QCI Random Update Friday Vacation Post

Hey QCI-ders... a little post for you today... if you are even around. I'll update it with random thoughts, answers to your hate mail and other things... so treat this like Drudge... (ok... being Drudge for a day is a stretch) but you may want to hit the refresh button a couple of times today.

Updated - 9:25pm
WE'RE GOIN' UPTOWN - So yea... a little stop at Mischelle's is in order... word is part of the Young clan are up there. Hardy Burger anyone?
BOISE - Caught the end of the Boise State game... undefeated 3 out of the 5 last seasons... bringing legend to the Statue of Liberty move. Nice work.

Updated - 5:17pm
SPEAKING OF HOLIDAY SHOPPING - A loyal QCI-der passed along a link to some hilarious shirts he sells. Check out http://www.rizzotees.com/. Thanks Rizzo. Also... as a special discount for QCI-ders... use this code: C6FC9NRD... you'll get 10% off. "You mean reading G$'s crappy blog can get you discounts?" Um, hell yes it does. I'm kind of partial to the Fair Trade shirt...
QCI FARM REPORT - Hey... they're still tilling up here. Missed a few loyal QCI-ders out and about town.... because they are still in the field. Per my cousin Kempton... they should be wrapped up with the tilling over at Young & Sons Farms tonight... just in time for a good garage session.

Updated - 4:20pm ... haha, 420
DUDES... TUNE OF THE DAY - Man I love digging through old mix tapesin the basement. Here's a great live version of Hummer... by the Smashing Pumpkins. Great band. Wonder if Ma threw that t-shirt out... and if it still fits.

Updated - 3:47pm
FOOD - Yo, QCI-ders... man oh man... I love the Thanksgiving leftovers. Whoah. To paraphrase Father Cavanaugh from Rudy, "After years of religious studies, I have come to two conclusions. There is a God and I'm not him." Let me add some more Father... I'm pretty sure when God guided all of us here on Earth to this idea of the Thanksgiving Holiday... I gotta think God was thinking, "These guys are gonna love turkey... but they're gonna love it more when they figure out how to deep fat fry it." True... I have to believe fried turkeys are the way the Lord intended us to cook them. Oh yea...
BIG 8 FOOTBALL - At the time of this random thought... we're finally getting some decent games today. The Pitt/WVU game was good and we're getting some of the old Big 8 Football excitement. This Husker/Buffs game is gonna come down to the wire.

Updated - 3:21pm
LETTERS, WE GET LETTERS, SACKS AND SACKS OF LETTERS... (Ha, sacks) Hey thought we would answer some comments here lately.
GAS TAX - From "Mark in Oskaloosa". He mentioned the rope-a-dope that comes with gax tax increases... and mentioned that QCI has no interest in the discussion on what the party should stand for. Far from the truth my friend (side note, Oskie is one of my favorite towns in the 3rd... beautiful town). Anyhow... Mark you are right that there are some as our friend Yoda may say "fall to the darkside" when it comes to this issue. I hope who we have there now, can hold tight... and keep the spending and increases to a minimum. But this issue is a central point on what our party should stand for. Lower freaking taxes. Seriously dudes. Talk about playing prevent defense in the next session (which is going to be brutal).
72 HOUR PROGRAM - There has been some talk here, elsewhere and in my inbox about the "72 Hour program." Yes... it needs to be revised and upgraded... total agreement with my Iowa Defense patriots. But my point is about never forgetting the premise of the program. This is how we can revise it. Yes... hell yes, there's need to be an early voting component added. Like yesterday it was needed. The absentee part... needs to have real resources added to it. Technology... we need impliment this into it as well. There should be no reason that anyone should be getting a call if they have already voted. Be remember the premise of the the idea... identify your voters, advocate to those who are on the fence and turn them all out. Gather 'em up and flush 'em out. Would love to hear other's suggestions on this... because I think there are regional differences that owuld need to be factored into all of the equations.
BIG IDEAS FOR IOWA - You guys kind of missed my point on that random thought. What can we do to reform Iowa Government... you know... than the obvious of throwing out taxers and spenders... what's your ideas for reform? I'm completely serious whe I say my readers are smarter than I am... Listen, I know that you all have all eyes on 621 East 9th... and for good reason. But whoever is going to lead... what's the big ideas? What can we do to make Iowa government more efficient and and actual value for the most government employees per person capita in the in United States?

Updated - 12:49pm
I SHOULD QUIT BITCHING ABOUT THE CHIEFS - I know one thing I'm thankful for... that I'm not a Detroit Lions Fan. Wow. At least the Chiefs make an attempt to win sometimes... then break your heart later. And how much did those games suck yesterday? Thank God for a Newhart marathon.
THE ECONOMY - You know what? I think some of the politicians and economists are full of shit. All we heard towards the end of the election and now is... "recession" and "worst since the depression". I say bullshit. Things aren't that bad at all. "What gives you that idea G$?" Because after I was killing my 7th turkey sandwich last night while watching the evening news... there was a line of people... not for soup... but for $100 laptops.