestling and knife fighting Secretary of Ag is thinking about running for Governor. They may be on to something… but face it, anyone who is an elected official in the golden dome (except for the Gov himself) thinks about running for the state’s top executive.

Is Northey gonna do it? Not sure only he knows… if he knows yet. My guess is… he’s gonna stick to what he knows best because he is doing a hell of a job at it. In tomorrow’s post, QCI steps in with a sleeper candidate you haven’t heard yet. Stay tuned until tomorrow. Any of you QCI-ders want to take a guess? I have a comment section where you can speak out. Also, did you know the sun rises in the east?

STILL NOT CONVINCED IOWA IS NOT A BATTLEGROUND STATE? Both campaigns have opened State Headquarters in Iowa. McCain camp is back open in Iowa with a new state director, Charlie Liebschutz, an email from State Chairman Dave Roederer. Met him this weekend. He will do a great job. To get involved you can call the Iowa HQ at 515-418-9270.

QCI POLL – Still up and going. 69!! 69!! 69!! 69!!

SUPREME COURT GETS IT RIGHTHershel puts it best. 3 cheers for the Second Amendment! Dudes this is huge. RPI chimes in:

Today’s Supreme Court decision overturning the Washington, DC gun ban sent shockwaves through the presidential race in Iowa.

Barack Obama’s extreme, and now, unconstitutional position on the Second Amendment highlights his unfitness to be Commander-in-Chief. In 1996, while campaigning for the Illinois Legislature Barack Obama responded to a questionnaire indicating he supported banning the sale, manufacturing and ownership of guns. He is also on the record as supporting the Washington, DC gun ban.

“Iowans take their Second Amendment rights very seriously. Obama’s extremely liberal position on guns is just another example of him being out of step with a vast majority of Iowans,” said Stewart Iverson, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “The more Iowans get
to know Obama’s positions on issues like gun control, the fewer votes he will get in November.”

Well, sometimes… I guess it’s really hard to fake what you really are… just ask Dusty Bottoms.


Was going to have a headline that said “Prelude to a Convention”… But I thought it would mean that I would have to sing “One Shining Moment”? Yea, I secretly dig that song. Anyway QCI-ders, boy how time flies fast… the 1 month rain delay of the State Convention is right around the corner. Politics is an interesting game… you give ‘em a month extention, and you’ll get some intensity. No need to make a run to Missouri for your case of bottle rockets… the pre 4th fireworks have begun.

THE ROAD TO THE TWIN CITIES – So you want to be a delegate to the National Convention, eh? I don’t blame you. I have attended a National Convention. It’s a hella good time. Parties, receptions, hoopla… and did I mention the parties? It’s fun and exciting. A lifetime experience for any activist or junkie.

But is it worth autodialing to be a delegate? QCI can confirm that Rep. Polly Granzow has been auto dialing delegates and alternates in the 4th Congressional District to solicit their votes at the State Convention. There’s nothing new about folks sending mailings and making calls. But I think this is the first time auto dials have been involved.

QCI CONVENTION SCORECARD – I thought it would fun to share the state of races for the upcoming convention. There’s a whole lot of inter party elections going on… thought I do a little handicapping… Do you think you can bet on this in Vegas? Anyhow, these are pretty fluid as we have less than 3 weeks to go. Which we all know is an eternity. Here’ the breakdown:

RNC Committeewoman – “Lean Greiner”
As far as I know, Sandy has been working it hard since she announced her interest. Look out for Kim Lehman, running IRTL doesn’t hurt at all when running for a GOP spot.

RNC Committeeman – “Toss up”
Roberts and Scheffler have been campaigning hard. Roberts has a solid record of being the goose that lays the golden egg to keep the Iowa Caucuses first in the nation. Sheffler has a solid organization of conservative activists who know convention strategy like I know where to find the cheapest and coldest beer in town. This will be the election that sets the tone of the convention.

Convention Delegates – “Wide Freaking Open”
I’m hearing there are a lot of great candidates out there to be national convention delegates and alternates. But numerous sources close to QCI can report some grumbling with activists out in the counties. Namely, they aren’t too happy about slates or being told who to vote for. Should make it interesting come nominating time.

What do you guys think of the current scorecard? Chime in, there is a comment section.

BILL NORTHEY’S BEAR WRESTLING TOUR – That’s right, Sec. Northey is heading to Western Iowa for 3 different wrestling matches with a live grizzly bear… ok, I may be stretching the release a bit… he’s doing some town halls on July 9th, here’s the schedule:

Wednesday, July 9th
Audubon County – 10:00 a.m., Audubon County Economic Development Corporation, 800 Market Street, Audubon
Shelby County – 12:30 p.m., Public Library, 2027 Washington, Elk Horn
Harrison County – 2:30 p.m., ISU Extension, 304 East 7th , Logan

G$, why do did you post this, man?

Here’s why. Northey is doing a great job… because he’s an elected official who gets it. Along with Snoop Dave Watch Doggy Dogg Vaudt, these guys are serving the public with distinction. QCI will now dub the 2, “Tha Dogg Pound,” ‘casue these fellas got skillz. All kidding aside though, I bet Bill could kick that bear’s ass. I’m just saying. And as a salute to Sec. Northey and his bear wrestling and knife fighting skills… here’s another master of the knife, Martin Yan from my favorite cooking show. “Remember, if Yan can cook, so can you!”


Hey QCI-ders. We’re back to some regularly scheduled programming, Here’s some real grade AAA randomnous that you can always count on from the World’s Most Crappiest Blog. A little sports… scoop… and all the rondomnous that’s fit to fill your Blackberry. Shall we proceed?

MARKETING GENIUSES – So… stopped in at Walgreens for a Diet Dew and smokes on the way in to work and saw a hilarious display. You know how stores will put different products together as a theme to make it a one stop shop… well today, this one, is for the books. The end cap display I saw this morning they put: assorted beer koozies, solo cups, aspirin and ping pong balls. Wish I took a picture.

LIVE FROM COUNCILTUCKY, IT’S COMMITTMEEMAN TIME! A source close to QCI had this report on the RNC Committeeman race out in Counciltucky last night:

We had a special treat at the Pott CC meeting last night. Both Sheffy and Roberts were there to make their case to about 50 activists on why they are the most suited for the RNC Committeeman position. Sheffy didn't hold back and neither did Roberts, but there were no outbursts. A couple of the CC members had never heard of either of them but told me later that there was certainly some tension in the room.

Good to see them both in the 5th campaigning for this one.

Nice report! Any QCI-ders who want to pass along eye witness events or scoop, just email me grantyoung72@hotmail.com. And just like Dragnet, anonymity guaranteed… to protect the innocent.

Love Joe Friday... back to the Countdown!

PORK INVADERS – You’ve probably already wasted an hour or 2 on this already… but if you haven’t, here’s “Pork Invaders” from the McCain Campaign. How much money can you save the taxpayers by destroying pork barrel projects? Post your scores in the comment section.

POWDER BLUE POWER – I know I’m probably making a blasphemous comment… but starting to think the Royals might want to move to the NL. On a 3 game winning streak in interleague play… oh yes, and we swept the Cardinals… in case you forgot. We get ‘em again this weekend. LET’S GO ROYALS! (clap clap, clap clap clap)

KNOCKED UP BY POTUS? Fly Over has a great read today about the bizarre story out of Goucester, MA. The Mayor sez, they’re all knocked up because of George W. Bush’s policies. You know… there are just some times there are some people who should a nice warm cup of shut the f--- up.

WAYNE FORD – Speaking of people who need a cup of shut it… Sporer is all over it. Seriously… there are enough issues of the day. You the floods, storms and all of the recovery needed… oh yea, you all ready chimed in on that, Mr. Ford. Maybe he’s pissed Cinderella and Warrant got replaced by Foreigner… no love for Night Ranger? I saw the article in the DMR and thought… are f’ing serious? And to sign off, here is Night Ranger, live in Tokyo… 1983.


We loss another legend... State 29 has a great tribute...

Have gobs of stuff in the hopper that I'm working on...

Until then, here's one of my favorites:


Hey QCI-ders… a quick update on Karen Slifka’s team in the Relay for Life. Here’s some great news passed along from Karen:

I wanted to let you know that I surpassed my goal for the Relay tonight by about 60% - which is awesome.

Kick ass C-Bass! That’s friggin’ awesome. Today is the big walk for Team Slifka. Still some time to donate if you can. Here’s the link. Congrats tot Team Slifka and way to help Jerry bitch slap cancer. Over 60% of their goal? “Get the f--- out of here…” “No I cannot”… here’s Axel and Serge again.


Alright, now for your nightly (or whenever you read this) dose of the randomness that is THE COUNTDOWN. I’m going to try to phase out the “F’ING STORMS” graphic header thinger… because, just sick of talking about and it’s time to move on. Not to say that there will be news and other stuff for it to be in use… just trying move ahead. Let’s get to it.

THE 17 TIME WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS – Love it! Have you ever seen a smack down like the one we witnessed last night. Ray Allen are you kidding me man? The dude couldn’t miss. This was a fun series to watch. Oh and a little Des Moines Celtic trivia for you. Tim Flanagan, owner of the best restaurant and lounge… ever, owns 1 share of the Boston Celtics. (I know I have mentioned this before) It is proudly displayed behind the bar. But, did you know, because of his share that he bought in the late ‘80s… he still receives $5 check or more throughout the year. Dude, Tim, why would you cash it! Very cool. It was the perfect place to watch the Celts crowned again… but, it’s the perfect place for anything in my opinion.

NICE WORK DAD! – In case you missed, I guess the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. Here’s my pop’s letter to the editor in the DMR yesterday:

Instead of worrying who smokes what and where, the Iowa Legislature and governor need to refocus on the rebuilding of Iowa's infrastructure. While they dabbled with such petty projects, our foundation continued to crumble and erode. It's time to refocus on the 3 "R"s: roads, rivers and rails.- Rick Young, Jewell

CITY GOVERNMENT 101 - Mayor Cownie special powers are done. From city hall:

"As of 3:25 P.M. today, Des Moines Mayor T. M. Franklin Cownie signed a withdrawal of the Proclamation of Public Emergency that had been enacted due to the flooding of the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers. "When the Proclamation was signed certain powers were given to the Mayor because of the state of emergency that existed. After reviewing the current situation in Des Moines in all respects, Mayor Cownie has deemed it prudent to withdraw the Proclamation of Public Emergency and return to normal governing procedures."

Don’t know if this was totally QCI worthy, but my inner political science nerd thought it was interesting.

TUNE IN THIS WEEKEND – Passed along via IPTV, Secretary of Ag Bill Northey is going to have a knife fight with Dave Yepsen, Dean Borg and Mike Glover… calm down. Just kidding. He’s on Iowa Press this weekend. No knives are involved… at least that’s what the Germans would want us to believe.

POLL ROLLS ON – And QCI-ders are hilarious… 69!! 69!! 69!! 69!!

And because Krusty hands out a shout out, I send it back with one of my all time favorite G n R songs ever. Here’s Axel and crew live at the Ritz in 1988… CRANK THIS SOB UP!!!!


Before I get into a terrible post that is making me sick to my stomach, I want to tell my out of state readers, thanks for the calls, emails and texts. Obviously, I haven’t been hit or had any hardships because of the floods and storms. I have some friends and aquantances who have. I hope you keep them in your thoughts in prayers. Ain’t gonna lie here… Iowa is gonna need a comeback. It’s going long and rough. But I know the people of the state can and always will prevail. Because, dude, we’re Iowans, that’s how we roll. In honor and awareness for the victims, heroes, neighbors helping neighbors and everyone in between, I’m posting the “ANF” decal on the blog. Made famous by Hayden Fry during the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. It stands for “America Needs Farmers.” Not only does America need farmers, Iowans will need America. For support, prayers and a little help to rebuild. Now on to today’s garbage.

QCI-ders… this headline simply makes me want to vomit. But alas, if you have been monitoring the blogosphere for the last week, it’s happening. Call it a crossbreed of how polarized we are politically to politicians in general. This is what you get. Do I need to paraphrase Steve Forbes? “They are like bears in a honey jar, they simply can’t help themselves.” Forget the convention stuff, this disaster and this political environment is brewing up some pretty catastrophic warfare between and within parties. I hope all you QCI-ders join in the discussion on this one. Because as God as my witness, I am no policy wonk. Gonna need your help.

Let’s do a random run through of what’s out there:

BIG LUG – I’ll be honest. I think he is doing a good job in handling the situation. He has been visible and acting like what most Governors should in times like these. My only criticism is the new Flood Website: http://www.flood2008.iowa.gov/. It has the look of a re-election site. I’m sure people hit by the storms don’t care what his schedule is for the day... they are simply looking for help, not a press release. Other than that, QCI is giving you thumbs up so far Big Lug.

BIG LUG V. LEGISLATURE – This is an aftershock from the session. There’s no secret in the golden dome that the House Dem Leadership and the Gov’s office aren’t exactly golf partners on stag night. Whether it’s when to decide the special session and/or what’s next… the Guv’s office is telling the leadership, “Fellas, we’re working on something… we’ll get it to ya when were ready.”

$PECIAL $ESSION – It’s coming, only the good Lord know when… and when it does, here’s the real show down, how are you going to pay for it. Per Gronstal via Battleground, they would like to go into debt and simply borrow to rebuild Iowa. Yepsen is all over that. The last session increased the size of your state government up 20%. Word around Capitol Hill is they are looking for an opportunity to get their hands on more.

Quick question QCI-ders. Doesn’t it seem every session there is talk about the rainy day fund? (everyone nodding their heads… hmmm… yes…) Alright, we’re on the same page. Next question. Is it me or have we had some pretty freaking huge rainy days lately? (Yes G$, I’ve got 5 feet of f’ing water in my basement!) So, why aren’t we using it?

This has been out via Fly Country, but still intriguing to say the least. It’s important to note that in 1993, of the $1.4 billion spent on flood relief, the state paid $14.9 million. The Iowa delegation is working to secure funds, which produced this hilarious picture from State 29.

So $pecial $e$$ion huh? Go into debt and borrow, huh? Well, the Floods have washed away a lot. The waters are going down, but looks like there’s enough in the current to wash away your wallet as well. Stay tuned to this one. You heard it here first. What happens in the next 3 weeks will define the state house races.

STUFF THAT MAKES YOU GO… YOU’RE KIDDING ME, RIGHT?Hershel has a story today about Sen. Wally Horn. Sources close to QCI confirm it word for word. Oh, and Iowa News Liter serves up some pain on Wayne Ford here and here. And don’t forget the story from Rants himself last week as seen here on QCI. It’s towards the bottom of the post.

Hey, G$, what gives on this long and pointless random rant?

Dude… I have a case of TB (true believerism). Listen, it’s always the 10% of politics that makes it look bad. I get that. I just am a little disappointed in that… instead of keeping an eye on the goal here. Rebuilding Iowa. The factions are plotting strategy on the backs of people suffering. And, I’ll be the first one to tell you… both sides are doing it. (Sigh…) My hope is that we can figure out ways to rebuild and make Iowa better than it was before. Offer hand ups, not hand outs. How about putting moratorium on the taxes that help rebuild the state?

G$ what about all that revenue we will miss? Dude! Have seen how much shit we need to rebuild around here? Roads, levees, businesses and homes… I think you’re gonna be alright. And you’ll be doing the right thing. Who knows, there are some that may finally figure out… we really didn’t need those taxes anyway. They stunt growth. Might be a good idea to make ‘em permanent, aye? Oh, and to our State Leaders… guess what? The rainy day is here. Use the damn fund. This one couldn’t be more obvious than finding out that Chandler and Monica are indeed hitting it, ok? Did I just use a Friends reference? (Sigh…)

And now… cool off with the Foo Fighters with “Time Like These.”


THE GOOD NEWS – Water is going down. Iowa City crested earlier than expected… which means less damage to the U of I. Downtown Des Moines is coming back to life this week. The I-Cubs played a double header today. Slowly things are getting back to normal. The Northside is getting there. They are breaking levees today to drain the flooded areas as the river level is going down.

THE BAD NEWS – Cedar Rapids has a long way to go. Tempers are starting to flare. Just look at your front page of the DMR tomorrow. There is a great website set up for relief efforts in Eastern Iowa: http://www.corridorrecovery.org/. Has resources for victims and ways you can help. Check it out.

It’s been a while since I’ve used this header. But thought it might be appropriate given the recent weather and floods. There will be a lot of local joints that have been hit hard and face huge comebacks. Listen, I’m not saying the whole… buy a car, or the terrorists will win thing. I’m saying if one of your local joints has been hit, when they reopen, don't forget to show ‘em some love.

Back with a somewhat normal Countdown for you QCI-ders. Can I go on record for saying that last week, was about the crappiest of a week for the entire state? So, it was a great call to move the Convention this weekend, obviously. But there is another silver lining in the reschedule.

CONVENTION DRAMA – As the story built last week, all stuff we have talked about before. But, now, at least we have a month (hopefully) sooner to let cooler heads prevail. Krusty lead the way with this piece today. Fly Over offered this one that complemented Hershel’s very well. With so much at stake. Seriously guys and gals. Can I get anyone a Coca Cola?

QCI POLL STILL GOING - Vote early and often... some of you doubt me? Good to see most of the readers at QCI can relate to junior high humor. Rome salutes you.

RNC COMMITTEEMAN RACE – So I mentioned Scheffler as a candidate in a recent post. Steve Roberts is still running from what I am aware of. QCI has touched on this in the past, especially when it comes to the Iowa Caucuses. The NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of Iowa RNC members is THE FIRST IN THE NATION IOWA CAUCUSES. Nothing else. Absolutely nothing else. Because if we have that taken away… you want to know the only time Iowa GOP State Poobahs get to meet candidates? Oh yea, the National Convention. That is what is on the line.

And to close up today, because QCI is all about being educational today for a change, here’s Axel Foley of the Detroit PD who will show you how to foil a robbery in a strip club.


A special QCI Father's Day to my favorite motorhead, my Dad.
Who this week took one of his boyhood dreams off his list. Ever since my Dad was a kid, he's been reading Hotrod Magazine. Now through the years from his secret drag racing career (not known to my grandparents until my parents were engaged), to his full restoration of his pride and joy the 1963 Buick LeSabre and some great bonding times with his sons at a NHRA event (as seen above)... I grew up with a motorhead for dad.
His gearhead dreams came full circle when he convinced the Hotrod Magazine Power Tour to make a morning pitstop in Jewell (God's Country), Iowa. Over 2,000 dream machines cruised, stopped... and even did some burn outs on Main Street. To cap it all off, he met the Editor in Chief and the top brass of the magazine he has loved... ever since he laid eyes on it at the barber shop in Stanhope as a little boy.
Now as many of you know, one of the greatest places to hang out that I know (though mechanically challenged myself) is my Dad's garage. It's a sanctuary and a place to swap stories over a Milwaukee's Best Light or a Diet Coke when working on an important project. It's where I hang out in the summer with my pops. Where we will discuss the top political story, match up how the Chiefs are going to do, or Dad showing off his latest plans for the garage, or checking out the new cool stuff he picked up. You just can't beat it.
So, here's to many more garage sessions. Here's to tons of more NHRA events. Happy Father's Day Dad. I'm so proud of all of the things you've accomplished... even if I still couldn't change my own oil if my life depended it! :)
Oh and since there's no drag racing on today... check out these oldies but goodies. Love ya, Grant.


Central Iowa is having dry weather.. for now...

LAST CHANCE FOR THE U of I - The Register has the run down on the serious threat to University of Iowa campus. The line of the day is, "This is our last effort." Which leaves QCI speechless and devistated.

DSM HANGING IN THERE - Officials are optimistic late last night in Des Moines... but alas, the levee on the Northside broke today.

Weekend Update is coming to you live from Jewell at Jewell Jubilee. I can report it has beautiful weather fro the annual event. 2 Feet Deep rocked on Main Street and the fireworks were great. Morning started with the parade of which QCI was honored to drive the 1964 Buik LeSabre for a 2nd year! Threw tons of candy...
Weekend Update is passing along some more scoop courtesy of Don Rachter and the Wednesday Group. If you haven't been, you should consider. It's a great meeting and you will get a good low down on what's going on with the movement. Want more information? Email Dr. Rachter at racheter@limitedgovernment.org.

ICA REPORT - Eagle Forum Founder Phyllis Schlafy will be in Iowa for two Iowa Christian Alliance House Parties. The eighth annual Friends of the Family Banquet will be held on Saturday October 4th with reception at 5 and dinner at 6. Keynote speaker is David Limbaugh, and Congressman Steve King will be the MC. Which means, Steve will be calling you soon.

RNC CANDIDATES REPORT - Sanday Greiner and Kim Lehman were there as candidates for Committeewomen. Scheffler is running for Committeeman

2ND AMENDMENT REPORT - The Iowa Sportsman’s Federation and the National Rifle Association will have a joint booth at the Republican State Convention. The “shall issue” law introduced by Clel Baudler never gained support in the D-controlled General Assembly. Given the humid weather we have been having, be sure your guns are clean, lubed, and coated with a rust protectorant.

PEI REPORT - There is still time to register and attend the Professional Educators of Iowa Annual Meeting which will focus on classroom management and which can be taken for continuing education credit. Victor McGuire, National Director of the Association of Beginning Teachers will be the featured speaker. For more information see www.peiowa.org

DR. RACHTER'S REPORT - The Public Interest Institute BRIEFS for June are “The Burden of Government” by Amy Frantz, “The Declining State of Higher Education” by John Hendrickson, and “A Healthcare Prescription for Iowa” by Jon Miltimore. The Institute’s quarterly for June, LIMITS, features two articles by Hendrickson “Tax Freedom Day: A Call for Tax Reform” and “Using Federalism to Reform Education: Reagan Style” as well as “Some Major Threats to Limited Government” by William Niskanen and “A Former NRA President’s Tribute to Charlton Heston” by Sandy Froman. For more information, go to www.limitedgovernment.org . Materials from Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism were distributed by the Moderator. If you would like copies, contact him. Next meeting will be Wednesday, July 9th.

APC REPORT - American Property Coalition addressed the group about the threat to private property, our liberties, and the pursuit of happiness contained in the so-called “Clean Water Restoration Act” which is being pushed by Minnesota Congressman James Oberstar. The bill would substitute “waters of the United States” for “Navigable waters” in the 1972 Clean Water Act which would then give the feds the power to regulate wetlands, mudflats, sand flats, sloughs, intermittent steams, ponds, prairie potholes, and meadows. It would also insert the phrase “activities affecting these waters” making it a national land control bill and would overturn two recent US Supreme Court decisions in favor of land owners against federal regulators (SWANCC and Rapanos). Iowa Congressmen Boswell and Braley are on the committee with jurisdiction, so anything you can do to persuade them not to vote for this power grab would be most appreciated. Many groups on our team such as NTU, ATR, IFB, AFP, and NAM are opposed to this bill. For more information go to: http://www.americanpropertycoalition.org/

And to continue the tribute to Russert this weekend, we'll sign off with, Go Barnstormers, Beat Tulsa!


Alright, this really freaking sucks. Tim Russert has passed away at age 58. I think Emily at Battleground said it best… I gasped myself. I was just checking Drudge after finishing up some Quiznos… my jaw dropped. Then my bberry starts buzzing. It’s my other buddies… texts and emails. “Dude, Russert is dead. Can you believe it?”

Meet the Press was and always will be my Sunday morning routine. Get some eggs and bacon going. Crack open a few diet dews… and sit and watch. I know I have annoyed plenty of neighbors on Sunday mornings… basically me screaming at the TV, “Answer his f’ing question! Get ‘em Tim! Get get ‘em!”

That’s what I like about him. He wouldn’t let his guests off the hook. He was great. I finally got to shake his hand once at the McCain HQ, the night before the caucus. Now, I know staffers aren’t supposed to talk to press or act like a crazed fan… but it was very cool to meet him. I said the usual, “Welcome back to Iowa, Sir.” And he said, “Very glad to be here, wow, look at this crowd!” It was pretty cool… because not only was it great to meet one of your favorites… but it was kind of rewarding to have him comment on our crowd. That crap takes a lot of work.

Listen, I know he’s not everyone’s particular brand of vodka… but he is one of my all time favorites. My Sundays won’t be the same… betcha God puts him over in St. Peter’s department as a part of the interviewing process. “Mr. So and So… on August 27th, you said this in an interview with the Washington Post....”

Now, to sign off in true Russert fashion: “Go Bills! Beat the Jets!”

Cedar Rapids Gazette - Perry Walton/P&N Air - May's Island in Cedar Rapids flooded by the Cedar River, as seen from the air, on Thursday, June 12, 2008.

So… yea, this is pretty terrible. You know the numbers… another county is being added to the disaster area list each day… people have been killed… lives are being turned upside down. I wish I could write something to explain what most Iowans are thinking. No way I would do it any justice. So I won’t. For me, when it comes to things like this… I try to lighten things up a bit. Besides… I can’t watch anymore TV coverage of this stuff. It’s not that I don’t care… it’s just getting too depressing. So… let’s have some fun!

One of my all time favorite movies is My Blue Heaven. For some reason, it always makes me laugh. Seen it a million times and still cracks me up. For today’s post, I’ll put a clip in between each story. Hope this lightens up your weekend as dry weather seems to be in the forecast.

FINKLE AND EICHHORN, EICHHORN AND FINKLE… EICHHORN CONCEDES – George Eichhorn officially ended his campaign today per a letter emailed to QCI this morning. Congrats to Christopher Reed, Republican Nominee. Best of luck to George with your future endeavors. Now I have to retire the Ace Ventura references.

QCI POLL – Keep voting, revote, under vote and everything else. So far you think QCI should go for it… and some of you really like the 69 jokes… ha ha 69….

NEARING 9,000 – As QCI approaches yet another milestone, just wanted to thank everyone for reading. This is a lot of fun. Also, my sincere apologies to the grammar and spelling police… but then again, I think most folks have figured out how to read through my posts with numerous errors. Anyways, I’ll do my best and if that’s not enough… well, you know this is the World’s crappiest blog, right? Oh, and how did no one catch the errors in the F’ING STORMS graphic header thinger? Sigh…

Be safe out there everyone. Until then... it's MERENGUE TIME!


So… it’s been a wild one lately, huh QCI-ders? Well… that all comes to a halt for another month. A little BREAKING NEWS from the F’ING STOMRS OF 2008 department.

OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – As it has been reported by Hawkeye GOP and the Party itself, the State Convention has been rescheduled to July 11th & 12th. God call, but that officially postpones the QCI State Convention Week… so we’ll have to put our fancy graphic header thinger in storage. No worries, QCI still is passing on the latest buzz and build up.

NEW QCI POLL – On the right of your computer screen is a new poll. Considering the upcoming drama that is always the State Convention, QCI is considering a Convention Gameday Post. Filled with more analysts, contributors and such. But, it’s up to you to decide. Could there possibly be anything better than the Game Day post? Again, it’s on the right hand side of the site, below the “Help Jerry Slifka Bitch Slap Cancer” link. Vote and then give a buck or 2.

SPEAKING OF THE F’ING STORMS – What would be a QCI post without recycling a Krusty post, right? Hershel has a great read that put things inperspective.

NEW BLOG ALERT – Ad this to you must read of the day. Introducing “In Fly Over Country”. Judging by the first few posts… it’s going to have a good pulse on everything. Check it out.

THE DRAMA CONTINUES VIA YEPSEN – This is the article heard around the world today. We’ve been getting different takes to the Convention build up from Uncle Ted, Battleground and of course Krusty. That was just covering the stack of tires with diesel fuel… Yepsen’s article has lit the match to make the pile burn. Enter Fly Over with their response.

With a whole month until the convention now, I hope all factions can have a Coke and a smile… and move on to winning elections in the fall, sound good? Alright, ladies and gentlemen… please welcome Jack White… because it's the right thing to do.


HELP JERRY KICK CANCER'S ASS - A quick special announcement QCI-ders. Most of you know our good friend Karen Slifka’s Dad has been diagnosed with cancer. Here’s her ask for help:

Hi there. Most of you know that my Dad was recently diagnosed with a rare and advanced form of cancer. Your prayers and support over these last few months have been very helpful to my Dad and our entire family. Thank you.

Today my sister, Jodi, joined a “Relay for Life Team” with her colleagues and invited me to join. I think most of you know fundraising is not my calling – but if you are inclined please take a moment to contribute to this important cause by following the links below.

Jerry Slifka is one of the greatest guys I have ever met. Quick with joke and always ready sit down and swop stories over a few (or 10) beers. I’m linking this on the right hand side of QCI for now. But please consider giving a buck, $5 or the best you can. Here’s the link. Let’s help Karen out. Also, as most of you know, prayers always welcome… they work. Do what you can QCI-ders.

HUMPTY HUMP MAIL BAG – Alright we have reached the hump day of State Convention Week. No better way to celebrate than to do the Humpty Hump and answer some of your questions, comments and insults. Hence the name of the blog. So in no particular order of emails, texts and yes your snarky comments… here we go…

hey G--are you and blohan still on the fritz?” Not cool, she’s off the stuff now. You may call her Ms. Lohan. Yes, we remain friends. She’s had some stuff happen and with the old campaign schedules and now in midseason… there just wasn’t any time. That doesn’t mean there are still photos out there. You may get an Us Weekly soon…

“Why do you post so much Krusty?” He’s the ringleader. Usually if he’s writing about, people are talking about. Hershel, Battleground and Sporer usually set the subject of the day. Hershell has a great serious take when it comes to the scoop of the day. Mine is more of a… well let’s say if there was a healthcare forum in some race… I’d somehow try to make some fart joke out of it. What can I say, I’m just 30 going 11.

“I really wish you'd never mention Tim Russert's name on this blog again. He's number one on my list of people I'd beat the hell out of if I knew I would get away with it.” No love for Russert? Yikes man. Russert rules. BTW, I’ll write what I want on here. How’s that for a little snarks strike back! I think Russert's great.

“Is there a real Nathan Greene and Emily Geiger? I have heard Battleground Iowa is being ran by so and so.” Not sure? Although I have heard that allegation once or twice. Here’s my guarantee. The you stuff here, it’s from me. Unless it was a collaboration and such, I’ll tell ya. This blog has been kind of rewarding to write. Why would I spend time writing the crappiest blog ever… and not want a sitation or something… all I know is, Battleground writes some great stuff, and I'll leave it at that. Like I always say, trying to krack some sort of Krusty kode is so 2006...

“I did some homework last night in preparation for convention weekend.. I pulled Iowa Right to Life's tax filing. Just so happens 70% of the 2006 budget went to staff salaries...not helping Republicans. Check it out for yourself!” This one was from nichemomia of Rudd, Iowa (told you, I read my sitemeter). I call these blog carpet bombs. Why you ask? Because I saw this same comment word for word on other blogs' comment sections. It's a way to stir the pot. Um, the Iowa Right to Life isn't a special wing of the GOP, nichemomia. It's an advocacy group. Hence the name "right to life". They do have influence in the party because most Republicans are prolife. They will endorse Ds if they have a good prolife record. Hope that clears things up for you nichemomia.

Ask and you shall receive. By request and because QCI is totally about bandwagons and caving into the latest fads (does this mean I have to buy Crocs?) here’s your F’ING STORMS OF 2008 graphic header thinger.

INSTANT CLASSIC – Here’s a true story that is getting some buzz today via Christopher Rants:

The first meeting between candidates is always a little awkward. After all, this other person has decided your doing a poor job as an elected official and wants to take your job away. Maybe they attend one of your public forums, so the incumbent is aware that everything they say may be used against them.

Maybe the challenger bumps into you at the parade route, and you each look to see how many volunteers they other has with them. Either of those has to be better than what happened to Rep. Bob Kressig of Cedar Falls.

Bob was “touring” the flooding in his district with Sen. Danielson – decked out in shades, and polo shirts, thanking all the volunteers who were there filling and stacking up sandbags to protect people and property against the rising water.

And its there that Bob met his opponent, Carlin Hageman, for the first time. While Bob was “touring”, Carlin was with the rest of the volunteers sandbagging….

Pause for an uncomfortable moment of silence.

“Well, hello there….”

WAR RANTS! That hilarious... and true at the same time.

YOU SANDBAGGIN’ SOB - Well, we all might be sandbaggin’ SOBs soon. Here’s information that was sent to me concerning sandbagging efforts:

Polk County Emergency Management officials said Wednesday morning that so far they don't need volunteers to help with sandbagging efforts.

They said that there may be a large-scale volunteer effort necessary to respond throughout Polk County. Anyone interested in volunteering should begin registering now at www.unitedwaydm.org.

Volunteers will receive an email notification once opportunities and needs are made available. Residents without access to the Internet should call 211 to register their contact information. Once registered, volunteers will be contacted and should be available to report to the Volunteer Reception Center as directed. Once at the Center, volunteers will be screened, given an ID and deployed to various locations in the most urgent areas of need.

A Volunteer Reception Center is being set up to coordinate the volunteer response to the flooding emergencies in Polk County. The Volunteer Reception Center will be open from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm. beginning Wednesday, June 11. It will be located at the United Way Human Services Campus at 1111 9th St, Des Moines, IA.

You know what makes sandbagging fun? When you are doing the Humpty Hump…


It’s official, QCI has caved in to the hype and hoopla that is the State Convention. We even made a fancy graphic header thinger. So you can just call me Fox News now. State Conventions are fun and always filled with drama with or without Obama… oh damn, I’m rhyming.

Looking for some correspondents since I’ll be getting my Jewell Jubilee on this weekend. Give me a call if you are interested. Anyways, for the rest of the week, not only will I be posting the promised posts… but we’ll be dishing up the straight dope as the build up to the Convention lives on.

“G$, what’s the big deal with the convention dogg? Sup?” Great question Skee Lo. At this convention, we select delegates to the National Convention in the Twin Cities. There’s parties, receptions and tons of drama that are going to make wish you were a little bit taller… wish you were a baller… wish you had a girl who looked good, you would call her… And so on. And so on. Enjoy the buzz, the scoop and knife fights that are about to happen.

CONVENTION PARTY SCENE – SCC Member, Laker fan and all around great dude, Isaiah McGee, passed along an invitation for a Statewide Young Republican Social following the District Caucuses Friday night. It’s on the skywalk level of HyVee Hall. Goes from 9-11pm. You should go. Oh and just for Isaiah, GO CELTS! :)

Also, before the Young Republican Social is the famous RPI “GOParty” over at 621 East 9th. Starts at 4:30pm. RSVP to DK and crew at dkearney@iowagop.org. I will be stopping at that one… come out and say hey.

RECOUNTS – So the canvasses are rolling pretty good in the 2nd.

Per Rod Boshart of the CR Gazette:

Canvasses in seven of the district’s 15 counties indicated Mariannette Miller-Meeks, the unofficial winner in last week’s balloting, gained seven votes, while second-place finisher Peter Teahen of Cedar Rapids lost one vote and Lee Harder of Mount Pleasant gained one vote from Tuesday’s preliminary vote counts. The other eight counties in the 2nd Congressional District are to conduct their canvasses today.

Unofficial results posted on the secretary of state’s Web site had Miller-Meeks, an Ottumwa ophthalmologist, with 7,365 votes, followed by Teahen with 7,255 and Harder with 2,257. The trio competed for the right to face U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack, a Democrat from Mount Vernon, in November’s general election as the Republican Party’s nominee.

So looks like 3M can officially get this thing going and march to the general. In the Senate primary, there’s still some canvassing to get through. Although there is a slim chance of the results changing… the percentage is even more slim. Reed is currently at 35.21%. If this slips down to 34%, we gets ourselves a convention! Which makes bloggers drool and operatives loose hair... will the canvass make a difference QCI-ders? Who knows, but it sure makes the story, verry interresting...

CONVENTION BUZZ – So the National Committee Woman race is in high gear. Krusty endorsed Greiner. QCI already did a while back. You can argue that policy and platforms are the most important when it comes to National Committee folks… I’m not gonna buy it. If you are from Iowa, and you are on the National Committee… to paraphrase Tim Russert, “It comes down to 3 things, the First in the Nation Iowa Caucuses, the First in the Nation Iowa Caucuses, and the First in the Nation Iowa Caucuses.” Nothing else, nothing less. We lose that and we’ll just go back to being those hicks over in Iowa… not those hicks who pick future presidents over in Iowa.

THE F’ING STORMS OF 2008 – Sec. of Ag Northey issues a statement today on the storms/rain impact on the Ag Industry:

“The severe weather and heavy rains have caused significant problems all across the state and agriculture is no exception. Unfortunately more rain is predicted for later this week which would further slow field work hurt plant progress. Everyone is hoping for dry weather.”

Catch all the other updates at http://www.iowaagriculture.gov/.

Also, Des Moines is gonna get more flooded here in a bit. They will be releasing water from Saylorville soon. The Polk County Courthouse has already been evacuated.

I guess there is a silver lining to everything with the F’ING STORMS OF 2008, check this out.

Stay tuned to more coverage of THE F’ING STORMS OF 2008. Until then… enter Mister Skee Lo…


Alright QCI-ders… Enough with the hate emails… my bad on the lack of posts. But I gotta tell you, gearing up for back to back games is like having a primary election one week and the general the next. I don’t know how those folks in Florida do it with their primaries in September. But, have no fear my fine feathered friends, I’m back to a regularly scheduled programming.

Also, thanks everyone for the kind words on the “Gameday Post”. I’m not going to try to one up that one. I don’t think I can. It just was a fun one to write and glad you all enjoyed it. I’m going to stick to what makes this the “World’s Crappiest Blog.” That’s all I can do. Besides, it’s STATE CONVENTION WEEK! There is all sorts of events, new gossip and stuff to hit. So let’s get to a few things for you all to chew on.

STATE CONVENTION BUZZ - So Uncle Ted is stirring up the pot again. That’s how he rolls. Krusty has a bit on it today. I was asked, “Yo G$, you gonna post on that?” I’m like… nah... If I wanted to watch a high school fight, I’d rather watch Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls… what a minute… I do that anyway… I mean… and why am I blogging out loud? Oh come on, Leave Lindsay a-Lohan. Most underrated talent. Ever.

PRIMARY ELECTION – Have a full review coming… no worries. As always, Hershel did a great piece last week on the winners and losers. Will chime in with my thoughts this week… then on Saturday, everyone can unite.

GENERAL ELECTION – It’s on like Donkey Kong! Obama v. McCain. McCain CM, Rick Davis, sent out an email with a great website to show the real difference between the 2. The choice couldn’t be any clearer.

– Arrrrrrrgh! Damn rain! Damn storms! Hope everyone is being safe out there. I’ve posted the link for the Red Cross for donations for the folks in Parkersburg, but, if you are looking for a cool way to help out. The NFL is selling Aplington Parkersburg hats, with all proceeds going to help the damaged areas. As you know 4 current NFL players hail from there. Check out the link. The Chiefs did a similar one for Greensburg, KS. Actually they are still selling them.

GOP CONVENTION = EVENTS! Alright, there’s tons of things to do for you inner political junkie this weekend. I will not be there on Saturday, dude, it’s Jewell Jubilee. I’ve got street parties and garages to go drink beer in. But I have been forwarded some events and will post the as I get them. One in particular is the Steve King Pancake Breakfast. Here’s the deets:

King Pancake Breakfast
Hy Vee Hall, Hall B (middle level)
Saturday June 14th
7:30am - 9am
$5.00 to attend

Also, sources close to QCi are telling me that MoveOn.org is targeting King. Maybe I’m the last one to know this… but hey, if someone to go after you, might as well be them. Oh and MoveOn-ers… good luck with that.

NBA FINALS – Love the Lakers/Celts final. Go Celts! Come down the Flanagan’s and watch. I’ll be there… somewhere close to Flanagan’s 1 share of the Boston Celtics organization. Yea, it’s off the hook.
And since we are talking Celtics and Flanny’s in the same conversation… I know what would make it wee bit better. An order of Dropkick Murphys. You're welcome. Take it away boys!


Looks like we will have a little Recount going on of our own. Here's some BREAKING NEWS:

June 4, 2008

Statement from the Iowans for Eichhorn campaign:

The Republican primary race is so close it is still not clear that a winner can be discerned from the preliminary unofficial numbers released last night.

The county canvass next week should provide more information.

Official numbers arrive at the conclusion of the county and state canvass.

State election law provides for a recount in primary races within 1%.

One thing we know for certain is that Republicans will be unified against Harkin.

# # #

Stay tuned everyone. Will have some Wednesday Morning Quarterbacking up soon. Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little (ok, not so little) Brother! Have an awesome day Adam!


EDITORS NOTE: The following is a collaboration of thoughts from three anonymous loyal readers of QCI.
Ginormous thanks to the three writers. Seriously you rock.
The following is the transcript of the back and forth. Enjoy the great, but long post.

FOWLER: Welcome QCI-ders to the first ever QCI Primary Gameday presented by Tim Flanagan’s Restaurant and Lounge. Well, we’re here, in less than 12 hours, the polls open. They’ve been to your central committee meetings, they’ve been to your country fairs and parades. Now, it’s your turn to decide. Primary elections kick off tomorrow morning. I’m Chris Fowler, with me as always Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. Gentlemen, welcome.

HERBSTREIT: It’s an electric atmosphere, Chris. All of the hard work. The new faces. The Grizzled grassroots veterans. It’s going to be fun to watch the results tomorrow night. Coach, what do you think?

CORSO: Fellas, it all comes down to this! We have some great races going on… Let’s get to the predictions!

FOWLER: Can’t argue with that Coach, let’s talk about the US Senate Primary. 3 candidates… Steve Rathje, Christopher Reed and George Eichorn. Now Rathje, in this race the longest, has stumbled. That prompted the entry of a Navy vet, who is reminding the activists of a certain Marine from Nora Springs. Christopher Reed has earned the nod of many of the hard core conservative activists… even the one Marine I just mentioned. Then, enter former State Representative George Eichorn, who has been and seems like the answer from the GOP establishment. Kirk, who do you like as a winner in this one and what’s your numbers?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, the real winner in this is Tom Harkin.

Crowd: Boooo!!!! Hiss!!!!

HERBSTREIT: I hate to ruin this show on the first race, but let’s face it. Here’s my question, what’s the over under on the winner of this primary raising $150,000 for the general? Eichorn 55, Rathje 25 and Reed 20.

Crowd Chanting: No More Harkin! (clap clap, clap clap clap) No More Harkin….

FOWLER: Ouch Kirk… Coach, your thoughts?

CORSO: Christopher Reed will win with 38% of the vote. You may have never heard of him but he will be on the ballot and you will know how to pronounce his name. No candidate is all that threatening to Harkin… In fact Harkin will be spending all of his campaign funds on local races. He already is. Just look at his website. The difference in the race tomorrow… Name ID! Nobody has any money but everyone can pronounce Reed. In a generic fight between a Reed an Eichhorn and a Rathje, a Reed wins every time, not by name ID – Name EZ.

Crowd: YEA!!!!! No More Harkin! (clap clap, clap clap clap) No More Harkin….

FOWLER: Interesting picks. I agree with both of you… either Eichorn or Reed, and a steep hill against Harkin. Our next race to preview, the 2nd District GOP Congressional. It’s been intense and fun to watch. The candidates, Miller-Meeks, Teahen… oh and yes Harder. Kirk, where do you see this landing?

HERBSTREIT: Let’s get real Coach, my ears still ringing from Harder screaming "God and Guns" during his Lincoln Day Dinner ramblings. Meeks gives us best shot to put this seat back in GOP column; BUT, with the NRCC in Washington flat broke and nearly three dozen GOP open House seats to defend, she's on her own for fundraising and campaign help ... Good candidate, bad year.

CORSO: Kirk, for once, we’re gonna agree. I believe in 3M! Mariannette Miller-Meeks! BUT, she’ll win in a close one with 41%. Big Mo is on her side and while her numbers are going up the frontrunner and favorite P. Tea is going down. I feel she is a raw talent, but will have the ability to scare Loebsack. Even in the event of a loss look for her political stock to rise and her abilities to improve all the way to November, just as it has through this primary season. I’m going 3M Chris!

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! 3-M! 3-M! 3-M….

FOWLER: So 3M is the consensus here. Good to see you two agree, even in a primary. Let’s shift gears here a little. The 3rd District Dem Congressional… Congressman Leonard Boswell and for State Rep and Guv candidate, Ed Fallon. Sparks have been flying and mud a slinging. Who do we like here?

HERBSTREIT: Sparks may have been flying… but that’s it. The Dem establishment saves GMLB… again. Boswell 59 and Fallon 41… my question is how much campaign money did Fallon hold back to ensure he still has a salary post June 3rd?

CORSO: Dems in the 3rd?!?!? WHO CARES! Boswell’s got it. BUT, not so fast my friends, here’s my pander pick of the day! Because I know G$ is reading these answers… I’m going with the other Dem primary. Kevin Miskell will win with 34% because he is from Stanhope, Iowa. G$’s favorite place to eat Watermelon. How’s that for a prediction!

FOWLER: Coach, nothing surprises us anymore. Now… Our final pick of the day… The Race of the Day… On to the Granddaddy of all of the GOP State House races. We go to the northwest part of Polk County. In a house district that makes ole G$ giggle when you say it. House District 69…

Crowd: (going freaking nuts) YEAAAAAH!!!!! 69! 69! 69! 69! 69! (now going into frenzy)

FOWLER: Looks like the race people here on the set have showed up to see. Erik Helland and Al Lorenzen. Young guy running against a basketball star. It’s been getting very heated as of late. Helland is calling himself the REAL Republican in the race… he may have a point… but those blue and green signs are everywhere , especially in the swing area of Johnston. I have heard reports of Lorenzen signs in Ankeny? Kirk what’s your gut?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, this is truly the Granddaddy of the State House races tomorrow. I’m going to sum it up with this… The Walt Tomenga Organization versus the Muscatine Mafia ... to paraphrase Sean Connery from the "Untouchables", “it’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.” The Vanilla Gorilla should stick to sports.

Crowd: (goes into a bigger frenzy) YEAAAAAAAA! 69! 69! 69! 69!

FOWLER: Ouch Kirk! Ladies and gentlemen, the king of the snarky Mr. Kirk Herbstreit!

Crowd: (even louder) 69!! 69!! 69!! 69!!!

HERBSTREIT: Snarky or not Chris… it’s fundamentals, that’s how you win. Now, I’m going to step away here and let the ole Coach do his thing. Coach, you have a box under the desk here… who is going to win and who’s head do you have in there?

Crowd: (damn near rioting right now) 69!!!! 69!!!! 69!!!! 69!!!!

FOWLER: You just don’t mess with tradition, take it away Coach…

CORSO: House District 69 is THE most exciting races of the day! It will be won by the narrowest of margins 51%! Less than a 2% of the vote will win! Can I get a Recount! A lot of interesting facets to this race but in the end the good people of House District 69… ha ha… 69...

HERBSTREIT: You just couldn’t do it without a chuckle, huh Coach?

CORSO: No I can’t my friend. This is G$’s blog! Shout out G! The good people of HD 69 will go with the legit Republican and have great representation for many years to come. The winner will become a real power player atop Capitol Hill.

(Lee Corso slaps the desk, then grabs mascot head from underneath)



Crowd: (absolutely f’ing insane) YEAAAAAH!!!!! ERIK HELLAND!!! 69!!!! ERIK HELLAND!!!! 69!!!!!!!

FOWLER: That’s it from here. The results are up to you now. Check in after the polls close! Don’t forget to vote!

QCI's Primary Gameday presented by Tim Flanagan's Restaurant and Lounge is coming up.

Look for predictions, analysis and insight from Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso.

Make your sign, grab your spot, bring your flags... and stay tuned!

Hey QCI-ders… a day before the BIG PRIMARY, GAME DAY is almost here... Be on the lookout tonight or in the morning from predictions from a special Game Day Crew I have assembled. They have written their predictions in the styles of ESPN Game Day. QCI can report, fans of all of the campaigns and issue groups are lining up right now with their clever signs. Do you have a clever sign or slogan? Post it in the comments sections on this post and the Game Day Preview post.

Also, Krusty is serving up a great preview you won’t want to miss.

Stay tuned QCI-ders… or do I dare say, "Not so fast my friend!"