Snowy Sunday Funday at QCI

A Sunday post at QCI? "Huh? What?" Yea... who knew right? Anyhow... QCI-ders let's get to the slushy, snowy randomnous for a Sunday Funday at the World's Crappiest Blog.

I WOKE UP EARLY TO WATCH THIS? Wow, is the bench pretty thin there John Bachman? Did you catch Inisders today on 13? Mike Morain from the DMR to discuss the future of the Arts? Listen, love myself some drawing and getting all creative... but I thought the show was called "Insiders"... you know politics... ect. What a joke. As the kids are saying these days... FAIL!
HAWKEYE FOOTBALL WITHDRAWAL - Dudes... what am I supposed to do on Saturdays now? Seriously yo. What is a fella to do? I guess get reaquainted with Iowa Basketball again. Man, how much did Steve Alford ruin the thrill of Iowa Basketball and it's enthusiasm from it's fan base. Well... Coach Lickliter gave an exciting win last night... buzzer beater against K-State. Yea... I know, it's K-State... but Alford would have gotten has ass kicked by them... so WOOO WHOO!
NOT SO BREAKING NEWS - In case you haven't heard. Renee Schulte won the recount out in Cedar Rapids. D-Chung has the deets. Nice work House peeps and Congrats Rep.-Elect Schulte.
DRESSES? UM DRESSES? "You're gonna discuss someone's dress on QCI, G$? Have you looked in a mirror in say, a year?" Word. Now I wouldn't even touch this story... but a stupid article in the DMR and an email I recieved from an activist helps put this thing together. First, I remember on Election night when Obama did his speech in Chi Town. I also remember the ladies in the room saying, "What the hell is she wearing?" ...and "Seriously? That's hideous." Listen, I usually make it a point not to comment on stuff like that. "Does this make me look fat?" Um... "How does this look?" Seriously... I can get myself in trouble in 2 million other ways... I'm not smart... but plenty smart not to get into those discussions. So... the DMR is doing another on of those, "A volcano in the South Pacific erupted and someone's brother's, cousin's, sister's, fiance's, roommate from college was killed" stories. Aw yes! The IOWA CONNECTION from the DMR!!! (seriously, there must be a special department at the DMR). Anywho... it turns out the dress that Michelle Obama wore on Election Night... was designed by an Iowan. Great... other than the snow... I know what the local affiliates will be talking about tonight at 10... (sigh...). Now here comes the rub... I wouldn't have thought twice about this story, until I remembered an email I recieved last week... with the following pictures attached:

Hmmmmm... Interesting...

"So and so... says..snow..yep..we're in Iowa."

I'll admit... looks really pretty out there.

WHAT'S NEXT - QCI-ders... it's gonna get a little heated here in the next few weeks. The upcoming Chairman's race will dominate the blogs... which I find kind of ironic that we'll all be talking about something (other than D-Chung) that no one has a vote in. Just saying... thought it's a little ironic. The State Central Committee meets over at 621 East 9th for it's December business... speculation, gossip and commentary will be everywhere. Looks like Sunshine (formerly Smoker Hating Emily) and the Gang at Battleground are in heated discussion of who it should and should not be. Again, I wonder how many of the same 9 or 10 people posting their comments can actually vote in the matter? My guess... zero. But we'll all be here to talk about it.

AND FINALLY... because a Sunday post here at QCI can be considered... special... here's a favorite from... The Specials...