HOLY CRAP… Dudes, what a weekend. Wow. Like Rush Limbaugh, we have a huge stack of stuff for you, in the randomous tradtition that we can only hope… pleases the QCI gods (our wonderful and loyal QCI-ders). Let’s try to line by line this… minus all of the logistical stuff… because QCI roll like that. Here we go.
SATURDAY - PALIN IN DES MOINES – Huge crowd… over 7500 for sure. Saw lots of new faces at the rally. Lots of women. Very encouraging vibe with this event.
PRESS PASS? Yea, some how the World’s Crappiest Blog scored a press pass.
IOWA ISN’T CLOSE? Um, they spend that much money in Iowa for a 3 stop tour. They just don’t with this much time left on the clock. Oh don’t believe me? Obama will be here on Friday… on Halloween? Is that some kind of omen?
INPLAY – Basically became the unofficial downtown HQ for QCI this weekend… I recommend the fried pickles… and it’s a great place to catch a game. Also, they have the Deal of No Deal arcade game… which is just as addictive as watching the show… minus the whole annoying contestants.
REAGAN DINNER – Good to see many of you loyal QCI-ders out there. Thanks for the kind words… high fives and insults. Shout out to D-Chung, Yoda, Real Sporer and all of the other brothas from otha mothas in the LBC (that’s Long Beach Crew… if you don’t know).
BROWNBACK SPEECH – The good Senator from Kansas knocked one out Saturday night. He really did. Best one I’ve heard out of a candidate in a while.
STEVE ROBERTS – Great tributes… here’s to you man. Thanks for all of your service to the party.
LIGHT ‘EM UP CHUCK – Senator Grassley was on like Donkey Kong. If you weren’’t fired up from that, the pilot light is out.
LATHAM – Is gonna win. Someone tell the DMR and all the other media outlets. The real race is in the 2nd. GO 3M GO!!!
DOS RIOS – Post game show for the dinner… decent place. It’s no Flanagan’s… but honesty, is there anything really close to Flanny’s? Didn’t think so.
NEW DAILY - Before we get to the the official QCI Concert Review… how about a new daily feature. “GASP!!!!! …a DAILY FEATURE?!?!?! You think you can keep up G$?” …um yeah, I can… ASS…
FACEBOOK STATUS OF THE DAY – Thought this might make a good daily hit on QCI… we’ll keep ‘em anonymous, to protect the innocent. Here’s our first Facebook Status of the Day.
“Someone is… going to paddle Rachel Rays fat ass if she says "Yumm-O" one more time.” Well done.
METALLICA OPENING ACTS - Can you believe it has been since 1996 that Metallica has played in Des Moines? Damn… me neither. To open it up was The Sword and Down. Never heard The Sword but love myself some Down. Both didn’t disappoint.
SIDE NOTE ON THE NEW ALBUM – Are Metallica fans going soft? Well maybe… there have been numerous reports and rantings on message boards about the production mixing of Death Magnetic. Claiming that it was mixed too loud. Huh?
PEOPLE WATCHING… at the concert rivaled the State Fair. What do you think the over under on mullets was?
GREAT SHOW – It really was. Losts of new stuff played… and a great mix of the old stuff. Cool custom DSM Metallica shirts and scored the official James Hetfield wrist bands.
WORDS TO LIVE BY… WITH JAMES HETFIELD – He says this at most of the shows… a mid point of the show… during a break, he shouts, “ARE YOU ALIVE?” Crowd screams, “YES!” James asks… “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ALIVE?” To answe your question James…. Pretty freakin awesome.

AND FINALLY… Back to the KIOA catalog… from the CD I won for being the 15th caller with the correct answer on Dick Bartley… Here’s Bill Withers…