Pirates, Huey and Facebook

QCI-ders… longtime. No Randomness. Here’s a little something to get you over the humpday…

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH – Dudes, how many feakin’ pirates are there out there? Wow. The general public is gonna find out how crazy maritime law is… if they haven’t already. Unbelievable.

THE IOWA BLOGOSPHERE IS BURNING – In the words of Joey Lawrence… “Woah.” With rebuilding on the minds of the center right blogging world, you knew it would happen. Surf around… y’all are lighting up the comments. Nice work.

LET’S TALK CARS – Well in a political sense. The looming buy out for the Big 3 is dominating the news. Again… no economic wizzard or Wall Street guru here… But Mitt Romney offers up some ideas from an industry he grew up with.

CONFESSIONS OF A HAWKEYE FOOTBALL VIRGINCheck out this awesome article by an Iowa Gameday First Timer.

I’M NO TREKIE BUT… Might have to check out the new Star Trek. Per the trailer… Does Riverside, Iowa get some props in this one?

“So and so is… takin' what they're givin' 'cause I'm working for a living.”

GREAT Huey Lewis and the news reference! Also QCI-ders… is it me or are there a whole bunch of people taking the Facebook plunge? Don’t forget to friend me up, join the QCI Facebook Group and join the QCI Facebook Blog Network… what’s nect for QCI to use and abuse? Be on the look out for the QCI Fan Page. Holla!

AND FINALLY… Speaking of said awesome band… here’s one of my favorites. As always, you’re gonna want to crank it.