Crack, Smoking and Faith

A little hat tip to the radio for feeding somethings to get random with. Another big shout out to all of your Nic-Nac kids... it's been 10 years. On to the randomnous...

SENATOR JACK KIBBIE IS SMOKING CRACK – Well… if you listened to his comments on WHO, you might think he is. He said Democrats would look for an increase on gas taxes if Senate Republicans were on board. He also goes on to say that there are numerous people who are on board for a gax tax hike. Democrats (of course they are), Republicans (cough, cough… Bullshit, cough) and Independents (double bullshit). Hey Crack Smoking Kibbie… guess what? Senate Republicans aren’t gonna be on board for that... Also, I’d like to see you polling that suggests Iowans are ready for a gas tax hike. One more thing… I don’t care how bad your county roads are… an economy like this and you want to raise taxes. Keep smoking that crack…

I R L… MORE LIKE "I R SUCK" - For you race fans, farmers and Iowans… you just got a huge middle finger. The IRL (the Indy Racing League), who has a big race out in Newton (the Iowa Corn 250 errr Iowa Ethanol Fest)… made the announcement that they have secured a multimillion and multi year contract with a Brazilian Ethanol Company… I’ve haven’t heard Farm Guys on WHO this pissed off in a long time. The Newton Track is gonna be alright... but if I were the Iowa Corn Growers... I would fire up the political machine... IRL... you just messed up bigtime.

MRS. CULVER SMOKES? WHAT? HUH? Oh yea… so Big Lug’s better half got busted smoking in a state vehicle… She was busted by a DMR Reporter… which is a huge no no per her husband’s law. While it sucks to be her… this just goes to show how dumb this law is…

SPEAKING OF SMOKERS AND PEOPLE WHO HATE THEM – So… looky here… Smoker Hating Emily chimed in on the Mari Culver story. Of course Smoker Hating Emily would… But she is WAY off on one of her points…

“…there is no reason in the world for Mari Culver to still be smoking. With the money she makes as an attorney, and Chet’s state benefits package, all she has to do is go to the doctor and get some Chantix or Zyban and be on her way. While she’s at the pharmacy picking up her prescription, she can also get some nicotine gum and patches to help as well.”

This is an obvious opinion from someone who has never ever smoked. Now, I’ve never tried to quit smoking… but… I have numerous friends who have tried to quit. Some successful… some not so good. It’s not as easy as taking a perscription drug to kick the habit. Sorry… it ain’t that easy.

“So and so… The Friday Line: Ten Republicans To Watch http://twurl.nl/66ww6q.”

Interesting list… also... have you joined the QCI Fan Page on Facebook? Just do it.

FOR ALL YOU KIDS STILL PLAYING THE BLAME GAME… Here’s a great article from Michael Reagan you should read… actually… everyone should read.

AND FINALLY… Let’s liven it up a little… we ranted a little today and yesterday. But ya know… things are looking up… you know? I’m a pitcher is half full guy… I guess… you just gotta have faith… take it away boys! ..oh and GO HAWKS! BEAT MINNESOTA!!! TA TA TA TAMPA BABY!!!