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Thanks everyone!!!

Alright, it’s been three day’s since my cardinal red 1993 Buick LeSabre, with Hamilton County, Iowa plates 545 TNZ has been stolen. So today, since it’s the weekend, I thought I would update on what we know and a few different ways you can help.

POLICE REPORT: Spoke with the detective who is assigned to my case yesterday. He took more notes and asked more questions. But he did give some encouraging information about stolen cars. The DMPD’s stolen car recovery is 1-2 weeks. And chances are, my car is parked somewhere right now. People who steal cars don’t usually keep them that long. He assured me they are doing everything they can.

SO WHAT NOW? Again, I can’t say it enough. Thanks for everyone with their concerns, offers to help, well wishes and everything in between. I know I have asked anyone I know or run into, spread the word and keep and eye out. Because many of you have asked… here’s somethings you can do to help over the weekend. Any help is truly appreciated.


SATURDAY SEARCH CRUISE: Since I’ve asked people to keep and eye out when they are on their way to work and on their way home… there’s a couple of problems with that. One, if you’re like me, you're half awake on your way to work and two, it’s dark on the way home. So if you have an hour or so, we are meeting at Flanagan’s at Noon on Saturday, November 8. Shoot me an email if you think you can make it. We’ll just hit the areas, per the authorities, where stolen cars usually end up. For an hour or two. Then we’ll meet up back at Flanny’s in time for the Iowa/Penn State game. First Round of pitchers will be on me as a small token of thanks for your help with the search cruise.

IF YOU'RE OUT AND ABOUT THIS WEEKEND – Heading to mall? Gotta make a grocery run? Got some honey do’s and have to hit Home Depot? If you are out shopping this weekend, please keep your eye out and consider taking an extra lap around the parking lot. This is one of the top places where stolen cars end up.

APARTMENT AND CONDO DWELLERS – Check your parking lots this weekend. This is the other place where most stolen cars end up. These bastards leave them there because it will take a week or so for someone to notice that the car doesn’t belong to anyone in the complex. If you have a quick 5 minutes, take a look around.

HELP SPREAD THE WORD – There’s a few ways to help spread the word this weekend:

EMAIL: You can email your friends this link: http://tinyurl.com/needurhelp. That will direct them to this page with all of the following information for our search efforts this weekend.

FACEBOOK: There’s a couple of ways to you Facebook users can help.
1. Copy and paste the following as your Facebook Status for just a day:
if you are in the Des Moines Area, please take a minute to read the following link: http://tinyurl.com/needurhelp. Thanks!

2. Upload the following picture as your Facebook profile picture for the weekend.
Any of these ways will help spread the word. And I’m only asking for this weekend when it comes to this Facebook efforts.

QUESTIONS, COMMENT AND INSULTS - To my loyal readers… We’ll get back to the usual blogging here on all things politics, sports and the randomnous you love… but for a while, we’ll stick to Buick-Gate until we find the car and the bastard who took it.

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! As the say in Hill Street Blues… Hey, let’s be careful out there.