WOW!!!! WHAT A WEEKEND – QCI-ders, it’s been an amazing weekend. All starting with the Return of the Buick… to Hawkeye Hooliganism at its best! HOW 'BOUT THEM HAWKEYES!!!!!!

YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT – Well, there are 3 things I know for certain… the sun willl rise in the east, the Chiefs still suck and the Pope is still Catholic. No real surprises here.


“So and so is… hoping people can gracefully admit defeat and move on.”

You know, sometimes Facebook puts things in ways that I could understand them.

THESE THINGS ARE A CHANGING – Well, at RPI and the Party in general. The rest of my peeps in the LBC are discussing the chair races and new leadership in the Golden Dome. Your ole buddy G$ and the World’s Crappiest Blog has eyes on the developments… and we’re gonna throw our ideas out there too…

Now, by all means, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed on this crap… but… if you’ve been around something… as long as I did… you’ll soak up something. That post is in the QCI Editing Room (also known as a nice heated garage in Jewell). We’ll serve it up with couple of cans of your favorite economically priced American macrobrew this week. Some will be base hit ideas and some will be complete whiffs….

CHATTER – Now I’m serious about this QCI-ders. What’s your ideas for a GOP comeback? The greatest thing about this blog is, in most cases the readers are smarter than the writer. So what do you think? You have a few prescriptions for the GOP Comeback in Iowa? Use and abuse the comment section.