Start the MusicI think when you are reading the Weekend Update... it's more fun if you're playing that while you read it. Done, it's man law now.
IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, SIMBA: Greetings from a very balmy 50 degree Kearney, MO. I am on location for my niece Ainsley's 1st birthday.

Funny how things become full circle. It's almost exactly 1 year since I just started hitting the trail for John McCain in Central Iowa... my bosses were nice enough to let me head down Liberty Hospital for a couple days to help celebrate Ainsley entering the World. And today, she's right here having fun giving with her Uncle Grant blogging another Weekend Update.
BREAKING NEWS - NEW CHAIR: Anyway... Weekend Update is back with breaking news from 621 East 9th Street (only a few hours after the fact, bad reception on I-35... such as life). Stew Iverson is the new Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa. Congratulations Mr. Chairman and all who ran.
I don't have any vote counts... and won't, it's a closed ballot and I'm not interested in broadcasting that type of stuff here. But I can give you some insight of how a State Cental Committee (SCC) meeting goes down. It's not any new Amercia Undercover type of stuff if you are in the know or have been to one. And it's certainly not a secret or fraternal order ceremony ala the movie Skulls... so you folks in the tin hat crowd can go back to worrying about black helicopters, rest assured. And if you still don't beleive me, there's a monkey bubble over by Pella they want to that build you could buy.

When the SCC meets, they roll in to RPI on Friday evening from all over the state (3 reps per congressional district, 2 national committeee peeps, ect.). They split into the different committees Organization, Legislative, and others. Then informally, members will go grab a bite to eat with the others or retire for the evening.

The big meeting is Saturday. All RPI staff attend, usually, with the entire SCC. The Chair brings the meeting order and away we go. There's member, district, commitee reports given by all who are present. Basically, nothing different from a basic company board meeting... except that their business is electing good people.

An occational candidate, elected official or presidential wannabe will drop by and be able to speak to the group. Then, it's lunch time. Usually catered food from Darrell "the legend" Kearney's son Kent. (Who own a great place to eat "Our Cafe" down in Carlisle, good food and good times, check it out)

Kent usually has something awesome to eat for the SCC and staff... and the occational mooching staffer who works for another campaign in the building... um, I've been a repeat offender on that count. Well, it was gonna go to waste and do I need to tell you how many starving kids... blah, blah, blah... In the words of Rush Limbaugh, "YOU PEOPLE!"
After lunch, back to convene again to discuss the business as described above and they wrap up around 2 or 3. That's pretty much it. Any SCC members any details i have might have missed?

Again, congrats to Chairman Iverson... do you think I could get him to do a 7.2 Questions?

That's the news and I am out of here....