The Night Before Thanksgiving is a long to the top if ya wanna Rock 'n Roll

THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR – Football season is one of my favorites… Love Christmas… Actually... I really like Lent (dude, Church fish fries are off the hook). But I gotta tell ya… nothing beats the night before Thanksgiving in God’s Country, Iowa… It’s just fun. It gets better every year. So… for all of you South Hammies out there… and or God’s Country newbies… here’s your...

QCI Guide to the Night Before Thanksgiving in Jewell:

AXIS LANES and PLANET PASSENGERS (The Bowling Alley) - 712 Main Street, Jewell
Live music in the Planet Passengers Bar. Always a good hit… If you’re lucky Ray may fire up the keyboard… be prepared to sing along.
JEWELL GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB (The Golf Course) – 1225 Main Street, Jewell
Ever since they built the new clubhouse… this place has held steady as a must stop on the Pre Turkey Day Circuit. There will be Karaoke and good times had by all. And they have these ginormous beers. They are huge… even on QCI standards…
MISCHELLE’S FOOD AND SPIRITS – 621 Main Street, Jewell
Great food… perfect first stop before you roll up and down Main Street. Plus, they have cool stuff on the walls… kind a Jewell museum if you will. I recommend the Hardy Burger… with Cheese Balls.
MALIBU LOUNGE – 707 Main Street, Jewell
The ‘Bu… the Jewell main stay for years… no doubt everyone will eventually end up at the ‘Bu. It’s just the law in most cases. Although, I silently judge them for getting rid of tap beer... no worries... we still love ya.

THE BLOGOSPHERE IS DEAD – So yea… of course it is… even Hershel used a Drudge article… dudes… it’s a Holiday week. I predict some heavy comment numbers in the next few weeks. SCC Meeting at RPI and Chairman’s Race will be all the chatter. Stay tuned.
YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY Looks like QCI-ders want a mullet… will it win?
QCI PROGRAMING NOTE – While you are stuffing your faces this weekend and/or looking to avoid awkward conversations with your relatives… be sure to stay tuned here… we’ll be answering some of the fan and hate mail we’ve been getting. Good Holiday Escape Reading if you will…

“So and so... is hoping to see everyone come out to JGCC for drinks, Karaoke and good times tonight!”

The Golf Course has an online presence? Nice work man… hope to hear you belt out some ACDC tonight.

AND FINALLY… Bagpipes, rock ‘n roll and Angus… perfect combination for some driving home tunes! See you crazies in Jewell tonight!