EDITORS NOTE: Are sequels always better than the first? Who knows? But after numerous requests… the QCI Team got together for another Gameday Post. Very special thanks to our writers and pundits that have chimed in. We tried to cover a lot… so it may get a little long… enjoy the ride. Let’s go to the QCI Gameday set presented by Tim Flanagan’s Restaurant and Lounge.

Crowd: (Cheering and yelling. Numerous signs…)

FOWLER: Hello QCI-ders and welcome back to QCI General Election Gameday presented by Tim Flanagan’s Restaurant and Lounge. In what is probably the longest election season we have witnessed… in less than 48 hours, the polls will open. No more attack ads, mailers, phone calls and hoodlems stealing your yard signs. To chime in on all of the action with their predictions, with us as always is Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso with their predictions and insight. Fellas, we’re finally here.

HERBSTREIT: Can I be the first to say, thank God this thing is about over. To tell the truth, this is how these elections will be like for the forseeable future. Long… very long. Not feeling great… but we have some bright spots and things to build on. What do you think coach?

CORSO: Kirk! This is THE most hard fought election at all levels. I agree, it’s not looking so good. But you know what fellas? There’s a reason why you strap on the helmet… there’s a reason why you still play your entire schedule… AND there’s a reason why you play the game. I’m fired up! Let’s get to it QCI-ders!

Crowd: HEEEEYYY!!!!!!

FOWLER: Guys, let’s dive right into it. The US Senate Race. Harkin and Reed. With a candidate you guys were high on earlier in the primary. Kirk, what do you think?

HERBSTREIT: I’m a simple man, Chris. So let’s keep it simple. Suits from JC Penny $263. Haircuts from Cost Cutters $34. Embarrassing yourself on Deace, IPTV debate, etc … priceless. Harkin 61, Reed 39.

Crowd: BOOOOO!!!! (hiss) No more Harkin. (Clap, clap. Clap, Clap, Clap)…

HERBSTREIT: Wish I was wrong guys… Coach, am I way off on this?

CORSO: Krik! I agree. Starting off with a snoozer in the U.S. Senate race. Harkin will bank most of his millions for next time around and not run up the score on our pal Chris Reed…we are looking at Tommy going back to his home-front in the Bahamas with a 57-39 victory.

FOWLER: Agreed. Had potential, very disappointing. Over in the First District. Guys… this one looks easy to call. Kirk… Kirk… Kirk! You still withus?

HERBSTREIT: (Yawning) Wake me up when you talk about a serious race Chris. 58-42 Braley.

CORSO: Hey Kirk! 90% of everything is simply showing up… and hopefully, on time. In another napper in the 1st congressional district we have trial lawyer, and unfortunately skilled liberal, Braley over the not always punctual Hartsuch by 18.

FOWLER: You guys are making me sleepy. Let’s change things up and wake up this crowd a bit. And I know the race to do it!

Crowd: 69! (clap, clap) 69! (clap, clap) 69! (clap, clap)

FOWLER: We know our crowd! House district 69 fellas.

Crowd: (building into a riot)

HERBSTREIT: Seriously, do you expect me to call this any other way than … Helland wins with 69%!!!!

Crowd: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! 69! 69! 69! 69! 69! (crowd rioting… cops are showing up)

CORSO: We have a real winner in 69! 69! 69! 69! That’s right boys and girls our main man Eric ‘I’m going to the capitol to give those damn tax and spend liberals’ Hell-and! Help take back the majority over some 11th hour loser D by about 30. ERIK HELLAND! 69!

FOWLER: QCI-ders love themselves some Erik Helland. Why fight it? 69! 69! Ha, ha... 69...

Crowd: 69! 69! 69! (the frenzy begins)

FOWLER: Let’s stay in the metro area with the 3rd district race. Guys, how’s GMLB gonna do?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, for once this election, the DMR nailed it. The Admiral Stockdale of Iowa politics… “Who am I? Why am I here…” is ready for his gold watch, a comfy chair and his “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” LifeAlert bracelet; unfortunately, the Iowa voters don’t yet know it. Boswell 59-41. What do you think coach?

CORSO: We have Leonard ‘you have got to go’ Boswell sticking around for only 2 more years in a closer than you would think win over Kim Schmett by 8.

FOWLER: Let’s get back to thinking good thoughts guys. 5th District.

HERBSTREIT: Who cares? The real question is who jumps in the pending nine-way 2010 primary when King runs for Governor after realizing life in a 170-seat GOP House minority really sucks.

CORSO: We’ve never agreed so much Kirk! In the 5th we have Steve Rock Solid need not mention my last name King of the hill in a walk over some other perpetual candidate clown by about 20 or something, does it even matter.

FOWLER: I can’t see so good… is that Chris Berman over there? Coach, you have a nickname for everyone. Speaking of state races. What is turning into a real battle that most aren’t talking about. The race for control of the Iowa House of Representatives.

HERBSTREIT: Will the last remaining business in Iowa, please turnout the lights. The labor goons will be looking for a return on their investment, and Paulie Walnuts and his satin jacket-wearing union brothers won’t be taking “no” for an answer this time. 32-18 in the Senate and 56-44 in the House.

Special mention goes to the House LMF ad team, the Jarad Klein “Bull Ad” and the Art Stead “Good for Flowers, Bad for Iowans” campaign, among others, were a refreshing break from the cookie-cutter campaigns of the past.

CORSO: The libs might be getting a little excited but… not so fast my friends! Because we are planning for a late night at upset central, where House Republicans are taken it back and restoring some fiscal discipline in this state. That’s right - the good guys are going to get to 50-51 seats in the upset of the day!

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crowd is back at it again)

HERBSTREIT: You really think so Coach?

CORSO: Yes Kirk! Cookie cutters are good for baking, not taking back the house. I love the way they are apporaching this one… this will be the rally point for Rs in the state. This is the building block for 2010. I’m feeling this one.

FOWLER: Coach you may on to something… there lots of potential from Upset Central. And you heard it here folks. Speaking of potential… another QCI favorite. 3M! Marianette Miller-Meeks.

Crowd: 3M! 3M! 3M! 3M!!!!! (crowd getting it’s mojo back)

HERBSTREIT: Unfortunately for MMM, it all comes down to one M … Money, honey. He had it. She didn’t. Decent candidate, terrible year. Huge Obama straight ticket turnout in the People’s Republic of Iowa City won’t help either. “The Sack” bumbles his way to a second term, 55-45

Crowd: Booooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3M! 3M! 3M!

CORSO: In the up and comer category we have a 2nd congressional district race with some intrigue where Mariannette Miller-Meeks takes on but just can’t quite take out David ‘PAC-man’ Loebsack. But she will make him use his heavy special interest funds and give him a scare in a squeaker… PAC-man pulls it off by 5 or less. We have a great republican in 3M and I hope she considers a career in politics… Republicans and the state will need her.

FOWLER: Guys… I’m going to chime here… I will have to respectfully disagree on this one. I think 3M gets this. We will have to see. Presidential time… something we didn’t make picks on the last show…. For obvious reasons with the primaries. Something tells me you guys aren’t as G$ likes to say, “the pitcher is half full.” Can McCain make yet another comeback?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, I know I’m the snarkiest guy on the set. But I don’t see it. It’s tough beating historical trends… so I’ll let coach take this one.

Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Country First! Country First!!!!

CORSO: In the main event as you can hear the crowd behind us getting raucous we have heavy-weight contenders Senator Barack ‘Barry’ Obama and Senator John ‘Maverick’ McCain in a 18 round marathon battle… Obama in a land slide…Not So Fast My Friends! If McCain wins Iowa he will win this election and you can take that to the bank. It will be tough but we need to make it happen.

FOWLER: Wow coach! A call to action! And finally… the mascot pick…

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! (crowd going into frenzy mode)

FOWLER: Let’s end this show on a great note. The winner of the final pick of the day. The 4th congressional district. The home of G$’s beloved God’s Country Iowa. The numbers have changed in registration. The district spans 3 different area codes. Guys, this one may be a bell weather district for GOP incumbents. Tom Latham and Becky Greenwald.

Crowd: TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! (crowd is loud as hell)

HERBSTREIT: Good ol’ Tom Latham. Is he a solid conservative? YES. Does he fall on the sword and alienate independent voters by shoving social issues down their throats? NO. Does he win elections in a swing district? YES. The GOP pooh-bahs would be well-advised to keep these lessons in mind during the inevitable post-November 4 debate over why the party continually gets its ass kicked.


HERBSTREIT: The wind is at Becky’s back, but Tom has taken nothing for granted and smartly voted twice against the bailout. Somebody put the Des Moines Register newsroom on suicide watch as this one is going 54-46 Latham.

Crowd: (riot mode is back) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! TL!!!! TL!!!! TL!!!! TL!!!!

FOWLER: Our readers love themselves some TL, don’t they?

HERBSTREIT: Chris, this has been Latham’s best campaign. This will be something for others to look to and build on. Fundamentals are off the charts. Team Latham is on it.

Crowd: TL!!!!! TL!!!!!! TL!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (police and Gameday secrutiy have riot gear on now)

FOWLER: Chris, how about you and I scoot back a bit. The Ole coach has a box here with a mascot head…

HERBSTREIT: The tradition continues. Coach, let’s here it. Do we agree on this one?

CORSO: Kirk and Chris! On a better front we have the 4th congressional district! Where steady as he goes Tom ‘I don’t bail em out’ Latham will stave off ‘Bailout’ Becky Greenhorn. Now QCI, the world’s crappiest blog, has already called this race. WITH NO PRECINCTS REPORTING. The best effort in Iowa right now. Bad environment. Registration against you. And you know what guys?!?!?!! I’m going the extra mile on this one… because the 4th covers a lot of ground. Everyone is talking about the bailout in this race? But just like the OU/Nebraska game Saturday…. This thing ain’t about BAILOUT… it’s a BLOWOUT!!!

(Corso, grabs box under the desk)

CORSO: I’m GOING TOM LATHAM!!!! (slaps the desk, and puts on mascot head)

Crowd: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!!

CORSO: YEAH!!!! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL! TL!!!!!! Let’s hear it!!!!

Crowd: TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (crowd has gone crazier than you believing Greenwho has a chance)

FOWLER: Love it! That’s it for us. Thanks again for catching QCI Election Gameday presented by Tim Flanagan’s Restaurant and Lounge. You know what to do QCI-ders… make sure you vote and take 10 people with you! Are we off? Chime in on the comment section.