Why fight it… since the SCC meeting is this week… let’s just make this SMACK DOWN WEEK at QCI. Great comments and hilarious handlenames in Round 1. But then again, it doesn’t take much to amuse me. How about some QCI QUICK TAKES before we go to Day 2 of the QCI Smack Down…

KRUSTY IS RIGHTHe has the must read of the day.
SWEET SWEET HAIR – If you haven’t already… don’t forget to vote on the right hand side of the blog.
QCI FACEBOOK STATUS OF THE DAY –So and so… is thinking Letterman should put a dvd out with his "Great Moments in Presidential Speaches."
IT EASY BEING CHEESYMan, they got everything in Sioux County.

We’re bring it back. If you are a newbie and having a hard time following the lingo… use this as a reference.

Again… the RULES: There are 3… from yesterday… now we add #4…
1) Have a take and don’t suck
2) Don’t have diarrhea of the blog. You know what I am talking about
3) Have fun… (junior high humor encouraged)
4) Don’t give me the same shit you posted on 5 other blogs word for word… bring your A game.

Extra bonus points… for having the stones to put your name with your smack. I will be keeping score. But if you can’t… I understand. And a clever handlename will get you racked.

1) State Chairman’s Race
- Who? What? When? Where? Why?
- Don’t have a horse? What are you looking for in a leader?

2) What’s your big idea?
- Gotta a big idea for the GOP Organization?- GOP Operations?
- Reform Iowa Government?

3) 2010 Guv Race
- Who do you like?
- Why?
- What can we learn from last time?

Let the Smacketh continue… I’ll start again.