Hey QCI-ders. Day 2 and no car. This stuff takes a little time, I know. Thanks for all of the emails and keeping your eye out for a 1993 Cardinal Red Buick LeSabre with Hamilton County, Iowa license plates 545 TNZ. Keep an eye out.

Some random notes, thoughts and stuff from this debacle:
- After informing someone about the situation, they didn’t miss a beat. Quote, “The sonofa bitch has been elected for less than 12 hours, and your car is already stolen.”
- Generally, cars stolen in Des Moines turn up abandon with in a week on average.
- There are much nicer cars in my neighborhood, what’s so great about mine?
- I really do have some great friends. Offering rides, asking if I need anything… you guys are awesome.
- Seriously, there’s a couple of Beamers on my block, you don’t like BMWs?
- Not so sound wussy or anything, but nothing makes you feel more violated than having your car stolen.
- I really need to keep thinking that Des Moines is NOT a lot like Jewell…
- At least I’m spared thinking about Election night… this is a much more bigger kick in the nuts than that.
- The DMPD are professionals. The showed up fast and were very thourough.
- Funny, it was supposed to be a miserable day considering the elections, then having your car stolen?
- When it’s all said and done… you really need to laugh a little about it. I had a Republican friend tell me, “Not exactly the hope and change you were thinking.” And had a Democrat friend tell me, “You see, George Bush is still in office, I blame him.”

It’s a little tough to spot my car on your way home (because it’s dark out). But again here’s the info and picture.

1993 Cardinal Red Buick LeSabre – Hamilton County, Iowa license plates – 545 TNZ

REMEMBER – If you believe you have spotted my car, call 911. DO NOT approach or confront the bastard whole stole may car. Let the cops take of that.

SATURDAY – If you’re around, I may organize a quick search cruise on Saturday. Maybe look around in areas where most stolen cars end up (per the stats) and then go watch the Iowa/Penn State game somewhere, I’ll get the first round.

Hey, we still gotta keep this going… you guys are hilarious.

“So and so said… man, some people will do anything to make the QCI FB status of the day.”

I actually laughed pretty hard when I saw that in reaction to my “Grant: on your way home, if you see a dark red 1993 Buick LeSabre with Hamilton County plate 545 TNZ, call the police, it has been stolen.”

AND FINALLY… what would we do without some tunes to inspire someone to spot my car? I know I’ll find it. I’m not gonna stop believing… crank it kids!