Thanks Veterans!

QCI-ders… Winter weather, aye? Urgh. Man it’s cold. But not cold enough to gel up the randomnous... the World’s Crappiest Blog will not be denied… like trying to stop the running angry Shonn Greene The Machine... you can only hope to contain it.
ON THE 11TH DAY OF THE 11TH MONTH ON THE 11TH HOUR – To all of the QCI-ders out there who wear and wore the uniform… thanks. Think about this a bit. You know when we get to the Holidays… people are a little nicer… more generous to those in need… then you always here it somewhere, shouldn’t it be like this all year round? On the same notion, I think it should Veterans Day… every day. You know except… without banks and stuff closed everyday… that would mess some things up. But you get my point. How’s that whole freedom thing treating you today? Pretty friggin’ good, right? Then thank a Veteran… today and every day.
SPEAKING OF VETERANS – A friend of mine had an interesting thought. She wondered why she had the day off while her husband, who served in the military, had to work today… hmmm….
PAULSEN IS THE NEW GUY – Unless this is the first time you have ever used a computer… here’s a little scoop… Kraig Paulsen is the new GOP House Leader. Everyone in the LBC is on it… so I’ll let them keep with it. Krusty, Fly Boys and the CD have the deets and commentary.


“So and so is… is wondering why all those pesky tasks seem to increase the closer you get to needing to leave for the dang airport.”

QCI-der’s Facebook statuses are wise… very wise.

MCKINLEY IS UP NEXT? Well that’s what they’re saying. Senator Paul McKinley may be the next GOP Senate Leader. We’ll see.
NEWT FOR RNC CHAIR? It took the Battlegrounders to be the first ones to bring this up?
TA TA TA TAMPA! What do you think? You think the Hawks can do it? Gonna have to move the Deep Water Fishing Trip to Late December! Hopefully.

AND FINALLY… We dig back in to the KIOA catalog and loyal reader Chad Sealine’s favorite golden oldie… and very appropiate for today. Yo Sealine, how many times did you crank this on the record player back in the day? Crank it again!