Zombies? Soviets? State Chair Race? Oh My!!!

IF YOU NEED YOUR HEART RIPPED OUT – You don’t need to see the dude from Indiana Jones… you just have to be a Chiefs fan. Seriously yo… I thought being a Hawkeye fan was bad for your mental health… nope… it’s being a Chiefs fan. But now it’s kind of expected now that they will disappoint you… kind of like going to Old Country Buffet. Sounds like an awesome idea… until you get there… eat… and well, then you are disappointed.
STATE CHAIR RACE ROLLS ALONG – So, QCI-ders have been following along with this race… just like everyone else in the Rightosphere. To paraphrase Tim Russert, “Technology, technology, technology.” And it appears that Matt Strawn is dominating this aspect of the debate. Eastern Iowa Conservative was first to talk about it. Then the FlyBoys in their latest dose of the dope. D-Chung is chirping… and the patriots at Iowa Defense are following the buzz. While Krusty is impressed… he’s staying tuned. And McCroskey offers a scorecard over on the good ship FlyBoy. While it’s freaking cold out… look for this thing to get red hot…
QCI MOVIE ALERTWill we bust out the Movie Mongol? Hmmm... Anyone else out there excited to see The Wrestler? Hell yes man. We wouldn’t be all El Camino if we weren’t into a heart warming story about professional wrestling. Plus, it has Marisa Tomei in it… which could possibly be #2 on the all time “Will Never Happen G$” Crush list, behind Ms. Shue of course.

“So and so… is pumped that Bobby scored last night!”

OK… this status would be ten times more funnier if you didn’t know this person was talking about hockey. Wait… oh… now I get it now…

QUITE POSSIBLY THE COOLEST SITE EVER – So, we thinks we’ve found our favorite website of all time. You guessed it… Jared Allen’s personal website. Also, if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift for the editor of the World’s Crappiest Blog… here’s a place to start.
HAWKEYE AWESOMENESS FACTS OF THE DAY – Not only is Shonn Greene the best running back in the country… but it looks like Iowa State will taking one giant leap backward in their football program. Also… look for the Ballad of Gene Chizik to be #1 on Billboard this week.

AND FINALLY… Here’s the new video from Metallica to get your inner Cold War fired up.