For many of you longtime Iowa bloggers out there, you probably recognized a blogger called “RF”. RF is one of the lefties looking for a good civil debate in the Iowa blogosphere. And since there’s bipartisan spirit at the golden dome on property rights issues… I too decided to reach across the aisle and ask RF 7.2 Questions. While we probably do not agree on many issues, we do agree in a civil and respectful dialogue when it comes to the issues of the day.

I for one am sick and tired of the gotcha, I’m better than you, if it came from the other side it sucks, never getting anything done politics that have sadly brought the public to give politics a worse name than trial lawyers. So let’s hear it from an avid blogger and tree hugger on the other side… everyone’s favorite liberal, RF.

1. Tell us your daily routine… what’s the play by play?

Alarm goes off a little before 6. This liberal does have a job, so can’t sleep in or blog all day. Believe it or not, this liberal has a family too, so need to help everyone get ready for the day. Then on to the workplace. I’m lucky enough to be able to work on stuff I really care about. Mostly “green” stuff. I gain an equivalent of at least 100 tree hugs every day. There is no standard play by play, as my days vary a lot. Sometimes I get to go have a chat at the Governor’s office or elsewhere at the Capitol, but most days I spend in other more or less interesting meetings. Some other days I spend all day researching some pretty mundane stuff. Most days I get to go home at a reasonable hour, which is a real blessing when you have a family. We try to have a sit-down dinner every day with everyone – possibly the second to last family in the country doing that. During NHL playoffs, I may watch a good game. Otherwise try to spend some quality time with the family. After things quiet down, it’s usually time for political porn, as Mrs. RF calls my online political obsessions. Cruising through the blogs and some news sites. A run on the treadmill is the more sensible alternative to the online activities. First goal of the season is to run Dam to Dam on May 31, hopefully still in my Obama gear.

2. What’s the most rewarding part of your gig?

I have the privilege of getting paid to work on things I really care about. The idea that, for my small part, I’m helping to leave the planet in decent shape for future generations is very rewarding for me. I guess I’m your stereotypical bleeding-heart liberal.

3. Give me a big prediction – ala Chris Matthew’s “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Obama will turn out to be a great manager and a wise president. He will carry some surprising red states and Obama Republicans will outnumber Reagan Democrats.

4. What are you listing to right now? What’s in your mp3 or CD player right now?

Eagles’ new album “Long Road Out of Eden.” Always been a huge Eagles fan. Tina Turner is my all-time favorite performer. Gotta love hot mature ladies!

5. What’s your favorite hangout (bar, restaurant, etc.)? What do you recommend I get when I’m there?

Buzzard Billy’s. Love Cajun food. “Rasta Pasta” with Jamaican jerk chicken is excellent, spicy.

6. What’s the last ball game you went to?

Iowa Stars game a few weeks ago. Hockey is the only real sport!! But I do enjoy Iowa Energy basketball as well.

7. If you were not in this current gig or career, what would you be doing?

I would be renovating old houses and doing woodworking.

7.2 What’s with?

What’s with the idea that D’s and R’s can’t have real discussions? I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I seldom learn anything meaningful from a person I agree with. This applies to politics very well. For a couple of years now I have not felt the need to open any emails from MoveOn or any of the other two dozen like-minded outfits that send me stuff. By reading the subject line I know exactly what’s going to be in the email. I learn much more from reading the oft-crazy rants and commentary on The Real Sporer. Besides, my own little fantasy involves a hot mature R lady. I’m convinced Carville & Matalin are onto something. When same sex relationships are recognized in Iowa and Mrs. RF leaves me for her girlfriend (isn’t that the great threat everyone is talking about?), I’ll start cruising Republican political events for my own Mary Matalin.