NOT MAKING THIS UP – Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet… but it looks like 2 Iowa fans wanted to send the final Big Ten game in the Metrodome… with a bang. Check it out. Holy. Cow.
EL CAMINO REPUBLICANS HAVE MORE FUN Alright… I have privately discussed the idea of sporting a mullet… you know, ‘cause I’m El Camino like that… so a loyal reader thought I should put it up to a vote. Against my better judgement, I’ve started a poll under the QCI Public Service Announcement on the right hand side of the blog. Mullet? Or no Mullet? It’s in your hands now.
THERE’S A RACE FOR IOWA GOP CHAIRMAN? Huh? What? You you don’t say… Hmmm… A debate on the soul of the party? Get out of here… For real?
KRUSTY IS GETTING RANDOM – Our favorite Klown is serving up some good randomnous this week… almost like some really good Thanksgiving sides… Hershel is also auditioning to join Team Palin. She needs it dude… that video is some of the worst staff/communications/really bad work I’ve ever seen on an interview. Go to Krusty to check it out. Seriously…

“So and so… has all of your HOLIDAY NEEDS! We have GOGGLE HATS and OFFICIAL FOOTBALLS and of course, SEASON TICKETS!!!”

Hmmm… I wonder who’s status that is? Hmm…

AND FINALLY Dumb video… GREAT COVER of a classic. Turn it up!