So alright, here’s the infamous, fake email that must be circulating around to bloggers so that they will post it up.

Here’s how we know the following email is fake:
1. It’s not from the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)… bracketing and research releases have become an art form. The DCCC would have a special graphic, and funny headline. This one is kind of lame…
2. It’s missing proper disclaimers… which is something they wouldn’t miss…
3. If the DCCC were to send a carpet bomb email like that, it would come from a dccc.org account… not a Gmail account. I returned the email to dcccresearch@gmail.com... And shock… no reply. Hey fake DCCC Research, contact me anytime.
4. If you compare this email with what is currently on the Coralville Courier… it’s almost word for word in some cases when you compare the 2. I’m not saying that this is fact checked… everything is well sited.

Here’s the fake DCCC Release…

From: dcccresearch@gmail.com
To: dcccresearch@gmail.com
Subject: Teahen claims false M.A., misleads University of Iowa College of Education

A Republican candidate for Congress in Iowa's 2nd District has seriously exaggerated his resume to claim an advanced degree he did not earn and a title in a major U.S. disaster he did not hold.

Peter Teahen, a Cedar Rapids funeral home director, has campaigned as a disaster relief expert (http://www.teahenforcongress.com).

Teahen has weathered intense fire from a former colleague for allegedly embellishing his record in disaster management. Teahen has denied the claims, accusing his former boss, David Tredrea, an official at the London Trauma Centre, of mental problems and a long-running vendetta against him. Tredrea blasted an e-mail full of allegations against Teahen to Iowa bloggers several days ago from his personal e-mail address, davidtredrea@yahoo.com.

While some of Tredrea's claims are unverified, independent information has recently surfaced from agencies in Iowa and Oklahoma, raising questions about Teahen's integrity and truthfulness.

On his resume (attached), Teahen lists an M.A. in "Human Resources Management" from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. The program Teahen enrolled in is an online series of courses at the Baptist college founded by Jerry Falwell in 1971.

According to Teahen's LinkedIn business networking profile, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/605/aa3, his degree is not expected until 2009. He misled the University of Iowa, however, by claiming a completed M.A. He currently serves on the University's College of Education advisory board dealing with rehabilitation counseling.

A record of his term on the board in 2007-2008 can be found here: http://www.education.uiowa.edu/rehab/program/advisory_board_roster_02.htm

"Peter Teahen has not received his M.A. degree and has not met his requirements for graduation at this time," said transcript verification officer Deborah Stone of Liberty University, according to the Coralville Courier. "He is not currently enrolled."

Teahen also refers to himself as the "Deputy Medical Examiner" in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing in April 1995.

Oklahoma officials have since discredited Teahen's claim. No record of Teahen's employment by the medical examiner's office exists. Medical examiners in Oklahoma are required to be licensed to practice medicine in Oklahoma. Teahen is not a licensed physician, although he refers to himself as a "mental health professional."

Ray Blakeney, the director of operations for the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, said Teahen was in the Oklahoma City area but did not have any role with the agency as medical examiner or in any other capacity.

So yea… like I said. Most of this stuff is on the Coralville Courier right now. Most of the stuff here has it’s fact check… but that’s not the story here. It’s the fact that someone is trying to send one of these lame ass fake emails we saw during the Caucuses.

In no way in this post am I defending the DCCC. That’s not how I roll… all I know is, they didn’t send this one.

What’s your thoughts QCI-ders? See you all at the Lincoln Dinner tonight.